How to choose a lint-free carpet?

Carpet in the house - it is always cozy and warm. The carpet market is replete with a variety of their ides. Large and small, square and round, with small and large pile. Special attention requires a lint-free carpet product.

In ancient times, lint-free carpets were a symbol of wealth and grandeur, they decorated the homes of rulers and noble people. In the modern world, these products are becoming increasingly popular. They are easy to maintain, and their canvases are often comparable to paintings, as they have beautiful ornate patterns.

Special features

Lint-free carpet is made by weaving the warp and weft. The warp threads are arranged in the longitudinal direction, and the weft - in the transverse.Each group has its own specific color, so you get beautiful, multi-colored patterns. Using this technique, the surface of the products is obtained without a nap, smooth and shiny.

The interlacing of threads in a checkerboard pattern ensures the two-sidedness of the product. That is, the pattern is present on both the outer and the seamy side. It is very convenient. If the pattern on one side loses brightness and expressiveness, it can be turned over to the other.

Many masters weave patterns according to their memory, but mainly special canvas paper is used, on which a drawing is depicted in cells. This facilitates its transfer to the canvas. The density of the lint-free carpet depends on the number of threads. The more of them, so they are thinner, and the density of the product is higher. But despite the high density and strength, they are quite light.

One type of these canvases - tapestries, or tapestries. By a complex technique of weaving their patterns are obtained intricate and in a variety of colors. Such carpets are placed on the walls. This not only gives beauty, but is also a good thermal insulation.

Another type of lint-free carpet presented Palaces. For their manufacture, we use the technique of braned weaving, with the result that it turns out one-sided. Palaces are mostly laid on the floor.

Lint-free cloths have several names. One of them is sisal, it comes from the Mexican fiber of the same name. This is the hard, elastic fiber of an agave plant. It is from it that our ancestors made carpets that resemble modern lint-free.

Another type of lint-free carpet is a mat. It is made from natural materials: bamboo, jute, algae.

But also to obtain modern models can be used and synthetic materials.


As mentioned above, for the manufacture of lint-free carpets use as synthetic and natural materials.

From natural materials used flax, algae, bamboo, jute. But the most common include:

  • Cotton. It is hypoallergenic material, soft to the touch. With him, the atmosphere in the house becomes more homely and cozy. But these products are quite capricious in the care. They require gentle cleaning, otherwise you can damage the structure of the carpet;
  • Wool. Use camel, sheep or goat.Wool fabric is durable, warm, has a high sound insulation. Less whimsical in cleaning than cotton;
  • Silk. Carpets of this material have a very beautiful shine. They are made by hand from thin, but fairly strong fibers. Silk canvas patterns are made in bright and saturated colors. These carpets are not placed on the floor, but are hung on the wall or covered with furniture.

Carpets made of synthetic materials are the most practical and durable. They do not accumulate dust, do not deform, they are easy to clean from dirt. The only drawback is that they concentrate static voltage, which is dangerous if there are a lot of electrical appliances in the room. Of the modern species, the grass is popular.

It will successfully replace the carpet with a long nap, does not accumulate dust and looks quite unusual, giving an atmosphere of freshness.


Here are the main qualities of lint-free flooring, which favorably distinguish them from other carpets:

  • These products due to the absence of lint do not accumulate dust, which is very important for people prone to allergies. And if they are also made of natural fabrics, then this is just a paradise for people with allergies;
  • Double-sided pattern is very convenient. When one side burns out, the canvas can be flipped to the other side;
  • Practicality. Such carpets have dirt-resistant properties, moisture resistance. Mostly easy to maintain. All this ensures their durability;
  • This type of carpet is quite warm due to the use of natural fibers in its texture;
  • The technique of making them is such that they are both durable and light. Therefore, they can be easily transferred from one place to another. In addition, they are not deformed at all;
  • A wide range of colors allows you to choose a product for every taste.

Popular forms

The most common form for carpets is rectangle. Suitable for all types of premises, but most of all for those where there are straight shapes and angles. But there are other configurations that also fit well into the interior:

  • Oval and round help to highlight a specific area in the room. Very often they are placed under the table. In this case, it is important that the diameter of the carpet was greater than that of the table. They are also located in rooms with soft, smooth corners;
  • Square Suitable for rooms with identical sides. They are also used for zoning rooms;
  • Carpet tracks - quite a popular form. They are covered with stairs, corridors or located near the bed.

In addition to the standard forms, there are others: octagonal, in the form of birds, butterflies, plants.

Trendy colors

The color range of carpets is quite diverse. Therefore, in her choice rely on your taste and its purpose. It is worth considering that the bright colors visually increase the room, and the brighter, deeper ones give comfort. In rooms where people have a high permeability, it is better to lay the carpet in dark colors, as it is less easily soiled.

In modern interior styles, products with an ornament of bright colors will look very good: blue, red, yellow, blue. For classics, use smooth, calm tones: beige, olive, gray.

If your choice fell on the carpet with a pattern, then you should take care that it is in harmony with the decor in the rooms - furniture or curtains.

Modern design solutions

Currently popular flooring in vintage style. Their chip is an artificially aged canvas.In the classic version it can be in soothing, natural tones. For a bright, explosive effect, flashy and saturated colors are applicable.

Carpets with various ornaments in orange, crimson, terracotta colors will successfully fit into the oriental style. They will give the interior mystery and mystery. For country fit products made from natural fabrics. Simple, without pretentiousness of a cloth will favorably beat any rural interior.

Flying carpets are a great design move. The effect of flight is created by slightly raised edges of a rug with soft pillows. This is not just a part of the interior: taking a nap on such a rug, you will ensure a proper rest. Well, do not forget about the above-mentioned bilateral models.

They are practical and always in trend.

How to choose a fitment?

  • The first place in the house where the lint-free carpet should be placed is kitchen. Constantly exposed to pollution, it can be easily cleaned without losing its shape. It is best to use products from synthetic fabrics with a colorful pattern.
  • In the hall and living room suitable floor coverings of any color, monochromatic or patterned. The main thing is that they fit into the interior design.It is better to use natural linen. They will add refinement and gloss to the room.
  • Child let the carpet be bright and colorful. You can choose a color based on the gender of the child: pink - for girls, blue - for boys. It should be from natural fibers, but not wool, so as not to cause allergies.
  • In the hall the carpet must be durable, wear-resistant, easy to clean. Therefore, choose products from synthetic fabrics with a rubberized base. If the carpet is solid, its color should be dark, if with a pattern, then a colorful ornament. It will hide contamination. For a bedroom get a carpet from soft, natural materials.

It is better to use solid colors in pastel colors. They soothe and make you sleep.

Top manufacturers

One of the best countries producing lint-free carpets is Belgium. They are distinguished by a special dense weaving technique and a small thickness, only 3 mm. This makes such a canvas easy enough. In addition, it has high strength, so these models are widely used in hotels, shops and other places with a large flow of people.

The role of eastern countries in creating lint-free floor products is also invaluable. Among them - Azerbaijan and Dagestan.

The most famous of Azerbaijani carpets:

  • Jedgim These rugs are quite narrow in width, but in length can reach 16 meters. In their ornament is dominated by vertical stripes. Jejims are made from the wool of young lambs or from silk;
  • Zili made from wool or cotton. The colors are dominated by red, blue and burgundy;
  • Shadda. Wool threads are used for their manufacture. Of the drawings, camel caravans or horsemen are most common. The color combinations are red and black or red and blue.

The most famous types of Dagestan carpets are sumahi. They have a slightly different technique. In them, the rows of threads are not parallel, but towards each other. This is a one-sided portable carpet, that is, it has a front part and a purl. It has a wide selection of ornaments. The colors are dominated by red and blue.

The most valuable products are handmade. Basically, their producers are the eastern countries. They look beautiful and original.Together with such a carpet, the atmosphere of luxury and mysteries of the East will prevail in the house.

If the product is made technically correctly, from quality materials, it can serve its owners for more than 40 years. Only you need to protect it from sunlight and moisture.

According to the pricing policy, handicrafts are the most expensive, and, accordingly, are not available to everyone.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Each type of lint-free flooring in its own beautiful and original. Whether it is monophonic or with a pattern. This product in beige tone with a modest pattern is perfect for the hallway.

A luxurious sisal with a multi-colored ornament fits perfectly into the living room. And the oval shape favorably distinguishes the recreation area.

The carpet perfectly fit into the interior of the bedroom. The stars of the picture are unobtrusively in tune with the ceiling and the wall of the bed.

The color range is also well chosen: gray is combined with several shades in the interior.


These products are unpretentious in the care. If you follow all the rules, their life can be extended for many years.

Before laying such a carpet, make sure that the floor is dry. There are no problems with products made of synthetic materials at all.

They are amenable to any method of cleaning:

  • Dry: they can be vacuumed or swept with a broom. They are not afraid of kinks and knocking;
  • Wet: when washing use warm water, not hot. You can use chemicals to clean carpets. Brushes are better to use soft or medium hardness. In winter, the canopy can be transferred to the street and cleaned with a snowball.

For natural products, chemicals are not used. Mechanical cleaning should also be gentle. If dirt appears on the carpet, it is better to get rid of them immediately. This can be done with sawdust or salt. To do this, they are scattered on the carpet with a thin layer, and after some time removed with a vacuum cleaner.

If you purchased a lint-free carpet, you made the right choice.

This unique product is suitable for any premises, has no negative qualities, is affordable.

It is striking in its diversity, and the only criterion in its choice are your preferences.

You will learn more about how to choose a lint-free carpet from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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