Choosing a mat for the bathroom

 Choosing a mat for the bathroom

In order for the design of the bathroom to look complete, you need to choose the right accessories. The main attributes of the bathroom will be a rug, curtain and stand for soap and other hygiene items. And if the curtain and stand, it is quite possible to choose the design you like, then the bath mat should be not only beautiful, but also practical.

Why do you need?

Of course, the bath mat is designed to perform an aesthetic function, however, there are a number of other important features.

One of the most important features is the security feature. The tile (with which the floor is trimmed) from the constant humidity and evaporation in the bathroom becomes slippery, and the mat prevents slipping. After all, a fall on solid finishing material may entail rather serious consequences.

Using a bath mat significantly reduces cleaning time.

Contact wet feet with a tile leaves wet stains on it and increases time costs, as well as the frequency of cleaning the room. But if you lay a mat on the floor, it successfully absorbs water and will not leave streaks from moisture on the tile.

In addition, the floor mat in the toilet and bathroom provides comfort for the feet. If the floor is not heated, contact with it will cause discomfort for the person.

Of course, we should not forget that the carpets of different colors and textures can provide different style decisions in the room.


There is a huge range of different bathroom mats.

  • These can be either separate webs for placement near a sink, bathtub or toilet bowl, or a set consisting of several objects.In addition, there are separate models for placement directly in the bath itself. These mats are designed to eliminate slipping, as well as to prevent scratching of coatings, for example, with animal claws when washing paws.

The material for this model is rubber, and the adhesion to the bath surface is carried out using special suction cups.

  • A separate type of accessories for indoor use in the bathroom is a children's carpet with a removable high chair. Such a device is very convenient to use for bathing children who are just beginning to sit and their bathing begins to be accompanied by a game.

Such a rug prevents the fall of the child and makes bathing as easy and convenient as possible. The only disadvantage of this option is that it must be dried very carefully, otherwise a fungus may form on the rubber, which will preclude further use of the thing.

  • If rubber models are necessarily used for use inside the bathroom, floor mats can be made from a variety of different materials. Only rubberized inside is required.It absorbs moisture and eliminates slipping.

This type of rug can be wool, plush or rubber. The structure of macaroni is popular today - it is the foamed cutting material which is usually sold by the meter. Sometimes these rugs are called roll because of the specifics of storage.

  • With a long nap or short. They can be heated, which is especially convenient to use as an option for use next to the toilet. Heating options are also advisable to place at the sink, as this will make the morning and evening washing more comfortable. The warm rug has another significant advantage over its non-durable counterparts: it dries quickly, which allows you not to waste time on drying it purposefully.
  • A great solution for a bath is also a towel mat. It has the ability to absorb moisture, which allows you to not use a separate towel for wiping your feet.
  • In order to provide comfort and additional unloading for the legs, you can choose an orthopedic set of memory mats. This model is able to remember the pressure and contours of the human foot, providing a massage effect.
  • Special carpet models also have a massage effect. Typically, such products are equipped with large convex elements or small rubber teeth. Every time a person attacks such material, the blood circulation is stimulated, which provides for the release of tension and fatigue from the legs.
  • Today, original massage models from wine corks or sea pebbles are very popular.
  • Recently, elite design options made from natural materials have become popular. For example, like rugs made of moss. They consist of a special moisture-resistant frame into which the plants are inserted. The great popularity of such models is due to the fact that they are able to create a corner of nature in a city apartment.

How to choose?

The range of bathroom mats on the modern home goods market is very large, so there are several basic requirements that will help determine the choice of a suitable model:

  • appointment;
  • moisture absorption;
  • material;
  • the size;
  • Colour;
  • the cost.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the purpose of the rug, whether it will be used only on the floor or useful for placement inside the bath.If the floor is cold, will it be enough to use a regular standard rug or will it require additional heating. Understanding what functions should perform the selected mat, you can decide on the materials.

For the manufacture of rugs for the house are used both natural and artificial raw materials.

It should immediately be said that only the rubber version with suction cups is suitable for use at the bottom of the bath, but floor models can be made of various materials.

As for natural materials, then you should pay special attention to the model of natural waterproof wood or bamboo. They fit very well in almost any interior, dry quickly, have a pleasant texture.

But the fabric mats have the ability to absorb moisture and provide the feet with pleasant sensations, but they require time-consuming daily care in the form of cleaning and drying, otherwise you can get a rag with a stale smell instead of a beautiful natural product.

If you want to use a fabric mat, it is better to choose synthetic materials. They also absorb moisture well and have a different softness and density of the canvas, which will allow you to choose the most comfortable and convenient option.The main advantage of such models will be that they do not require such thorough care and can serve a longer period.

Today we can confidently say that the modern manufacturer has taken care of the owners of bathrooms of different sizes. Fashionable and well-absorbing mat can be selected for placing any footage. On sale there are both finished sheathed fabrics of various sizes, and rolled, which are measured directly in the store.

The cost of the model will depend on the chosen web size and the material used. It is better to choose the options of the average cost. They, as a rule, possess the highest rates of durability and quality.

Materials: which one is better?

The abundance of various materials allows not only to choose the most practical option, but also to find a suitable design for any design solution. The most widely used today are the following groups of materials for the manufacture of waterproof flooring.

  • Textile. Textile floor mats - one of the most numerous and common groups. There may be options from natural materials.For example, cotton or knitted yarn carpet is very popular.
  • This group also includes products made of artificial materials. Especially popular is soft and pleasant to the touch microfiber. They make models of various shapes and sizes, adapted for a toilet or sink. Microfiber products are in great demand.
  • Among the textile options are also terry carpet. This option is most often used as a replacement for foot towels. As a result, only one item is used to protect against slipping and a cold floor and to wipe moisture off the feet. Textile floor mats are characterized by a short drying time, a good degree of moisture absorption, as well as a large assortment of textures and colors, which allows you to choose a model for every taste.
  • Rubber. The most common material for floor mats, used at the bottom of bathtubs and showers. Such products do not absorb moisture (which eliminates the effect of stuffiness), they are easy to wash, have a pleasant appearance. Massage models are also often made of rubber. Similar properties has a rubber carpet.

Convexities or small teeth of rubber on the surface of the canvas will create a uniform massage effect on the human foot, which will provide muscle relaxation and relieve fatigue from the legs.

  • The rug from stones also has a massage effect. Most often sea pebbles are used for its manufacture. You can also imitate various massage elements using polyurethane or plastic options.
  • Silicone. Silicone mats combine the properties of fabric and rubber coatings. They do not absorb moisture. Due to the special texture, adhesion to the floor tiles is ensured, which eliminates the sliding and movement of the floor mat. The advantage is also the high thermal conductivity of the product.

The silicone rug is soft and warm options of floor products. Silicone is also often produced copies used inside the bathroom. Especially popular are children's models depicting various cartoon characters and fairy tales.

  • Acrylic. Acrylic mat has high strength and excellent moisture absorption properties. Made from acrylic flooring has a maximum service life and is quick-drying.In addition, today the line of carpets of this material has a very large number of different options, ranging from small floor mats under the sink and ending with complete sets for the entire bathroom.
  • PVC One of the cheapest and most common options - this canvas from foamed PVC. Most often in the shops you can find PVC in rolls. You can not only choose colors and prints, but also measure off a mat of the required size. Such models are easy to wash, they do not require special care, they are not afraid of exposure to various detergents. However, PVC has the property of absorbing (by analogy with a sponge) a certain amount of moisture, therefore, it is necessary to dry the product periodically.
  • Bamboo tree Mats from moisture-proof wood or bamboo are also widely used. Thanks to its unique property, a wooden or bamboo mat can absorb moisture in its original form for a long time.

Colors and decor

The color scheme and the different decor should be chosen on the basis of the style decision of the room, as well as personal preferences.

Choosing a color scheme, it is worth considering the number of people who will use this flooring. It should also be remembered that the carpet located near the toilet or sink will get dirty faster than the bed that is near the bath. That is why for such solutions it is better not to use copies of light colors, because frequent cleaning will reduce the life of the coating. The most common colors are black, gray, beige, brown, blue, turquoise and pink.

If the bathroom already has a rich decor in the decoration or a sufficiently bright tile with a pattern on the walls or the floor, you should not choose the motley colors of the carpet. It is better to concentrate on monophonic variants. If the walls are designed in laconic shades, you can create an accent with a bright carpet. For this purpose, perfect red, turquoise, green specimen.

A very popular style solution is the design of a bathroom in a nautical style. In this case, beige, brown and gray will become irreplaceable color decisions. They will imitate the colors of the sandy beach, which will complete the image of the sea coast in the bathroom. In addition, white, blue and red can be used.Perfectly fit and striped options.

Sandy, beige, blue and terracotta colors perfectly fit into the interior, designed in the Greek style. The pharaoh depicted on the canvas will add atmosphere and completeness to the setting.

Stylish rooms with a strict geometry can be successfully supplemented by putting a black and white rug on the floor. This will help not only complete the existing design, but also make an elegant touch.

Bright accents in the form of carpets will also become necessary in such a popular style as pop art today. Here purple, red, yellow and orange colors will perfectly fit.

Provence style will certainly be supported by a pink, beige, lilac and light green version.

Darker shades such as brown and dark green will emphasize style solutions like country. In addition, both designs accept the use of stripes and color prints in the decor.

For a loft style bath, you can choose unusual shapes and patterns. For example, a mat with the ability to change colors when in contact with moisture (for example, a pad-foot) will fit well into such a room. Usually, leaving the bathroom and stepping on the carpet, a person leaves on him contrasting marks.Of course, it looks very impressive, but guests staying overnight are better warned about the unusual properties of the canvas.

Difficulties of choice can be encountered when choosing a carpet at the bottom of a shower stall or bath. In this case, there are two main selection criteria.

  • If the use of a rug is meant solely as an anti-slip agent, then you can safely choose a transparent version or model in the color of the bathroom.
  • If the choice is made for use when bathing with a child, then you can stay on interesting, unusual colors and shapes with additional accessories. For example, a transparent carpet with frogs is popular, as well as variants shaped like favorite cartoon characters and appropriate coloring.

Size and shape

Today, different vendors can find completely different shapes and sizes of floor mats that are suitable for a particular bathroom.

The most common models for placement near the bathtub are an oval, a circle and a rectangle of various sizes. The size of such products may be standard. Similar options can be easily found at any retail store.

One of the most popular standard sizes for a rectangular carpet is 70x120 cm. Usually, just such dimensions are enough for a comfortable overlap of a tiled floor in a standard room.

Near the bath is quite popular is a semi-circular version of the carpet. They also have different sizes. On the longest side of the diameter, such models can completely coincide with the length of the bath or be shorter and be located in the central position. Also, the carpet can be slightly shifted to one side.

A round or square rug is best suited for a large room or bathroom. To do this, you should choose a size of 100x100 cm or 120x120 cm. These dimensions are large enough for rooms of such a plan, but it is they who will provide the greatest comfort for use.

Non-standard size ranges are usually presented in elite retail chains, or are available to order. In addition, such dimensions can be obtained by selecting a roll-up PVC mat, which is sold in the length measurement chosen by the buyer.

For placement near the toilet, a special shape has been developed, which has a cutout for the base of plumbing.This ergonomic design provides a soft coating around the perimeter of the floor, where contact between the tiles and the feet is possible. Here, models with dimensions lying within 60-70 cm are most often used. Such options are suitable for toilet rooms of almost any size.

For bathrooms in apartments with children, it is advisable to use non-standard forms of carpets for placement on the floor and inside the bath. Perfectly fit models in the form of various animals and birds.

Often used butterflies, as this is the most simple and spectacular design. In addition, popular variants, repeating the silhouettes of favorite cartoon or book characters.

Peculiarities of care

Features of care, of course, will depend on the material from which the mat is made and its color solution. Of course, a white or light beige textile version will have to be washed more often than violet or blue, even if the bathroom with such a carpet is small.

The woven rug made of synthetic material has the most simple options for cleaning. If the canvas itself has no visible dirt, you just need to dry it thoroughly, and then exhaust it.

If washing is necessary, for this, the material can be soaked for some time in warm soapy water or cleaned with a brush coated with a special agent. After that, you need to wash the carpet under a stream of lukewarm water, let it drain and dry thoroughly. As a result: the thing is again clean and looks like new. A white model made of synthetic materials can be whitened with sparing agents, if necessary.

If pollution is necessary to withdraw from the canvas of natural materials, it is better to resort to dry cleaning services. Its cost will be very low, and the preservation of the original appearance of the product in this case will become a payment for spending.

If the decision was made to self-clean, it is better to restrict itself to its dry version, otherwise you may encounter an unpleasant consequence - shrinkage of the product. But it is worth remembering that natural models need to be dried immediately, otherwise they may lose their presentation and turn into a sort of floor cloth from long contact with water. So, after drying the product, you can simply walk on it with a dry brush. It will collect external garbage and remove dirt from the carpet, as well as give it a fresh and well-groomed appearance.

The foam PVC mat has the ability to absorb moisture well and works on the principle of a sponge, so it can be washed in a soap solution for cleaning. After this, the product must be squeezed out and thoroughly dried. Then the thing can be used for a long time, since this option is very resistant to pollution. The only regular care that is required for such models is drying.

Rubber and silicone options are well cleaned with a conventional sponge for dishes. It is necessary to apply a soap solution to it, thoroughly wash the surface on both sides and enjoy a clean mat for a long time.

Manufacturers and reviews

Today, the market can find a huge range of different bath mats. Many domestic companies are competing with inexpensive Chinese-made products, and the quality and additional guarantees are trying to bribe European manufacturers, of which there are also a sufficient number on the market.

  • For example, one of the most popular today is Italian company Dormeo. The manufacturer offers products only from environmentally friendly materials that provide maximum comfort during use, as well as a relatively high service life of the product.
  • Czech company Lemark represents the big range of rugs with various bright and unusual prints. In the models of this brand harmoniously combines beautiful design and a short soft nap, so these options are quite popular for home use.
  • Premium quality Chinese rugst company Iddis. Production is carried out using only environmentally friendly and high-quality materials. Models promise a high degree of hygiene. They keep a fresh and tidy look for a long time, and if necessary, the rugs of this brand can be washed in the car. The edge of the products is very carefully processed, so there will be no blooming or crumbling of the edge. In addition, the abundance of colors and textures allows you to choose the right option for any bathroom.
  • As for Russian manufacturers, a huge range of high-quality goods from various materials represents Milardo company. This manufacturer is distinguished by a reverent attitude to the customer, constantly monitors feedback, listens to comments and suggestions and takes them into account when manufacturing its products.As a rule, this company produces classic-style accessories, so they will be able to meet the needs of owners of baths with a similar interior. The cost of Milardo products is extremely affordable. Within a thousand rubles, you can pick up a great model.
  • Turkey is one of the suppliers of a quality range of carpets. One of the most popular manufacturing companies are Karna. The highest quality bamboo and cotton models are made by this company.

These brands have a huge base of positive feedback from consumers, which allows to judge the quality of the goods and the consciousness of the manufacturer.

  • Egypt supplies the market with fairly cheap options for nylon mats of various colors and sizes. A distinctive feature of these products is predominantly bright motley colors, so their use is supposed to be in plain-colored bathrooms with no visible decor, where it is necessary to create a bright color accent.

Beautiful ideas in the bathroom

The interior of a modern bathroom can be absolutely anything: rich and fanciful or calm and minimalist.It can be dominated by floral motifs or notes of a marine theme. All styles of interior design which are popular today can be used at registration of a bathroom. Loft, Provence, Art Nouveau, Country and Classics - any style solution is possible for the realization within the framework of such a room.

Using a set of the right accessories and colors will provide a binding to one or another style.

In this video, you will learn more about bathroom mats.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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