Heat Set Carpets

People from ancient times decorated their homes with carpets and their likeness. At the dawn of time, these were coarse animal skins, then they were replaced by natural expensive fabrics and all the same furs, but living in the 21st century you can afford to take a step further using the heat set carpets.

What is Heat Set Technology?

If you do not go into details, then the raw material for creating carpets is a refined product - polypropylene. Do not be afraid of difficult words. In fact, these are just universal synthetic granules, which in their final version are not inferior to natural fabric carpets in softness, beauty and durability.

We can say that this is ordinary plastic, which is additionally stretched and processed.

Advantages and disadvantages

Products made using the Heat Set technology have several advantages:

  • They are unpretentious in care and dry quickly after wet cleaning, so you can not be afraid of their dirty.
  • Resistant to fading and not afraid of direct sunlight.
  • They have a very pleasant texture of the pile, so they are often installed in the nursery.
  • They can be created with any pattern, ornament or color, therefore there are practically no stylistic limitations in such models.
  • Possess a neutral smell.
  • Do not cause an allergic reaction.
  • Do not accumulate dust and dirt (with proper cleaning).
  • Do not accumulate static electricity.
  • In such carpets can not appear the mole, unlike woolen and fabric cloths.
  • They have a relatively light weight.

In addition, it is worth noting a number of important advantages and disadvantages that have high-quality mats, manufactured using modern technologies:

  • The main advantage of such products is the price. You can choose a carpet that looks like a Persian canvas, a futuristic carpet or a cute nursery mat with your favorite cartoon characters. The price will depend mainly on the footage. Compared to natural fabrics, Heat Set products are much cheaper. Some models are so inexpensive that you can change the style or color scheme at least every month!
  • The second great plus is long service life. Despite the fact that manufacturers initially warned that such products are not designed for hundreds of years and are unlikely to ever appear in museums, for things that are in constant circulation, the minimum service life is very long - 5 years. With careful systematic care and infrequent operation of the carpet can last many times longer.

With the benefits figured out, are there any minuses?

The disadvantages of these aspects can be called with a stretch, rather it is the nuances that you should consider when buying.

  • The first thing manufacturers recommend to pay attention to is the tendency to pile up under the influence of gravity. This means that you will not be able to move the carpet to a prominent place after it has stood a heavy closet for a couple of months. The fibers are thin enough and they are easy to bend, but they can no longer straighten themselves.
  • The second feature is the melting of the pile when exposed to high temperatures, so these carpets should not be placed next to heaters operating at full power, very hot batteries and fireplaces.

Use in the interior

There are no strict restrictions.Such a coating can be located in the living room, bathroom or nursery. The main criterion is permeability. The higher it is, the faster the carpet will lose its original shape and color. If you purchased it for decorative purposes, make sure that there is no unnecessary manipulation with the pile.

If this is a functional element of the interior and you expect that it will stay with you for a long time, it is better to immediately purchase a second copy for the future, especially since the price of the products allows it completely.

How to care?

Like many things created on the basis of synthetic fibers, such carpets do not require special care or special cleaning products. It will be quite sufficient to carry out vacuuming once a week, and this can be either regular dry cleaning or water cleaning.

  • For maximum cleanliness, vacuuming is best on both the front and back side of the carpet.
  • If a stain appears on the canvas, do not be afraid to use ordinary soapy water or any carpet cleaner. Do not be afraid to spoil the pattern or villi.
  • Do not dry the carpet with a hairdryer or with a heater. It dries quickly enough, but high temperatures can damage the nap.It is best to hang the carpet horizontally, so it is faster to get rid of excess moisture. Let it dry on its own.

Heat Set technology in detail

How to create woven or woolen carpets and tracks you probably know, or at least guess. But what is the process of processing oil particles?

We analyze in detail.

  • In the process of processing "black gold" one of the resulting elements becomes polypropylene granules. This is the main element that is included. Round, slightly unclear balls, which are further transformed into a pile.
  • Initially, a certain amount of color pigment is added to the granules to give the desired color to future yarns.
  • Further, using filters and under the influence of a press, threads are created. The result is a large coil.
  • At the next stage, the thread is mechanically affected, due to which it twists around its axis, gaining density and flexibility. The meaning of twisting is that the stronger it is, the better the yarn and the carpet itself will be.
  • After the thread is properly stretched, it will be heated using dry heat or water vapor, so that it acquires the final properties of the material.
  • As an additional stroke, anti-mud treatment or special finishing with antiseptic solutions can be made, prolonging the life of the product.


Previously, it was possible to meet many completely unfounded prejudices about the fact that synthetics are harmful, bad and unreliable, but now technology does not stand still, and with them the opinion of most consumers has changed. Today, a huge number of products are manufactured from such materials, including for children, since the unique properties of polypropylene have been scientifically proven.

Those who have already used the Heat Set in their interior, unanimously mark a bright, original, unpretentious and dirt-resistant coating. If you are looking for a budget option that does not look as such, be sure to give a chance to the models made with this technology.

The decisive factor that influenced the decision of many consumers was the affordable cost of high-quality artificial carpets.

Almost everyone can afford to decorate the home with such an interesting and attractive thing.

In addition to all the positive points that you have already read about earlier, it is worth noting another important moral aspect. Since the material on the basis of which these carpets are made is secondary raw materials, you thereby help to take care of the environment.

The more people will be interested in consuming items created from recycled materials, the cleaner will be the environment.

This bonus may seem a little naive, attracted, but if you think about it, you will understand the importance of the situation as a whole.

Do you want your home to be colored with bright, saturated colors? Give yourself a carpet that will delight you every day! Soft, lightweight, easy to maintain and completely inexpensive. Just choose the size, pattern, colors and enjoy the new clothes for many years.

You will learn more about how to choose the Heat Set carpet from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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