Knitting yarn carpets in modern interior

In the modern house, rugs have become more often used not for heat, but for decorating the surrounding space. You can not only buy them in the store, but also make them yourself. Enjoying the creation process, you get the original product. The shape, colors, style - it all depends on your taste and imagination. Knitting yarn carpets can be of various shapes, purposes, sizes.

Manufacturing materials

For the manufacture of rugs can be used the following materials:

  • Wool. Keeps warm, does not slide, holds a form. If you or someone in your family is allergic, be careful.
  • In specialized stores for sale yarn for rugs. You will also need special large spokes.But the result is a beautiful volumetric product.
  • All homes have unnecessary T-shirts, bedding, jackets. Of these, you can also knit. At first you cut the unnecessary thing into strips, then you connect with a narrow edge - the “thread” is ready. The most economical way!
  • Ribbon yarn. The product turns out dense and quickly knits.
  • Polyester cord. Does not absorb water, durable (can be washed even in a washing machine). Perfect for the bathroom.
  • Jute. Produced from plant fiber. Such a product is one hundred percent ecological! To the touch soft, suitable for a nursery or bedroom.

You can weave a rug from almost everything. You can even dissolve the old sweater. Such a hand-made is left either seamlessly connected or they create fantasy constructions.


Living room - a room for meeting guests, for family parties. It should be decorated according to the style of the entire room (furniture, wallpaper, chandelier, curtains). We'll have to work with the choice of shape and color.

It is worth paying attention to This season's fashionable beige and brown color. A large circle, “stuck round” with small ones, together they create the feeling of woody cuts (it would be great to look in a country house).

It looks interesting star, surrounded by rectangular rugs.

In the bedroom fit weightless, like lace products.

In the nursery, funny motifs and soft yarn are appropriate. Do not forget about environmental friendliness and safety. It will organically look like a floor fantasy bear. It is not difficult to make it (composition: circles - six pieces, one big, one smaller, four even smaller), it will be especially pleasant to weave it for a couple with a baby. It will also be great to come up with a design with other animals.

"Pletenki" in the country - in its place. They can be everywhere - on the floor in the house, gazebo, terrace. You can arrange stools and used as napkins. It is just appropriate mat cloth.

Products made from yarn are also used as a corridor rug - and it is not a shame to throw it clean and after the useful life has expired.

Products from old nylon can also be useful! It focuses on strength.

Soft and cozy look mats made of yarn "grass". This model will look great near your bed or in the nursery. The most unpopular carpets are square ones. Look good in small rooms.

An example of a product tied from a cord (to the bathroom).

How to make a rug with your own hands?

To create a beautiful stylish carpet, you need to be careful in every step. It is recommended that you first make a draft, and then perfect - completely. By the beginning of the work, you should decide on the color, texture, model and purpose of your future “masterpiece”.

We sew a rug from an old T-shirt

Before you start, we prepare the "tape". Any old stuff will do (in our case, a T-shirt). From the color of raw materials depends on how the product will look in the end.

We smooth the fabric on the working surface, then cut the material from the seam into strips a little more than two centimeters wide, leave to the other edge about three centimeters. Next, we cut the left indent diagonally. From the resulting material we form balls (each color in its own for your convenience). The rest of the shirt can be cut in a spiral, rounding the corners.

Even an aspiring craftswoman can handle this kind of work.

Getting started! Width of a rug is regulated by the number of the gathered loops. The easiest way to make a square-shaped rug, cope with it - proceed to the round. It's simple: connect the air loops into a circle and knit, adding loops.


In order to weave a carpet you need a frame (you can adjust it for photos, you only need to nail the carnations at a distance of two and a half centimeters from each other). We connect in pairs the nails with thread basis. It should be borne in mind that if weave freely, it will be noticeable. Now we pull the working thread (yarn) up and down.

After finishing a row, skip the yarn under the last base and weave it in the opposite direction. Thus continue to the desired number of rows. All defects (connection of tips of different colors - small knots) direct to the seamy side. It's simple!

In such an inexpensive and interesting way you can decorate and warm your favorite housing!

Then another interesting idea - a rug made of tights with your own hands.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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