Floor mats

 Floor mats

As far as it is customary for us to admire the carpets in the living room, we are also accustomed to noticing the miniature door mat, although we automatically stop on it each time, going in and out of the apartment. The hallway and the corridor are places of high terrain, and the doormat serves as a barrier against street dirt and dust, preventing the spread of pollution to other rooms.

Despite the fact that the main function of the floor mats in the hall is protective, these accessories can act as décor, supporting the textile decoration of the interior or creating interesting accents. The main thing is to choose the right design.Consider their types and find out what to consider when buying to avoid disappointment.

Special features

The door mat should be in two copies - one is placed behind the entrance door on the landing, and the other is inside in front of the door. This option - the most optimal in terms of practicality and effectiveness of the fight against street dirt.

Due to constant contact with a variety of soiling, exterior door mats must meet the following requirements:

  • Possess enhanced dirt-repellent properties;
  • Easy to clean, so that you can quickly remove pollution: dust, earth, clay, sand, snow;
  • No problem with repeated treatment with detergents.

To meet all these requirements, products are made of synthetic and semi-synthetic fibers with low hairiness. Since the main burden of protecting the house from dirt falls on exterior mats, their main advantages are durability and practicality, and their visual appeal fades into the background. Few people would seriously consider street models as a decorative element.

Interior mats “finish off” the rest of the work: they remove dirt from the soles and help keep the floor clean. But since they are located inside, and therefore are part of the interior, their appearance should be appropriate.

Therefore, such products are usually fleecy or made in the form of a nice rug from various materials resistant to dust and dirt. It is important that they are securely fixed to the floor surface and not slip.


The range of rugs offered by manufacturers is distinguished by a variety of designs, sizes and materials having various useful properties. Find out what are the varieties of these products.

Carpet track

A distinctive feature of such models - softness, thanks to the fleecy surface. Barrier properties of the pile allow them to successfully cope with the task of removing dust, moisture, dirt and grains of sand remaining on the shoes after the street. In addition, the presence of fluffy pile adds attractiveness to the track. Fleece products contribute to the creation of a cozy, relaxing atmosphere in the house.

The original design of the models with the inscription is a great opportunity to diversify the interior and pass for a hospitable host.There is a difference: to see at the entrance a regular rug or an interesting accessory with a universal welcome greeting Welcome / Goodbye, with a joking one: “Nuzzdrasti” or “What are you looking at? Wipe down ... ". An extra reason to smile will not hurt anyone.

Moisture absorbing

They have the ability to quickly absorb moisture due to the fleecy top, and its further spread to the floor covering prevents rubberized base. As a material for the substrate is used environmentally friendly rubber.

Advantages of models with a rubber base is the resistance to temperature fluctuations and mechanical deformations, which together prolongs their service life.

Rubber provides a snug fit of the mat to the floor, which eliminates its slipping and reduces the risk of injury to zero.

Cons: expensive and limited choice of colors.


Their use is justified only in dry weather to get rid of street dust and dirt. Due to the lack of a fleecy top layer, it is necessary to fight with excess moisture, which will surely accumulate on the surface when it is raining outside, with the help of additional devices.Or periodically remove damp with a cloth, or use a soft substrate. Both options are inconvenient.

Another moment. If in dry form, rubber models can boast excellent anti-slip qualities, then in the wet, they completely lose these properties.

Their main advantage is resistance to abrasion, and the disadvantage is that you can forget about the interesting design and colors when choosing them. Satisfied with standard colors.

Rubber with a side

Rubber models with sides around the perimeter are called galoshnitsy. The relief surface of the base contributes to the effective removal of dirt, sand, snow from the soles, and due to the high sides of the contamination remain inside, maintaining the cleanliness of the floor covering. This is an excellent solution in case of rainy weather or snowfall with sleet: having unwrapped in a waterproof galoshnitse, you can not worry about the formation of dirty puddles and leakage on the expensive laminate or parquet.


This is a universal model of the door mat in the form of a composable canvas of modules of the same size in the shape of a rectangle or square. Solid ecopolymers or rubber are used to make them.The special “unfastened” design allows you to make several small ones from one large carpet and transform the canvas according to the desired size.

Such a constructive solution in the antisplash coating Grass, which is usually used in places with small or medium maneuverability.


The advantage of a warm mains-powered device is maximum comfort when used. The basis of the heated model consists of a flexible heating element that produces heat. Protective cover prevents moisture from entering. In addition to products with a steel core as a heating element, there are infrared mats, based on an infrared heating film.


  • Mobility, as they are small and weigh little.
  • A possibility of use in the damp room, at the expense of moisture-proof properties.
  • Functionality. They can act as a dryer for shoes, a heater of a small space.

The limitation on the heating temperature for both types of products is 50 ° C.


These products fall into the category of special means of protection, like dielectric gloves, galoshes and bots that protect against electric shock. In fact, they care about health.Their scope of application - various production, maintenance of electrical installations of closed type and open installations with a cloudless hike.

Dielectric mats in such conditions can save lives, especially when you have to build problem electrical equipment.


  • They act as an insulator of electric current only in a dry form. To work in a damp room, they are not suitable.
  • Any product of this type, in accordance with GOST, has a corrugated front surface to prevent slipping, falling, possible injury.

Do you need such a thing in a city apartment or a private house - you decide.

Logo Carpets

Today, a dirt cover at the entrance to offices and shops often acts as a design element. Carpets with the logo of the company, a classic greeting, complemented by the emblem or just the slogan of the company make the design of the entrance memorable, which has a positive effect on the image. This is one of the types of natural unobtrusive advertising.


The protective functions of the rugs in the hallway are directly dependent on the material of manufacture, which can be natural or synthetic.

Because of the constant mud attacks, it makes sense to give preference to the outer door mat on a rubber base with a ribbed front part: the rough texture allows you to quickly get rid of street dirt. Fully stained spots are not at all terrible for a completely rubber mat, since one of the useful properties of rubber is resistance to dirt and moisture.

An alternative to these products may be:

  • The spiny rug is a demanded type of a dirt-proof covering in a hall. Its surface is densely covered with harsh bristles, effectively removing any dirt, including hard-to-get dirt in embossed soles.
  • The cellular carpet, due to its structure, retains contamination inside the through cells, preventing its further spread.
  • Interior products.

As already mentioned, a pair of outdoor rug should make his interior brother, acting as an assistant to maintain cleanliness in the house. When rubber is used as the material for manufacturing the outer mat, this is normal, but it is unacceptable in the case of rugs inside the apartment. Breathing rubber "aroma" - a dubious pleasure.

In addition to the natural interior nap models with a base made of rubber, manufacturers offer products from other materials.

The most common options are:

  • Coconut fiber - such rugs will please with attractive appearance, excellent moisture-absorbing properties and undemanding maintenance.
  • Bamboo - Bamboo products are picturesque wicker rugs made of bamboo stalks. Their protective capabilities are limited solely by the ability to trap dust microparticles, you should not count on more. The main function of bamboo rugs - decorative. They are ideal for shaping the design of oriental interiors.
  • Polyvinyl chloride - PVC models are durable, wear-resistant and hygienic, since they are not affected by the influence of a moist environment, which means that fungus and mold are not afraid of them. Minus - susceptibility to low temperature, the impact of which makes the material brittle.
  • Polyamide and polypropylene. Due to synthetics, the products acquire resistance to deformation and ultraviolet, which eliminates the loss of brightness of color.Minus - a design that in most cases makes an imbalance in the interior, breaking the harmony.
  • Microfiber - in this model, the upper part is made of microfiber, and the bottom - rubberized.

Combined latex carpets with synthetic pile - a modern version of a dirt-resistant coating, designed specifically for places with heavy traffic. Interior models with a rubber base are allowed to wash at a set temperature of 30 ° C.

Today, the use of hand-made accessories in the interior is highly appreciated. Thanks to the knot weaving technique - macrame, charming rugs come out from under the hands of house craftsmen. These little things welcome ethnicity, and their use in country design adds a vintage appearance to the design.


The shape of the floor mats are completely different. For street models, the ideal shape is square and rectangular, which allows them to be placed as close as possible to the threshold, limiting the access of street dirt. In the rulers of interior mats there are semicircular models, with a round and diamond-shaped base.

The most practical option for the hallway is a combination of a direct street rug with a semicircular interior: so the door threshold is reliably protected on both sides.If you use products in the form of a circle or a diamond, the protective effect is significantly reduced.

As for the form of decorative rugs, here the imagination of designers is not limited by anything. So there are models, stylized as human footprints or paws of an animal. Interesting models are in the form of a large flower, a composition of a multi-colored mosaic, a half-rug - fish or cats, curled up, and galoshnits “filled” with pebbles.


In this matter, they are repelled by the size of the room where they are going to place a rug or walkway. In the hallway of a modest size, a large rug will look at least strange, and in a small vestibule even more so will cause discontent among neighbors. With small rug such problems will not arise.

For overall space suitable long tracks. The entrances of private houses, as a rule, have a spacious door area that allows you to place a large square or rectangular cover. The most common sizes of carpets: 119x56, 88x58, 120x80 and 90x60 cm - rectangular models, 75x45 and 60x40 cm - semicircular products, square go with a side of 70 cm.

Another important parameter of door mats is thickness. The thicker the coating, the more pollution will settle inside it, without hitting the room.

In terms of functionality, thick carpets of a small size are not inferior to long and wide tracks with low hairiness.


Selecting the color of the rug, based on their own aesthetic preferences. Although one should not neglect the unspoken rules of combinatorics of colors. So, for bright rooms with a predominance of neutral shades, it is better to choose bright carpets with original prints, and in interiors dominated by textured accents or contrasting combinations, place plain rugs and tracks of calm colors.

In addition, we should not forget about the main practical advantage of variegated colors - they are not dark. Against this background, any pollution is hardly noticeable. While cleaning carpets in rich shades of brown, gray, blue, green, burgundy is required more often, not to mention the bright pile rugs.

Whichever option you choose, try to observe a balance of colors and shapes in the interior, and the best assistant in this matter is a sense of proportion.

Which is better?

What model of the door carpet will look perfect in your hallway, it is easy to find out if you use our tips.

  • Decide immediately which function is more important for you - decorative or protective. What products are the most practical and durable, you already know.
  • Consider local climatic conditions. If rainy weather is not uncommon in your city, you can’t do without galoshnits. In tandem with a water-resistant rubberized mat, your hallway provides double protection against any contamination. Additional purchase of a heating mat - will solve the issue with drying shoes and at the same time will heat the door zone, preventing its damage by mold.
  • Consider the flooring material. In this regard, rubberized rugs are universal and suitable for any coatings. The presence of carpet in the hallway - a reason to lay moisture-absorbing rug. This is the best way to protect the floor with such a brand coating.
  • If there are children in the house for whom walks are one of the most beloved entertainments, it is definitely worth buying a combined rug that has high water and dirt resistant properties.

How to choose?

When buying a floor mat in the corridor, the criteria for choosing street models for the front door and interior rugs will be slightly different. For the former, barrier properties are fundamentally important, and the latter should also look attractive.

What characteristics to consider:

  • Type of material. Rubber and synthetic materials - polypropylene and polyamide possess dirt-repellent properties. Coconut, natural nap and rubber deserve attention from moisture absorbing materials. Universal models - combined: with a rubberized base and an excellent absorbent artificial nap.
  • Length, density, pile stiffness. The longer and denser the nap, the more moisture the product absorbs. The stiffer the bristles, the less dirt remains in the relief protectors of the shoes.
  • Functionality. According to this indicator, heated models are leading, which can be used for footwear, drying it and dirt-repellent coatings with a rubber base and a fleecy top.
  • The complexity of care. The most undemanding ones are polypropylene / polyamide models and latex-based products.Absolutely impractical - natural fleecy, as they have a low drying rate, because of which they have to be placed on the balcony.
  • Appearance. The most interesting are the fluffy products with inscriptions, out of competition - the models “hand made”.

The color palette of the interior mat should not contradict the color of the furnishing, even if we are talking about the placement of accents.

Options in the interior

The first idea of ​​an apartment or house, visitors get at the entrance, so the direct duty of the door mat to produce a favorable impression, which is possible only if it matches the design of the corridor.

What does this mean, let's find out with examples in the interior:

  • The color of the rug to match the furnishings, the background finish, the accessories is the simplest and win-win solution.
  • Cool rugs, decorated with the inscription - a great way to cause the arrangement of guests. Cheerful words and funny greetings for products made to order - the ability to make the hallway unlike any other. One has only to turn on the fantasy, so that instead of the banal “Home sweet home” your individual message to the guests appears.
  • Models with original images of banknotes, barcode, dashboard, 3D images help to diversify the interior, charging guests with positive.
  • Perhaps one of the most unusual coverage options - with logical patterns. These most often can please designer paths with scenes from life: a pebble beach, a flower garden, a lawn, various variations of cobbled garden paths.
  • It is excellent if the ornamental motifs in the interior of the hallway will be supported by a rug with a similar print - floristic, based on geometric figures, in a touching strip or polka dot.
  • Placing a long walkway with multi-colored stripes right from the threshold in a monotonous hallway will add to the atmosphere expressiveness plus visually increase the length of the corridor.

How to choose a door mat, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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