Heated carpets

 Heated carpets

Carpets are always associated with well-being, home comfort and warmth. This is not just an addition to the interior, but something without which it is difficult to imagine a residential building. The practicality of the carpet is obvious, as well as its decorative purpose. The warmer the materials in the carpet, the warmer it is. Also its warming properties depend on the thickness and length of the pile.

However, modern technologies have made a big step into the future and provided the carpet with the ability to warm as well as electric fire. Now there is no need for the device of warm floors in the apartment or at the cottage. Mobile heated carpet will share with you the warmth at any place at the right time.


The electric carpet was invented relatively recently, but it is already in great demand, as a product not only in households, but also motorists, tourists, athletes and even farmers. To understand the advantages of a heated carpet in front of similar stationary heating systems, it is necessary to understand them in detail.

The benefits are:

  • Mobility. The carpet is not heavy, so it is easily relocated from place to place. To dismantle the system, simply unplug the device from the mains and twist the carpet with a heating mat.
  • Easy installation. Prepare the device to work on the forces and the child. It is only necessary to lay out the floor heater and connect it to the power supply network.
  • The ability to adjust the level of heating. To select a temperature mode, there is a thermostat. The steering is controlled by a special lever.
  • Thermal safety. The mat coating does not heat up above +30 degrees, which excludes the possibility of thermal burns. Such a warm floor can be safely used in the nursery.
  • Efficiency. The power consumption of a mobile heated floor almost does not exceed this figure for a stationary counterpart.One square meter of floor-standing system consumes approximately 250 watts. Of course, based on the size of the mat. Suppose a heating system of 10 square meters. m indicator of energy consumption will be quite different.
  • Durability and reliability. The portable type of heating floor is characterized by high resistance to mechanical loads, temperature fluctuations, and corrosion. If even one of the sites breaks, it will not affect the performance of the product. And in the event of a serious breakdown, the carpet is turned off automatically. The device usually serves a long time and does not cause trouble.
  • Affordable cost. It is easy to purchase a warm floor-mat; you just need to visit a specialized shop or buy it online. The price of the system is acceptable for many consumers.
  • Efficiency. The portable floor-type efficiency is about 90% and higher.
  • Does not dry the air, does not burn oxygen.
  • Does not cause allergies. It has no contraindications for use by small children.
  • Beneficial effects on health.
  • Keeping warm and comfortable atmosphere in the house
  • A model with infrared radiation helps to restore the nervous system.
  • A variety of colors for every taste and style.
  • The presence of a certificate and warranty on the device from the manufacturer.
  • Availability of detailed instructions with the rules of operation of a mobile heating device.

But, despite this number of advantages, electric carpet is not without flaws:

  • The system can not be loaded with heavy weight. For example, heavy items of furniture should not be placed on the carpet. The heating mat in high pressure areas will react with a noticeable temperature increase. This situation will adversely affect the state of the device and the furniture, in addition, will reduce the duration of the heated carpet.
  • Do not close the temperature sensor. Otherwise, it will malfunction due to improper operation.
  • Portable warm carpet is installed only on a flat surface. The presence of cavities, bumps and cracks under it will lead to the fact that the film in the places of damage will be remembered and sag. These changes will adversely affect the operation of a warm floor.
  • Some models require special sockets, sometimes you need to think about installing additional protective equipment to prevent the electronic filling from being out of order.

Although these shortcomings can hardly be considered negative qualities of the product. If used correctly, the device will not show shortcomings.

Most users are positive about the presence of a warm mobile carpet in the interior. Judging by the feedback from consumers on the warm carpet, this mobile system is advantageous to have on the balcony for heating.

In a glassed-in room with good insulation of windows and walls, the heating carpet will create a comfortable atmosphere in the cool season.

Given the large number of advantages of the product, heated carpet can be a profitable and useful purchase. Heat stimulates a person's energy, improves mood, and among other things, the carpet will not only warm, but also save money. Its energy consumption does not exceed the indicator of an ordinary light bulb. Because the efficiency of the elements of thermal heating in the device is much higher than that of conventional electrical appliances.

But thermal carpets are not intended for global space heating. Their task is to create heat exclusively at the location - on the floor. Heated carpets are made in certain sizes, but some manufacturers take orders for production according to individual measurements.

Popular models

Depending on the size, the heated mat can have a different purpose. There are models that are purchased exclusively for drying shoes. They are placed in the hallway and have small dimensions.

If you need a warm floor in the room, then the product must be large. And choose an infrared or jade heating element - an individual solution.

For the car special medium-size floor mats are sold, which are placed on the seats or on the floor. The floors are smaller, from the category of those used in the hallways for drying shoes.

Sellers of shops and kiosks, and all those who work in rooms with a cold floor, choose floor mats "Step" and "Heatlux" with protection from high humidity.

The same model is preferred to lay in the waiting rooms and bathrooms. Different sizes and colors of the coating are offered by Maxan. Here there are small-sized rugs for enclosures and hallways, and large floor coverings in the living room or nursery.


Electrically heated carpet design implies a heating element in the middle of the carpet.

Depending on the type of heating elements, the products are distinguished by the types:

  • electric;
  • infrared;
  • jade carpet.

The most common and popular type of heat sink is infrared. At the heart of its design is a special polymer film, heated by the action of an electric current of 220 V, as a result of which infrared rays are emitted and heat is generated. Unlike other electric heaters, special graphite strips are involved as heat-generating elements.

The same technology is made and jade rugwhere the heat transfer device is jade. It has a construction similar to the infrared carpet with heating and the same advantages in operation.

Graphite and electric heating elements are distinguished by high thermal conductivity, which makes it possible to heat a large room with a small area of ​​carpets.

The rug can be only floor-by-location, it is hung on the wall at will. For wall models, the heating element is not hidden in the carpet, but in the picture. This is a carbon-coated carbon-fiber film heater as a heating element.Light construction, safety and high efficiency - this is the similarity of floor and wall heaters.

How to choose?

Having decided to purchase a heated carpet, you must first understand what it is bought for. Products of this type are currently used as a source of additional heating for the floor in residential premises, work areas, car saloon and other purposes and directions.

For example, a heating mat in winter is often placed in an aviary of dogs, in an outdoor rabbit and a poultry house.

Dimensions and structural device of such products are completely different, which should be considered when choosing.

Carpet for heating in a car dealership must be specially adapted for use in a network with low voltage.

Consumer reviews are advised to clarify when buying the purpose of the appointment service carpet. For dog enclosures, the coating should be of high strength, and if it is planned to use a heating mat in the steam room, it should have good insulation and water-repellent properties.

Taking into account all these important factors, you can get just such a product that will last a long time.In addition, do not have to overpay for the presence of unnecessary features. In addition to the scope of the appointment of an electric carpet, you should pay attention before buying the "technical content" of the product.

For example, lovers of a combination of pleasant and useful, it makes sense to buy a jade carpet with heating function. When heated, jade has a beneficial effect on the human body, contributing to the improvement of blood circulation.

With regards to the shell of the electric fence, it is usually made of carpet, but for a hallway or a car, the product must be chosen in which the bottom is rubberized. It is much easier to clean than the one that is made entirely of carpet. On sale there are electrocaps from fabric or wool. There will have to choose the product in appearance.

Terms of use

In order for the product to serve for a long time, it is necessary to adhere to some rules.

  • In the network of operation of the heating mats, only 220 V should be maintained. If you want to use the rug in the passenger compartment of the car or in a room such as a utility room or change house, you will have to take care to maintain the voltage exclusively at 220 V.In some cases, additional expenditure is required on equipment.
  • It is worth mentioning the possible short circuit. Even taking into account the fact that for the manufacture of heated carpet a special film is used to insulate the heating elements, there is still the possibility of a short circuit.
  • Do not allow the heating product to come into contact with water. For example, an electric carousel can be laid in a corridor in a bath, but not in a recreation area, where contact with liquid and high humidity is obvious. Exceptions only for special models, with protection against moisture.
  • Also, when buying such a product, you should carefully study what is indicated in the instructions for it. Many floor mats with a heating effect are released abroad, where other electrical safety rules and standards in the field of electrical engineering apply. In this connection, your purchase may simply not work in the domestic power grids. To avoid this, it is better to prefer the products of Russian manufacturers.


Any heated carpet needs proper care. This especially applies to the envelope material where the heating panel is placed. Carpet is cleaned using the same tools as ordinary carpets.If a rug is purchased in which the heating element is “sewn”, care should be taken to take precautions during cleaning so as not to cause damage.

During the cleaning process it is necessary to prevent excess moisture from getting onto the carpet material so as not to spoil the nap. Pets should be allowed to be dragged and nibbled on a heater carpet.

Cats like to bask in them, but animals are able to bite the wires and suffer from electrocution. Observing all the rules of operation, electric heating carpet can serve its intended purpose for a long time and significantly increase the level of comfort in the room.

Test mat heated "teplovichok" can be viewed in the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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