Carpet in the form of weed: features of choice

 Carpet in the form of weed: features of choice

In our life, less and less of nature remains, it is captured by the “stone jungle”. Therefore, everyone wants to bring a piece of it into the interior of his home. To achieve this often designers in the interiors of various premises use carpet weed.

Special features

Carpet in the form of grass is an imitation of a green lawn. He will help to feel the summer at home all year round. This flooring can add comfort and cheerfulness to your interior. The green color of artificial grass helps to relax, relieves eyestrain.

Carpet weed is mostly made of synthetic materials, so it will not cause a reaction in people who are allergic to animal fur.

But there are options with the use of linen, cotton threads, which make the product more soft and pleasant, also without causing health problems. A huge range of models will help to fit such an accessory in any room of the house, as well as to place it on the terrace and in the garden.


The market has a large selection of carpets that mimic a green lawn. Here are some models of this product:

  • Green grass carpet that imitates various plants. Here you will find both moss, and dried grass, and moss. Its fantasy form will help to create a natural island in your home, because, besides grass, earth and stones are simulated on the product. Different pile and texture of this carpet will provide micro massage and relieve tension from your legs after a hard day.
  • Oval carpet with a thick pile will be an excellent option to cover the floor near the bed in the bedroom. Your legs, which are lowered from the bed, this product will envelop you with caress and warmth with warmth, will not allow to freeze even in the winter cold.
  • Lawn rug. It is unlikely that it will be possible to resemble such a product, but with the help of it it is easy to organize a green corner in the room, especially for those who do not like to take care of indoor plants.
  • A coating that mimics the present lawn for sports games. This carpet will look great on the terrace, transferring nature from the garden to your feet.
  • High pile product would be an excellent option for the living room, not only it will be pleasant to walk on it, but also to lie on such a fluffy green lawn, decorated with the help of this attribute, is also quite comfortable. True, the care of such a long nap is quite difficult, especially if a cat or a dog lives in the house. It will cling to their hair, which is quite problematic to clean out of the villi.

Colors and decor

No matter how much you want to buy green grass at home, you first need to think about how it will be combined with the decor of your room and find the right shade. Moreover, these products have a fairly wide range of colors. Here you will find herbal, olive, lime, dried grass, emerald green and many others.

Using green carpets imitating a forest glade in your interior, you can choose models both in plain colors and using various ornaments. Geometric shapes in the form of squares or circles are quite popular here.

Here are a few win-win options that can be applied in the interiors of different colors.

The green carpet will be able to revive and fill with freshness, which seems rather dull, the interior in white-gray or coffee tones. In this case, the carpet will be exactly the accent in the interior, which will attract the views. The color of the product in this case should be saturated, herbal.

For eco-style, which is popular in recent years, also a green lawn will be an excellent floor covering. A beige-green combination for such a room decoration will be suitable. At the same time, the walls and furniture can be beige, and the carpet and other textiles are green in color. In this case, the tone of the carpet can be both saturated and, for example, olive, or shade close to light green.

Also for the decoration of the room in the eco-style is well suited grass carpet, which mimics different types of vegetation and natural relief.

Another winning color combination in eco-style interior is green and brown. It will symbolize the tree. The carpet in this case should be the color of natural grass, closer to the dark green.The combination of green grass in the form of a carpet and a blue sky, created with the help of walls and a ceiling, will also help you immerse yourself in nature. Here, a bright green tint coating is preferred.

Also green grass carpet will be perfectly combined with red furniture, while the walls should be neutral tones, white or milky. Red-green combination will symbolize the poppy glade. At the same time green can soften the aggression of the red hue. But the colors here should be clear, without shades.

The blue-green combination is quite difficult. The interior in these colors is pretty bright, and not everyone will decide to decorate their room like this. And it is better to entrust such a room design to specialists.

Black color in combination with grass carpet should be used only as separate accessories. They will symbolize the earth. But these attributes are quite easy to overload the interior.

Which to choose?

Types of carpets that mimic the grass, no matter how strange it seems, a huge amount. And the choice of this flooring depends on several factors.

  1. Carpets differ in purpose. Modern golf or football grounds are often covered with artificial turf.Modern designers offer such coverage to use on the territory of the house, equipping them with floors on the terraces or the ground in the garden. Carpet grass for use in open areas is made of polyethylene. He is not afraid of rain or snow, he does not fade in the sun, is not crushed under the load of people passing through it. In the house, they use softer imitations of green lawns, the nap of which is soft and pleasant to walk on the carpet barefoot.
  2. This flooring is divided by the length of the pile. If outdoors it is preferable to use carpets with a short pile, then in a house with a higher one.
  3. Models have different density of fibers. From the packing of the carpet depends on its appearance. The thicker the product’s nap is, the better it looks. Of course, the price of such a sample will be much higher.

The choice also affects the required form. You can cover the entire floor of the room with this covering, or select a certain corner of the room and organize a green oasis there.

Appointment of the room in which you plan to lay a carpet weed, also plays an important role when choosing this product. And not only the shape and size of the carpet, but also the length of the pile, and what it is made of depends on the type of room.

So in the living room or in the children's room With this product you can arrange the floors completely, although a green island in the form of a carpet glade is also allowed in these rooms. At the same time the product should have a thick long nap, it should be nice to walk on it.

In the hall at the entrance door you can put a rug that is designed for laying outdoors. It can be washed if necessary, at the same time, such an accessory will add color to the hallway.

To the kitchen it is better to lay a carpet imitating small grass, away from the cutting table. Since this flooring is easy to stain and dirt is immediately visible on the green.

It is also better to use products with a small nap to make it easier to clean.

In the bathroom “green lawn” is also appropriate. But for this room you need to choose materials that absorb water well and dry quickly. Cotton and bamboo work well for them.

Another criterion for selection is the attribute color. It should fit well in the room. In this case, the carpet weed can act as an accent in the interior, as well as support the color solution of the room.

Beautiful ideas in the interior

With the help of grass carpet, you can create a rather original design in your room. Here are some particularly successful examples of how to fit this product into your room.

  • To decorate indoors not only the floors, but also one of the walls with grass carpet. The interior can be supplemented with wooden furniture from the natural massif and photo wallpapers with the image of nature.
  • On the terrace, if it is located in a high-rise building among the “stone jungle” of the metropolis, you can organize an island of nature with the help of a green floor covering. And in combination with furniture made of artificial rattan you will get a great option for a holiday that is not afraid of either moisture or temperature changes, and even in winter it will delight you with a piece of summer.
  • A lawn of squares of different textures will help not only to bring colors into the nursery, but it will also be useful for the micromassage of your baby’s legs when walking barefoot on it, without having to fear that the baby’s legs will freeze.
  • The moss-pad in the graphite-colored bathroom will not only become a convenient accessory that will not allow your feet to come in contact with the cold tile, but also defuse the gloom of the interior. In this case, the moss can be both artificial and natural.And the humidity of this vegetation will only benefit.
  • A carpet with different lengths of pile, imitating a natural landscape, turning into photowall-paper that matches the color on the wall, will help create a fabulous road to the forest that will help your little one not only comfortably sit on this surface, but also give the ground for fantasy.
  • Carpet in the form of a natural landscape with stones, a river and various types of vegetation is applicable in the living room.

It will perfectly support eco-style with furniture made of natural wood and a winter garden instead of a fireplace.

  • If you are not a fan of green, you can use a carpet the color of withered grass. This shade is closer to brown, and will not stand out from the rest of the situation in the room, but it will give all the softness of a long nap of such a product.
  • Carpet grass in the form of honeycombs, in the middle of the cells of which various materials with different colors and texture are arranged, will not only become useful for your baby’s feet, but also allow you to play various games on it, developing your baby. For example, he can force to overcome obstacles, jumping on cells of one color. In addition, this product will add cheerfulness and color to the nursery.
  • Carpet, resembling velvet is rather laconic, but it will allow to combine nature outside the window and the living room into one whole. At the same time in the room you can no longer use green accessories, it will support the view from the window.

For how to make a similar rug do it yourself, look in this video.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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