Anatomical mattresses

The value of sleep is tremendous, because at this time a person regains his strength. But this process depends on external conditions. One of the important indicators affecting the quality of sleep is the type of sleeping surface. The use of anatomical mattresses will help to make the sleep as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Learn more about these products will help our article.

What is it like?

Practically everyone today knows what orthopedic mattresses are. But rarely does anyone understand what anatomical surfaces are.

A feature of such products is the ability to adapt to the shape of the human body.

It should be understood that anatomicality is also present in orthopedic models that are used to treat or prevent diseases of the spine.Today, it is impossible to accurately draw a line that allows you to separate both of these mattresses. Many experts argue that orthopedic surfaces are slightly tougher than their anatomical counterparts.

It should be noted several advantages of mattresses with anatomical effect:

  1. The surface is designed to maintain the spine in a natural position.
  2. The product is well relieves stress from the internal organs.
  3. The surface promotes uniform blood circulation in the human body, providing its organs with everything necessary during sleep.

Often, anatomical mattresses include structures with blocks of independent springs. They perfectly adapt to any weight without losing their technical parameters.

But such structures quickly accumulate dust, which can cause allergic reactions in the sleeper. To avoid this, you should properly care for the surface. One of the negative properties is also their great weight.

Mattresses of this type are made using various fillers. This is necessary in order to extend the service life of the springs and obtain the required surface parameters.Polyurethane foam, artificial latex and many others are used as such materials.

One of the indicators of the quality of this product is the number and size of the springs. There are only 256 in the standard block. But there are modifications for which this number can exceed 1 thousand.

Conventionally, these blocks are divided into several types:

  • multi-pack;
  • duet;
  • two-level;
  • zoned.

It should be noted that springless mattresses can also be attributed to anatomical types. This is achieved through the formation of several zones of stiffness, which are intended to support a specific section of the spine.

Popular brands

The number of anatomical mattresses today is huge. Among all this diversity, several popular manufacturers should be highlighted:

  1. Askona. Russian manufacturer, which produces many modifications of mattresses. Products of this brand is distinguished by reliability and relatively low price.
  2. Ormatek. Direct competitor of the previously reviewed company. Produces very high quality products. The manufacturer constantly monitors product quality and improves it.
  3. Doctor Health. The company launches only springless models on the market. Among all this diversity there are mattresses with anatomical effect. They are great for both healthy and for people with a sore back. The company uses only natural materials (latex, coir), ensuring complete safety of products.

Top models

A variety of anatomical mattresses is very large, which does not always allow the buyer to choose the best option. Among this set there are several of the most popular modifications:

  1. Feel (Ascona). The product consists of 7 zones of rigidity, provided by independent springs. Cotton felt and Orto Foam foam are used as a filler. Standard mattress dimensions are 80 * 190 cm.
  2. Flex Standard (Ormatek). The surface dimensions are 80 * 195 cm. Artificial latex is used as a filler, which provides good body support. The design can withstand a body weighing up to 120 kg.
  3. DreamLine Soft. Perforated latex products are made which have very good anatomical properties. The surface is characterized by softness and high-quality support of the spine.The cover is made of high-quality jacquard fabric.
  4. Arena (Ascona). Products belong to the class of medium hardness. The design consists of independent springs (550 pieces) and coconut filler. The product can withstand weight up to 140 kg. Duration of operation can reach 25 years with proper care.
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Tips for choosing

Anatomical mattresses are a kind of product group, in which practically all types of such products can be attributed. But to ensure the optimum level of rest, you should choose the right products. You can do this by evaluating several parameters:

  • Human age. So, people who are under 25-27 years old are recommended to use tougher surfaces. This is due to the fact that during this period the spine is very actively growing and requires constant support. Anatomical mattresses should keep it in a strictly horizontal position.

If the age of a person ranges from 27 to 47 years, when choosing a mattress, you should consider the state of the body (the presence of disease, etc.). Older people should acquire softer surfaces that will allow them to rest and relax in quality.

  • The weight of a person. If this characteristic does not exceed the value of 60 kg, you should buy relatively soft mattresses from the category you chose, based on the first item. For people weighing more than 90 kg, experts recommend using hard surfaces. Please note that each mattress can support a certain weight. Therefore, if the body mass exceeds this indicator, it is advisable to look for an alternative option.
  • Physical activity. People who are not involved in sports and do not experience significant stress should use mattresses with minimal anatomicality. If a person is an athlete, then the anatomical surface should be maximized. This will allow you to relax your body and relax much faster.
  • The presence of diseases of the spine. This factor is one of the main to which you need to pay attention. If the violations are serious, then you need to use hard mattresses that can properly position the body in space. A soft surface will lead to even more curvature of the spine.

How to choose the right anatomical mattress, see the following video.


Today, people are trying to acquire high-quality anatomical mattresses. Many of them note the comfortable characteristics of the surface on which all forces are quickly restored. Some models are equipped with absorbent covers that pleases moms with small children. Certain models of mattresses have a small height, which does not allow to achieve optimal performance. It should be noted also the relatively poor anatomical effect in mattresses that are equipped with a small number of springs.

Anatomical mattresses are unique designs that combine practicality, durability and versatility. Having bought such a product, you can forget about poor-quality sleep and back problems for a long time.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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