Springless orthopedic mattresses

In modern society, a lot of attention is paid to comfort and convenience. Tired of the day from the rapid pace of life, I want to relax to the maximum. This is only possible if the mattress of the bed or sofa is comfortable and “correct.” And if spring designs today are a rather controversial topic, springless orthopedic mattresses are unconditionally recognized as useful preventive blocks.

Features and benefits

Springless mattresses are unique. Today, they are being developed with the use of new technologies that contribute to ensuring the correct and even support of the body during rest or sleep.

Springless mattresses are not medical, no matter how the sellers would prove the opposite.

Such mats are the prevention of certain diseases: together with a complex of special physical exercises, they can help the user by relieving muscle tension,relaxing the body and not allowing it to take unnatural poses in any position (on the back, stomach, side).

They relieve the pain of the lower spine, are shown in violation of posture, relieve numbness of the extremities.

Such mattresses have a number of features. They:

  • silent, since they do not have steel spring elements, do not emit irritating sound when the body is pressed on the mat;
  • have a different structure of the block, which allows you to choose a model based on medical indicators or a version of a universal plan for a healthy person;
  • made with the use of high-quality elastic additives, therefore not subject to deformation;
  • they are distinguished by different height of the block, due to which they are acquired for different purposes (topper, mat for yoga or meditation);
  • take into account different maximum permissible level of load on the block, which should not be exceeded;
  • they have two degrees of rigidity of a block with an orthopedic effect, while not depriving the surface of a berth of convenience and comfort;
  • need careful operation, otherwise they may shorten the service life or simply break.

Springless orthopedic mattresses have a lot of advantages. They:

  • made of high quality natural and synthetic raw materials with excellent characteristics of strength, elasticity and elasticity;
  • hypoallergenic due to the composition of the filler, therefore, even suitable for allergies;
  • they have not only orthopedic, but also an additional effect that can be chosen at the request of the client;
  • developed for different age groups: for children (from infancy to adolescence) and adults;
  • they are distinguished by a rich size range, designed for one, two places with open space;
  • suitable for different types of furniture (with side stoppers and without them);
  • differ in air-permeable structure, due to which exclude the formation of an environment for fungus, mold;
  • they do not have large internal cavities, like spring analogs, therefore they do not accumulate dust in such a volume;
  • may have a removable cover, which simplifies the care of the mattress itself and contributes to the extension of the life of the mat;
  • depending on the structure of the unit and the cost of components, differ in price.


  • Springless orthopedic mattress is not suitable for people with excessive weight. Besides the fact that the body will dig into the mattress under the weight of the weight, the mat will quickly fail or break. In addition to the fragility of some blocks under the weight, such products do not always withstand children's activity.
  • Orthopedic blocks have restrictions on choice. People who have problems with the lower parts of the spine, osteochondrosis and arthritis, they are not suitable, as they can exacerbate the problem by adding pain.

Block structure

Springless orthopedic mattresses have a monolithic and composite structure.

The first models look like a solid layer of material without any additives, varying the surface hardness. The second ones leave a thick base, but are supplemented along the upper and lower edges with a softer and more elastic padding (from one to several layers). Moreover, additional material may be different in composition and including insulating layer.

The degree of rigidity of orthopedic mattresses is often moderately hard, although often the buyer chooses the exact type of block. In fact, such a mattress is not “wooden”, as many mistakenly believe.

It helps the user better than others to relieve fatigue, pain and relieve muscles from the stress associated with prolonged sitting without changing positions or heavy physical exertion.


Modern springless mattresses are unique variety of additional features. The design of some of the varieties is calculated by the automatic method, determining the different degree of load on each area of ​​the mattress (7 zones).

Conventionally, all models can be divided into several categories:

  • universal - classic orthopedic (monolithic), with no additional effect, designed for the main circle of customers;
  • double-sided with different rigidity of the sides - models that allow to vary the density of the surface in accordance with the desire of the user and medical indicators;
  • double-sided with heat exchange (comfortable options for those who freeze during the cold season and suffer from the heat in the summer);
  • bilateral with asymmetry (models for two with the correct support of the body of each half of the block).


Stuffing springless mattresses is unique. In their production companies use the best types of filler:

  • natural latex - dense elastic porous gasket with holes of different depths and diameters on each zone of the block;
  • artificial latex - furniture polyurethane foam of type HR with latex impregnation;
  • coconut coir - a product from coconut tow, soaked in latex to maintain shape;
  • felt - pressed fiber for thermoregulation;
  • sheep or camel wool - insulation, an additional layer;
  • Stratofiber - resilient, bulky fibrous component of polyester fibers;
  • memory foam - a unique filler based on foam with anatomical properties;
  • holofiber - fiber for varying the degree of stiffness of the surface;
  • spandbond - facing non-woven filler from 100% polypropylene;
  • Viscolatex - a porous latex gasket with an improved formula that relieves back pressure on the most sensitive points of the body;
  • Abaca is a product of palm leaves, a rather stiff, but elastic and durable material.
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Which is better?

Today, manufacturers claim the same orthopedic effect of both types of mattresses. However, in fact, the orthopedic effect of products on springs is somewhat different from springless models.In addition, analogues without springs are much harder than spring blocks.

The main thing is to know: it's in the springs. They are:

  • dependent - connecting with each other;
  • independent - connecting by means of covers in which they are packed.

The first ones (“Bonnel”) do not have an orthopedic effect, since with pressure on the mattress not only working springs are involved (wave effect, falling into a hole). The latter work separately, therefore the spine is always in the correct position.

Another nuance: for the spring unit to be orthopedic, the springs must be very small (2.5 cm in diameter): the more than 1 square meter. m the better.

However, they are not independent: without an additional layer of orthopedic material (as a rule, latex and coir) of springless type is indispensable. The metal mesh block itself cannot be orthopedic: it needs an extra padding with a solid structure.

Orthopedic mattresses without springs are full, elastic, safe: you can not get hurt about them even with intensive use. Their orthopedic effect and proper back support are more pronounced and durable.


Dimensions of springless orthopedic mattresses are different and are subject to certain parameters of the bed, sofa (sometimes a folding chair), for which they are purchased. Conventionally, they are divided into single (including children), one and a half-sleeping and double.

The most popular sizes of mats are designs with the parameters 90x190, 140x200, 160x200, 180x200, 200x200, 210x200 cm, as well as mattresses 180 and 200 cm wide of non-standard length.

For convenience of choice, the manufacturer indicates the length, width and height of the block, which, due to the structure of the springless block, may be thin (8 - 10 cm coconut) or standard (15 - 18 cm latex combined).


One of the most successful companies that produce springless mattresses with orthopedic effect, marked by positive customer reviews, you can call:

  • Askona - upscale latex and coir mattresses with a permissible load of 110 kg per seat and various effects;
  • Ormatek - tested mats for different age groups of monolithic and combined type from coir, latex, memorix, anatomical foam;
  • Dreamline - medium-stiff models of perforated natural latex with a load of up to 110 kg;
  • Promtex Orient - a series of monolithic and combined mattresses for children and adults with stuffing up to 6 layers (from coir, PPU latex, struttoplast);
  • Dormeo - a series of breathable mats for different users, with the addition of silver threads and bamboo fibers;
  • Consul - orthopedic models of latex, coconut fiber and batting with a maximum load of up to 120 kg, a cover of a coarse calico with a thermal bond and a padding polyester.


Springless orthopedic mattresses are recognized as an excellent purchase for health. This sure most buyers who have tried the effect of mattresses for more than six months. They note that it is convenient and comfortable to sleep on such mats, the body rests overnight and completely relaxes.

As for children's blocks, caring parents pick out the coconut and latex models of Italian and domestic brands, recommending them for purchase.

These products are considered by parents to be the most reliable and proven blocks that help the children's spine to shape the bends correctly and reduce the load of the day associated with carrying a heavy portfolio and long sitting in school in an uncomfortable chair at the desk.

The following video is about how to correctly choose a mattress without compromising your health.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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