Choosing a mattress cover

To preserve the original appearance of the mattress, as well as to make it more convenient during operation, it is necessary to supplement the product with a cover. A variety of models, fabrics and colors allows you to choose a cover on the mattress for every taste.

Functions and benefits

Mattress cover is indispensable for the operation of the mattress, because it has many advantages:

  • Reliable protection against dirt. Over time, the mattress is polluted, because during sleep people sweat, sebum is released, there may be traces of cosmetics. If a liquid of any kind gets onto the mattress, then it is almost impossible to get rid of it. It is necessary to immediately purchase a dustproof protective cover with a mattress. If necessary, it can always be washed in a washing machine.
  • Preserving the attractive appearance of the mattress. The leak-proof moisture-resistant cover will allow you to protect the product from the ingress of liquid, because the mattress includes filler layers that lose their properties due to frequent contact with moisture. If you do not use an additional waterproof case, the mattress will have to be changed ahead of time, which is set by the manufacturer.
  • Protection against dust and allergies. The presence of hygienic, antiallergic cover reliably protects the product from dust mites, saprophytes. Many suffer from allergies from dust or ticks, which are accompanied by sneezing, sometimes cramping and rapid breathing. Dust mites very often breed in unprotected mattresses, as they feed on dead skin cells that collect in the mattress. Anti-allergic case will allow you to get rid of allergies once and for all.
  • Warranty preservation from the manufacturer.

Modern models of mattress covers are made of various materials, which allows each customer to find the best option. For example, the hypoallergenic case is made from a material that does not cause irritation on the skin.It can be washed at very high temperatures to destroy absolutely all bacteria.

A waterproof cover will protect the mattress from any moisture. During sleep, the body secretes a liquid, by negligence you can pour out coffee or tea. The waterproof option will reliably protect the expensive mattress from moisture and dirt.


Modern manufacturers of stylish and high-quality mattresses offer a variety of covers for reliable protection of products. They differ from each other according to different criteria.

All covers are divided into fixed and removable - depending on the type of attachment to the mattress. Each option has advantages. Fixed items can not be removed from the mattress. They can be made of various materials - silk, wool, jacquard, cotton, calico, satin. The convenience of such options is that during use they do not get off.

The removable cover is a separate element, it can easily be removed from the mattress - for example, to replace or wash the product. Many products are presented with a zipper, because they can be undone if necessary. There are two types of zipper covers:

  • The product has a zipper on three sides, so it opens on the same principle as a book. It is characterized by reliability, but is impractical. After washing, the product is usually slightly reduced in size, so it is quite possible that it will be quite difficult to put it back on.
  • The option with a zipper around the perimeter is practical and convenient to use. After unfastening it turns out two halves. Typically, the process of washing and drying the cover takes some time, so you can turn the mattress and sleep on the other half.

Among other species can be identified:

  • The cover sheet on an elastic band covers only one side of a mattress, but perfectly fastens and does not roll down. It can be made of waterproof fabric and have a different orthopedic effect. Elastic bands can be located only at the corners of the product or sewn around the perimeter of the sheet cover.
  • The protective cover for a wadded mattress is usually made of 100% cotton. It reliably protects the entire surface of the product. It can be washed even at a temperature of 90 degrees, which will kill all bacteria. Products for spring mattresses are made from wear-resistant materials,which are pleasant to the touch.
  • Futon is in high demandbecause it can be stored in a collapsed form. This mattress can be put on the floor to create a comfortable and soft bed. After sleeping it can be twisted again in a small roll for storage. The futon case should be practical and durable.
  • Modern manufacturers offer stylish and durable models for transportation. or storage mattresses. They are made of durable materials, there are different colors. Most models are not recommended to be folded during transport or storage.
  • Covers are also made for children's mattresses.. They have standard sizes, protect the product from dust, dirt. They are characterized by anti-allergic and water-repellent properties. Children's options are usually removable, because they have to be washed frequently.
  • Decorative option used as bed decoration. Such a product performs not only a protective function, but also an aesthetic one. When using such a cover there is no need to lay a blanket on top, because it acts as an element of decor.Manufacturers use a variety of bright and unusual prints. Everyone will be able to choose the option to your taste.


The size of the cover and mattress should be identical, because the mattress pad must fit snugly to the product. Modern manufacturers offer both standard and non-standard options. If the required size is not available, then it can be ordered individually. You can choose the fabric and color model. The product will be ready in a few days.

Covers for a single bed are presented in the following dimensions: 80 × 190, 80 × 200, 190 × 90 cm. The one-and-a-half version has dimensions of 120 × 200 cm. If you need a model for a double bed, companies offer models 140 × 200, 160 × 200 and 180 × 200.

A model with dimensions of 70 × 140 cm is ideal for a baby cot. Mattresses with mattress covers are also made for newborns - 120 × 60 cm.

Models with zippers usually have a standard height. The most popular size for a single bed is the following - 90 × 200 × 18 cm. For a thin mattress you need to look for a cover with a height of 16 cm. It can have dimensions of 1600 × 2000 mm if you are looking for a decent option for a double bed.


Mattress covers are made of durable fabrics that are characterized by high wear resistance. They must withstand not only heavy loads, but also daily friction.

When choosing a case, it is imperative to pay attention to the fabric, since it must be perfectly breathable and evaporate moisture (for a good and healthy sleep).

The types of materials are as follows:

  • At production of covers fabric of the mixed type is often used - jacquard. It is 80 percent cotton, and the remaining 20 are synthetic fibers. This material can withstand various influences, but its appearance does not become less attractive.
  • Protective covers from sateen and calico also in demand. These fabrics perfectly protect the mattress from dust and stains. On such a cover is very comfortable to sleep in the hot season.

For people in the age of a great solution would be a model of wool with a zipper. Such a cover can be easily removed for the summer period, and in the winter it will give you warmth and home comfort.

  • The cheapest option is a polycotton case. This is a synthetic material that is poorly hygroscopic and airtight, but it attracts attention with strength and durability.
  • Many mattress covers are made of knitwear, in the structure of which are used interconnected loops. This material is characterized by softness, elasticity and good tensile properties. Knitwear is easy to clean from dirt and dust. This case does not crumple, does not tear, it is very pleasant to the touch that will give you a sweet dream.
  • Cotton cover It is impossible to find in its pure form, usually it is still supplemented with a small amount of synthetic fibers. Such an ensemble is characterized by softness and elasticity, hygienic and hypoallergenic.


Consider the most popular:

  • Many manufacturers produce covers white colorwhich is not practical. It is always visible even the slightest pollution.
  • To improve the look of a mattress cover, companies began to use pastel shades. Looks beautiful version of pale pink, cream or beige.
  • Elegantly and effectively looks black model It is better to use it in combination with a white bed. This tandem applies to all beloved classics. This option is more practical, but some pollution will still be noticeable.

Today in trend colored models for mattresses.They surprise with various prints and bright combinations of colors. You should buy models exclusively from quality materials and from reputable manufacturers, so that during washing the fabric does not shed, and the color does not fade.

Which is better to choose for the bed?

When choosing a convenient and practical cover, you should not only pay attention to the choice of fabric, but also pay attention to several important points:

  • A cover of remarkable quality must necessarily fit snugly to the surface of the mattress, it should not be irregularities. Only this option will give you comfort and convenience during sleep.
  • If you decide to purchase a removable model, then be careful while cleaning itSince the material may sit down a little while washing, the process of putting it on will be difficult. Models with a zipper or an elastic band do not always fit snugly to the mattress, which leads to its rapid wear.
  • Fixed models guarantee durability and reliability of the entire orthopedic construction. Such a mattress will last much longer.

How to wear?

Today on sale models on an elastic band and on a lightning are presented. The cover on the elastic is not very difficult to put on the mattress, it is enough to bypass the product in a circle and pull the elastic on the sides. Even one person can cope with this task.

Putting a zipper on one side is more complicated, so it’s better to do it together. The cover should fit snugly to the mattress, so the dimensions are almost the same.

You must perform the following steps:

  • The mattress needs to be put vertically and from below to begin dressing the cover.
  • When the lower two edges are dressed, turn the product over to one side. One person gradually tightens the case with not very strong, but sharp movements, and the second - straightens it to make it easier for the first to wear.
  • This action must be performed several times on each side.
  • When the cover covers the entire surface of the mattress, it will only be necessary to tighten the outer parts and fasten them with a zipper.


Almost all buyers of mattresses immediately purchase covers in the complex in order to prolong the service life and protect the product from various contaminants.

Modern manufacturers of orthopedic mattresses pay due attention to the manufacture of covers. A variety of models and colors allows you to find a decent option for every customer. Removable covers are made to fit the size of the mattress, so that they are ideally suited for the selected model.

Famous companies use only high-quality fabrics, focusing on natural materials. Models are characterized by water-repellent, dustproof, anti-allergic properties.

Buyers note ease of use and care. Zipper models are very popular because they can be removed to eliminate contamination. The cover protects the mattress from dust and dirt from all sides.

Mattress covers are soft and comfortable. Bed linen is not slipping, maintaining the optimum temperature of the bed. Many buyers acquire bilateral models that allow you to feel the maximum comfort during sleep, both in winter and in summer.

The presence of the cover will extend the life of the mattress, and also make it more convenient and allow you to fully reveal the useful properties of the orthopedic product.

If we talk about the shortcomings, then you can only note one thing - the cover on the mattress from dense fabrics is dried for a long time. However, this is not a problem in the warm season. If desired, the cover can be replaced by a one-sided model with an elastic band. Removable models that close with a zipper on one side only, is difficult to put on the mattress.Better to do this action together. One person straightens a product, and another - puts on.

If you want to get an option that can be called ideal in a particular situation, read customer reviews. So you can compare several products and quickly decide what is best for you.

It is necessary to choose a suitable mattress as carefully as possible - then the results will not disappoint! And how to choose a mattress pad, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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