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Sleep in the child's life plays a special role - the physical, mental and emotional development of the baby depends on the quality of sleep. Therefore, it is very important that children's sleep be as pleasant and healthy as possible. Help in this can be children's mattresses from the leading manufacturer of sleeping accessories Askona.

Comfort and prevention of poor posture

All (including children's) mattresses manufactured under the Askona brand are high-quality orthopedic products made using advanced technologies and the latest materials.

The main advantages of mattresses designed for children and adolescents include:

  • Security. The children's series of mattresses was created according to the recommendations of the leading orthopedic surgeons, taking into account all the features of the physiology of babies. Therefore, with the right choice of mattress, it will in no way lead to a violation of the child’s posture.
  • Practicality. For each children's model, special removable covers are created that are easy to change and wash.
  • Environmental friendliness. All products for children are made exclusively from environmentally friendly materials.
  • Hypoallergenic. The company uses fillers and upholstery, not attracting dust, preventing the occurrence of mites and other parasites - and at the same time provide good ventilation. All this allows us to reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions and the appearance of irritation on the delicate skin of the baby almost to zero.
  • Wide range of. In a mattress variety of a children's series it is easy to find a product of the necessary size and degree of rigidity.

At the same time, the cost of children's orthopedic products for sleep and rest remains available for all categories of the population.


Askona takes the selection of materials for children's mattresses as seriously as possible. Currently the company uses for their manufacture:

  • Heat bonded flax - A completely natural material that helps wicks moisture and neutralizes odors, provides an optimal microclimate.
  • MediFoam - highly elastic foam, to which silver ions are added, thanks to which the material has antiseptic properties.In addition, the foam provides maximum comfort, easily takes the form of the body and is also easily restored.
  • Terry Cloth - used for the manufacture of removable covers. Its main features are "free breathing" and a light massage effect.

In addition, the bedding for children has a block of independent springs, which provides good anatomical qualities, does not creak and is completely safe for the child.

The lineup

The best and most sought after series of children's mattresses is considered Mediflex Kids. All products of the series (due to the peculiarities of its design and the materials used) ensure the correct position of the child’s body during sleep.

The series was created with the participation of the head of the Russian Medical Rehabilitation Center for Diseases of the Musculoskeletal System Academician V.I. Dikul.

The series consists of several models:

  • "Berry Kids" - springless mattress with filler in the form of anatomical foam "MediFoam". Perfect for children from 0 to 12 years.
  • "Tutsy Kids" - mattress with varying degrees of stiffness of the sides. Softness provides anatomical foam of a new generation.
  • "Cherry Kids" - with the base of the block independent springs in combination with natural fillers (cotton and linen). Recommended for children from 4 years.
  • "Happy Kids" - elasticity and comfort of the product gives the system an independent spring unit, supplemented by anatomical foam and natural linen fabric.
  • Star Kids - an elite model of springless mattresses that perfectly supports the musculoskeletal system of the child (regardless of his age).

All mattresses of a series are supplied with a removable terry cover on a lightning. In addition, they are made in different size variants, as experts recommend putting the products 8 cm high in the beds of newborns and children under 3 years of age. Older children can use the 11 cm height bedding.

Selection rules

In order for the Askona orthopedic mattress to bring maximum benefit to the child, it is necessary to choose the right accessories for sleeping and relaxing.

Experts advise when choosing to follow several rules:

  • First you need to pay attention to the size. The size range of branded products is quite wide, the manufacturer offers both standard sizes of sizes 120 × 60, 125 × 65, 140 × 70, 160 × 80, 190 × 90 and others, as well as non-standard ones, which are made to order.

When calculating the size of the mattress, it should be borne in mind that the distance between the inner edges of the bed and the bedding should not exceed 3-4 cm.

  • An important selection criterion is and mattress height. Being too thin, it will not provide the necessary orthopedic effect, and very thick will be very high and uncomfortable. In determining the height of the main role is played by the age of the baby.
  • Degree is important mattress stiffness. Orthopedists advise for the smallest to acquire the most rigid models. For guys from 3 years, you can already buy softer and more elastic products. A universal option for a cot is a double-sided mattress. With such a model, it is possible to change the degree of hardness as needed - in accordance with the age and preferences of the child.
  • Equally important is the choice mattress base. Everything here also depends on age features. For newborns, springless models are considered the best option, for children from 3 years old - mattresses on small independent springs, for teenagers - on the usual block of independent springs.
  • When choosing pay attention also to type of filler and outer mattress cover.


For every parent, child care is the most important task. That is why many of them choose Askona bedding for their children. Usually they do not regret their choice, which is confirmed by positive reviews about the company and its products.

Of course, not all young mothers and fathers have a medical education and can evaluate the orthopedic effect of Asconian mattresses from the first days. But on the other hand, they note that their child can comfortably and comfortably sleep, he does not have to lie in an uncomfortable position, because of which sleep is often disturbed, with the result that the baby starts to act up.

The happy owners of the products of this company note the durability of mattresses - they do not push over time. The purchased product is enough for the child until it is time to change it to a more suitable option for age.

In addition, the antistatic and dustproof qualities of children's models are honored by the mothers of babies. Because of this (as well as convenient removable covers) they require a minimum of care and do not cause allergic reactions.

Customers note the high quality of all Askona products. Having tried once, they become real fans of such products.

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