How to choose a children's mattress?

Sleep is an important process for every single person. Healthy sleep for children is even more important, because the birth of the human body begins from birth. If a child gets enough sleep, his spiritual and physical development will always be harmonious. Do not forget that it is during sleep that the whole body of the child is fully rested when he gains strength the next day.


Modern matrasiki for kids come in different types. One of the most popular - double-sided mattress. These are products, on the one hand, created for the winter cold, and on the other hand, they are suitable for hot summer. For the side of the mattress that is designed to operate in the cool season of the year, wool is commonly used - this is one of the best insulation materials with water-repellent properties.For the side of the product that is well suited for summer, cotton or jacquard is commonly used. There are also combined children's mattresses, which on one side have a standard filler of coconut fibers and latex on the other, as a "winter" filler.

Also, you should pay your attention to high-quality mattresses with a spring block, which, although less durable, since they are subject to deformation, but still allow the child to feel most comfortable during rest and sleep. Springless products retain the necessary rigidity much longer.

What is the best filler to choose for sleep?

When choosing a mattress for a child, it is necessary to pay special attention to the materials of which it consists, because the physical condition of the child can directly depend on their quality. That is why any specialist will advise you to choose a product only with those natural fillers that are not contraindicated for use in mattresses for kids. For example, such popular natural materials as felt and wool are allergens, absorb moisture well and, after a while, start to produce bad odors,which is unacceptable for beds of children.

In modern children's mattresses, the following fillers are most often used:

  • Coira - These are coconut fibers, qualitatively pressed or joined with latex. This material is hypoallergenic, has high bactericidal properties.
  • Horsehair is also a common filler in children's mattresses. It is a rather elastic material, its fibers do not fall apart even after a long period of use and do not create dusty particles.
  • Buckwheat husksif it has been qualitatively treated, it does not cause allergy attacks, it will never contain harmful microorganisms or ticks.
  • Latex most often made of rubber. This is one of the most flexible materials for creating children's mattresses. Such mattresses will not absorb moisture and dust, but they do not have anti-allergic characteristics.
  • Polyurethane foam - This is the cheapest artificial substitute for latex. It is completely safe for children, environmentally friendly, fireproof and therefore popular.
  • Such modern high-tech material as memory foam not as common, because it is expensive compared to other fillers for children's mattresses. This foam can quickly adapt to all sorts of poses of the human body and even creates the effect of "temperature solidarity." If in a dream the baby turns on the other side, then the foam in the place where the baby was lying before will quickly take on its original shape.
  • Some parents, trying to save money, buy an inexpensive mattress with a filler for children. from cotton wool and foam rubberthat is completely unacceptable. These fillers are too soft, these kinds of mattresses too soon lose their original shape and do not perform the function of quality support for the spine of the crumbs during rest and dreams.

Moisture can also accumulate in a cotton pad, which will be an excellent breeding ground for pests.

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What is needed cover in the crib?

When choosing a mattress for your child, you should pay special attention to its shell - a cover, because the body of your child will be in contact with him.

The cover for a children's mattress must necessarily be made from high-quality natural materials. In inexpensive models of covers for the cover, materials such as coarse calico and chintz can be used, which are 100% breathable and quite pleasant to the touch. Thick jacquard fabric is the most durable, easy to care for.

It is best to choose a mattress for children with a cover on a neat zipper, as this will allow you to observe the hygiene and cleanliness of the child’s bed throughout the entire life of the mattress without much difficulty.

The cover for a children's mattress can also consist of different layers. The top surface can be made of jacquard, and the layers inside the product can be made of wool, padding polyester or cotton. This mattress cover will not only look beautiful, but also provide a flat surface for your baby to rest. Carefully reviewing the mattress cover before purchasing, make sure that there are no seams on it - they usually create uncomfortable feelings for the child during sleep and games.

What height should be?

The height of the mattress should be directly dependent on the age of the baby for whom you are purchasing this product. For example, the height of products for newborns and children up to 3 years can be from 5 to 10 cm.For children from 3 to 6 years old, mattresses with a height of up to 10-15 cm are selected, from 6 to 10 years old, the recommended height of the product should be 10–16 cm. 16–20 cm is the optimum height for a good mattress for teenagers who are not yet 18 years old.


When choosing a mattress, you need to remember the size of the bed itself, where the pussy sleeps. Between the mattress and its side may form an emptiness, but it should not be more than 4 cm - otherwise the crumbs may appear injured.

Standard beds for babies have three sizes: 120x60 cm, 120x65 cm, 140x70 cm, but before you buy a mattress for the bed, recheck again and check its original dimensions - length and width. Good beds for crumbs should not have a solid bottom plane. The base in them should be made of slats - then the mattress will “breathe”, and your child will sleep more comfortably.

If, however, the size of the mattress will be more than necessary, then in the bed may bend, which is extremely harmful for the growing spine of the baby.

We choose the right age

As soon as a cot has appeared in the nursery, it is necessary to think about what kind of bedding must be present in it.Remembering that the baby spends most of the time in the crib, you need to choose the mattress for him correctly - so that the baby can sleep comfortably, play, move around the crib, crawl on it. At the same time, experts recommend that in no case should you use the old mattresses that your previous children had, since they can damage the health of the baby.

How to properly mattress for different children's ages?

Until the child is 3 years old, doctors forbid the use of soft mattresses in his bed. For a four-month-old and one-year-old child, you need to choose a moderately firm mattress - in order for the baby's spine to form properly. In this case, the most correct solution would be to purchase a springless mattress, both sides of which will have different degrees of elasticity. The toughest side should be used until the crumb gets to its feet. Here it is best to use coconut coir filler. Such a mattress will have a wonderful orthopedic effect. The models of mattresses, in which there are no springs, are really safer for children, since they do not affect their just forming organism with their electrostatics.

When a child turns 2-3 years old, he begins to show the necessary bends of the bones, and it is then that the mattress can be turned over and try to use that side for the baby’s sleep, which is better adapted to the child’s natural posture. However, try not to be too zealous when choosing a hard mattress, as your baby will not get enough sleep on an excessively hard plane.

After the child is 3 years old, they usually begin to put him on the bed in bigger sizes. About 4-5 years, modern children are actively beginning to manifest curves of the vertebral system. In this case, the hardness of the surface of the mattress should remain, only the top layer can be a bit more flexible. Here you can already consider the option of purchasing mattresses with separate blocks of springs. However, if your baby is very active and loves to jump on the bed, then you need a mattress without springs, and you will use it much longer.

Choosing a product for children of 6-7 years old, it is worth knowing that their life is saturated with studies and outdoor games. In children of school age, the lumbar region and the corset of the muscles are formed, and the flexible tissue from cartilage is replaced with bone tissue.Lack of sleep can reduce the performance of the student, cause rapid fatigue and a sharp change of mood. That is why when buying a mattress for children of 8-9 years old, you must take into account all the age-related changes that occur in their growing body. For a younger schoolboy, a mattress with a natural filler, like latex, is ideal for medium hardness.

If your child has no problems with posture, you can buy a mattress with a softer filler.

Teens spend too much time sitting, so quality sleep is especially important for them. At the age of 10-12 years, many children begin to accelerate growth, changing body weight. Experts advise parents to purchase springless mattresses for teenagers or systems with separate spring blocks not exceeding 20 cm in height.

Manufacturers Rating

A huge number of manufacturers today will offer you their mattresses with high quality characteristics and able to satisfy the taste of even the most demanding consumers. Among them, it is necessary to particularly highlight the domestic factories for the production of mattresses, because among them there are their favorites, whose products are distinguished by a high-tech component. These are companies such as:

  • Consul - a well-known Russian holding, which has been producing products for sleep and rest for dozens of years and in separate series produces excellent mattresses with various parameters for children and teenagers.
  • Ormatek (Ormatek) - A company that is one of the leaders in the domestic furniture industry, but also specializes in the production of products for sleeping. In her catalog you can easily find many models of mattresses designed for children of different age groups from 0 to 12 years.
  • Dreamline (DreamLine) - a group of companies that produces various products for sleep and offers caring parents a choice of different models of children's mattresses, made to suit the characteristics of the organism of the modern child.
  • Ascona (Askona) - a company that produces spring models of children's mattresses and models without springs with the very popular Bonnel block among the common people. These anatomical mattresses for children were developed with the assistance of the best pediatric doctors in the country.
  • Violait (Violait) - a well-known manufacturer in Russia and abroad of more than 40 types of orthopedic mattresses, offering a wide range of mattresses for children with different heights, sizes, and a huge range of filling materials.
  • Avita - A young factory for the production of high-quality children's mattresses, affordable for any ordinary man in the street.

What you need to know when buying?

Many parents ask themselves what kind of mattress to choose for a children's bed, so that the child’s sleep is as comfortable as possible and the rest complete. When choosing a mattress, you must take into account the age of the baby, his weight and growth parameters. And if the baby has certain orthopedic problems, then before buying a product, you should consult with a competent specialist.

The main criteria when choosing a quality mattress are:

  • Smooth surface of the sleeping plane.
  • Comfortable stiffness that will not overstress the body of a child.
  • Durability and durability.
  • High-quality material filler and cover.
  • Convenience with regular care of the product.
  • The presence of antibacterial impregnation of all components of the mattress.
  • Processing products with silver ions ..

Always remember that it is important to acquire a new mattress to fit the size of a particular bed - it should not be more or less space for sleeping.

You should not leave the mattress in the package for a long time, as soon as you purchased it - immediately get rid of cellophane so that the microclimate inside the product is not seriously disturbed.And you should not immediately put a new mattress on the bed and cover it with linen - let the mattress air out a little.

Do not forget to turn the mattress around every 3-4 months, air it well in the summer and wash its case a couple of times a year. In this case, this mattress will serve you for a very long time.


Before you buy a mattress for a baby of one or another manufacturer, you should know what reviews do consumers leave about mattresses of famous manufacturers:

  • For example, for more than 20 years mattresses of the company Ascona They are distinguished by high durability, orthopedic effect, and they also have affordable prices for buyers, which makes them so popular.
  • Orthopedic mattresses from the company Consul They will give your children a truly comfortable rest, especially since they were developed together with orthopedic surgeons and therefore have high health saving functions.
  • Children's mattresses Ormatek with varying degrees of stiffness from different angles will give babies a feeling of comfort even with very strong fatigue, and their affordable cost will greatly delight their parents when choosing this product.By the way, if necessary, the company will manufacture a children's mattress according to individual parameters.
  • Children's mattresses from Dreamline - the best ratio of price and quality, the company offers a huge range of products with natural and artificial fillers and different degrees of rigidity.
  • Company Violight produces inexpensive children's mattresses for children of different ages. Mattresses of this manufacturer perfectly keep their shape, have standard sizes and a range of products with the most popular fillers.
  • Mattresses Avito attract buyers using environmentally friendly materials and long life with the most active use.

If you approach the choice of mattress for your baby with all care, while always taking into account the specifics of his tender age and the advice of competent doctors, you will certainly make the right choice and get the best product for a full-fledged children's sleep and rest.

Dr. Komarovsky will tell you about the peculiarities of choosing a children's mattress in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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