How to choose a mattress for a double bed?

There is not a single person for whom sleep does not matter. It is extremely important to rest for the night, relax your muscles, rejuvenate and lift your mood for the day ahead. And if with single beds the situation is simpler, the sleeping bed for two places has its own characteristics, otherwise you can forget about the full rest. To sleep was not only serene, but also correct, you need to know how to choose a mattress for a double bed.

Types of mattresses

All existing mattresses for double beds can be divided into two types:

  • with metal springs;
  • without springs.

Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, is developed according to modern technologies, meets international standards, and in expensive designs it takes into account the correct distribution of the load on the body.

Both types of mattresses have a lot in common, they:

  • differ in varying degrees of rigidity, allowing the user to purchase the most convenient option for him;
  • calculated on the average weight of two people;
  • depending on the block design, they can have orthopedic and massage effects;
  • made of different materials, often with additional layers;
  • equipped with its own cover, closing the construction of the mat;
  • may have an additional upholstery cover removable format;
  • have a different cost depending on the price of the components;
  • they are classical or bilateral with a different layer of heat on the upper layer of the mattress (winter-summer options) and degrees of rigidity (on the one hand - hard, on the other - moderately hard);
  • They can be of different sizes (standard and non-standard) and shapes (rectangular, round).

To understand how they differ, and how to choose the best version of the mattress for two, you need to know the structure of the block of each type.

Spring mattresses for two seats

All mattresses with springs are divided into two types:

  • independent;
  • dependent type.

Both types have elastic metal elements of twisted shape, arranged vertically. Depending on the design, the number of springs in one block can vary from 500 to 700 pieces. Each block is a steel mesh, in which the springs themselves are the main filler.

What is the difference of spring blocks? The difference between the dependent and independent block is small, but determines the correctness of the spine support. Each structural element with dependent springs (bonnel) is connected to the adjacent elements, as well as the upper and lower edges of the metal frame of the mattress.

The main difference of independent type springs is the lack of connection of metal elements between themselves. The integrity of the mesh is created by fixing the textile covers worn on each spring of the independent unit. And each spring has its own, individual woven case. It is this feature that radically changes the work of the springs.

When the load on the mattress (under the pressure of the body weight), only those springs that are loaded are working.

In a dependent block type, under the weight of the body, many more springs fall down. (workers and those that they pull behind them), creating a wave formation.

This feature of the mattress with independent springs eliminates rolling one of the sleeping people to another, if the weight of the partners is different. In a block of independent type, each person will lie on his own half of the mat, without interfering with the sleep of the second.

If you choose from two types of spring unit, you can even have no doubt buying a mattress with a block of independent springs. Bonnel is not suitable for a bed in two places, it does not provide a complete rest and correctness of support for the spine of two people.

The correct and good double mattress, which is enough for a long time (up to 15 years) - this is a reinforced version of the block with independent springs. In this design, there is a second spring in each spring, which is driven exclusively by the increased load.

This mattress does not bend without the need, does not deform, and if supplemented by high-quality stuffing, it has an orthopedic effect.

Springless unit

This design is divided into three types:

  • monolithic, representing a cast block of small thickness, dressed in a cover made of fabric;
  • combined characterized in that in addition to the core, the block has additional layers to provide the desired rigidity and effect;
  • puffin which the block consists of the same in size and thickness of the layers of filler, glued together, differing in different composition and degree of rigidity.

One of the most popular types of bedding for double beds today are:

  • natural latex - filler, which is obtained when developing the sap of a tropical tree, Hevea, featuring high quality and practical characteristics;
  • synthetic latex - an artificial analogue of natural latex, somewhat inferior to it in elasticity, but having excellent performance characteristics;
  • polyurethane foam (PPU) - furniture foam polyurethane foam type HR, a rather rigid, resilient and elastic material, not deformable under constant load;
  • coir - the fibrous substance obtained during the processing of the peel of coconut, dense and hard filler.
  • In addition to the main fillers, the block uses layers of hollofayber, struktofayber, sintepona.

In addition to the different composition of the packing, each unit has its own structure. Latex mattress is recognized as the most reliable springless unit for a double bed. It has holes in the form of cells that have different depth and diameter, which differ in different zones of the block, since they imply different levels of body pressure on the mat.

Polyurethane foam has no holes, so it is more dense, it is not pressed under the weight of two people and, with the addition of orthopedic layers of another filler, provides a reliable sleeping surface for two.

Coconut fiber is the hardest type of stuffing. Such a mat is not only hard: it ensures the correct position of the body during sleep, relaxes the muscles of the back, neck, lumbar spine, relieves tension, unpleasant painful sensations and numbness of the extremities.

However, in its pure form, such a mat is only suitable for children, because it has a small thickness and is not designed for the weight of two users.


A separate category are camping (inflatable) mattresses. These mats are good in some cases, for example, a hike or as a guest option when you need to arrange guests.

They can be of a folding (sectional) type, equipped with a separate or built-in pump, depending on the model they have a compact or spacious sleeping place for two, they are distinguished by a flocked type of coating.

Which mattress to choose?

When choosing a double mattress without springs, it is worth considering some nuances:

  • For the design that is planned to be used daily, it is worth making a choice between the combined type latex or polyurethane foam block.
  • If you need a good and reliable unit, you can give preference to the option with a base of latex, coconut additive in the form of a layer of upper and lower edges.
  • If you need a softer mat, you can choose a variant with a coir base, located in the core of the block, covered with latex. Since latex constructions are rather expensive, in choosing a reliable mattress, you can look at the polyurethane foam block with coir and additional layers to give optimum softness.

When choosing a mattress for a double bed, you can face a dilemma that often confounds. Each seller recommends exactly his product. However, there are no clear criteria that highlight a spring or springless unit. Everyone decides for himself what he likes more:

  • springs are considered a reliable block fillerbut over time they can creak, stretch and even break, deforming the surface of the bed;
  • springless mats are hypoallergenic, they do not accumulate static electricity, and therefore do not have any harm to health;
  • mattresses without springs have anatomical, they are able to remember the contours of the body, which is so necessary for people of advanced age and the main part of buyers;
  • thicker mats (in contrast to springless analogs differing in the height of the mat 15–18 cm, the spring blocks have a height of 18–24 cm);
  • spring mattresses can be not only flaky, but also of asymmetric construction, so that they create a different degree of rigidity of the block;
  • springless systems are easy to maintain, due to the absence of internal voids do not accumulate dust in such a volume as spring options, do not allow the formation of mold and fungus.

If you need a mattress for people with a big difference in weight, you can purchase the option with a spring unit of variable stiffness, divided into two halves. In this model, each half has its own degree of rigidity, designed specifically for the average male and female weight. An independent spring block with asymmetric gasket has one side with a layer of latex, the other with coir.

This allows for a different degree of rigidity, contributing to the maximum comfort of each user.

For more information on how to choose a quality mattress for a double bed, tell the experts from the following video.

Consider the size

The bed for two seats should be spacious. If the bed space is not enough, the rest will not be comfortable. The minimum size of a two-bedroom mattress should be at least 140x190 cm. The European standard of mat for two is about 180x200 cm (for typical and high growth).

Choosing a double mattress, you need to remember about the stock of length and width. When buying a mat, it is important to rely on the growth of users, adding to a larger one at least 20 cm in length. Width matters too. Those who do not like to huddle on a narrow bed, manufacturers offer options with the "royal" standards: 198 cm wide and 213 cm long.

Sleep should be serene and full. According to the degree of rigidity of modern mattresses are:

  • soft;
  • moderately tough;
  • tough.

It is better to refuse soft mats immediately. Such constructions will not only help the spine, but also force the body to take unnatural poses all night long, loading the back and interfering with the work of the blood flow. Too rigid structures are preventive, they are indicated for people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The best toughness, according to experts, is moderate.

Moderate hardness is enough not to harm health, it is designed for an average weight of two users, ensures correct and comfortable sleep, evenly distributing the load on the entire mat.

Top Brands Rating

To make it easier to navigate before buying a large choice of manufacturers, you can look at the products of companies with high ratings among customers:

  • Intex - inflatable double mattresses of the domestic manufacturer with headrests that can withstand a load of up to 270 kg. They have a concise design, have partitions and, depending on the model, can be single- or double-section (transformers).
  • Ascona - a leading manufacturer of spring and springless mattresses with advanced block designs that provide maximum comfort during sleep or rest. The brand produces mattresses with a special box that retains the shape of the block and shields users from possible falls.
  • Promtex-Orient - spring mechanisms with polyurethane foam framing, separated by a spunbond layer.Universal and functional models with double stiffness depending on the choice of the side of the block.
  • Ormatek - practical models of mattresses with a protective box framing the edges of the block. Springless type structures are distinguished by optimal rigidity, have a high permissible load, have an orthopedic effect and are equipped with a practical ventilated jacquard cover.

What not to forget?

Choosing a mattress, you need to rely not only on the choice of a proven brand. It is important to remember such moments as:

  • type of coating (ideally jacquard fabric);
  • anti-allergic filler and antimicrobial impregnation of the block;
  • optimum mattress thickness (at least 15 cm);
  • the presence of a second (removable) cover;
  • reasonable price for a double block;
  • hardness balance for two;
  • difference in weight of partners.

Do not rush into the store: the choice of mattress for a double bed must be solid. If you do not pay attention to all the nuances, the rest can be comfortable only for one of two users. When buying, you can “try on” the mattress, sitting on it and assessing the degree of its springiness, rigidity, elasticity and convenience of the mat as a whole.You can not go to extremes, getting too soft or too hard option, because it will lead not only to discomfort, but also to a quick breakdown of the unit.

It is worth considering that half of the mattress will be used in different ways, since the weight of the partners is different.

How to do it yourself?

Few people know, but some designs of the mattress can be made independently. For example, if there is an old case, on its basis you can make a pattern and assemble the details into a stylish new upholstery. As a filler, you can use sintepon, hay, sheep wool or chemical packing of sheet format. To improve the quality of the block, you can make a dense core of furniture foam rubber, buying it in a special store. Then, to give the block optimum softness, you can add a synthetic winterizer, straw or a thin layer of wool (so that the mattress is warm on one side).

The main thing is to remove the size of the bed or the old mattress.

An interesting option would be a puff mat. In this case, buy sheets of different fillers of the same format. Then they are glued with a special glue, undercut the edges, cover all faces with padding polyester or with polytechnic, put on the cover.

A more detailed process of making a mattress with your own hands is described in the following video.


The question of choosing a mattress for a double bed is one of the most discussed. This is evidenced by the numerous customer reviews left on the forums of Internet sites devoted to the topic of healthy sleep. In general, the opinion of most buyers is the same - an independent type spring block is considered the best purchase of a mattress for a double bed.

Especially popular with customers are models in which the mat has two degrees of rigidity. This design is convenient because it allows both users to sleep and eliminates the need to buy two mattresses so as not to interfere with each other. Such a unit with a relaxing and orthopedic effect is called the best.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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