How to choose an orthopedic mattress?

About the third part of his life a person spends in a dream. Healthy and high-quality sleep depends on many factors and, above all, on the type of mattress. Only an orthopedic mattress can guarantee a good state of health and excellent mood for the whole day.

Which is better: spring or springless?

All modern mattresses with orthopedic effect can be classified into two types - spring and springless. Each species has its own characteristics and advantages, and therefore it is impossible to say which of these two types is better. Most people are inclined to believe that the orthopedic mattress should be hard, but it is not.

The choice of model depends on many factors, including personal preferences.

Spring mattresses

Mattresses, which are based on the spring unit, are divided into two groups.

With dependent spring block

The first includes models that have a dependent block of springs, characterized by their low price. Here the springs are connected to each other with metal wire and attached to the frame. This unit is also called Bonnel.

The design of such models is designed so that when one spring bends, the neighboring ones also bend, creating the effect of a hammock.

Unfortunately, this is not their only drawback. Over time, the springs begin to creak strongly and quickly become useless. In addition, such models are devoid of any orthopedic properties, therefore, people with spinal diseases, it is better not to use them.

With independent spring block

An independent unit of springs in mattresses belonging to the second group is arranged somewhat differently. Each spring in such mattresses is packed in a separate case and when exposed to a certain area, it is compressed independently of the neighboring element.

This type of mattress is not only distinguished by reliability and durability, but also ensures the correct positioning of the body, bending only in those places where it is really necessary. When choosing a mattress with a spring block, it is better to give preference to models with an independent spring block.

Springless mattresses

Springless mattresses differ from previous models in their design, in which there are no metal elements, namely springs. There are multi-layer and single-layer models with varying degrees of stiffness.

In single-layer models, one material is used, the most common is polyurethane foam. In multilayer models using different materials, laid in a certain sequence.

Due to the presence of different packings in the mattress, products are created not only with varying degrees of stiffness, but also with various additional properties.

Models that have such a material as a strattofiber have additional properties. Depending on the fibers woven into this material, warm and cold mattresses are distinguished. Goat fur fibers, which retain heat well, woven into the strut-fiber, create the effect of a warm mattress. A flax fiber when added to the same material creates the opposite effect, and it does not allow the mattress to heat up.

In addition, some springless mattresses by adding to their layers of such material as Memory Foam, which has a foam structure, have the property of fitting to the human body. The form acquired by the mattress corresponds to the contour of the person on it. When rising from a mattress, the filler is able to restore its original shape for several minutes. Comfortable conditions for sleep, created by products with such an additional property as a memory effect, unfortunately, not everyone likes. There are reasons for this. Lowering the temperature of the air in the room makes it very hard.

Springless mattresses have a lot of advantages. The most important and, undoubtedly, important are the excellent orthopedic properties, expressed in good support for the spine. Different degrees of rigidity is an opportunity for each person to choose the option that is suitable for him. And, of course, the long service life of products without spring blocks is an important factor when choosing.

The disadvantages of springless mattresses include the high cost of such products and the lack of softness.

Knowing all the advantages and disadvantages of spring and springless options, you must also focus on personal feelings.. To do this, you just need to test the items you like in the store, namely, lie down and choose the one on which you will be more comfortable.

Choosing a filler

In order to choose a mattress was not spontaneous, but thoughtful, you must learn to understand the most popular fillers.

Polyurethane foam

Polyurethane foam is a type of foam rubber with improved properties. It is a part of not only springless versions, but also is an additional layer in products having a spring block. PUF is able to withstand significant loads for a fairly long life.

The increased level of filler stiffness allows manufacturers to produce mattresses with good orthopedic characteristics at an affordable price.

But there are small cons of this material. PPU has a rather porous structure, thanks to which it absorbs moisture well, while it evaporates extremely difficult. In addition, it is difficult to clean.


Latex is very often used as a filler. The porous structure of this filler is obtained by foaming and processing the sap of the Hevea plant. Products that have latex in their composition are distinguished by their wear resistance and ability to withstand considerable loads.

Latex orthopedic mattress is able to repeat the contours of the body, and thus, to support the spine in the correct position. Latex refers to materials that do not cause allergic reactions and have the ability to quickly remove moisture.

Artificial latex is somewhat different in properties from the natural counterpart. Over time, it dries and becomes brittle. Natural latex has only one drawback - its high cost.


Streamfiber is made from synthetic fibers and has many advantages. This rather elastic material does not burn and does not cause allergic reactions. In addition, due to its structure, it perfectly removes excess moisture. Some types of mattresses, which include this filler, have pronounced orthopedic properties. With it, you can create variants with different levels of rigidity. In addition, products that include struttophiber include a long service life.

The only disadvantage of this filler is quite high cost.


Coir or coconut fiber has a fairly rigid structure. It is used as an additional layer in almost all mattresses. This natural material is not susceptible to rotting, as it is quite resistant to moisture. Coir is a highly ecological material, as there are no toxic substances in its composition. The hard surface of this material, together with other fillers, is recommended for use with various diseases of the spine.

The disadvantages of this filler include increased fragility and high cost of the material. But with due care (the coir cannot withstand sharp blows) the filler will last for a long time.

There are other fillers, but they are all used in the manufacture of mattresses much less frequently.

Stiffness and size

Currently, manufacturers of mattresses offer a large selection of models with a wide variety of sizes. In order to correctly determine the size of the mattress that is right for you, you need to make several measurements:

  1. To your height you need to add 15-20 cm, the resulting value is the minimum length of the mattress. The admissible width is calculated as follows: you must lie on your back with your hands behind your head. The distance between the elbows with a small margin is the minimum width.
  2. If you need a mattress for a double bed, then a similar measurement should be carried out and partner. The resulting values ​​are added up and a few centimeters of stock are added to the amount.

In addition, when choosing a product you need to compare the size of the product with the area of ​​the bedroom. The plate of the standard sizes will help to make a right choice.

The obtained values ​​of length and width can be compared with the standard sizes produced by manufacturers:

  • As a rule, the width of single models is 80 and 90 cm.
  • One and half beds are mattresses having a width of 120 cm.
  • The width of double products is 140, 160, 180 and 200 cm. The length of standard mattresses is available in three versions: 190, 195 and 200 cm.
  • If you wish, you can always order a mattress of individually required length and width, but the cost of such a product will be somewhat more expensive than the standard version.

For a comfortable sleep, the mattress must have a certain stiffness. There are different types of stiffness. The softest products have a low degree of stiffness, followed by products with a degree of stiffness below average. Next comes the average, behind it - above the average and the latest - high stiffness.

Products with a low degree of stiffness are made from latex, foam rubber or cotton wool is used as an additional layer. Medium hardness is formed due to such fillers as polyurethane foam, latex, and strutofiber. High hardness is achieved by adding components such as coconut coir, struttofiber, alternating them with other fillers.

To select a mattress for a specific height / weight of a person, you can use the following sign.

What mattress is suitable for a healthy person?

For a healthy person, the mattress is selected on the basis of age and body weight. For young people whose age has not crossed the mark of 25 years, options with medium hardness or those with a hard surface are more suitable. This recommendation is not accidental, because the formation of the musculoskeletal system occurs up to 25 years and in order to exclude the curvature of the spine, it is necessary to sleep on a hard, flat surface.

For babies up to three years the mattress is most suitable, which includes coconut coir. A hard and at the same time smooth surface will favorably affect the formation of the spine. In addition, this filler is well ventilated. Upon reaching the age of three is allowed to change the mattress. A product with a hard surface can be replaced with a medium stiffness option with an independent spring block.

Another important indicator taken into account when choosing a mattress is body weight:

  • For people of frail physique fit products with a low degree of stiffness without coconut coir.
  • For people whose weight exceeds the mark of 100 kg, it is better to sleep on a hard mattress without springs.
  • The product with reinforced springs is suitable for people weighing from 80 to 100 kg.
  • People whose weight has an average mark (not more than 80 kg) can choose for themselves an option with an independent spring block together with latex.

For more information on how to choose the right mattress, see the following video.

How to choose for an elderly person?

For the elderly, with, as a rule, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, excessively hard surfaces can cause insomnia. The most suitable option for them would be mattresses with an independent unit of springs of medium hardness.

If you find any diseases of the musculoskeletal system, it is better to choose a double-sided mattress.

Making the right choice for osteochondrosis and spinal hernia

If you have a disease such as osteochondrosis, you should choose a mattress that has a different degree of rigidity on each side. In periods of aggravation, accompanied by severe pain, it is better to use the side with a soft surface. In the absence of pain, the mattress turns over to the other side, having a surface of medium degree of rigidity.

An alternative to the bilateral option is a soft mattress that can be used for osteochondrosis of the lumbosacral region.

In the presence of a disease such as intervertebral hernia, the use of an asymmetric mattress would be the best option. For people suffering from thoracic osteochondrosis, a product that has a surface of medium hardness is suitable, and in some cases a hard surface will be the best option.

The mattress, which has a Memory Foam filler, which has shape memory, will help reduce muscle tension in any type of osteochondrosis, accompanied by acute pain.

What should be mattress cover?

Any mattress with orthopedic properties, is unthinkable without a cover or mattress pad. The cover of good quality has such qualities as durability, strength, elasticity and hygroscopicity.

The mattress pad has such properties due to the jacquard material. It is better if the fibers of the fabric are either natural or blended.

Fixing mattress pad should be strong, with clear contours. It is better if the cover has lightning, thanks to which it can be removed and washed if necessary. If the jacquard fabric from which the mattress cover is sewn is impregnated, then all layers of the mattress will be protected from moisture and dirt and it will not have to be washed so often.

Top best firms

About 40 manufacturers are engaged in the release of mattresses with orthopedic properties. Rating of the largest firms can be distributed as follows:

  • In the first place is a fairly well-known manufacturer Ascona. (Vladimir region), producing more than 150 types of mattresses in various price categories. Not all models of this company have removable mattress covers.There are positive and negative reviews about the quality of mattresses. This company differs from other manufacturers with its long-term warranty, which ranges from 10 to 30 years for some models.
  • Firm Consul (Moscow) has been occupying this niche for a long time, therefore it is familiar to many buyers. Products manufactured under this brand are well advertised and quite expensive. It stands out among the rest of the production models, having 320 springs per square meter.
  • The honorable third place is taken by the company Toris. (Vladimir region). This manufacturer is more focused on the production of products using latex. The products of this company has a wide range of sizes and affordable prices.
  • Ormatek company (Ivanovo region) engaged in the production of mattresses not so long ago. All mattresses of this company have removable covers and double packaging. Varied in price and content products are available to almost all segments of the population.


Mattresses with orthopedic effect are very popular among buyers. Most people bought such mattresses on the advice of specialists, who have been observed.Mattresses deserve good reviews from many buyers due to their positive effect.

Normalization of sleep, reduction of pain in the spine is noted by almost all buyers. Of the small drawbacks, in the opinion of many people, one can note the long addiction to the peculiar surface of the mattress and its high price.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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