Coconut mattress in the crib

With the birth of the baby you need to take care not only about the purchase of a baby cot and the necessary linen. It is important to provide the newborn with a comfortable and proper sleep, which is quite feasible if you buy a mat with a solid structure and a smooth surface. This, according to pediatricians and orthopedists, is the coconut mattress in the crib. In order not to harm the health of the baby, before buying you need to take into account all the nuances of such a unit, find out its pros, cons and the degree of influence on the child's body.

Benefit and harm

Coconut mattresses for children in the spotlight today. They are purchased for children of different ages and weights, selecting them individually for each child. Models of mats for kids are performed on a springless basis.The most important advantage of such stuffing is the orthopedic effect on the formation of children's posture.

Such a mattress is preventive, because it is in the first years of life that it eliminates the appearance of back problems. And if by the age of three years the child has deviations in the correct position of the spine, it is the coconut mattress that will become healing, whereas later (at school and adolescence) it will be difficult or even impossible to get rid of spinal diseases without a set of special exercises.


In addition to the orthopedic effect, children's coconut mattresses have other advantages:

  • due to natural origin, they do not cause allergies and irritation of the delicate skin of the baby;
  • they are distinguished by excellent practical characteristics and rigidity, they eliminate the collapse of the body under load on the mat;
  • exclude the formation of fungus, mold and rot;
  • have good air exchange;
  • they are environmentally friendly and safe to use, due to the structure of the unit and the absence of metal elements do not accumulate static electricity and do not harm the health of the child;
  • depending on the structure of the block, they may be the same or different from two sides (with different degree of rigidity of the mat for children of different ages);
  • resistant to moisture and absorption of odors, do not emit toxic odors that cause discomfort, dizziness, lack of air;
  • designed for a long service life, are resilient, resistant to deformation;
  • comfortable and comfortable, make the child's sleep not only serene, but also correct, contribute to the correct formation of the bends of the spine and uniform distribution of the load on the body;
  • regulate heat transfer, maintain the surface heat in winter and cool in the warm season;
  • manufactured in bulk and individually, on order.the ac from a ripe coconut has a dark brown shade, therefore it is resistant to defo


For all its merits, the coconut mattress is not designed for children's activity: you can’t jump and jump on it. This can lead to breakage of the block, because it does not stretch. In addition, the mattress of coconut chips is expensive, which is a certain barrier to making a purchase.Therefore, some parents have to buy budget options that can be made of low-quality materials with rubber latex, which gives a sharp smell of rubber.

Since children's health depends on adults, and the design of the mattress of coconut fiber really helps the formation of children's posture, you need to invest money in the correct mattress to avoid problems with the development of the skeleton in the future.

Varieties of filler

There are two types of coconut filler: chips and natural fiber. Both types are resistant to temperature changes, have no smell. Chip mattresses today are somewhat different from the first models, known for the fact that in the process of long operation they have crumbled.

Coconut filler is a natural material in its origin. Koyra is removed from ripe coconut fruits and soaked for about a month, after which they are combed out, sent to production, and only children's mattresses are made from long fibers. To make the block design elastic, it is impregnated with natural latex. So get the coconut fiber, these mattresses today are recognized as the best units for cots.


According to the structure of the block, they can be monolithic (made from a single layer) and combined (supplemented with another gasket). Today, the combined type of coconut mats is particularly popular. In addition to the coir, treated with latex, the coconut block is created using the needle-punched method (the fiber is nailed to the woven base). Such a mat is quite hard, but inferior in its durability to coconut fiber.

According to the structure, coconut mattresses always have a rigid base. For babies, trademarks offer orthopedic models of latex-impregnated coconut fiber. Some manufacturers produce designs for special occasions (for example, road mats in the stroller), differing in thickness and non-standard dimensions.

Models from two years are complemented by holofiber, felt, sheep wool, buckwheat and cotton (the minimum layer is 1 cm). Two-sided designs are very convenient, they can be used longer, the brands produce models with a combination of coconut mat and a layer of latex. Such models save the family budget without losing the quality of the mattress.

The spring-type block has an orthopedic effect only if it uses a large number of independent springs of small diameter, dressed in individual cases.However, such designs are contraindicated in children, although the springs are covered on both sides with a layer of coconut fiber.

Cover fabric

One of the differences mattress pad child mat - its natural textiles. In the production of using different fabrics. The most popular and correct types of upholstery today are cotton, calico, knitwear. Their main advantage is considered to be hypoallergenic and non-slip, so bed linen will not gather in a pile when the baby turns in a dream.

In the choice of color there are no restrictions. Companies offer different themes of design: from monophonic to bright and colorful. Upholstery (covers) pattern can be universal or special (separately for boys and girls).


The parameters of children's mattresses depend on the size of the bed itself. It is important to choose a model so that there is no free space between the edge of the mattress and the side wall of the bed. Otherwise, a small children's hand or foot can get into the slot, which can injure the baby.

Standard sizes of children's coconut mattresses are 120x60, 140x70, 160x70, 160x80, 125x65 cm. Each parameter is intended for a specific model.beds, so the choice of the block must be solid, taking into account all the nuances. It is important to take into account the thickness of the children's mattress.

In addition to the length and width of the model, manufacturers usually indicate its thickness (for example, dimensions 120x60x10 speak about the length, width and height of the block). The height of the coconut blocks is small (6, 8 cm), standard (10 cm) and in structures of the combined type up to 14 cm. The best indicator of thickness is the mark of 10 cm.

Manufacturers and models

Coconut mattresses in the crib are found in the lineup of each major manufacturer. Such designs are developed especially carefully, counting every little thing. HTo make it easier to navigate in a rich selection of products, you can explore the model of proven companies that have a lot of positive feedback:

  • Plitex unior - budget bilateral mattresses with orthopedic effect of coconut coir and latex layer, characterized by good elasticity, rigidity, the presence of a removable cover of calico.
  • Askona - mattresses of a domestic company, having an average degree of rigidity and good orthopedic effect, complemented by a cotton non-slip cover.
  • "Sakura" Bambini Mishutka - structures of the combined type on a springless basis, made of coconut and latex fibers, with the addition of cotton, characterized by a winter-summer cover.
  • Baby sleep incanto - breathable latex-coconut mattresses with a removable-type membrane antimicrobial cover resistant to dust accumulation, having high levels of practicality and comfort.
  • "Consul" Bear - springless mattresses of a monolithic plan with a high degree of rigidity, a coconut coir base with a layer of 9 cm and a cotton additive, with an orthopedic effect, impregnation of the cover with silver ions.
  • "Ormatek" Kids Classic - classic monolithic structures made of coconut fiber with a thickness of 7 cm and high rigidity, capable of relieving muscle tension, excluding the possibility of the appearance of a violation of posture, designed specifically for newborns and children under three years old.
  • Decolores - perfect hypoallergenic constructions that retain their shape, provide a tough, but convenient, comfortable berth, made of coconut fiber.
  • Lapsi cocolatex lux - bilateral models of premium class, characterized by high quality and practical characteristics, made from natural materials and having the effect of "memory".

How to choose?

Before buying, you should consult with your doctor, because all the mattresses are individual and have a different configuration. The store should ask the seller for a certificate of quality and compliance with safety standards. It is important to pay attention to the percentage of latex in the block.

The main rule of choice - the mattress should be springless.

It can be different (monolithic, puff, combined), but the base should be made of coconut stuffing. The first children's mattress should be monolithic, without additional stuffing, say orthopedic physicians. The components of the block should be impregnated with an antimicrobial substance (preferably, the block should be treated with silver ions). After 2-3 years, you can change the mattress, choosing a construction from a coconut base with the addition of a layer of latex or polyurethane foam.

When buying, the weight of the child should be taken into account: the mat should not sag, it is important that its surface remains flat. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the size of the bed: if the mattress is large, it will bend, forming bumps and thus causing harm to the baby’s spine. The purchase must be carried out personally in order to be able to unzip the cover and see the filler. In the proper options you can always check the quality of the filler:

  • mattress of ripe coconut has a dark brown shade, therefore, resistant to deformation;
  • the pale brown color of the block indicates a short service life and the imminent appearance of dents;
  • in monolithic structures, its thickness must be at least 3-6 cm;
  • if a child gets a mattress of the combined type, each layer of coconut fiber should be more than 1 cm.

Do not forget about the color of the mattress upholstery. Despite the fact that the unit will be covered with bedding, it is better to choose a model with pictures based on practical considerations. So it will look presentable longer.

When choosing a model taking into account the budget, it is worth bearing in mind that a good block of high-quality stuffing cannot be cheap. On average, the price of a coconut mattress ranges from 2500 to 5500 rubles. The better the quality of the components, upholstery material and additional equipment, the higher the cost of the model.

How to care?

It is no secret that in order to extend the life of a mattress, care for it must be correct. In order for the unit to maintain its qualities for a long time, it is worth considering a number of recommendations:

  • the mattress does not imply washing: it is worth buying an additional removable cover with a zipper (if there is no one);
  • in addition to natural textiles, the cover must be waterproof (preserving the inside of the unit);
  • from time to time, the mattress should be ventilated and turned over by the reverse side (at least once a season);
  • periodically you need to change the position of the sides of the shoulders and legs, turning the mattress (this will prevent caking);
  • in order to prevent dust mites, the unit can be carefully vacuumed with a conventional vacuum cleaner;
  • drying of the mattress is carried out in a horizontal position on a hard surface in a natural way;
  • if there is a lot of pollution, you should contact a specialized dry-cleaner (no more than 1 time in 3 years).

In addition to the basic rules of care, it is necessary to ensure that the child does not ride on the mattress, otherwise you can spoil the surface of the coconut block (the fibers will move or break).


The strictest censors of coconut mattresses are loving parents. Leaving reviews on the websites of sellers of such mattresses, they note that the designs with coconut packing meet the stated requirements.Mats made of coconut filler really do not bend under the weight of a child, they are well ventilated and do not deform with time. Caring parents state the fact that children sleeping in cots on coconut mattresses do not show any allergies, children's sleep is long and undisturbed.

Coconut mattresses are the most natural, environmentally friendly and durable - consider loving parents. It is these mats that are able to provide babies with the correct development of posture.

How to choose a children's mattress, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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