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It is necessary to treat the choice of a mattress with great care and thoroughness, because not only comfortable and pleasant sensations during sleep, but also health of the back depend on the correctly chosen product. Dormeo mattresses are very popular today due to their excellent properties and high quality. Products are environmentally friendly, do not cause allergic reactions, are made from high-quality and practical materials. Dormeo mattress gives comfort and convenience.

Features and benefits

The Italian company Dormeo has been producing high-quality and stylish orthopedic mattresses for more than ten years. The company specializes in manufacturing mainly springless orthopedic models. All products meet modern European quality standards, so it is not only high quality, but also competitive. The undeniable advantage of the brand are reasonable prices.The company's management takes into account the wishes of customers, offering models for people with different financial capabilities.

All Dormeo products are anatomical, which allows you to relax perfectly, normalize proper blood circulation and level your posture. On such a mattress, your sleep will be healthy and strong. You can fully recuperate after a night of rest.

All models from Dormeo are characterized by long service life, practicality and reliability. They are sufficiently resistant to different types of deformations, and also do not tend to shrink. The mattress Dormeo on average is designed for use from 8 to 15 years. The mattress can be tested for strength for a month, the company gives such an opportunity. Also, all models are covered by the warranty, which allows you to replace the product with another.

Dormeo mattresses are breathable because they are made from small-celled natural material. They are environmentally friendly and even suitable for people who are prone to allergies. Models are made mainly of latex and cotton, as well as safe for health synthetic materials.Each mattress has an anti-allergenic layer, which is used for reliable protection against small insects and bacteria. Thanks to the use of carbon fibers, an antistatic effect is achieved.

The main advantages of Dormeo products:

  • models are made from high quality materials that are characterized by softness;
  • all products are made from safe, environmentally friendly materials;
  • the orthopedic effect allows the body to take the most comfortable position during sleep (the product acts as a support and support);
  • each model is reliably protected from moisture and bacteria due to the presence of a special layer;
  • mattresses include a layer, which is characterized by antistatic and anti-allergic effect;
  • stylish design distinguishes the company's products from the rest;
  • the company gives a guarantee for all products, as they are durable;
  • the manufacturer provides a variety of models using different fillers, colors and sizes;
  • Each mattress is equipped with vacuum packaging with handles for convenient use (this packaging material allows the mattress to easily take the desired shape).


The Italian company Dormeo offers high-quality mattresses of several types.

  • Models without springs are in high demand among users. They are based on continuous fibrous weaving, which has a positive effect on the stiffness and strength of products.
  • Springless models are characterized by the presence of a light and soft structure that takes an ideal body shape.. Such options are often acquired for children of preschool, primary and secondary school age for the correct formation of posture. Because the mattresses do not contain springs, they are great for people who have problems with their joints or their spinal column. Springless mattress can withstand a weight of not more than 100 kg.
  • Memory mattresses perfectly calculate the load on the product, as well as perfectly respond to body heat. Such models have a layer of memory foam, which adapts well to temperature and body shape. When you lie on the mattress, this layer starts to warm up and become softer. Foam under the weight of your body sags, very precisely repeating its curves. When you rise from a bed, foam takes a starting position.
  • Mattresses-toppers are in great demand. They are only three to eight centimeters thick, so they can be used for a bed, sofa or used to create a comfortable bed on another surface.

Mattresses toppers have the following advantages:

  • level the surface of any kind, giving it anatomical properties;
  • provide a comfortable bed on the couch, bed and even on the floor;
  • used to extend the life of the sofa or mattress;
  • used as a regular mattress;
  • characterized by ease of transportation or storage, since they belong to the folding mattresses, they can be twisted into a small roll.

Fillers and fabrics

Dormeo company uses a variety of fabrics and fillers of excellent quality to create stylish, reliable and practical mattresses.

Depending on the filler, all brand mattresses are divided into several groups:

  • Coconut models are based on coconut fiber. This material is characterized by durability, durability and environmental friendliness. Such options are well breathable and do not absorb moisture.
  • Latex mattresses made from natural latex, which is anti-allergenic, perfectly breathable, and also perfectly supports the shape of the body.
  • Cotton options pleasantly please buyers at an affordable price. The filler is very similar in properties to cotton wool. This model can hold moisture, and is also characterized by a large weight.
  • Polyurethane foam mattress made on the basis of artificial latex. It belongs to inexpensive products of the company, it is characterized by the long term of operation. This option perfectly supports the shape of the body during rest or sleep.

Upholstery material is represented by different fabrics, which are characterized by excellent density, practicality and ease of cleaning. Many models have covers from natural cotton fabric, which is characterized by dense weaving. The company also uses a combination of viscose and polyester for sewing the top of the product.


Orthopedic mattresses from the Italian company Dormeo are represented by a wide variety, different series, sizes and colors, so that every customer can choose the most comfortable option for himself:

  • Model Imemory Silver has an unusual design and the presence of a double center of Ecocell® foam. The mattress will provide a healthy and sound sleep thanks to modern technology. It can be used on both sides, one of which is soft and the other is hard. This innovative approach allows you to choose any degree of rigidity: ultra, high, medium or soft.

This model is suitable for people prone to allergies, and it also provides excellent breathability and protection from bacteria and germs. The mattress is sold complete with a cover having a layer of Imemory. This material perfectly repeats the shape of the body.

  • The Dormeo Gold series includes high-quality, comfortable products. When tailoring pillows and a cover for a mattress threads of gold color which give to products elegant and effective appearance are used. The basis of the mattress is made of Ecocell foam, which perfectly keeps its shape even after prolonged use, and also attracts attention by the presence of two sides with different stiffness. The model includes three centimeters of Imemory foam, which provides support in the right areas for a comfortable body position.The cover on the sides is made of modern material 3D Airmesh, which is responsible for ventilation. It is processed using the Clean Effect impregnation, which protects the product from the growth of bacteria, dust mites and microbes.

The Gold model is ideal for people who cannot decide on the necessary stiffness of a mattress, for couples who prefer different stiffness, as well as for people who have health problems - back, leg or lower back pain.

  • Siena mattress is a prime example of springless type. Thanks to excellent quality, reasonable price and convenient vacuum packaging, it has become very popular in different countries of the world. This model is characterized by hardness due to the impregnation of CleanEffect, which has hygienic properties. The middle zone of the mattress is more rigid than other places. Thanks to this design, the spine provides the right support and maximum relaxation.
  • The Medico Latex series is responsible for maximum comfort during a night's sleep.. Mattresses are made from natural latex, attract attention with orthopedic effect, elasticity and flexibility. A layer of latex provides micromassage effect.

All models are characterized by antibacterial and antifungal properties. They are odorless, hypoallergenic. The mattresses are coated with woven silver fibers. The surface of the product will always be fresh.

Manufacturer Product Reviews

Dormeo orthopedic mattresses are in demand and are worthy of competition to other well-known manufacturers due to high quality, innovative developments, a variety of materials, fillers and types. Users leave a lot of positive feedback regarding comfort and convenience during their stay. Dormeo mattress is great for people who complain of back pain and have back problems. Properly selected model allows you to forget about the problem once and for all.

Mattresses are sold complete with removable covers that are characterized by ease of cleaning, anti-bacterial and anti-allergic properties. The presence of the cover protects the mattress and prolongs its life. The manufacturer is confident in the excellent quality of its products, so it gives a guarantee for each model. With proper maintenance and storage, the mattress will last for many years.The company uses natural and artificial fillers to create comfort and relaxation during the night rest.

If we talk about the shortcomings of Dormeo products, then there are no complaints about the quality. There are some nuances that cause inconvenience. For example, mattresses-toppers allow use on various beds and sofas. If there is a folding sofa in a small room, then the mattress should be twisted every time to fold the furniture. If you chose a model with an uncomfortable stiffness when choosing a mattress, then there may also be discomfort. But this problem can be easily solved, because the product can be replaced by another.

The advantages of the anatomical mattress Dormeo Renew, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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