Mattress with independent springs

Sick spine bothers many people. With back problems, it is important to get a comfortable bed, which will repeat the curves of the body and provide maximum comfort during sleep. For these purposes, a mattress with independent springs, which can be chosen for any bed, is suitable.

What it is?

The orthopedic mattress is equipped with a spinal support system, so these products are recommended for people with a sore back.. The model ensures maximum comfort during sleep, it promotes muscle relaxation and allows you to get better sleep. When buying a mattress, the difference with dependent springs must be taken into account. The separation is based on the design features of the products.

Dependent springs are made in the form of cones connected to each other. When a load is exerted on the mattress, it is not a specific spring that is squeezed, but several at once, due to which the orthopedic properties of the block are reduced.

It has the effect of a hammock, because it is not suitable for people with curvature of the spine.

Mattresses with independent springs have greater rigidity and elasticity. Each spring is located in the case, because they work autonomously. Due to this, the block repeats the bends of the body, contributing to the support of the spine in its natural position and good blood circulation.

In addition, such blocks do not creak at night, which also contributes to sound sleep.

PPU, latex, coconut and independent spring block: which is better?

The most common fillers for mattresses are latex and coconut. The first is synthetic and natural, characterized by greater flexibility and elasticity. Coconut mattresses are more rigid, they contribute to fixing the back in one position.

It is possible that both materials are used simultaneously.

PPU (or polyurethane foam) - the artificial material having cellular structure. It is environmentally safe, lightweight and has a high level of rigidity.

Types of springs

The blocks differ in the shape and density of the springs. Focusing on the listed characteristics, there are several types of mattresses that can withstand different loads and differ in durability. This also affects the price of products: reinforced models have the most favorable effect on the spine, however, their price is higher.

Classification of mattresses with independent springs:

  • Pocket Spring (TFK, S-500). The simplest type of mattress. The diameter of the springs is 5-6 cm, they account for about 220-300 pieces per square meter. Maximum withstand weight is 120 kg.
  • Multipocket (S-1000). The density of the springs in such a block is almost twice as high - due to a decrease in their diameter.
  • "Micropocket" (S-2000). Equipped with the smallest springs - only 2-2.6 cm in size. Their density reaches 1200 pieces per square meter, due to which the model is characterized by point elasticity.
  • "Hour Glass". The springs are hourglass shaped and are an innovative development in the field of creating mattresses with independent springs. The combination of three levels of stiffness makes the model suitable for couples with a significant difference in weight.
  • "Dual Spring". The mattress consists of blocks in which there are two springs, large and small.They are located in each other, the internal one has greater rigidity, which increases the maximum permissible level of load.
  • Reinforced. For the manufacture of such springs are taken as thick as the spring. Mattresses withstand a total weight of up to 150 kg.
  • With hardness zones. The mattress contains springs of different stiffness - for even distribution of loads.

The names of the spring units may vary among manufacturers, but this does not affect the quality and service life of the products.


Spring blocks (as well as frameless mattresses) are composed of fillers. Both natural and synthetic raw materials are used, on which the service life and the total cost of products depend.

So, what are the fillers:

  • Polyurethane foam. Artificial material with a memory effect. Due to the special physical and mechanical properties, the filler slowly recovers its shape after compression and exerts less pressure on the blood vessels.
  • Latex. Possesses greater density and rigidity, than PPU, differs in resistance to wear. Natural is considered to be a filler, which contains from 20 to 85% of natural rubber.Most latex contain premium mattresses.
  • Hollofiber and struttofiber. Artificial nonwoven materials made from polyethers. Natural fibers can be added to them. The filler is characterized by density and wear resistance.
  • Coir. Coconut fiber soaked in latex. It is used for mattresses of medium hardness and has an affordable price.

In an effort to reduce the cost of production, manufacturers can use thinner layers of filler or have it on one side only. To determine this, it is enough to compare several mattresses. A thin block will quickly fail, will have a weak orthopedic effect, so do not chase the reduced cost of the goods.

The size

Mattresses of the appropriate sizes are selected for each bed. Spring blocks get for double, single and one-and-a-half models. The largest mattresses are 160 × 200 and 140 × 200 cm. Double mattresses are designed for couples and for those who are used to sleeping on large beds.

Those people who live alone can choose blocks with sizes of 90 × 190 and 160 × 80 cm, and the length is selected depending on the person's height.

When buying a mattress, its thickness is also taken into account.. The high spring unit rises above the bed surface by 28 cm, it is very convenient. There are also compact models with sizes 125 × 65 × 18, they are intended for children.

How much does it weigh?

A characteristic feature of the spring blocks is their considerable weight. In addition, they often can not be folded, making it difficult to transport products. Therefore, it is recommended from the outset to find out how much on average individual models of mattresses weigh. For small models, this criterion ranges from 10–20 kg, and it depends on the number and density of the spring arrangement, the type of filler.

The weight of a half-sleeping mattress is 20-35 kg, models for two are about 45 kg. The heavy include spring blocks with layers of latex and coconut. If you are going to buy bulky models, they usually think about how they will be transported.

A convenient option would be to choose a store with delivery, since then the apartment owner will only have to bring the mattress.

Life time

The service life of mattresses depends on the type of springs and the raw materials used. Quality products will last more than one year, there are also models that are under warranty for 25 years.Maximum durability is achieved only when the unit is properly maintained, cleaned and otparivayut it, regularly change the bedding and use mattress covers to protect the product from dirt and external influences.

Rating of manufacturers and models

Spring blocks are conventionally divided into groups depending on the manufacturer. The highest quality products are made in Europe. It conforms to generally accepted quality standards and is recognized by the international community. In China, cheap but poor-quality mattresses are made. There is an option when Western companies open a factory in Asia and produce goods using original technologies.

Famous manufacturers of independent spring units:

  • Dreamline. The brand offers a wide size range of mattresses suitable for beds with any dimensions. In the collections are models of different rigidity, having an orthopedic effect.
  • "Toris". Popular mattresses are equipped with several hundred springs. Among the well-known spring blocks can be distinguished model "Plato", which has an average level of rigidity.In the line there are mattresses for children.
  • Askona. Domestic company, which occupies the middle price segment. It attracts an audience at affordable prices combined with decent quality products. As a filler in such mattresses, polyurethane foam is mainly used.
  • "Ormatek". The range is represented by mattresses at different prices. There are both models of economy class and luxury products for expensive interiors. Collections are presented including blocks with a small number of springs - they are not recommended to be purchased for owners of a large weight.

For more information about the advantages, advantages and features of the choice of mattresses "Ormatek", see the following video.

How to choose?

There are three types of mattresses with independent springs. The basis of their separation is the rigidity of the filler, on which the service life and performance characteristics of products depend:

  • Soft mattresses have a small width, suitable for budget beds.
  • Models of medium hardness represent the optimal ratio of quality and price. They are characterized by elasticity, are widely used when completing beds.
  • The toughest spring unit has the best orthopedic properties and is designed for people with a sore spine.

Children’s mattress is a separate group.. It has the same design features as the model for adults, but it must be distinguished by high quality and rigidity (to ensure the proper development of the growing organism).

How to store and care for him?

In order for the mattress to maintain performance over the years, you should follow the rules for caring for it. The spring block must be turned over periodically to stabilize the internal structure. It is recommended to do it every 1-3 months.

You can not jump on the mattress, otherwise it will quickly lose elasticity, and when you try to fold the spring unit, it can deform.

During cleaning, contact with water, which can harm both metal springs and the filler, is completely eliminated. Care should be taken with cleaning agents that can corrode the surface of the mattress. For the convenience of consumers, models with practical recommendations for the operation of units are often available on models.


Consumers mark the durability of mattresses with an independent spring block. Models differ in elasticity and resistance to wear, they are durable. Mattresses having sides of different rigidity are popular: such a block can be turned over depending on the preferences of a particular person.

Owners of products say that models are less deformed over time and almost do not bend, but these characteristics largely depend on the selected filler. It is recommended to take a mattress with coconut and latex.

The relatively low price is another advantage of the products, which makes it possible to purchase such a mattress even with a limited budget. Models are usually neutral in color, so they will be combined with any furniture. It is also worth noting that the independent spring blocks are presented in a wide size range.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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