Mattress Topper

 Mattress Topper

The usual single or double beds can not always be conveniently located in a small room. To save space, sofas with transformation mechanisms are increasingly used. To create the most comfortable conditions for sleeping on the sofas, toppers or bracelets are ideal.

What it is: advantages and purpose

What it is: advantages and purpose

A mattress topper is an accessory that is put on over a mattress or placed on a sofa. Its initial purpose is to create a comfortable berth, as well as to protect the bed from various negative influences. The topper is presented in the form of a thin mattress, which is relatively cheaper than full-fledged mattresses.It will become an indispensable element of your bed, so do not deny yourself such an accessory.

Appointment mattress topper:

  • Give the bed orthopedic properties. The sofa or mattress on the bed does not always correspond to our wishes regarding elasticity and softness. This accessory will align the irregularities on the couch and improve the properties of the old mattress. It can even be used for a clamshell.
  • Provide reliable protection from dirt and dust. The presence of the topper will always have a fresh and clean bed. Thanks to the well-designed design of this product, you will not be in contact with dust or dirt, which often accumulates on the surface of the sofas. The topper over the mattress will accumulate all the dirt on itself, protecting the mattress and prolonging its life. If heavily soiled, the topper can be washed or replaced, which is much cheaper than buying a new mattress.
  • Provide good protection against statistical electricity. Often, upholstered sofas are electrified. To eliminate this problem, it is enough to use a mattress topper.Many models are made using silver-coated fibers, which divert the electric charge. The use of metallic threads inside the product does not affect the elasticity and elasticity of the topper.

Although the mattress topper was created as an additional mattress, it can be used separately. It will be indispensable for the arrival of guests to create additional space for a night rest. Despite the subtlety of the product, it provides softness and comfort during sleep. It can be used as a rug for gymnastics, take it with you to nature or arrange a cozy and warm place for children's games.

Mattress topper increases the operational period of the main mattress, and bed linen does not slip and does not lose its shape.

The main advantages of topper:

  • Creates a comfortable bed, even on hard surfaces.
  • It has an orthopedic effect that will allow you to recuperate and relax during a night rest.
  • It is made of safe materials, and also has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. It does not absorb moisture and creates good air ventilation.


Mattress topper can be of different stiffness. Each buyer will be able to choose the best option among a wide variety. Soft models are made of low-density polyurethane foam, holofiber or latex, which is 6 to 8 cm high. The hard topper is usually made of coconut coir, mammix, dense latex ensemble with natural materials or seaweed.


Topper mattresses come in standard sizes that have mattresses and beds, so before buying it, it is enough to measure your sleeping place. The topper is a thin mattress whose height varies from 2 to 9 cm. The standard length for mattresses is 190 or 200 cm. Width has more options, since mattresses are designed for single, one and a half, double beds. The topper can be 90, 140 or 160 cm wide. For smaller beds, standard sizes are 120x200 cm and 140x200 cm. For double options, a topper mattress with dimensions of 180x200 cm is ideal.

If the standard dimensions do not suit you, then you can order a model by non-standard sizes. On average, the height of the topper mattress varies from 3 to 8 cm. The height of the model affects its softness. The softest are toppers, which have a height of 8 cm.The optimal choice is the height of the product 4 or 5 cm.

Filling and upholstery

When choosing a topper mattress, you need to pay attention to the filling and upholstery of the product, since it is this that affects the reliability and quality. The topper must be light, compact and have orthopedic properties, so manufacturers do not use spring blocks. They not only have a lot of weight, but also take up a lot of space.

All topper mattresses are springless models, which are characterized by low weight and thickness. The following materials are often used as fillers:

  • Coconut coir - This is a natural material that is made from coconut fibers. Coir is amenable to various processing methods, and at the end it is sealed by impregnation with latex or firmware. Latex gives coir durability and softness. When choosing a topper with a coir, it is necessary to take into account the amount of latex, since it is the key in determining the rigidity of the product.
  • Natural latex perfectly keeps its shape, belongs to environmentally friendly materials, and also has excellent orthopedic properties.Latex perfectly passes air, and also accepts body temperature for increase of comfort during rest. The latex topper perfectly supports the spine and allows the body to relax.
  • Artificial latex in many ways similar to the natural counterpart, but only characterized by greater rigidity, and is also characterized by a long service life.
  • Polyurethane foam It is often used in the manufacture of mattresses toppers due to its low cost, but its disadvantage lies in the fragility of the product, as well as poor orthopedic properties. It is less elastic than latex. Such a topper can be purchased if it is used extremely rarely, for example, to create an extra bed for guests.
  • Memoriform made from polyurethane in tandem with special additives. This material is soft and also reduces pressure on the body. On such a mattress, you will feel the softness and tenderness. Memoriform bad breaths.
  • Combined options create for a combination of the positive properties of natural and artificial materials.They have a good lifespan, they allow air to pass through and do not retain moisture. Different combinations have a different level of rigidity, which allows you to choose the best option.

Mattresses toppers are characterized by the presence of a cover, which is made of various materials. Cover in many ways affects the properties of the mattress. It is better to purchase models in which the upholstery is sewn of natural materials such as cotton, silk or wool. For the upholstery of mattresses toppers are often used combination fabrics. Many products have satin trim.

Jacquard is very popular when sewing covers, because this material is cotton with small additions of synthetic fibers.


Toppers mattresses are usually made by companies that produce beds and mattresses. Among Russian manufacturers can be identified companies such as "Toris", "Consul", "Ascona" and "Ormatek", but do not forget about European brands. The top-end mattresses from of the company DreamLine, Dormeo and Senator. The well-known Russian brand IKEA also offers a wide range of high-quality and attractivetoppers. Among the presented variety you can find models with different fillings and sizes.

The Italian company Dormeo has been producing high-quality, durable and reliable orthopedic mattresses and toppers for more than ten years. In appearance, the mattress topper resembles a cozy blanket. It is characterized by light weight as well as ease of transport, since it can be rolled into a roll. Dormeo products have a layer of Memory foam, which gives the topper softness and provides support during the night's rest.

The filler flexes depending on the pressure of the body, creating comfortable conditions for relaxation.

How to choose?

The choice of topper mattress should be treated responsibly, because it will depend on your sleep. If you need a mattress to level the irregularities on the sofa, then you need to pay attention to the density of the filler and the maximum allowable load on the product. The density of the material should not be less than 65 kg / m3, and the permissible load averages up to 140 kg. Product height also matters. The higher the topper, the better it will help level the surface of the sofa.

In the manufacture of mattresses, toppers are often used solid materials such as coconut coir, flax, sisal or latex. Many manufacturers offer latex toppers, but remember that it can be natural or artificial. It is better to purchase a product from natural material, but, unfortunately, very few Russian companies use natural latex.

If you decide to purchase a topper to give the sofa softness, then you should not opt ​​for a product made of natural latex, you need to look at models from holofiber or artificial low-density latex.


Mattresses toppers are in great demand today, more and more users prefer this product, because it allows to extend the life of the mattress, and is also indispensable for creating a comfortable bed on a hard and uneven sofa with a transformation mechanism. Indisputable advantages of toppers are low weight and thickness. You can take this mattress with you on nature or hiking. It is easily twisted and easy to transport.Models from natural materials are in high demand because such fillers are distinguished by orthopedic properties, excellent ventilation, do not absorb moisture, and are characterized by a long service life.

You can learn more about these products by watching the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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