Wadded mattress

 Wadded mattress

Despite the obvious fact that orthopedic mattresses today are much more popular with ordinary people, yet the classic wadded mattress is a more time-tested product and therefore is unlikely to ever come out of human life.

Characteristics and general specifications

Most actively today, cotton blankets are used for arranging beds in inexpensive sanatoriums and tourist recreation centers, in children's health camps and cheap hotels, dormitories and hospitals, kindergartens and military units.

Often in everyday life they are used to create a temporary place to sleep for guests in the country and at home.

Wadded springless mat is often used as a mattress model for those ordinary people who like its special softness and such a feeling of comfort that is familiar from childhood. Most often, a wadded mattress is called “a mattress”; many consider this mattress a mattress a relic of the past, advising them to fully switch to more modern types of bedding bases. However, in many countries of the world, cotton wool mattresses are actively used to this day and remain just as popular, for example, in Japan and the USA.

The weight of a wadded product must fully meet certain standards and can be from 5 to 13 kilograms, depending on the size of the product. The larger the product, the greater its weight, respectively, so the lightest models of such cotton bases for the bed are meant for children, and the heaviest are for double beds.

The production technology of a soft wadded product for a dream practically has not changed over time:

  1. First sew outer shell. The material must be of the highest quality and dense, so that the wool does not penetrate through the shell to the surface, thereby causing inconvenience.Typically, the density of such a material should be in the range of 110 to 190 g / m2.
  2. The frame is made. To ensure that cotton wool does not lump, the mattress must be carefully sewn over its entire plane.
  3. After this product stuffed with cotton. Then it is sent to the scales to compare with the standards.
  4. Peaked (special stitching products). The larger the peak, the better the mattress will remain.

The most popular among consumers is the economy class cotton wool mattress, which is durable, soft, comfortable and has a low price, which makes it a truly “popular” product.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of using wadded mattresses are:

  • Naturalness. It is for this reason that modern wadded products are environmentally friendly, safe and hypoallergenic.
  • Long service life. Many well-known manufacturers of these popular cotton wool mats guarantee customers the life of their products for more than 5 years, and sometimes much more. For such a long period of use in the first place is responsible cover, and if it is made of good material, it will not quickly wear out.

So that the mattress has a fresh look, it just needs to be ventilated from time to time outside for a couple of hours.

  • Wash such a mattress can not be, you can only give it to dry cleaning. But if you buy a special mattress cover, it will prevent the appearance of stains on the product itself and make it easier to take care of it. But now the mattress pad itself can be safely sent to the wash.
  • A huge range of variegated colors. Many manufacturers specifically for their mattresses sew mattress covers with an original pattern and shade. If you buy mattresses for common areas, you can always buy products of standard, not the brand mark.
  • Softness and comfort during sleep. Mat made of cotton wool is deservedly called the softest type of mattresses. It has suitable stiffness to provide a comfortable position for the human spine. Such a mattress combines the best ratio of softness and elasticity, so that any person feels wakeful and well slept after sleep.
  • Low price. Such a mattress for his bed can be purchased by every man in the street, unlike those mattresses that are much more expensive.

At the same time, any wadded mattress has not only advantages during active use, but also a number of very characteristic shortcomings, among which are:

  • Fast dumping of filler into lumps. It happens only in the case when the filler is of poor quality or it is used for too long.
  • Rapid loss of a presentable appearance.
  • For 2-3 months of constant sleep, the mattress can be forced through.
  • These mattresses are poorly ventilated and therefore harmful microorganisms are often infused in them.
  • An improperly padded mattress can have a bad effect on the spine and deform the posture.

Which is better: foam, polyurethane foam or cotton wool?

When choosing a mattress, you need to pay special attention to its filler - it is a fundamental part of this product for sleeping. Mattresses can have the following fillers:

  • Vata - This is the usual filler for a traditional mattress, thanks to which it got its name. This is a special wool that is made from various types of mixed natural fiber fibers. Due to the different structure and length of these fibers, the cotton mattress has the necessary elasticity for a comfortable rest,keeps its shape well and keeps it unchanged for a long time. The composition of the product filler can be specified on a special label. If it is really cotton, it will be marked with GOST 5679-85 or OST 63.13-79.
  • Foam mattresses easy to transport and move, because they have a special lightness and are quite compact. And also these mattresses are elastic and soft. Despite the fact that they rather sagging as a result of active use, the material in them will not be compacted, as is often the case in cotton mattresses. But foam rubber feels excessive moisture from the human body. Under the action of any liquid foam rubber collapses very quickly. This mattress is also not fireproof - if an open flame suddenly appears, such a mattress will instantly catch fire. The service life of the foam mattress is not more than 5 years.
  • In polyurethane foam mattress a filler in the form of an analogue of the famous latex is used. It looks like a structure of small cells that is almost invisible to the eye, looks like foam rubber, but has better quality characteristics. The term of use of such a product is longer than that of a wadding and foam rubber products. Sleeping on such a product is much more convenient, because the modern mattress with latex has high ergonomic features. The price of such mattresses, by the way, is small. However, he also has a number of drawbacks: it is not completely hypoallergenic, it can crumble over time, it is quite hard and heavy, sometimes it is hot to sleep and the mattress from polyurethane foam is often pressed after 3 years of active use.


When purchasing a wadded mattress, it is necessary to remember that cotton wool itself is different, which means that there are different types of mattresses from this type of material. For the manufacture of mattresses using special wool, which will be short and long cotton fibers.

Most often, as a base filler, such types of wool are used as:

  • GOST 5679-85 - cotton wool;
  • OST 63.13-79 - cotton mattress wool from recycled materials;
  • OST 63.14-79 - secondary filler.

In all these types of wadded material there is an equal number of fibers of different lengths and that is why it does not crumple with time, and the mattress comes out with it light, airy, with a lifetime of up to 5 years.

Wool from regenerated fiber (PB) - Another popular natural high-quality filler, in terms of characteristics is not inferior to models with simple wool. RVs most often are recycled residues from the production of cotton workshops and woolen factories.

You can also use this classification of mattresses according to the type of fiber used:

  • White cotton quilted mattresses, which is a natural, high-quality cotton material and most often white cotton mattresses are used in hospitals and various children's institutions.
  • Mattresses with wool, which consists of half-wool RV-fiber. Characterized by good quality and ease.
  • Mattresses with a mixed type of fibers. They are made by mixing natural and artificial fibers. The cheapest kind of mattresses.
  • Products from synthetic fibers.

Sizes of bed mattresses

The size of the mattress can be completely different - from the usual standard sizes to products made to order, from large 200x200 cm to very small for baby cots. Standard sizes of wadding mattresses:

Double mattress:

  • 140x190 cm;
  • 140x200 cm;
  • 160x190 cm;
  • 160x200 cm;
  • 180x200 cm


  • 110x190 cm;
  • 120x200 cm


  • 80x190 cm;
  • 80x200 cm;
  • 70x190 cm;
  • 90x190 cm;
  • 90x200 cm

Children's wadded mattress:

  • 140x60 cm;
  • 120x60 cm;
  • 1600x700 mm.

The thickness of the sleeping cotton wool products varies depending on the needs of each specific consumer. In many stores you can purchase bulky items 18 cm thick and thin cotton mattresses up to 8 cm high, which will provide the necessary level of comfort for you and your loved ones.

Russian manufacturers

Ask any specialist, and he will advise you to purchase domestic wadded mattresses not only because their cost is low enough, but also because in terms of quality, such mattresses will not yield in any way to expensive foreign analogues:

  • Cheap trademark wadded mattresses "Valetex" consist of the best fillers which will not cause an allergy or unpleasant feelings. The fabrics of which these mattresses are made are very durable and soft.
  • You can always buy cotton products of various colors and sizes made in Ivanovo from a textile company at the most reasonable price. "Omega". The wadded mattresses of this company have a good workmanship, they are easy to transport, they will not take up much storage space.There are always children's mattresses of cotton wool of various colors and different variants of the size range.
  • Company "Adele»From Ivanovo offers mattresses of high degree of resistance due to careful control of product quality and the use of only the most proven material of manufacture.

Ivanovo companies are the most famous manufacturers of Russian wadded mattresses, so you can without a doubt purchase their products and use it for many years with pleasure.

How to choose a durable and reliable mattress?

However, high-quality filler does not guarantee the long life of the new product. You need to be able to properly evaluate the mattress cover and immediately check it for strength before buying, and also ask who the manufacturer of the item you chose is. The composition of the cover will help you quickly make the right decision.

It is best of all that the case is made of high-quality fabric of natural origin, which can pass air well and absorb moisture.

Chintz or calico is considered the usual material for the production of covers for sleeping products made of cotton.. Prepared covers with high density fill well with cotton. Also known wear-resistant fabrics are teak and polycottonwhose density is from 110 to 190 g / m2.

In order to quickly distinguish a good product from the unimportant, you need to carefully examine the selected product from all sides and even touch it:

  • Excellent mattress should be elastic-soft and very pleasant to touch.
  • It should not be lumps.
  • A bad mattress has a different thickness over the entire surface and may very quickly lose its primary shape.
  • It is also necessary to pay attention to the threads of the product to be chosen: weak threads are torn with a weak impact, and in that case the seams quickly diverge.

If you want to buy a mattress for a child of such a plan, then you need to pay attention to such factors as the quality of the filler, from what material the cover of such a mattress is made, the density of the product firmware - all of them should be as good as possible.


Products from cotton wool are actually very simple to clean. Occasionally, they just need to be well ventilated and properly vacuumed. And so that the pressure on the soft surface for sleep was uniform, and that it was not pressed under the weight of the body of a sleeping person, this product should be turned over 2-3 times a month.If any stains occur, they can be removed using regular foam from soap.

Wadded mattresses are not advised to bend in half, because then they quickly lose their shape, they can not be washed - cotton wool inside the product from this can get lost in mats, sleep on which is not comfortable.

How to repair?

Wadded mattresses are very often torn, but you should not throw out the whole product just because of one hole, especially since to repair any mattress made of cotton is a matter of a few minutes:

  • Most often on such products the firmware comes off (it can be a piece of fabric or ordinary buttons - they look like indentations on the product. They are stitched through the thickness to preserve the pieces of cotton in place. If such fabric is torn from one or both sides, it just needs to be re-darned with a sewing needle all layers of cotton pad.
  • If a cover exploded, then gently darn a tick or coarse calico, of which the cover is most often made, is quite simply an ordinary needle.
  • If the mattress was accidentally shifted filler if he is crumpled, then at first these dense clumps must be carefully straightened and tamped as the cotton was originally laid.Then you need to darn the cover, if it is also damaged and carefully sew it through.
  • But too packed cotton best replaced with a new one.


Users of all ages always respond well to domestic models of cotton products. For example, a mattress made of cotton from the Krasnoyarsk company "Artemis" made in the best traditions, the seams on its surface are flat, the threads never stick out. Not too heavy, soft and comfortable. The color of the mattress is classic - dark stripes on a neutral background.

On Ivanovo manufacturers of cotton products in the reviews of consumers, you can also find a lot of flattering words. For example, a company "Ivanovo textile" It offers the consumer the choice of a luxurious choice of their products from wool of different sizes and colors. About these mattresses speak as a very high-quality and soft products for both children and adults.

Review our wadded mattresses in our next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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