Armos mattresses

 Armos mattresses

The Russian company Armos is a well-known manufacturer of orthopedic mattresses, which are made from high-quality materials, fillers and have a stylish design. A wide range of models allows each customer to find the best option for an orthopedic mattress to ensure a good and healthy sleep.

Features and benefits

The company Armos is very serious in the production of mattresses with orthopedic effect, using modern equipment from global manufacturers. All materials meet the highest quality standards. The company uses natural fillers that have the properties necessary to create the most comfortable sleeping place.

All Armos products are made from environmentally friendly materials.

Many models are made on the basis of high-quality spring blocks. The brand offers products that differ in stiffness. You can pick up soft, medium-hard and hard models. In order to properly choose the rigidity of the product, it is necessary to take into account the age and personal preferences of the person.

The company offers economy-class models and premium options so that everyone can choose the appropriate option. All products have remarkable orthopedic and anatomical properties. It is characterized by durability, reliability and practicality.


The company Armos offers orthopedic mattresses that differ in stiffness. You can find a soft, medium-hard or hard option. For older people, soft, elastic models are suitable, but for children it is better to purchase a hard mattress, since it contributes to the formation of correct posture.

The manufacturer offers models with an independent spring unit, which provide the opportunity to enjoy a healthy and sound sleep. Each spring is located in a separate case to prevent rapid wear.

Special attention should be reinforced orthopedic mattresses. They are created on the basis of the spring block, providing care for your spine during rest. The springs are reinforced over the entire area - with blocks of high density polyurethane foam. This doubles the life of the product.


The Russian company Armos uses only high-quality materials and fillers.

Mattresses have different levels of hardness - depending on the layers of fillers:

  • Many mattresses with orthopedic effects include a layer of coconut coir. This material is environmentally friendly, so it is used in the manufacture of children's models. It has antimicrobial properties as well as elasticity. Coconut coir gives products durability and elasticity.

Coconut coir mattresses are ideal for improving posture, they are often used to prevent diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

  • Natural latex is a very good filler, which is often used in the manufacture of orthopedic mattresses. Latex-based products provide comfort during sleep, are characterized by hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly and antibacterial.
  • The company Armos often uses a special material memorix, which is different "memory effect". He appeared in the 70s of the last century. The main feature of memorix is ​​that it perfectly takes the form of the body, and then quickly returns to its original position. The mattresses made on the basis of memorix prevent the occurrence of bedsores and are hypoallergenic. This material improves the orthopedic properties of mattresses.

All products of the brand Armos with a layer of memorix provide maximum comfort during sleep. They are perfectly breathable, do not retain moisture and keep warm.

  • Each mattress from polyurethane foam after careful check receives the hygienic certificate of quality. Among the artificial fillers, Armos often uses polyurethane foam and periotec, which are harmless to health.
  • Periotek is a polyester fiber that is often used in the manufacture of orthopedic mattresses. It is fireproof and anti-allergic material. It freely passes air and does not absorb moisture. The perioteka layer gives mattresses softness and tenderness.
  • Very durable from natural materials is sisal. It provides the optimum temperature for sleep at any time of the year, does not conduct static electricity, withstands heavy loads, and also has remarkable antibacterial properties.
  • The Armos company uses holcon in the manufacture of mattresses. It is characterized by durability, fire-fighting properties. Holcon is a non-toxic material, and also does not absorb moisture and unpleasant odors.
  • In the manufacture of covers or to isolate the spring blocks from the soft layers, felt is often used. It prevents wear, contributes to the strength and reliability of the product. Felt makes the mattress more elastic.
  • For the reliability and durability of orthopedic mattresses, Armos uses a non-woven synthetic fabric spunbond. It is used as a lining between different fillers - to increase their strength and uniform load distribution. Spanbond is not harmful to health.

Series and models

The Russian manufacturer Armos offers a wide range of products to satisfy the needs of all customers.

All mattresses with orthopedic effect are presented in several series:

  • "Spring" - includes only one-sided products. All models perfectly combine good quality and reasonable price. The manufacturer uses various types of blocks and fillers - to create the desired elasticity and stiffness of products. Thanks to the use of an aerator 3D mesh, all mattresses are distinguished by good ventilation.
  • "Riviera" - All models from this series are based on a unique multi-block system. The block includes springs of small diameter. All products provide the maximum level of comfort - thanks to a soft jersey cover, natural fillers and the presence of a multi-block.
  • "Economy" - budget models that are characterized by reliability and durability. All mattresses are made on the basis of the Bonnel spring block in combination with polyurethane foam. Such a tandem is responsible for the uniform distribution of the load over the entire surface.
  • "Extra" - all mattresses are made thanks to the use of the Bonnel dependent block, which ensures optimum rigidity of the products. Mattresses are made from modern high-tech fillers.
  • "Elite" - products are made on the basis of a block of independent springs,which prevent the “wave” effect when using a mattress. All products are characterized by a long service life.
  • "Our kids" - orthopedic models designed for babies are tough (to ensure the correct position of the spine during a night's rest).
  • "Europe" - this series includes mattresses made on the block of independent springs, as well as springless models. For convenience, the manufacturer uses natural fillers (latex, coconut coir). Resilience and durability are the main advantages of this collection.
  • "Pragmatist" - Includes models of the classic type, which are sold at a reasonable price. The mattresses are made of various fillers - there is a wide range where everyone can choose the best option.
  • "Flowers" - Each model in this series is made exclusively from environmentally friendly and natural materials.
  • "Round" - this collection includes round mattresses. Height 40 cm and the use of several layers of natural fillers provide the most comfortable place to sleep. On such a mattress, the effect of "weightlessness" is felt.
  • "Riviera Mousse" - mattresses that are made of orthopedic foam. Quilted jacquard, polycotton and polyester are used as upholstery.

The company Armos is constantly expanding its product range, offering stylish and high-quality new orthopedic mattresses.

For example, the Selena model includes several layers of fillers: coconut coir, spunbond, TFK. Orthopedic foam is used around the perimeter. The model is equipped with a metal frame - for durability and reliability of the product. Mattress "Selena" can withstand loads up to 120 kg, it attracts the attention of high rigidity.

Customer Reviews

Armos from Ivanovo is well-known not only in Russia, but also in other countries thanks to its high-quality and reliable orthopedic mattresses. Buyers like a wide selection of models that are made from various fillers. Each client can choose the optimal level of rigidity and elasticity of the product.

Buyers like the best combination of value and quality of goods. Brand products are distinguished by reliability, practicality and durability.

The company's official website presents a wide range of series of orthopedic mattresses.Buyers can familiarize themselves with the model range, characteristics and properties of mattresses - and make the right choice.

About the advantages of natural materials used in the manufacture of Armos mattresses, see the following video.

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