Askona mattresses

 Askona mattresses

A healthy and restful sleep is the key to a successful new day. During rest, the body replenishes strength and energy. From which mattress you sleep on, it depends not only on your well-being and mood for the whole day, but also on your ability to work, your tone, and your ability to handle stress.

The selection begins always with the choice of the store. And only then the buyer will have to deal with the types of mattresses and determine the correct selection criteria. A good quality product is made from natural materials, has a successful combination of functionality and unconditionally fits the future owner. The mattress should ideally fit all the individual characteristics of the person.

It is known that many factories carefully check the manufactured products according to the quality standard.

But before buying it is necessary to conduct a “test drive” on your own in order to be confident in the choice.

Particularly carefully tested finished products at the factory Ascona in their own sleep laboratory. The company has been on the market for about 25 years and strictly controls the degree of quality of its products.

Springless do not have metal products. And the basis is the filler - artificial or natural. A feature of such models is the ability to withstand heavy loads, while maintaining shape, without being forced over time.


All mattresses for beds are divided into two main groups: with a spring block and without it.

Filler options:

  • Polyurethane foam - inexpensive material of high strength, durable. A good option for short-term use, for example, in a country house or as an extra bed.
  • Memory foam or memorix - this is a novelty in the world of orthopedic mattresses. A key feature of the design is the viscous component “memorix”, which adapts itself from the body heat to the individual characteristics of the body and supports the spine in the correct position.
  • Latex - natural material, resistant to mechanical damage, keeps the mattress elastic. Latex models are not inferior spring on orthopedic properties.

For a child or a person with greater weight, it is better to choose a springless anatomical mattress. These models are great for a double bed. Modern springless models have a lower price.

Mattresses with independent and dependent spring block have different characteristics. AT dependent block All springs are interconnected and when a pressure is applied to the surface, a hammock effect is created - all elements are compressed equally. Ordinary mattress has the so-called wave phenomenon. Models with dependent spring unit are suitable for people with a healthy back.

The main feature of the design independent unit lies in the fact that the springs are not connected to each other and are compressed separately. Under load, only the part to which pressure is directed works. A kind of puncture load adjusts the mattress under the curves of the body and supports the spine and joints in the correct position.

For the manufacture of springs used wire of different thickness.All elements have different resistance and are compressed in stages. The lower and upper elements have a wider shape and are easily compressed. The central part of a narrower form resists squeezing. Thus, an anatomical effect is achieved. Springs, similar in shape to an hourglass, have individual capsules made of durable fabric. This spring unit was developed by the company Ascona together with the American scientist Tom Wells. The model has no competitors in the market. In this case, the mattresses do not creak and do not change shape. Such models have the designation "HourGlass Inside" with the number of spirals.

Springless slim models can be used for a sofa and a folding bed. The topper adapts to the shape of the body, replaces the bed and is ideal for a healthy sleep. Another novelty is the mattress with technogel material. Thanks to an innovative design, the surface has a relief shape that allows the skin to breathe

Children's mattress should be made using natural materials and hypoallergenic foam with a raised surface. The design takes into account the peculiarities of the child's body and contributes to the formation of correct posture.

Orthopedic models are recommended to buy for children older than three years.

Some models of mattresses have two different sides - summer and winter. For the cold season, the surface of the mattress is made using quilted wool, for the warm one - with breathable cotton. A special option "winter-summer" is presented in the models of Askona Terapia and Ascona Fitness.

Other versatile mattresses have two degrees of rigidity. Such models can be turned, changing the levels of rigidity.

Suitable for frequent pains in the back or neck, when it is necessary to alternate sleep on a familiar surface and on a more rigid one. It is not recommended to bend the mattress, it can lead to deformation, with the exception of individual folding models.

For example, the rolled mattresses from the Askona Compact collection do not have springs, are very compact when folded and can serve as an extra bed. Easily folding into a roll, the mattress can be packed in a bag, which is an undoubted advantage during transportation, moving or long-term storage.


The spring block of the mattress covers a layer of coconut cloth - it is a natural material from coconut fibers.The main feature is breathability and moisture protection. Followed by latexwhich is made from the sap of rubber trees (hevea). Juice is harvested by hand, and then whipped and processed into elastic material of a porous structure, resembling rubber.

Latex and coconut cloth are used in spring mattresses and are responsible for softness, rigidity and elasticity. If a thick layer of coconut leaf is placed on the spring block, then the surface becomes quite hard. If you use latex - the surface becomes softer.

For springless mattresses, orthopedic EcoFoam is used. Innovative material has unique properties: with a small load on the surface of the mattress small cells with thin walls are used, and with a large one, large cells with strong walls take effect.

EcoFoam foam is used when filling children's mattresses and provides not only a comfortable sleep for a newborn and a teenager, but also is able to withstand active games and jumps.

A layer of coconut coir of about 3 cm is used as a filler for stiffer mattresses. The most common combination of filler is a combination of latex and coconut linen of small size. When this is achieved the required level of rigidity. That is why most mattress buyers prefer springless mattresses.

Latex mattresses with dense springs ideally take the form of the body, promote rapid relaxation and support the spine in its natural position throughout sleep.

Natural latex and coconut are more expensive than artificial analogues, but have a longer service life. These fillers are environmentally friendly, do not absorb moisture, durable, elastic and resist any bacteria.

Which is better: comparison with Ormatek

Comparison with analogues helps to make the right choice. Answer unequivocally the question which mattress is better: Askona or Ormatek not so easy. In the shops of Ascona there is a wide choice of mattresses for any budget and with different configurations. A discount system can not but rejoice. The range Ormatek presented about 200 items for any wallet.

Compare products Ascona and Ormatek on the main characteristics. Spring block - unique designs are presented at each factory:

  • Ascona represents the hourglass springs HourGlass Inside, which are compressed in three stages and not connected to each other. These mattresses are great for double beds.
  • Springs Ormatek using reinforced wire increases mattress life. Titan's unique spring block is patented and used in the collection of Life mattresses.

Mattress height:

  • Ascona from 16 cm,
  • Ormatek - from 19.5 cm.

In the line of Ascona presented more thin and rigid models.

Water resistant - comparing the two models, it can be noted that the waterproof cover Ormatek dries longer and slides on the mattress.


  • Ascona: product warranty from 1.5 to 25 years;
  • Ormatek is only 2 years old.

Both factories carefully check manufactured products. Universal models are available in a wide range at different prices. Products Ascona and Ormatek is in the same qualitative range. And the model range differs slightly.

It is possible that the warranty period and quality of service will help to make the final choice with similar versions of the two manufacturers.


The size of the mattress should fully comply with the dimensions of the bed in width, length and height. Manufacturers of beds and mattresses adhere to uniform standards. Because the size of any bed will fit or will be 1-2 cm larger than a standard mattress. The main difference is possible only in height. The design of springless mattresses provides for a height of 15-24 cm. A non-standard premium version can reach 50 cm. The height of children's mattresses is 6-12 cm with filling material and 16-18 cm with springs.

Most often, the length of modern models is 200 cm. Such a mattress is suitable for a complete rest of a person up to 185 cm tall. The length of a berth should be 15 cm longer than your height, that is, for a person 175 cm tall, a mattress of at least 190 cm is needed.

Main dimensions of mattresses:

  • Baby - for newborns, mattress sizes range from 60 to 80 cm in width and from 120 to 160 cm in length. A larger child needs a larger sleeping place. For children over 5 years old, the size is 160x80 cm. For older children and teenagers, the size range starts from 80 to 120 cm in width and from 120 to 200 cm in length.
  • Single beds 80x190 cm, 80x200 cm, 90x190 cm, 90x200 cm. When you cannot choose a double mattress with a partner, you can use two single beds. View of a single whole they will give a mattress topper and sheet.
  • One and a half 120x190 cm and 120x200 cm. More suitable for an adult or teenager.
  • Double beds 140x190 cm, 140x200 cm, 160x190 cm, 160x200 cm, 180x200 cm. To accommodate a couple, the minimum width is 140 cm. Models 140x190 cm and 140x200 cm are the smallest for a double mattress. 160x190 cm and 160x200 cm are standard sizes for people with height up to 185 cm. Size 180x200 cm is a more family-friendly option, for example, for a child with parents.


In modern design projects of bedrooms, not only standard rectangular beds are presented, but also round and transforming ones. The bed of an unusual form is an exclusive piece of furniture in the house.

Round-shaped mattresses are very comfortable to sleep and make the bedroom unusual and luxurious.

The main advantage of such models is that they do not bend in the middle with time.

Round-shaped mattresses are single (200-210 cm in diameter), one and a half sleeping (220 cm) and double (230-240 cm). Round mattresses do not differ from standard forms in hardness and filling. At the same time, the price is somewhat higher than that of the usual rectangular models.

Mattresses for transformable bases - another non-standard option. Flexible models are securely fastened and fixed on bendable bases and at the same time do not lose their orthopedic properties. Such models are designed only with a springless unit and have the same anatomical properties as standard rectangular or round mattresses.


Speaking about the rigidity of the mattress, it is impossible to unequivocally answer which rigidity is ideal for a particular person. Stiffness and elasticity is selected based on the individual characteristics of the organism. Sleeping on an overly hard mattress can lead to sagging of the lower back, which causes nagging pain and discomfort in the morning. At the same time, sleeping on a too-soft mattress leads to pushing the area in the area of ​​heavy parts of the body, which again leads to a tense position of the waist.

The rigidity of the mattress is determined by the weight of the body and the coefficient of pressure on the surface. With a lot of weight, experts recommend choosing springless or hard mattresses with an inner frame of independent springs and with coconut coir as a sleeping base. The springs themselves are individually wrapped and completely silent.

Soft mattresses are more suitable for people with a slim physique. There are two variants of such products on the market: with and without springs. Soft spring mattresses are designed without using coconut. Medium hard mattresses are recommended for people of average weight. Average stiffness is achieved by independent springs and a combined filler, for example, latex and coconut.

Life time

Mattresses Ascona are guaranteed from 3 to 25 years. When buying individual models, the warranty period is extended to 35 years.

The life of the mattress can be extended in one simple way. To do this, place the mattress directly on the edges of the bed. Thus, air circulation will occur, and the product will retain its qualities for a longer period.

To keep the mattress clean, it is recommended to use covers and mattress covers that will protect it from water, dirt, dust, and from staining the surface with bed linen.

Covers and base on mattress

Covers and bases are made from natural and combined materials. On popular models, jacquard fabrics impregnated with anti-allergic agents are more common.Some mattresses use synthetic fabric, but such a cover does not allow air to pass through. The waterproof case protects from accidentally spilled liquid, streaks and eliminates the appearance of a persistent unpleasant odor. A great option for giving: in the cold period, the bed will be protected from moisture.

Types of attachment of removable covers:

  • Lightning - the most convenient option, protects against moisture and prevents slipping of the cover.
  • Rubber bands, sewn into corners or placed on the side rails, is an excellent option, convenient for changing and cleaning the cover. But gum can eventually stretch, causing the cover will slide off the surface of the mattress and you will need to buy a new mattress pad.

There are also models with fixed bases. In this case, the cover should be tightly and evenly fixed. But this option is not very convenient for periodic cleaning.

Rating models

The selection of popular models took place according to similar typical characteristics: product weight, dimensions, permissible user weight up to 110 kg, medium and high levels of rigidity. Six mattresses have an independent spring unit, and only one ASKONA Trend Roll has no metal structures.Review of 7 rating models read on.

ASKONA Balance Lux

The mattress with orthopedic basis is equipped with independent springs. Therefore, it is very easy to find a comfortable sleeping position. The jersey cover using quilted padding polyester is pleasant not to touch. The composition includes highly elastic foam, cotton felt and polyurethane foam. This model can be used for several people.

Typical data:

  • stiffness - medium;
  • height 17 cm;
  • weight 12.68 kg;
  • permissible user weight up to 110 kg;
  • warranty up to 3 years.

Benefits: airtightness, moisture and heat transfer, hypoallergenicity, noiselessness, reasonable price.

Minuses: small thickness.

ASKONA Fitness Arena

The surface of the mattress envelops the body and provides deep relaxation. Sheets do not roll off the cover.

Typical data:

  • stiffness - medium;
  • height 23 cm;
  • weight 17.03 kg;
  • permissible user weight up to 140 kg;
  • warranty up to 25 years.

Benefits: moisture resistant coating, seasonality winter / summer, was tested at the Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, reasonable price.

Minuses: is selected individually, there are contraindications.

ASKONA Balance Forma

Has orthopedic properties.Each spring independent block has an individual cover. The pressure from the weight of the person is distributed autonomously. Durable cover material made of jacquard with quilted padding polyester.

Typical data:

  • weight 12.41 kg;
  • stiffness - medium;
  • height 17 cm;
  • permissible user weight up to 110 kg;
  • warranty up to 3 years.

Benefits: improving effect, construction, steady against deformation, noiselessness, reasonable price.

Minuses: no turning handle.

ASKONA Terapia Cardio

It strengthens the body.

Typical data:

  • weight 15.49 kg;
  • stiffness - medium;
  • height 23 cm;
  • weight 15.5 kg;
  • permissible user weight up to 140 kg;
  • warranty up to 25 years.

Benefits: massage effect of OrtoFoam foam, 5 zones of independent springs, edges do not fall down, antibacterial impregnation, orthopedic rigidity.

Minuses: high price.

ASKONA Trend Roll

Contributes to a healthy back. Can be stored in a twisted form up to 1.5 months.

Typical data:

  • does not have metal products;
  • stiffness - above average;
  • height 18 cm;
  • weight 7.65 kg;
  • permissible user weight up to 110 kg;
  • warranty up to 3 years.

Benefits: convenient for transportation, moisture resistant coating with natural materials, reasonable price.

Minuses: fixed cover.

ASKONA Terapia Farma

It has a flat hard surface, forms the correct posture and reliably supports the spine.

Typical data:

  • stiffness - high;
  • weight 14.42 kg;
  • height 20 cm;
  • permissible user weight up to 140 kg;
  • warranty up to 25 years.

Benefits: improving effect, noiselessness, 5 zones for each part of the body, not deformed, antibacterial impregnation, anti-tick filler, suitable for partners with a difference in weight.

Minuses: soft edges are subject to deformation.

ASKONA Victory

Differs in the increased durability and does not ram during the operation. Adjusts to every movement.

Typical data:

  • stiffness - medium;
  • height 20 cm;
  • weight 13.77 kg;
  • permissible user weight up to 110 kg;
  • warranty up to 3 years.

Benefits: has a certificate of medical verification, antibacterial coating and anti-allergic composition.

Minuses: high price.

How to choose?

Selection criteria for each individual. Make a list of basic general rules.

It is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the body:

  1. age;
  2. growth;
  3. weight;
  4. problems with the musculoskeletal system.

When choosing a double mattress, it is necessary to focus, first of all, on the parameters of a higher and heavier partner. And do not neglect information on the recommended load.

The main criteria for choosing a mattress:

  1. independent spring block;
  2. ventilation system;
  3. hypoallergenic materials;
  4. protective coating of the top layer (against insects, moisture and antibacterial).

Go through the items in order:

  1. Measure the bed and decide on the size of the mattress.
  2. Select the degree of stiffness based on height and weight.
  3. Test your favorite model. In this case, do not hesitate to lie down for a few minutes on the mattress in your usual sleeping position and tossing and turning. Making the right choice will help your own body.
  4. Check for stitches and stitches.
  5. Examine the composition and give preference to natural materials.
  6. You should not be guided by the price. Not every expensive mattress will meet individual requirements.

It is important to remember that the mattress requires proper care. To increase the service life, it is necessary to alternate the headboard every 3-6 months and turn the mattress over, changing sides - top to bottom. Thus, layers of the flooring are restored during use.

Customer Reviews

Believe all reviews on the Internet is impossible. The collection was attended by users registered on sites for a long time.We collected both positive and negative feedback from buyers of Ascona mattresses.

Analysis of the reviews showed that people who refused to sleep on the couch in favor of Ascona’s mattresses, in the first days are very happy with the purchase and do not see any flaws. Negative reviews are associated only with the strong smell of the product in the first days. By cons, buyers also attribute the high cost of goods.

Most customers respond positively to Ascona mattresses and note the high quality of products: comfort while sleeping, reducing back pain, relieving spinal fatigue, lack of insomnia, lightness and tone - this is how people use Ascona mattresses for more than a year.

Many buyers of mattresses with an independent spring unit liked the design feature when one person turns in a dream and the partner does not notice it. The buyers also consider a long warranty period as a plus - from 1.5 to 25 years on some models.

If you believe the analyzed reviews of real buyers, people often see a weak spring block, a collapsing surface and the store’s refusal to accept a marriage as a disadvantage. Believe reviews on the Internet or not - everyone decides for himself.And you can make the right choice only by experience, paying attention to your own feelings. The orthopedic mattress must maintain the correct position of the back and spine in a completely relaxed state. Creating conditions for a full sleep and a comfortable rest is not so difficult.

How to choose the right mattress Ascona, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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