Dreamline mattresses

The famous company Dreamline has been pleasing its fans with high-quality, reliable and comfortable mattresses for ten years. It has three large factories in Russia, which produces a wide range of models, using European raw materials of remarkable quality and modern production technologies.


Dreamline mattresses are represented by a wide variety of series and models, so that each customer can choose the ideal options, taking into account the choice of physiological features, age and weight. The company manufactures products of different stiffness, and also manufactures mattresses to order on non-standard sizes.

The main advantages of Dreamline products:

  • Good quality. All models are produced through the use of Swiss technology, on European equipment.The company has its own certification department, producing good quality products with optimal characteristics.
  • Orthopedic effect. The company offers both springless and spring mattresses. Each client will be able to choose the option that will give the maximum level of comfort during sleep, allow you to relax and have a great rest. The mattress very precisely repeats all the contours of the body, which contributes to the relaxation of the back muscles, as well as uniform distribution of the load on the whole body.
  • Hypoallergenic. Almost all mattresses do not cause allergic reactions, but there is an individual intolerance to some fillers, so before buying it is worth clarifying what raw material the product is made of.
  • Environmental friendliness. In the production of mattresses, the company applies only environmentally friendly materials that meet European standards. It uses special non-toxic substances for disinfection, thereby guaranteeing the hygiene of its products.
  • Beautiful design. Each model has an attractive appearance, so not only ensures a good sleep, but also acts as a decoration of the bed.
  • Durability. The company takes care of its customers and is confident in the excellent quality of its products, therefore it provides a standard two-year warranty, as well as an extended version for 10 years if you follow the rules for using the product.
  • Wide price range. The company produces mattresses for different segments of the population, therefore the range includes both low-end models and premium-class mattresses.

A feature of Dreamline products is good quality at an affordable price. The advantages of mattresses include ease of care. The mattresses are “dressed” in special covers that can be easily cleaned.

Dreamline mattresses help to forget about insomnia, creating the correct position during sleep. They are perfectly breathable, do not accumulate unpleasant odors, as well as reliably protected from the growth of bacteria, do not attract dust.


Dreamline company manufactures products for every taste. All mattresses can be divided into two large groups: springless and spring.

Springless models are made in several ways. They may include a monolithic block of elastic and resilient material.

Some models consist of several layers that are securely interconnected:

  • Sleeping springless mattress is very popular. The monolithic block can be made of latex - both natural and synthetic. To create an orthopedic effect, the manufacturer applies a material of different stiffness (for certain areas of the mattress).
  • Spring mattresses have long been in demand because of the health benefits. High quality products and reasonable price are very popular with buyers. Such models include several rows of springs that are securely interconnected. For convenience, the manufacturer also uses layers of soft filler. The rigidity of the product depends on the number of springs, as well as the thickness of the wire.
  • The mattress with independent springs guarantees an orthopedic effect. Each spring works separately. In response to a point pressure, it takes the necessary position. As a result, no deflections are created on the mattress, and your spine is as flat as possible during sleep.
  • Frequently, independent spring blocks are used to create children's models. because the posture of the child depends on the mattress.To prevent creaking of the product, each spring is placed in a separate case.

Fillers and materials

Dreamline products are characterized by functionality. It is made from a variety of high quality materials (from European manufacturers).

In the form of fillers can be used natural, artificial or mixed materials. The most sought-after mattresses are those that contain coconut coir and natural latex.

Coconut coir is presented in the form of fibers that envelop the coconut. They are designed for reliable protection of the nut during the fall. To get coconut coir fibers for use as a filler product, they need to soak in salt water for a long time. For the strength of the fibers, they are impregnated with latex. It is coconut coir that gives the mattress stiffness, and also provides good ventilation and withstands enormous loads.

For natural latex, Brazilian Hevea juice (rubber tree) is used. This filler is responsible for the softness of the product. It is characterized by elasticity, good ventilation and anatomicality.

The combination of natural latex and coconut coir guarantees an orthopedic effect. To create a maximum level of comfort during sleep, many models are multi-layered. Some models also have an additional layer, which is created from a special foam. This layer is characterized by micromassage properties, as well as a memory effect.

For maximum comfort while relaxing in mattresses include layers of latex and coconut fibers (in different sequences). Such models are ideal for people who complain of back pain.

Mattresses made of artificial fillers are also usually made from several materials. Holofiber is responsible for the stiffness, and artificial latex or polyurethane foam is used for softness. Artificial fillers are absolutely safe for health, there are no allergic reactions from them:

  • Holofiber is a good substitute for coconut coir, because it is able to withstand various loads, and also provides an orthopedic effect.
  • Artificial latex characterized by softness and elasticity. It very quickly takes the form of a body, and also is not deformed during long use.According to its properties, it imitates natural filler very accurately, but it is much cheaper.
  • Often in the manufacture of models used soft porous material called memorixwhich is different form memory effect. On such a mattress you can relax, sleep well and relieve tension.

Mixed-type models are relatively inexpensive. The company often uses a combination of natural and artificial fillers - to reduce the cost of mattresses. For example, natural latex is not combined with coconut coir, but with holofiber. The effect is the same, but the cost will pleasantly surprise you. "Eco" - mattresses are made on the basis of spring blocks. All materials are environmentally friendly, do not cause allergic reactions.

Dreamline mattresses have high-quality and practical covers that are made from coarse calico, cotton fabric. This fabric belongs to environmentally friendly materials, is characterized by wear resistance and hypoallergenic. Calico is used when sewing covers on mattresses, since this material is well washed, while maintaining its original appearance.The advantages of this fabric include hygroscopicity, reasonable price, good ventilation.

Series and model overview

Dreamline company offers a wide range of series and models of mattresses to please all customers, ensuring a healthy and sound sleep.

Main series of the company:

  • "Dream Roll" includes springless models that can be easily twisted into a roll for easy transport. They can be medium hard, moderately hard, moderately soft.
  • "Economy" - this series is represented by inexpensive models that include classical and independent springs. Custom sizes can be ordered.
  • "Massage" - all models are equipped with a special layer that provides anti-stress micromassage effect. Custom sizes can be ordered.
  • "SleepDream" - mattresses are made exclusively from natural materials. This series also includes bilateral models. You can pick up any level of stiffness.
  • "Dream" - made of coconut coir and spring block. Orthopedic mattresses are presented with hard and moderately hard options.
  • "Kombi" - models from this series are made on the basis of various spring blocks.Mattresses have different stiffness in different parts of the product.
  • "Balance" - All models are created from natural fillers. The basis is a block of independent springs. You can order a mattress of a non-standard size.
  • "Sleep" - based on a combination of natural latex and spring block. This series includes soft and moderately soft mattresses.
  • "Springless" it is presented by springless quality mattresses. Coconut coir and natural latex are used as fillers.
  • "Memory" - All models have a memory effect, so they guarantee convenience and comfort. It is based on soft material memorix.
  • "Smart Zone" includes models with zone spring block. Mattresses have springs of different stiffness, so they perfectly distribute the load over the entire surface.
  • "Prime" - orthopedic models that are made from natural materials. A distinctive feature is height.
  • "Single" - this series includes spring mattresses that have a filler on one side only, which has a positive effect on the price of the product.
  • "Bonnel" - models have a classic spring block “Bonnel”. They are made from both natural and artificial materials.

Among the sales hits of the company is worth noting model Balance Dream 2 TFK. The mattress has a moderate stiffness - due to the presence of an independent spring block and filler in the form of natural latexed coconut coir. The product is characterized by the presence of orthopedic effect.

This model is ideal for people who have problems with posture. It differs in durability and the increased wear resistance. The mattress is available in a "Lux" case, which is zipped.

The pride of the company is an orthopedic model. "Sleep 3 S1000" - due to the harmonious combination of high quality and comfort. This option has moderate softness. The mattress is based on a spring block, and as a filler is natural latex, the thickness of which is three centimeters. Mattress "Sleep 3 S1000" suitable for people weighing up to 140 kg.

Many buyers prefer the model. "Ergo Smart Zone", which is presented on the modern block of independent springs with orthopedic effect. The spring unit takes into account all the features of the body structure, ensuring the most convenient location on the mattress. The springs are located in 5 zones and differ in stiffness, which provides support for the head, waist and legs.

Model "Ergo Smart Zone" attracts attention with a filler - a high-tech material that has a relief structure (“Ergo Foam”). It provides a massage effect, relieving pain in the back and muscles.

Children's mattresses

Dreamline company offers a wide range of high quality mattresses for children. Usually, children's beds have non-standard dimensions, so the company provides the opportunity to order a mattress according to individual sizes.

For children, the manufacturer has developed a separate line of mattresses - called "Baby Dream". They are made on the basis of natural fillers that are hypoallergenic. These include coconut coir, as well as latex and holofiber. For a child, you can choose a springless mattress, as well as a version with a spring block.

All children's mattresses have covers of calico. They withstand numerous washing, do not crumple and retain the original color performance. For children, the company's designers offer covers of bright colors that your kids will definitely like.


Dreamline company always thinks about its client, therefore, it offers models of both standard sizes and individual orders.

Children's models are 60 to 80 cm wide, and their height can be from 120 to 200 cm. For preschool children, you can choose a mattress with dimensions of 70 × 140, 70 × 160 or 80 × 160 cm. Model 80 is ideal for teens × 190 or 80 × 200 cm.

Single mattresses have a width of 80 to 95 cm. The most sought-after model is a 90 × 200 cm mattress.

To the half-and-a-half models belong to options with sizes in width from 100 to 135 cm, in length - from 190 to 200 cm. Mattresses with sizes of 100 × 190 and 120 × 190 cm are in great demand.

The minimum width of a double mattress is 140 cm, and the maximum is 200 cm. Universal models are 140 × 200, 150 × 200, 160 × 200 and 180 × 200 cm. For a double bed, customers often choose a mattress of 15 × 145 × 190 cm.

Customer reviews about the company

Dreamline products are in great demand because the manufacturer offers a variety of models, materials, sizes. The company produces only high-quality products using modern European raw materials and the best equipment.

All buyers pay attention to the orthopedic effect. On a Dreamline mattress, they not only began to sleep soundly. Many users have suffered back pain, fatigue and complete relaxation.

One of the advantages of Dreamline products is a reasonable price, which corresponds to the quality offered.Pricing is influenced by the shape of the mattress, as well as the design, fillers, dimensions, load indicators. Springless model with a filling of natural materials on average costs 12,000 rubles.

Customers note the environmental and hygienic mattresses from Dreamline. They do not cause allergic reactions, they have a beneficial effect on overall health. The orthopedic effect is one of the undeniable advantages of Dreamline products.

If you generally evaluate the reviews of Dreamline mattress buyers, then it can be noted that only eight percent of users are dissatisfied with the product quality. Complaints relate to the deformation of the surface of the mattress and the appearance of squeaks, but this applies exclusively to spring models.

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