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The well-known company Hilding Anders is a manufacturer of high quality mattresses and pillows, bedroom furniture, beds and sofas. The brand has outlets in more than 50 countries, as its products are in high demand. Hilding Anders mattresses with orthopedic effect are represented by a wide range, which allows everyone to choose the ideal option for creating comfortable conditions for a night's rest.

Special features

The well-known holding company Hilding Anders appeared in 1939 and until today has been producing high-quality products that are in demand. Today, the company occupies a worthy place among the manufacturers of orthopedic mattresses on the world market through the use of high-quality raw materials and modern technologies.

The founder of the Swedish company is Hilding Anderson. He created a small furniture factory, which eventually became a popular brand.In the 50s of the twentieth century, the company's products began to be in great demand, since many preferred the design of furniture and sleep products in the Scandinavian style. At this time, the company begins to cooperate with the little-known at that time network IKEA.

To date, the brand Hilding Anders is engaged in the production of a series of mattresses, pillows and other accessories for sleeping. It produces comfortable and stylish bedroom furniture including beds and sofas. The brand, which has come to the world market from Sweden, now has a huge number of other world-famous brands.

Hilding Anders is actively developing, adhering to the basic rule-slogan “We give the world colorful dreams!”. The company approaches the development and production of mattresses from a scientific point of view. So, three years ago, she set up the Hilding Anders SleepLab research laboratory in cooperation with the Swiss Institute of Health AEH.

In the manufacture of furniture and mattresses, designers take into account the personal preferences of customers, their habits and even the traditions of entire nations in order to create comfortable and comfortable products. The company is guided by the principle that it is impossible to create a universal model of an orthopedic mattress, but you can develop options so that each client can find the perfect mattress for himself.

In the laboratory, products are subjected to various tests. It employs the best doctors, physiotherapists, somnologists, designers and technologists who are professionals.

Orthopedic mattresses are tested in different directions:

  • Ergonomics - each product should have an orthopedic effect, provide the most comfortable support to the spine during sleep, and evenly distribute the load over the entire surface.
  • Durability - high-quality mattress should be characterized by a long service life. With everyday use, the period should exceed 10 years.
  • Temperature microclimate products - to ensure a healthy sleep, an orthopedic mattress should pass air well, wipe off moisture, and also perform thermal control.
  • Hygienic - the product must be protected from the proliferation of bacteria and microbes, as well as unpleasant odors. In the company's personal laboratory, scientists are working on the development of new formulations of antibacterial action, which are subjected to repeated testing.

About what tests are conducted in the laboratory Hilding Anders SleepLab, see the following video.


Hilding Anders offers a wide range of models, among which you can find options of various sizes, with various fillers and materials, for a variety of needs.

The most popular models of the Hilding Anders holding are:

  • Bicoflex airline - the model is characterized by elasticity, since it is based on the innovative block from the springs Airforce spring system. The mattress includes a layer of elastic foam, as the upholstery is applied pleasant to the touch knitwear. The model has a height of 21 cm and is able to withstand a load of up to 140 kg.
  • Andre Renault Provance characterized by lightness and elasticity. The model is made of elastic Elastic foam, which gives the mattress softness. Mattress upholstery is represented by high-quality knitwear with yogurt impregnation, which gives strength, durability and softness to the product. The mattress has a seven-zone monolithic block Elastic, which has a micro-massage effect and hypoallergenic properties.
  • Jensen majestic is one of the softest mattresses of the brand. This exclusive model has the patented Micro Pocket Springs spring system. The product has a height of 38 kg and is able to withstand a load of up to 190 kg. Premium class jacquard is soft and soft. On such a mattress, you will feel like on a cloud.The mattress is made from environmentally friendly materials and provides gentle and delicate support to the body during sleep.
  • Bicoflex Climate Comfort has a different degree of elasticity of the parties, which allows everyone to choose the most comfortable side for a good and healthy sleep. This model is suitable for any age and build. The company gives a product warranty of 30 years, so this model takes into account that with age, preferences for choosing the rigidity of the mattress may change. Spring system Airforce spring system provides convenience and comfort.
  • Hilding Line Master - the ideal solution for those who complain of restless sleep. The product has an average stiffness, has a height of 20 cm and is designed for weight up to 140 kg. On such a mattress, no one can disturb your sleep, you will not feel the movement of your partner through the use of an independent spring system, which eliminates the effect of a wave. The mattress has a layer of memory foam that easily takes the shape of your body and holds it.
  • Hilding Kids Moony is a prominent representative of children's mattresses. The model has a high stiffness, can withstand loads up to 90 kg. This option is ideal for active kids.The company offers the dimensions of the product so that they fit under the cots. The mattress includes bamboo soaking foam. The model can be easily cleaned of dust and dirt, since it is presented in a removable cover made of organic cotton.

Tips for choosing

The Swedish company Hilding Anders constantly offers new models, using modern materials and developments, as well as innovative technologies. Since the variety of the proposed model range is very large, therefore Finding the best option, considering your wishes, is quite a difficult task:

  • When choosing the stiffness of the orthopedic mattress should take into account the state of health. Hard option - a good solution for people who suffer from cervical osteochondrosis. Models with medium rigidity will work if a person has diseases of the thoracic region. A soft mattress will provide a deep sleep if you complain of lower back pain.
  • The stiffness of the mattress should be chosen depending on age. For school-age children and adolescents, rigid springless models are better suited. Older people should sleep on soft and elastic mattresses.
  • To properly select the size of the product, you must first measure your height in the supine position and add 15 cm. The standard width of the single version is 80 cm, and the width of the double model is 160 cm.
  • Also pay attention to the models that have different filler on both sides. They can be used depending on the seasons. One side is perfect for a cold winter, and the other for a hot summer.

Customer Reviews

Orthopedic mattresses Hilding Anders appeared in Russia since 2012 and today are in great demand. Many buyers of brand products leave only positive feedback.

Swedish orthopedic mattresses are of excellent quality, attractive design, durability and durability. The company gives a guarantee for its products up to 30 years, as it is confident in the wear resistance and reliability of the products presented. Popular holding Hilding Anders uses modern technology and environmentally friendly materials of excellent quality in the manufacture of mattresses, is developing new systems to create the most comfortable and convenient models.

Buyers like a variety of products, because you can find a decent option depending on age and personal preferences.Experts are well acquainted with the features of each model, therefore, provide professional support when choosing an orthopedic mattress. A wide range of sizes of products allows you to find a mattress for a variety of beds.

But if you need a model of a non-standard size, then you can order it, because the company cares about its customers and always tries to assist in any matter.

Users of Hilding Anders products note the convenience that persists even with prolonged, everyday use of the product. During the night they relax completely and recuperate. Orthopedic mattresses provide a healthy and sound sleep.

About. how Hilding Anders mattresses are made, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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