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For more than 50 years, the Italian company Magniflex has been one of the world's best manufacturers of orthopedic mattresses of excellent quality and attractive design. It offers a wide range of products, among which even the most demanding customers will be able to find a great option. Designers of the company do not cease to amaze their fans with new models, innovative developments and professional level of service.


Magniflex produces springless mattresses using artificial or natural latex. The peculiarity of the brand mattresses is that they do not have metal or steel parts, which has a positive effect on the products. It does not produce a negative magnetic and electrostatic effects on the human body.The uniqueness of the products of the Italian company lies in the fact that all mattresses are made from original components and floorings that other companies do not use.

The unique development of the brand gives the mattress comfort and elasticity, hygroscopicity, strength and reliability.

All products are presented in vacuum packs, which provide convenience during transportation. The mattress is sold in a twisted roll. 12 hours after unpacking, it takes normal form and is ready for use.

The advantage of Magniflex mattresses is not only their high orthopedic, but also anatomical characteristics. This property allows you to perfectly relax, rejuvenate, and also eliminate pain in the back.

Magniflex mattresses are characterized by flexibility and elasticity. They are perfectly breathable. All fillers are environmentally friendly and hygienic materials. Mattresses are durable, antibacterial and anti-allergic properties. For each product, the company gives a guarantee of 15 years, as it is confident in excellent quality and reliability.


All mattresses from the Italian brand Magniflex are springless.The manufacturer offers a wide range of lines, models and sizes. He uses various natural fillers on which the mattress hardness depends. For example, coconut coir is responsible for elasticity, and latex - for softness. The combination of these two materials is decisive in the hardness of the mattress.

Each buyer will be able to choose the option that will satisfy his wishes.

All models are sold in vacuum packs.. Since they are twisted into rolls, there are no problems with transporting or storing the product. At home, you need to remove the packaging from it and after 12 hours the mattress will take its normal form. Orthopedic models are ideal for creating a comfortable bed. They allow you to properly fix the spine.

The orthopedic effect of mattresses from Magniflex has been confirmed by the NN Priorov Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics.

For more on unpacking the Magniflex mattress, see below.

Mattresses with orthopedic effect

The range of orthopedic mattresses includes 7 options that comply with European standards.Products are made of different fillers, as well as presented by different levels of rigidity. You can find a soft, moderately hard or hard model.

Mattresses with orthopedic effect are anti-allergenic, because they are made from natural fillers.

Elite mattresses

Elite mattresses are represented by 7 collections:

  • Classic - the classics will never go out of fashion. This collection includes products combining comfort and excellent orthopedic properties. Models are made from quality materials: Eliosoft, Elioform, Memoform. They are suitable for couples who prefer different rigidity of the mattress.
  • Freshgel - includes premium orthopedic models. They are characterized by ease, provide excellent air circulation, as well as a cooling effect. All models include an innovative “gel structure” filler.
  • Imperiale - models created for those who prefer luxury and spaciousness. They have an anatomical effect, have a thermostatic cover to create an increased level of comfort.
  • Magnificent - the perfect combination of elegance and convenience. The models are created using the latest innovative technologies - Viscose Termo, Outlast, Dual Core.
  • Comfort Delux - models from the proposed collection provide maximum comfort during sleep, have orthopedic and anatomical properties. They consist of different halves for the regulation of stiffness on the double bed.
  • Virtus - Includes luxurious models of the “De Luxe” class, which are made of camel wool, natural silk, cashmere, horsehair, as well as Magniform Breeze and Magniform HD fillers.
  • Harmony - luxury products with excellent aesthetic and performance properties. They are equipped with removable covers Viscosa, made using technology Dual Core and Memoform.

Children's mattresses

Children's mattresses are represented by three collections. When developing products for children, the needs of a growing organism were taken into account. All models are made from safe and natural fillers. The collection includes models B-Bamboo, B-Bamboo Sfoderabile and Merino.

The lineup

Let us consider the main models in more detail:

  • Among the collection of children's mattresses is the model Merino.because it is the best solution for children according to the famous magazine Hachette Home. The practical Merino mattress is not prone to deformation and allows you to take a perfect body position for sleeping. This model is recommended by the best Italian orthopedists.The outer layer is made of natural cotton, and merino wool is used for the warm surface. The inner layer is represented by modern material ELIOCEL 40, which surpasses even natural latex in properties.
  • A great choice among the collection of luxury mattresses is the Magnificent 12 model., which is characterized by softness and stiffness adjustment. It is made from exclusive fabrics and attracts the attention of magnificent properties. At the heart of the mattress used modern materials Elioform, Eliosoft, Memoform. The mattress Magnificent 12 has a height of 30 cm and has dual core technology, which allows you to adjust the stiffness of each half separately. The cover of the product is represented by a 3D drawing of the Florentine lily.
  • A prominent representative of orthopedic mattresses is the model Merino Merinos.which appeared more than 20 years ago and today is a great success. Its content has hardly changed over such a long period of time, the designers have made only minor improvements. The inner layer of the model is made of latex foam ELIOCEL 40, which provides excellent air circulation and is characterized by hygiene, because it easily brings out moisture and odors.


Magniflex mattresses are characterized by a long service life, so each model is presented in a thick and stylish removable cover, which is zipped. That he will protect products from pollution of any kind.

You will be able to remove the cover and wash yourself, and then it is also easy to put on the back.

The presence of a removable cover will help to avoid problems with the pollution of the mattress. You will not need to carry it in dry cleaning, think about transportation. The manufacturer uses a variety of materials in the manufacture of covers. They are made from viscose, bamboo fiber, natural cotton and other natural fabrics.


Magniflex works exclusively with natural materials. The brand uses in the manufacture of stylish and comfortable mattresses organic cotton, wood and bamboo fibers, percals and merino wool.

Green tea extract or aloe vera is often used as an impregnation. Impregnation of aloe vera will provide a strong and restful sleep. Green tea is known for its disinfectant action, it will help the body get rid of toxins. To create internal layers, the manufacturer prefers cashmere, linen, camel wool, horse hair, silk, cotton, and Outlast thermal control fabric.

Each model is based on latex foam. To fill the mattresses, the company uses its own patented materials:

  • Eliosoft - the filler consists of 100% natural latex, therefore it is characterized by softness and durability. In tandem with other materials, he is involved in providing natural support for the spine during sleep.
  • Memoform - soft and comfortable material, which is called “smart” foam. It perfectly adapts to the shape of your body. If you roll over in a dream, the mattress changes shape very quickly, providing good support for both the spine and joints.
  • Eliocel - microporous material with excellent hygroscopicity and breathability.
  • Waterlattex - environmentally friendly material, which is presented in the form of foamed vulcanized latex. It is distinguished by a harmonious combination of elasticity and elasticity.


Some orthopedic models from Magniflex are made using unique technologies:

  • Dual - double mattresses, which differ in different levels of rigidity. This model includes two halves, one of which is more rigid than the other.To select the desired level of rigidity, it is enough to turn the half of the mattress on the desired side. The junction between the halves of the product is generally not felt due to the use of a dense cover with a memory effect.
  • Freshgel - products based on this technology are an ideal choice for people who sweat a lot. The mattress includes gel foam as a layer that performs the cooling function. On this model, sleep comfortably and cool. It is perfect for a hot summer.


Magniflex produces mattresses in standard sizes, offering a wide range of products:

  • Children's models are sizes 60x120 cm and 70x140 cm.
  • The optimal size for a single bed is 80x180 cm, and for a double berth - 160x200 cm.
  • If the standard dimensions do not suit you, then you can order a product of a non-standard size.

The manufacturer offers mattresses of different thickness. For example, the Stile model has three options: 15, 18 and 20 cm. The Pensiero mattress is also available with different heights: 15, 18, 20 and 30 cm. The thinnest models of the manufacturer are 10 and 12 cm thick.

In order to choose the size of the mattress correctly, one should measure the height of a person while lying down and add 15 to 20 cm. The choice of width is completely individual.The most comfortable option when you lie on the mattress, and bend your hands behind your head. Your elbows should not hang down.

Reviews of Italian mattresses

The company Magniflex is known in many countries around the world for its stylish, high-quality and comfortable mattresses. Many buyers leave only positive feedback on the brand's products. Mattresses with orthopedic effect allow you to gain a strong and healthy sleep. They are designed specifically for the proper maintenance of the spine during rest.

Many buyers say that they got rid of back pain, they feel a surge of energy in the morning.

The manufacturer uses natural materials and fillers, which is also an undeniable advantage of the product. Holders of Magniflex mattresses note their antibacterial and anti-allergic properties. People who suffer from asthma have a good sleep on Italian-made mattresses. Durability is another advantage of Magniflex products. With proper operation, the mattress does not lose its properties, the materials are not deformed.

Due to the removable cover, the product is reliably protected from contamination. Buyers are very satisfied with the simple mechanism of putting on the cover.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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