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Excellent well-being and good mood depends on many factors, including a good sleep, which, in turn, is impossible without a good quality mattress with an orthopedic effect. These mattresses provide proper support for the spine and allow you to relax. It is not surprising that they are so popular and in demand. Today, many companies are involved in the production of mattresses, but not all can offer such a wide range of products to customers, as is the case with Ormatek.


The company Ormatek has a number of advantages over other companies engaged in the production of similar mattresses. There are many of them and they are obvious.

Founded more than 10 years ago, the company managed to win and retain customers with its right approach to production.Modern high-precision European equipment and its own laboratory with a testing center provide an output of a wide range of quality products.

Thanks to competent specialists in our own laboratory, all incoming materials are constantly being researched, and in the test center, finished products undergo various test actions. After the selection of the material, fitting the planned model, the mattress is pre-assembled and subjected to various quality checks. Then, the obtained parameters of the test product are checked against the specified standards. And only after receiving positive results, the products go on sale.

Not only careful selection, control and high-class equipment are the company's advantages, but also a huge variety of mattress models.

The product range includes about 150 models of mattresses, as well as a large number of related products for sleeping. Thanks to a wide range of any buyer will find a suitable option. Inexpensive models are sold at a reasonable price (5 thousand rubles), but there are also elite models at a much higher price (60-90 thousand rubles).The price depends on the fillers and the number of springs. In expensive models per square meter there are 1000 springs, as in the anatomical model S-2000, which exactly follows the contours of the body.

In addition, mattresses and other related products can be purchased in any convenient way. Someone will be more convenient to place an order through an online store, and someone would prefer to make a purchase in the company salon, located in your city, the benefit of their geography is very extensive. The materials used in the production of mattresses are not only high quality and reliable, but some are simply unique, such as memorix. It adds both in models of an average price category, and in elite copies. Mattresses with memory effect guarantee complete relaxation and a healthy full sleep, because this material repeats and remembers the outlines of the body as accurately as possible. An important advantage of the company is the production of models not only for adults but also for children.


All mattresses manufactured by Ormatek are classified according to the type of base and filler, shape, size and some other indicators characterizing each group in more detail.

The basis of the mattresses produced by the company is divided into products having springs and models without them. The mattresses with the spring unit are divided into two groups according to the type of fastening elements:

  • Bonnell dependent spring unit is a structure where the elements (springs) are fastened together with metal wire and form a monolithic block.
  • A block of independent springs is the basis for a large number of models produced by the company. In this block, the spring, as a separate element, is placed in a cover and does not affect adjacent elements when compressed. Mattresses, which are based on a block with independent elements, do an excellent job with supporting the spine in the correct position. Mattresses with independent springs are divided by the number of springs per 1 square. m and the degree of stiffness. The number of springs in different models varies from 420 to 1020 pieces per 1 square meter. m. The more springs in the block, the smaller the diameter of each element. Products that are based on a greater number of springs have a pronounced orthopedic effect.

The number of springs underlies the series developed and released. Z-1000 series has 500 springs per 1 square. m, and in the series S-2000 there are already 1020 of them. The last series is divided into three lines. Dream These are classic type mattresses with a symmetrical surface. Season Line has a different stiffness of the surfaces. Elite Premium line differs in the increased comfort, has several layers of a filler.

The basis of springless mattresses are polyurethane foam and latex, the other fillers regulate the degree of stiffness and comfort. The range of springless mattresses is represented by two lines, which, in turn, are divided into series that differ in type of filler and the number of layers in a particular model. Flex roll lines are hard mattresses with good support for the spine. Mattress models of this line are based on hypoallergenic latex substitute Orto-foam. Thanks to the special technology, the products of this line can be rolled up for easy storage and transportation.

All models of the Tatami or Orma Line line are based on coconut coir and natural latex. The degree of stiffness in these models is very high. Mattresses produced by the company Ormatekbesides the listed indicators, they also differ in form.The largest number of models has a traditional rectangular shape, but the company also has exclusive mattresses having a round shape. These models are no different in quality from rectangular products. There are models with both independent spring block and springless versions. Such mattresses are intended for round beds.


In order for the mattress to sleep comfortably and comfortably, the Ormatek company applies various fillers. Thickness, quantity, and combinability depend on the degree of stiffness and comfort they want to give to the product. Ormatek company uses in the manufacture of a very large number of fillers:

  • For products with a spring block, Ormafoam or foamed polyurethane foam is used. This artificial material with a dense structure is used as a fence around the perimeter of the block.
  • Coconut coir is a natural fiber, which is to improve the properties of soaked with latex. In addition to the basic properties (stiffening), the material has a lot of other advantages. This hypoallergenic material with good heat exchange and excellent ventilation has a very long service life.It does not absorb moisture, odors and is not subject to rotting; therefore, it will never become a breeding ground for ticks and other microorganisms. Due to its natural elasticity and rigidity, it has pronounced orthopedic properties.
  • Natural latex is used in many models. Elastic and elastic latex material is of natural origin. It is obtained from the sap of the rubber tree. This wear-resistant material withstands significant loads, retaining the original shape. In addition, it contributes to comfortable thermoregulation.
  • Memorix - this unique material consisting of polyurethane foam with special additives, is an excellent filler for mattresses. This material is perfectly breathable and does not accumulate moisture, as a result of which various microorganisms do not have the opportunity to develop. Thanks to special additives, it has a memory effect, perfectly adapting to the shape of the human body.
  • Hollcon filler used as an extra layer. It is based on polyester fibers. The spring structure of this material is formed by interlacing the fibers together.This elastic material has the ability to quickly regain its shape with significant compression.
  • A material made up of coconut and polyester fibers has the name Bi-cocos. Used as an extra layer.
  • Spunbond is needed as a gasket between the spring block and other fillers. This thin, lightweight, but at the same time durable material has the ability to distribute pressure between springs. In addition, it protects the upper fillers from the effects of rigid springs.
  • Polyurethane foam or modern foam rubber is used in many types of mattresses. This elastic, elastic and practical material is absolutely safe for human health. To enhance the orthopedic properties make it layered.
  • Thermofelt is designed to reduce the wear and tear of other fillers. It consists of mixed fibers obtained by pressing with the use of high temperatures.


The mattresses of the company Ormatek have a large size range, so that every customer has the opportunity to choose the right option for him. The most popular sizes are divided into three types. As a rule, furniture manufacturers produce beds of certain sizes.Given this fact, Ormatek company designed and manufactured mattresses suitable for all types of beds. For standard single beds, products with dimensions of 80x160 cm, 80x190 cm, 80x200 cm, 90x190 cm, 90x200 cm will be the best options.

The most suitable sizes for single beds are 120x190 cm, 120x200 cm, 140x190 cm, 140x200 cm. Width 120 cm is suitable for one person, but 140 cm width allows for two people, so the size 140x190 cm and 140x200 cm can be considered as one and a half sleeping and double products.

Mattresses having dimensions of 160x190 cm, 160x200 cm, 180x200 cm belong to the double versions. The most optimal and popular version has a size of 160x200 cm. Their length fits almost any height. The product with a size of 180x200 cm is ideal for a family with a small child, whom she sometimes likes to climb into bed with her parents.

The thickness or height of the mattress depends on the density of the fillers and on the number of layers. Orthopedic mattresses manufactured by the company have different heights. Their sizes vary from 6 cm to 47 cm. The thinnest mattress having a height of 6 cm of the Softy Plus series is intended for sofas, armchairs and folding beds. Mattress with a height of 47 cm belongs to the elite models.A mattress of this height is based on a two-tier support system.

Series and rating of popular models

There is a rating in the description of which there are the most popular and popular models. Among springless versions, the Flex series from Ormafoam material stands out:

  • Orma Flex Model stands out among others with its five-zone surface, which takes into account the contours of the body and evenly distributes the load. The degree of hardness is medium. The maximum load per bed is 130 kg. The side height in this model is 16 cm. In a similar model, Orma Flex big, the side height is 23 cm.
  • From the Ocean series a new model stands out Ocean soft with the presence of such a material as Memorix 40 mm thick, with a memory effect. This model has a side height of 23 cm, can withstand loads up to 120 kg. Also, the model of this series has a special removable cover, the lower part of which is made of mesh, which provides excellent ventilation to all layers of the product.
  • Among the options with an independent spring block stand out series: Dream, Optima, Seasom. Dream series enjoys extraordinary popularity due to its fillers and unusual arrangement of the springs.
  • In model Dream Memo 4 D Matrix the springs have increased strength due to an increase in the thickness of the wire, each spring is located as close as possible to the adjacent one, all elements are connected to each other only in the central part. In addition, Memorix filler is present in this model. This mattress with a height of 26 cm can withstand a load of up to 160 kg, has an average stiffness and provides point support to the spine thanks to a combination of fillers.
  • Model Dream Memo SS It differs from the previous one with the spring block Smart Spring, thanks to which exact zoning is possible, achieved due to the variability of the height of the spring, which is in an uncompressed state. In addition, the block has transition zones of rigidity. The presence of this unit significantly improves the support of the spinal column. The model can withstand a load of 150 kg. The Dream Max SS model differs from the Dream Memo SS filler. Instead of Memorix, natural latex is used here.
  • The Seasom series is popular for the presence in the products of natural latex and different degrees of rigidity on each side. The Season Max SSH model differs in the strengthened block of springs Smart Spring. One surface is more rigid due to a 3 cm thicker layer of coir.The other one has an average stiffness, since the latex layer is located closest to the surface, and the coir layer is only 1 cm.
  • In the Season Mix 4 D Matrix model, the spring block is reinforced and is distinguished by maximum bias towards each other on the basis of honeycombs. In addition, in this model, the latexed coir is located only on one side, therefore the side without the coir is softer than the average. The mattress can withstand a load of 160 kg.
  • The Optima series is available with varying degrees of stiffness. There are models with a soft surface Optima Lux EVS, Optima Light EVS and there is a model with a surface of medium degree of rigidity Optima Classic EVS. Optima Classic EVS is in demand for an optimal price-quality ratio. Latexed coir on both sides and 416 springs per berth with an increased coil thickness of 1.9 cm provide this mattress with an average stiffness. This model can withstand loads of 130 kg and has a service life of 10 years.
  • Among the series with an independent block of springs, it is impossible not to mention the Comfort series. with different degrees of rigidity, the models of which withstand a load of 150 kg, do not require turning over and have several layers of various fillers in their composition.

Models for children

Models for babies are created taking into account their anatomical features.Natural materials that are part of the products are hypoallergenic. Mattresses of various sizes and degrees of stiffness are not subject to deformation and perfectly support the spine. A wide range of children's mattresses covers all age categories: from newborns to teenagers:

  • For kids up to 3 years mattress is suitable Kids health with a side height of 9 cm and an average degree of stiffness that can withstand loads of up to 50 kg. In its composition there is a hypoallergenic filler Hollcon, which does not absorb moisture and odors, thanks to which the cleanliness and freshness of the bed will be guaranteed.
  • Kids Smart model with independent 4 D Smart spring unit has the same stiffness on both sides, provided with a coconut coir of 2 cm. Suitable for children from 3 to 16 years. This model withstands a load of 100 kg and has a side height of 17 cm.
  • Kids Classic Model ideal for newborns, as it contributes to the formation of the spine. The coconut coir with antibacterial effect, 6 cm thick and impregnated with latex, perfectly passes air.
  • From double-sided mattresses for children up to 3 years old the model stands out Kids Double. On the one hand, there is a coconut coir 3 cm thick, and on the other, natural latex.While the child is very small it is better to use the side with coir, and for the grown-up baby the latex surface is suitable.
  • For children from 1 year old model is suitable Kids Soft, which has Ormafoam filler. This model perfectly supports the children's spine, while relieving muscle tension. In addition to the rectangular model, an oval-shaped Oval Kids Soft mattress and even a round Round Kids Soft are available.
  • For children from 3 to 12 years, the company has developed a model Kids Comfort with EVS spring block and varying degrees of side stiffness. The surface with coconut coir is more suitable for children under six years old, and for older children it is better to use the side with Ormafoam filler.

Mattress covers

In order for the acquired mattress to serve as long as possible, Ormatek company produces mattress covers and covers with different properties.

Mattress covers and covers from the company will help not only to preserve the appearance of the mattress, but also to protect it from moisture and dust with the help of special impregnations. Waterproof membrane The membrane is applied to the wrong side of the canvas, and the top of the cover has a cotton base. In the model Dry Big the top consists of a terry cloth, and the board is made of sateen.The cover is fastened to the mattress with the help of an elastic band running along the bottom of the board. This model is suitable for mattresses with a side height of 30-42 cm. And in the Dry Light model, the top consists of Tencel canvas, and the sides are made of cotton fabric.

In the Ocean Dry Max model, moisture resistant fabric is located not only along the main surface, but also on the sides of the case. The Verda Veil Light and Verda Veil models are specifically designed for high-sided mattresses. The basis of the cover is knitted wear-resistant fabric, which has a light massage effect.

For thin mattresses and toppers the company has developed many mattress covers with various effects. For reliable fastening they are equipped with four rubber bands. The Lux Hard mattress pad enhances the stiffness of the bed, and the Max mattress pad helps soften the mattress with natural latex. And in the Perina mattress pad, Senso Touch is used as a softener, which not only softens the bed, but also has a memory effect.

A large variety of covers and mattress covers produced by the company will allow everyone to choose the most suitable option for your mattress.

Which mattress to choose?

The company produces a huge variety of models, and to choose the best option you need to follow some rules:

  • If you prefer spring mattresses, it is necessary to give preference to products with an independent unit. Such models support the spine well, do not have the effect of a hammock, and are suitable for couples with a significant difference in weight. The more springs on 1 square. meter, the more pronounced orthopedic effect.
  • When choosing to take into account body weight. For people of dense body fit products with a hard surface. And for people of frail physique mattresses have a soft surface. For couples with a significant difference in weight, it is worth buying two mattresses with the most comfortable surfaces for each and combining them into one case or ordering a mattress, where each half will have its own rigidity.
  • For young people under 25 and children mattresses with a hard surface are more suitable. This is due to the long formation of the spinal column.
  • For older people less rigid models are more suitable.
  • The best option for most people is a two-sided version with different degrees of stiffness of the sides. This mattress is suitable not only for healthy people, but also for people with spinal diseases.The degree of stiffness of the mattress in case of spinal problems is determined by the attending physician, and specialists Ormatek company will help you choose the most suitable option.

Customer Reviews

Most buyers who have purchased orthopedic mattresses of the company Ormatek Satisfied with my purchase. Almost all buyers note the absence of back pain and a great feeling in the morning. Many note that the company’s mattresses Ormatek Ideal in size for all beds. Most agree that the purchase of an additional case saved the mattress from all sorts of misunderstandings: spilled tea, leaking felt-tip pen and other troubles. Almost all buyers note that the mattress from this company after long-term operation not only has a presentable appearance, but has not lost its functionality.

For how to choose an Ormatek mattress, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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