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The American company Serta is a well-known manufacturer of orthopedic mattresses, because it uses the latest technology, high-quality materials and fillers, and also attracts the attention of stylish design. All mattresses have a modern block of independent springs, which provides convenience and comfort during a night's rest.

Features and benefits

The American company Serta was created in 1931 - thanks to the merger of several small companies. Today, it produces high-quality orthopedic mattresses that are approved by the US National Sleep Foundation. The company acts as the official supplier of products for many hotels in the country.

In Russia, Serta products are manufactured under license by Ascona.

All mattresses from the American company Serta are made on the basis of using the Comfort Quit spring system. It consists of independent springs, made of solid wire, which is heat treated before use. This gives the springs durability, practicality and reliability. Each spring is presented in a separate case - to pass air and create a good microclimate.

The spring unit is made on the basis of technology "Flexzone Support System 4D Spring", a feature of which is that the height of the springs is different. They are fixed only in the center, while the top and bottom of the spring remains free to move. Spring flexibility provides orthopedic effect and softness of the surface of the product, improves blood circulation.

In the manufacture of Serta mattresses, many technologies are used that allow all products to meet international standards. Serta has developed and patented the Advanced Comfort Quilt system - to create convenience and comfort.

The top layer provides micromassage effect.

Serta in the manufacture of mattresses with orthopedic effect uses modern technology "Cool Balance", thanks to which knitwear has an increased density. The manufacturer adds in the manufacture of knitwear fiber and cellulose pulp, extracted from white-trunked pine. This technology is responsible for the thermal regime of the product.

On hot days, you will feel cool, and in the winter you can warm up in a warm bed.

All models from Serta are equipped with the Total Edge system - for enhanced support and to prevent rolling off the couch. On the sides, the mattresses include a porous 3D mesh. It perfectly removes moisture and contributes to excellent ventilation. This technology is called "Aero System".

The manufacturer uses the modern technology "Smart Clean System", the product consists of removable plates - to ensure ease in cleaning from dust and dirt.

In the manufacture of orthopedic mattresses, the company uses both natural and artificial fillers. All materials are patented and have certificates "CertiPUR". All products are made on the original equipment, under the control of the company.

What is better Mediflex?

Serta and Mediflex are two well-known manufacturers of orthopedic mattresses. Each brand uses unique technologies and high-quality fillers, but there are some differences.

Mediflex mattresses have an Adaptive System spring unit (seven zones of elasticity of the product). The springs are made from wire of different diameters, which creates the possibility of adjusting the stiffness and proper distribution of the load on the mattress.

Models from Serta are based on a block of independent springs that do not affect each other. They respond well even to small movements of your body. The system responds well to the load, it is durable and reliable.

The main advantage of Serta mattresses with orthopedic effect is the use of the breathing system “OxyFoam”, which provides a wonderful air exchange.


Serta produces mattresses with orthopedic effect, using a block of independent springs and innovative technologies, high-quality fillers and modern equipment. The manufacturer offers two product lines: “Natural Start” and “Perfect Sleeper”.

Perfect sleeper

The line “Perfect Sleeper” was created by the best specialists of the company (together with the US National Sleep Fund) through the use of innovative technologies. All models in this series allow you to recover not only during sleep.

The mattress acts as a source of strength and energy at any time of the day.

All products are equipped with a latex system - for uniform distribution of pressure and good blood circulation. TThe “Memory Form” technology allows you to take the form of the body, while reducing the pressure on the shoulders and hips. The upper layer is well ventilated and provides the effect of micromassage. Spring block provides ideal back support.

The mattresses from the collection “Perfect Sleeper” are equipped with a thermoregulation system.. You will feel comfortable both on hot days and in the cold season. The Total Edge perimeter reinforcement system allows you to use the entire surface of the mattress.

Natural start

When creating the “Natural Start” line, modern technologies were used. Models are made from environmentally friendly natural fillers with original properties. Each model is made on the basis of an independent spring block and is equipped with a cover made of organic cotton.

All models are characterized by their ability to withstand heavy loads, but the maximum is 140 kg. Among the models of this collection you can find products with medium, high rigidity. Height is from 20 to 27 cm.


The American manufacturer Serta in the manufacture of orthopedic mattresses uses modern and very high-quality materials and fillers that ensure the correct position during sleep and maximum comfort.

The main fillers of mattresses from the brand Serta:

  1. Special foam "Oxy Comfort" with orthopedic effect has an open structure, which is perfectly breathable. In the ensemble with a perforated porous type, this foam forms the original material with excellent air circulation.
  2. Material "BambooFlex" due to the porous texture and the use of carbon impregnation provides a micromassage effect.
  3. Latex "Talalay" produced by special technology. Its main differences from the usual latex - four times better breathable, noiseless, hypoallergenic. The product quickly takes body temperature.
  4. "Memory Foam" - the original filler, which quickly takes the form of the body, while there is no pressure on the hips and shoulders. Thanks to this technology, the spine is securely supported during the night's rest, and the muscles are completely relaxed.
  5. "Eco Latex" provides softness of a mattress, and also good ventilation. It is characterized by increased wear resistance, perfectly restores shape, and is also able to withstand significant loads. Through the use of the latex layer, the mattress helps to improve blood circulation.
  6. "Serta Viscopur" - a unique memory foam, which consists of microscopic springs.The presence of this material allows you to create the effect of weightlessness. Open cells of this technology are responsible for good ventilation.
  7. "Contour Foam" - original development with a porous structure. This technology attracts the attention of micromassage effect, and also provides excellent ventilation of the product.

White felt is an intermediate layer between the spring mechanism and the soft, elastic filler. It is made from organic cotton, gives the products rigidity, elasticity and elasticity.

Popular models


Astoria is a two-sided model that attracts attention with the Oxy Comfort system, which promotes good breathability. This mattress is characterized by a high degree of rigidity, it is suitable for people weighing up to 140 kg.

The weight of the product depends on its size, but on average is 19 kg.

The orthopedic mattress "Astoria" is ideal for people who have back problems:

  • It allows you to relieve pain thanks to the correct support of the spine.
  • It can be used for partners with different weights.
  • This model has a spring block “720FlexZone ™ Support System” with the well-known “4D Spring” design, as well as an original system for supporting the product around the perimeter - “Total Edge”.


Orthopedic mattress "Dorsey" is presented in the form of a versatile and functional model that allows you to easily change the level of rigidity. The product is made of material "Memory Foam", which allows the body to relax. Breathable technology "Oxy Comfort" is designed to provide comfort at any time of the year.

The orthopedic mattress is made in a practical case of white felt. The height of the product is 25 cm. One side has an average level of stiffness, and the second - high.

Orland park

Attractive mattress "Orland Park" refers to the lineup of "Perfect Sleeper". Its main feature is the presence of a large number of springs. This product can withstand loads up to 140 kg. The model is equipped with the Oxy Comfort system - for good ventilation. .

“Memory Foam” and “Latex” are used as fillers.

The main characteristics of the Orland Park model are the optimum level of stiffness, excellent breathability and reliable back support during the night's rest. The product has a weight of more than 27 kg and reaches a height of 33 cm.


The mattress “Caledonia” with orthopedic effect is a vivid example from the “Natural Start. The model includes a spring block and a “BambooFlexco” filler with special impregnation,which allows to neutralize the charge of electric or static action and provides a light massage. The case is made of a pleasant and durable cotton.

It is designed for heavy loads and is also capable of providing excellent support for the spine.

San marino

The orthopedic mattress San Marino attracts attention with its low degree of rigidity:

  • It is also capable of withstanding loads up to 140 kg.
  • This model includes several layers.
  • The cover is sewn from Comfort Quilt cotton fabric.
  • To protect the mattress created a reliable layer of flax "Organic Flax".
  • The mattress is equipped with a highly elastic “Memory Foam” system, which allows you to easily take the form of a body.

Your back will feel the maximum support - thanks to the use of the development of the Support System.


The Kilimanjaro model is distinguished by the following features:

  • It has a hardness level below average.
  • Its softness is achieved due to the presence of layers of organic cotton, latex and flax.
  • This mattress is able to withstand a load of up to 140 kg.
  • The top layer of the product is represented by the material of the porous structure with carbon impregnation "BambooFlex" - to ensure excellent ventilation.


The manufacturer offers double mattresses, which are intended not only for personal use, but also for the equipment of hotels and hotels.

A mattress of 200 × 160 cm is the best option for a double bed. It provides healthy and sound sleep for two people. For more comfort, you should pay attention to the model with dimensions of 180 × 200 cm. A mattress with dimensions of 140 × 200 cm is suitable for one-and-a-half beds.

How to choose the right mattress for a healthy sleep, see below.

Customer Reviews for American Mattresses

Many users leave positive reviews about the quality and durability of orthopedic mattresses from the American brand Serta. They provide the correct position of the spine during rest, help to rest and relax.

The undeniable advantage of Serta products is a high-quality assembly, as well as the strength of the product (thanks to the use of an independent spring system). Serta mattress is great for double beds, it provides peace of mind for each partner during sleep.

A wide range of models allows you to choose the best option for any buyer. For example, a hard mattress is ideal for children.

Some users point out the overestimated cost of Serta products, but the high price fully pays off with the durability of the products. After buying the mattress, you need to air some time to get rid of the synthetic smell.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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