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The rest of the modern man should be not only pleasant, but also correct. It is extremely important to wake up rested, because the mood for the working day (and even health) sometimes depends on it. No matter how lured the ads and promises of sellers, it is important to choose the "right" mattress. Among the large selection of brand models, Askona orthopedic mattresses are particularly popular among buyers. This domestic company offers quality products and an individual approach to each client.

Features and benefits

Askona orthopedic mattresses stand out against their peers from other companies. The range includes a wide range of models that differ from each other in structure, filler, degree of rigidity and permissible load. Each material is selected carefully, tested before mass production in its own laboratory.

Orthopedic mats brand have a number of advantages. They:

  • performed for different age groups (for children and adults);
  • have a quality certificate and comply with the requirements of hygienic safety, there is a guarantee;
  • they are distinguished by a good selection of fillers, provide the desired effect (support for the spine);
  • have moderately hard as well as hard block type that prevents the user from falling down;
  • differ in big service life, resistance to mechanical damages;
  • no annoying sound when pressure is applied to the mat;
  • do not deform and do not lose elasticity with prolonged use;
  • due to the optimum density of the filler, the formation of dents is eliminated, there is no deformation of the edge;
  • They are made from natural and synthetic hypoallergenic raw materials that do not irritate the skin (they are suitable even for allergies);
  • they are distinguished by a large size range, which makes it possible to select a model taking into account the different parameters of the bed (with and without sides);
  • designed for a wide range of buyers, so you can choose a model based on your taste and wealth.

The disadvantage of most models of the company is the lack of a removable cover.The manufacturer believes that the cover should not be removed, because this procedure can cause damage to the design of the unit. In addition, complex designs are expensive, so not all buyers can afford such products.


Askona orthopedic mattresses are made on a spring or springless basis. Among all the products available, there are noteworthy models that will serve up to 15 years (if properly used).


Askona orthopedic mattresses on springs are made on the basis of an independent unit. In this case, each twisted spring, located vertically, is packed in a case of breathable textiles, so it does not connect with those that are near. The integrity of the metal mesh is ensured by connecting the covers themselves. When pressure is applied to the mat, only those springs are loaded. This ensures the correct position of the spine and eliminates unnatural postures during rest or sleep.

According to the type of structure, the products are composite, consisting of a metal mesh and orthopedic packing (a layer of solid filler).

Options with dependent springs can not be called orthopedic, since even with a solid additive the spine does not receive the necessary support.


Models of orthopedic mattresses Askona are made using modern technologies. The manufacturer uses all possible means in order to ensure not only the quality of the blocks, but also the correct body position, which is important for each user. The most popular options are:

  • "Hourglass" - Springs "hourglass", giving the unit both softness and elasticity;
  • "Hourglass Super" - 5-level support of the spine with a double row of springs (increases the maximum permissible load on the block, eliminates the deformation and the user rolls to the edge);
"Hourglass Super"
  • "Nano Pocket" - the system with which the mattress takes any sleeping posture, reacting to its slightest changes;
  • "Turn Free" - preservation of elasticity;
  • "Active Zone" - slight compression of the springs before being placed in the textile case (providing increased elasticity, maintaining the shape of the spring with a smaller case).
"Nano Pocket"
"Turn Free"
"Active Zone"

Springless mattresses

Models without springs do not have steel elements, so these products are completely silent. They are distinguished by elasticity and elasticity, they are divided into thin, standard (low) and fluffy (multi-layered).

The main part of the line of orthopedic mattresses is performed on a composite basis.Among them are particularly noteworthy options with double rigidity of the sides, allowing to vary the degree of rigidity, when necessary, as well as bilateral models "winter-summer". The second products are unique in that they have a remarkable heat exchange. Due to the natural filler, they will warm the body as much as necessary, eliminating the accumulation of moisture and overheating.


When creating the best models, the company uses the following types of stuffing:

  • natural latex - a derivative of foamed sap of the rubber tree Hevea, which has antiseptic effect and thermal stability;
  • coconut coir - compressed fiber from coconut pericarp tow with latex-based impregnation (hard, durable, durable packing);
Natural latex
Coconut coir
  • holofiber - spiral-shaped fibrous filler, not absorbing odors, moisture, repellent dust, quite elastic and wear-resistant material (additional gasket);
  • biokokos - a composition of coconut and polyester fibers, not influenced by moisture, odorless (very strong and durable material);
  • Orthopedic foam "Oxy Comfort" - hypoallergenic filler based on elastic foam, latex and viscolatex with a homogeneous sponge-like porous structure (excellent ventilated material, not subject to abrasion);
  • "Orto Foam" - an anatomical foam capable of taking the shape of the user's body and providing support for the spine without compromising comfort;
  • "BambooFlex" - Eco bamboo with carbon bamboo, characterized by micromassage and antistatic effects, which can neutralize the magnetic effect on the body (neutralizes the static electricity of the springs).
"Oxy Comfort"
"Orto Foam"

The manufacturer uses not only basic fillers, but also insulating layers of felt, merino wool, and thermally bonded flax, which removes formaldehyde from mattresses.

Upholstery mattresses of the company is made from:

  • jersey “Askona Sleep Style”;
  • long pile velor;
  • thick jacquard with not very catchy print;
  • terry cloth.
Knitwear "Askona Sleep Style"
Long velor
Thick jacquard
Terry Cloth

In most cases, the cover is made in white and milky colors, although sometimes in the collection you can find products in light gray and beige tones.


The sizes of Askona mattresses depend on the model, parameters and shape of the bed, the number of beds. A series of orthopedic mattresses is a rectangular design for one or two places:

  • Children's group consists of springless blocks with a thickness of 8 and 11.5 cm. The dimensions of this ruler are 60 × 120, 65 × 215, 70 × 160, 80 × 160 cm.
  • Adult Models have a length and width of 80 × 190, 80 × 200, 90 × 200, 120 × 190, 120 × 200, 140 × 190, 140 × 200, 160 × 190, 160 × 200, 180 × 190, 180 × 200, 200 × 160, 200 × 190, 200 × 200 cm.

What to consider when buying?

The characteristics of such products are positive, but you need to buy a mattress strictly in accordance with the recommendations of the orthopedic surgeon or therapist. Without consultation, these mattresses can be obtained by users with good health, for whom it is important to fully relax overnight and wake up rested without harm to health. Those who have pain in the upper spine, osteochondrosis, arthritis, you should pay attention to the moderately soft model, so as not to aggravate the problem.

When buying, you cannot rely on external indicators, buying a model just because you like it. It is important to take into account the accuracy of the size, the condition of the spine, to find the right degree of rigidity, the height of the mat, the level of permissible load.

If a block is bought for a child, it is better to choose a model from coconut or latex. In infancy, the block should be monolithic. If the room is cool, you should pay attention to the model with thermoregulation. In such blocks, one side is complemented with felt or wool, and the second with flax. In winter, the child will be warm, and in the summer, in the heat - cool.

If an adult needs a mattress, it is worth choosing between a block with independent springs or a composite version of latex, coir and an additional insulation layer. The characteristics of such units are good, so the purchased mattress will last long enough.

Customer Reviews

The brand gets different reviews. Customers who have tried these mattresses, note their convenience and remarkable elasticity. Most users believe that the products from this manufacturer are really worth the investment. By purchasing these mattresses, you can be sure that sleep will not only be pleasant, but also healthy.

Among the negative comments there is an unpleasant chemical smell that does not erode within a month. In addition, new mattresses can crunch, which is not pleasant to picky customers with sleep disorders.Another fact that buyers pay attention to is the discrepancy between the size of the mattresses declared. If in some products it is not so noticeable, sometimes the difference reaches 15-20 cm, which can be seen with the naked eye: the block inside the case hangs loose.

On the First Channel, a release of the Test Purchase program with a representative of the Ascona factory Mikhail Filatov was released. All the advantages of this manufacturer of mattresses, see below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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