Orthopedic mattresses

Currently, everyone wants to make their life as comfortable and healthy as possible, which is why not only natural products, but also various items for daily use are in great demand on the modern market. The most important criterion is sleep. For a healthy sleep you need an orthopedic mattress - this is now realized by many. To dwell on the correct version, it is necessary to understand which one is recognized as the best and which advantages it has.

What is it and how is it different from a regular mattress?

This mattress fixes the position of the back, neck and lower back so that a person does not experience discomfort during sleep. Such a product is able to support the spine at the expense of its springless base.And the fillers, which are placed throughout the body, adapt to the body of each person as much as possible.

It is worth noting that the body is unique, and each has certain postures for sleeping, in which people feel comfortable. Therefore, an orthopedic mattress (as opposed to the usual) must repeat every bend and not have hollows or convex parts. The most popular option is a mattress with medium stiffness, because too hard can damage the spine, and too soft does not return to its former shape.

Another characteristic of this product is precisely orthopedic. During sleep, it is impossible to control the position of the back, so when choosing a regular mattress, you can easily get scoliosis or chondrosis. To avoid such an outcome can only buy a mattress of the appropriate type.

The weight of orthopedic mattresses is quite significant, because in such a product there are all kinds of fillers that can relax your back during sleep, bringing comfort.

Soft options are designed for the elderly, pregnant women and for those who are in rehabilitation in the postoperative period.

It should be noted that hard mattresses are suitable for those who suffer from a disease of the joints, for children whose spine is at the developmental stage, and for those who are overweight.

Benefits, advantages and disadvantages

This type of mattress relatively recently became popular and in demand in our country. It can not cure from diseases associated with the spine, but can eliminate them at the initial stage of development.

The benefits of this product are:

  • in that it leads to a state of complete muscle relaxation;
  • repeats all bends;
  • using a special impregnation eliminates the appearance of various fungi and bacteria;
  • distributes the load throughout the body, relieving the spine;
  • made of natural materials, eliminating the risk of allergies.

Not to mention the benefits of an orthopedic mattress with shape memory.

  • it adapts to the weight of the person;
  • convenient at any time of the year;
  • different ecological and healing properties;
  • does not allow the spine to bend;
  • has anatomical features.

Do not forget about the shortcomings.

  • Both spring and springless mattress has a rather heavy weight, every six months you need to turn it over.
  • Another significant disadvantage is that the glued layers can have peculiar smellwhich disappears within a few days.

They also have contraindications: they are forbidden to those who experience pain in the lumbar region.


At present, the choice of a mattress is quite a laborious and lengthy process, since among the many models it is necessary to select the most comfortable and convenient option, one that will not cause any harm to health. In today's market there are a number of different models. To get a really high-quality mattress, you need to understand the types:

  • Spring with independent springs. The essence of such a product is springs, which are placed in a special case and work separately from each other. This type of maximum repeats every bend of the body. This mattress is different orthopedic effect, allows you to feel a state of complete comfort during sleep, distributes the load. These models have a high price, but they guarantee a quality and healthy sleep.
  • Water. Such a mattress in appearance does not differ from the usual.However, one has only to lie down - and the difference is undoubtedly felt. Lightness is a key word in the characterization of just such a product. These mattresses are skeptical, but they have several advantages.

Water models improve blood circulation, support the back, have a heating system, so the place will never be cold, they have a stiffness system that adapts to any type of build. They are hypoallergenic and able to calm the nerves.

  • Springless. These mattresses are filled with various fillers in the form of cotton, linen or latex. There are high and low degrees of orthopedic - depending on the filler. It can be chosen in accordance with the recommendations of the doctor, because children, for example, are contraindicated for too soft mattresses, and those who suffer from diseases of the lower back, on the contrary, are not recommended to choose solid models.
  • Summer Winter. This type of mattress has a double-sided surface, one of which retains heat, and the other - moisture, leveling the surface. On the one hand, it has a soft base, on the other - tough. The price of such products is different, since everything depends exclusively on the content and material of the selected model.
  • Roll up roll. This type is very easy to transport, because it fits easily even in the car. However, this model has a number of drawbacks that need to be mentioned. When twisting on the mattress has a significant load that can noticeably spoil it. After purchase it can not be used within 72 hours, this factor is one of the most negative.
  • Folding. It may seem that this type of mattress is no different from the usual, but it consists of three folding parts that can be folded and easily fit into one of the cabinets. He will serve as a great helper if guests have come. After all, such a folding mattress will replace the bed and will be as comfortable as possible, since it adapts to the characteristics of the human body as much as possible. Among the features can be noted a relatively small weight due to the thickness, compactness, temperature control and moisture resistance.
  • With balls inside. It is the mattress with polymer balls that has a massage effect, provides prophylaxis for various pains in the back area and improves sleep with the help of its dual form in the form of a wave.Transverse waves support the body, provide a massage effect. Transverse relaxes every part of the body.

  • With plates. This mattress is chosen by many. It affects all muscle groups and relaxes throughout the sleep. Thanks to the built-in plates, it is perfect for those who have joint damage, sciatica, arthrosis, arthritis or osteochondrosis. With the help of them, there is a certain heating of the sore spot, as well as the removal of pain.
  • Bilateral. Such models make it possible to sleep on two sides, but they must be turned over every six months to avoid deformation. You can buy such a mattress both in terms of rigidity, as well as different, it all depends on personal preferences.

It should be noted that each mattress is divided into classes:

  • Premium When creating such mattresses are used multi-layer structures that provide good sleep and rest. They are made of high quality materials (according to modern developments). To feel comfortable after sleep, not to be lethargic and not have problems with the spine, it is worth spending once on expensive elite models.Owners of such products are not disappointed in their choice.
  • Economy This option is quite reliable - despite its budget price. With the help of certain technologies, this product supports the back so that it stays level overnight, relaxes various muscle groups - and simply provides comfort. It is worth noting that low cost is not a reason to be skeptical about such a mattress. It (unlike an ordinary standard mattress) is durable and strong.
  • The usual. They have a classic spring block, but do not have the orthopedic properties inherent in the above models. In the modern market, wadded mattresses have gained great popularity, but only because of their low cost. If you want to take care of your health, this option should be excluded, because cotton models do not support the spine, are easily deformed and absorb moisture.

Currently, almost every manufacturer is trying to adapt to the interests and taste of the buyer, making mattresses of different shapes and fillings. For example, very popular on the market are round mattresses and products for sliding beds.

Fashion trends do not stand still. Products designed to sleep, which are made in the form of a circle, are no longer a novelty for anyone. This option is ideal not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a functional one. The beauty of such a mattress is combined with convenience, since it has no corners or straight lines. But it should be noted that it must be deployed every month or turned over to avoid the appearance of cavities.

Composition and fillers

Modern models, as a rule, are made of quality materials. Cotton uncomfortable mattresses have long been a thing of the past, they are practically not found in stores. To choose a mattress that is as close as possible to your wishes, you need to consider several types of fillers. So you can fully determine the choice to make the right decision:

  • Latex. This filler is one of the ideal because it is natural. It turns out latex from the sap of the Hevea tree, which undergoes special processing and gets the look we are used to. Due to its naturalness, latex does not allow mites, various fungi, because it is environmentally friendly.

This option is very convenient, because it adapts to the human body, caving in the right places - and vice versa. This product is durable and differs in such a feature as the lack of heating during sleep, and this is especially important in the summer.

  • From polyurethane foam (PPU). This material is quite specific, but it looks like a regular foam rubber. It is hypoallergenic, resilient and elastic, has orthopedic properties. Many people believe that artificial material or foam can harm, but this is absolutely not the case. Polyurethane models do not contain any chemical compounds that could adversely affect health.

In order for such a mattress to please the owners for many years, it is necessary to follow some rules: remove dust with a vacuum cleaner, dry only in a ventilated room or in the open air, turn the product every six months (to avoid deformation).

  • Foam rubber. This traditional filler is losing its former popularity every day since it is being supplanted due to the appearance of a large amount of first-class materials. But foam mattresses are currently being purchased by people who donate their health due to the low cost of this model.Among the positive qualities can be noted multifunctional, easy care, good ventilation and moisture resistance.
  • Ortofiber. This filler is artificial, it is created by a special technology and has a springy structure. Due to this, the mattress has such features as high orthopedic and maximum comfort. This mattress is not deformed, has good breathability, durability.
  • Bamboo. When creating a mattress, not the trunk of the tree itself is used, but its inner filling, which is the basis. It is created without the use of any chemical elements. This filler is characterized by antibacterial action. It is suitable for people with asthma or various types of allergies. The fiber is light enough, such a mattress "air". Unpleasant odors do not enter into it, since the air among bamboo fibers is able to circulate quite freely. You can use it for a long time, as it is not subjected to deformation, therefore - elastic and durable.
  • Holofiber It is created by artificial means. Due to the lightweight parts of polyester, such a filler does not lose its shape, it is perfectly breathable and is always filled with heat.The advantages of such a mattress include the fact that it is suitable for allergies and is not inferior to other types of fillers. Among the features can be identified elasticity, ventilation, wear resistance, minimal absorption of odors, the absence of fungi and bacteria.
  • Gel This filler best remembers the form. The gel due to its structure can memorize three directions at once. That gel mattresses are designed for people who undergo rehabilitation after surgery. This product is very comfortable that some consumers appreciate. However, it is bought quite rarely, because it has a narrow application.


Any mattress, as a rule, supports the back and spine - due to its rigidity, which is unique to it. Similar the products are divided into several groups, about which everyone needs to know - in order to choose the right mattress:

  • Soft. It is suitable for people with low weight or for the elderly. You should not buy such a mattress for children and teenagers, since their skeleton is only being formed, and excessive softness can only worsen the situation.
  • Semi-rigid Such a mattress due to its medium hardness is able to support the back and spinal health. Many people who have acquired a semi-rigid model, notice a marked improvement in sleep, mood and well-being.
  • Hard. These options are intended for people suffering from diseases such as scoliosis and osteochondrosis. They are suitable for children who have only formed a bone system. Fat people sleep on these mattresses are not worth it.


To approach the purchase of a mattress and bed you need to wisely and accurate calculation. These two products are simply obliged to fit each other perfectly in size, otherwise you can simply forget about healthy sleep. An oversized mattress can hunch, and a small mattress does not fill the bed completely, creating a gap.

Even an expensive mattress of premium quality and class with the wrong choice can bring a lot of discomfort, and from a dream in this case you will get a minimum of pleasure and comfort. To distinguish mattresses, it is necessary to divide the available sizes into groups.

Single beds: 80 × 190 cm; 80 × 200 cm; 80 × 180 cm; 80 × 160 cm; 90 × 200 cm

Half-Sleeper: 120 × 190 cm; 120 × 195 cm; 120 × 200 cm; 110 × 190 cm; 150 × 200 cm; 135 × 200 cm

2 bedrooms: 140 × 190 cm; 140 × 195 cm; 140 × 200 cm; 160 × 190 cm; 160 × 200 cm; 180 × 190 cm; 180 × 195 cm; 180 × 200 cm; 190-200 × 190 cm; 190-200 × 195 cm; 190-200 × 200 cm; 190 × 90 cm; 200 × 200 cm; 100 × 200 cm; 100 × 190 cm; 175 × 90 cm

Baby standard: 60 × 120 cm; 70 × 190 cm; 70 × 160; 70 × 200 cm; 70 × 140 cm

The height of the mattress depends entirely on your taste preferences.

But it should be noted that the individual wishes when choosing should be forgotten for people who are overweight, because it is desirable for them to acquire models of high type. So it will be possible to avoid the maximum degree of deflection of the mattress.

Rating of the best manufacturers

There is a wide range of mattresses on the market today, each of which has special characteristics. Each manufacturer maximally adapts to the potential buyer, improving its product and making it original. But for the correct choice of the mattress is not enough to know their purpose and the main points. Only with the help of reviews and proven companies can compare all the information and purchase a really high quality mattress that will last for many years:

  • German mattresses They are famous for high quality and make a person’s sleep as pleasant and healthy as possible.When creating any model, the Germans (thanks to innovative technologies and high-quality materials) create premium-class mattresses, the comfort from which you will feel the first night. In a word, there is simply no point in giving in to doubts about the quality of German mattresses.
  • It is worth noting the manufacturer, called Ikea. It is his products that are of high quality and affordable price. The company provides a large selection of mattresses, the warranty period of which exceeds 20 years. If the mattress does not fit you, the store can return the money within three months from the date of purchase, which is very convenient. The company produces spring, springless, toppers and children's mattresses.
  • The standard of durability, quality and maximum comfort in modern times are Italian mattresses. When creating any model, Italians use only new materials and technologies: latex foam or materials with shape memory. They successfully practice the use of materials with a porous texture, which makes the mattress hard, breathable and hypoallergenic. Mattresses are impregnated with natural compounds that affect a person only in a refreshing way.

How to choose for daily use?

It should be noted that the mattress must be chosen not only by external criteria, but also by internal characteristics, based on the material from which it is made, on the degree of rigidity and on the purpose associated with age, weight and disease.

The mattress for the elderly, as a rule, should be moderately soft, since the joints of the hard model can ache and health deteriorate. Approach to the choice you need to be extremely serious and cautious. Often such a choice is an unsolvable problem, since the majority of older people tend to be conservative. This, unfortunately, has a profound effect on health, since even the smallest cavity can cause spinal curvature.

Doctors recommend at this age to choose orthopedic mattresses, because they repeat all the bends of the body and as quickly as possible return to their previous position.

It is necessary to take into account that elderly people are more likely to be disturbed by falling asleep. Their sleep is very sensitive, and there is literally every hillock or hollow. To avoid such inconvenience, it is necessary to choose the right mattress.

Everyone knows that those extra pounds provide an extra load on the spine. Standard mattresses are not designed for such loads, deflection occurs, which adversely affects health. For obese people and with a lot of weight, sleeping will not be useful in this case. On the contrary, a state of drowsiness and fatigue will appear.

Mattresses specifically designed for this category of people can now be found in almost any manufacturer. The main features and criteria will be high strength, resistance to deformation, loads and orthopedic properties.

Mattresses for adults can be completely different in their design characteristics. Everything depends only on personal wishes or on the recommendations of the doctor. Depending on the degree of illness of the spine or joints, a hard or moderately hard mattress is selected, which can only bring pleasant sensations to the wearer and ensure healthy sleep.

After spinal surgery, with hernia, with osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine, it is necessary to buy a mattress that will be endowed with orthopedic properties and which will take the maximum shape of the human body,helps to relax the muscles of the neck and spine.

It is necessary to mention the mattress with compressor - anti-decubitus product. When buying such a product, you need to pay attention to what it is made of. The most suitable option would be a mattress of rubberized fabric, which is cleaned without much difficulty. It must have a blower system so that there is no discomfort. But the most important thing is the presence of a silent compressor.

When choosing a model for a student, it is necessary to compare only hard mattresses or products with medium hardness (with independent springs). It is necessary to take into account the height and weight of a teenager - these are very important factors. The best option, of course, will be a mattress with natural filler, which will only have a positive effect on the health of the child.

Care and maintenance

Each mattress has its own life. However, it is possible to extend it for several years, only by putting some effort, carefully caring for it. The main thing is to put it correctly, so that it does not deform, so that there are no additional folds or hillocks.

The base here plays a significant role.It is a wooden lattice that facilitates the passage of air and has excellent anatomical properties. A bed with an iron frame will be harder to move, you can only put it on the floor and forget about the movements. However, having such a basis, one can be sure that under the influence of a large body mass or jumping children it will not break.

The most convenient covers are, of course, covers on a lightningtherefore, it is worth looking at exactly this type (due to the maximum degree of convenience).

It is also worth noting the mattress topper, which must be cleaned. If it is removable, it can be easily removed and washed in a typewriter, but the non-removable device has to be cleaned by hand, removing stains using a special tool.

Another essential part of a comfortable bed is topper. This is a thin mattress that does not require special care. It is necessary only occasionally shake it out and wash it - in accordance with the characteristics of the material from which it is made.

It should be noted that the pad with orthopedic effect, if any, also requires care. But we must remember that in no case can it be beaten out.You can only vacuum, and ideally - just brush it.

Customer Reviews

When choosing any mattress, it is necessary to study all its characteristics, features and read reviews of people who have purchased this or that model from some manufacturers.

A large number of positive reviews sent to the mattresses of the company Askona Victory. They are quite actively advertised and are popular because they are endowed with such qualities as keeping shape, sagging in the places necessary for this.

Another good mattress (according to customer reviews) is the "Ormatek Season Max 4D Matrix". This model is two-sided, it is endowed with two sides, different in rigidity, which is very convenient. Thanks to the independent block of springs, the natural components of the composition, and the anatomical properties, it will not only give pleasure to the owner, but also ensure a good healthy sleep.

Perhaps the third popular mattress is the "Sporty Spring" Schlaraffia. The company has been on the market for more than 100 years, and therefore it has earned the trust of customers. It is this model that has not only positive characteristics, but also a quite reasonable price, which cannot but delight consumers.This mattress is different in that it is divided into two parts, each of which has a different rigidity. Such a mattress is designed for couples, since each side is made with regard to female and male anatomical features.

To choose the most suitable option, you need to take into account a variety of factors. Compare several products, their characteristics - and after that it will be possible to determine the choice. So you will not be disappointed in the end.

How to choose the right orthopedic mattress, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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