Hard orthopedic mattresses

Human health depends on various components, among which one of the main is quality sleep. With its help, all forces are quickly restored, and the state of health is maintained at an optimal level. Experts recommend to pay attention to the surface on which the sleeper lies. Today, the best choice for many people will be hard mattresses that create excellent conditions to support the body.

Types of surfaces

Orthopedic mattresses are a great opportunity to get maximum relaxation of the body with optimal support during sleep. There are several classifications of rigid surfaces. Depending on the surface structure, they can be divided into the following groups:

  • Spring construction. Mattresses of this type are made of independent springs.Each individual element is placed in a special bag or plastic frame. This does not allow the spring to affect neighboring elements while creating pressure only on it. The rigidity of this surface is provided by special fillers and gaskets, which are placed on top of independent blocks. This allows you to change the characteristics without changing the base of the product.

The number of springs may vary depending on the model. Quality mattresses are considered, in which this value reaches 500 or more pieces on a standard product area. It should be understood that the higher this value, the more expensive the product.

  • Springless. Products of this type are made from several layers of natural or artificial fillers. They are distinguished by the lack of a strong frame, but this does not prevent them from being tough. To regulate this characteristic, the mattress can consist of several layers of different density and stiffness.


Manufacturers of hard mattresses produce products for various age categories. The sizes of the surfaces can be very different. Standard single model can have parameters 80 * 190 cm. Double modifications are characterized by several classic dimensions:

  • 160x200 cm;
  • 140x200 cm;
  • 160x180 cm

Mattresses with dimensions of 160, 180 cm and more are suitable for couples, for example. It should be noted that the mattresses are non-standard sizes. Such products are rare, since they are not in special demand. As for thickness, this value can vary over a wide range from 5 to 25 cm. Thin mattresses can also be hard. But they are mainly used as a leveling layer for sofas or old beds.

Recommendations for use

Hard mattresses are not a universal remedy. Of course, they contribute to the quality support of the spine, but they can create discomfort for certain groups of people. Therefore, experts recommend the use of such products only in some cases:

  1. The best solution is hard mattresses for people who have problems with the musculoskeletal system. Often, these surfaces allow you to slightly level your posture and reduce the load on the spine.
  2. In order to prevent health. Periodic use of hard surfaces does not allow the spine to bend, which, in turn, delays the onset of specific diseases.

In some cases, mattresses of medium hardness may become an alternative to such products. They have almost the same features, but for certain groups of people they will be somewhat more comfortable.


Hard mattresses are made of various materials, among which the most popular are:

  • Coconut coir. The material is a fiber, which is obtained from natural coconut. The toughest of natural products. Among its positive characteristics can be noted high strength and hygiene. Coir mattresses do not cause allergies and very well pass moisture. To increase the life of the fiber, it is impregnated with latex.
  • Sisal. Products from the leaves of the Agave are distinguished by their universal moisture-proof properties and high strength. Static electricity does not form on the surface of the material, it is completely safe for humans and does not cause allergic reactions.
Coconut coir
  • Abaca Fibers (textile banana).Mattresses are characterized by high flexibility and elasticity. The rigidity of the surface can be compared with products from coconut coir.
  • Felt. Products is a derivative of sheep wool or organic cotton. It should be noted the high density of the material, which can reach 145 kg / cu. m. Mattresses are very poorly heat, so they can be used both in winter and in summer.
Abaca Fibers
  • Spunbond. The derivative of polypropylene can have a density of up to 85 kg / cu. m. Substance differs in small weight. The term of operation of a mattress from a spanbond can reach 15 years. The substance is completely hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. Products are characterized by high elasticity and hygroscopicity.
  • Jute. Another representative of natural material. Perfectly resists moisture, does not rot and is completely hypoallergenic.

It should be noted that in the manufacture of mattresses, all these substances can be combined. This allows you to create different zones of rigidity, which are intended for specific areas of the body. In this way, the surface adapts to the personmaking his stay enjoyable and rewarding.

Popular manufacturers

The modern market is saturated with rigid orthopedic mattresses. It is not always possible to choose the best product option. Among all this diversity, there are several most popular manufacturers:

  • Ascona. The company presents many models of hard mattresses. This product is made from safe materials only.
  • Ormatek. The company is constantly working to improve their products. Only high-quality materials from well-known European manufacturers are used as components.
  • Toris, consul, as well as other companies.

Criterias of choice

Hard mattresses are universal, but when buying them you should consider several individual factors:

  • The age of the person. A hard surface for older people can be uncomfortable. Many of them prefer softer options. Hard construction experts recommend buying for children. During this period, the spine is formed, and it should receive quality support. Please note that for infants mattresses should be selected only with the help of a specialist.
  • The weight of a person. Many types of hard mattresses have an upper limit that they can withstand without losing their characteristics. These parameters are specified by the manufacturer, which allows you to adapt the mattress to your complexion. If you buy the product without taking into account this factor, it may be uncomfortable.
  • The presence of diseases. Hard mattresses are great for people with various types of osteochondrosis and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It is important to choose the parameters of the surface, based on the recommendations of the orthopedist. This will allow you to purchase quality products that will not contribute to the deterioration of the disease.
  • The state of muscle tone. Many experts argue that a hard surface helps to relax more quickly. Therefore, mattresses of this type are suitable for people who expose the body to greater physical exertion (athletes, builders). An alternative to such a surface can be a flat wooden surface covered with several blankets.
  • Manufacturer. Give preference only to products of popular companies that operate in this market for a considerable time.
  • Material. Experts recommend buying mattresses that are made from natural fillers. As for the upholstery, it should preferably be made of cotton, as it is very well breathable and completely safe for humans.
  • The size. It is important that the dimensions of the mattress coincide with the parameters of the bed for which it is intended. If the bed of non-standard sizes, it is better to purchase a mattress under the order.

Before you choose a mattress, be sure to consult with experts. Only by analyzing all the individual characteristics of a person, you can choose the best version of the product.

Hard mattresses are not only pleasant sensations during sleep, but also prevention of your health. Therefore, if it is important to you, give preference to only such models.

The following video will help you decide on the choice of a mattress.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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