Kitchen-living area of ​​15 square meters. m: layout and design ideas

 Kitchen-living area of ​​15 square meters. m: layout and design ideas

Nowadays, most modern apartments have a room that combines a kitchen and a living room. Such a layout saves space and is also convenient in its functionality. But not every apartment can boast of large-sized kitchen-living room, so its recommendations on the design and layout of an area of ​​15 square meters. m give professionals

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages of a combined kitchen-living room worth a few points.

  • Such a room allows practical and comfortably accommodate guests. You can organize a buffet.
  • The owners do not have to buy a separate TV for the kitchen. The hostess will be able to enjoy their favorite movies while cooking.In addition, the TV - an important component of any holiday.
  • If there are young children in the house, it will be very convenient for the young mother to look after the babies, and not be torn between the children and the kitchen.
  • Even a small kitchen-living room allows you to implement any design decisions.

But in this layout there are also disadvantages:

  • smells of burnt food and the noise of cooking food often cause discomfort to households who are located on vacation in the living room area;
  • the hostess will have to prepare for the daily cleaning of the room in order to prevent the spread of accidentally dropped food throughout the house;
  • Combining the kitchen and living room is not a very convenient option for large families, where young children are brought up and people of respectable age live, who constantly need rest.

Settlement Tips

Before you combine the kitchen and living room, follow some of the rules for arranging a combined room.

  • Do not forget that the bearing structures are prohibited to demolish.
  • Zoning of the room is done by selecting a different floor covering and changing the floor level. You should not use special partitions, they are suitable only for larger kitchens-living rooms.
  • Be sure to install a high-power hood, as during the operation of the kitchen, the fumes and smells of the cooking food will interfere with other residents.
  • Mirrors or additional light sources, such as panoramic windows, can help visually enlarge the space.
  • Do not forget to install an additional radiator, as with one battery in a 15-meter room it will be pretty cool.
  • Take care of additional lighting. If there is only one chandelier in the room, it will be quite dark in this kitchen-living room, which will reduce the room even more visually.

Kitchen Unit Project

Before planning the space in the room 15 meters need to use several recommendations of experts.

  • When drafting a kitchen unit, it is necessary to leave areas for hidden appliances. It is obvious that in such a small room it is inappropriate to place stand-alone dishwashers and ovens.
  • At present, it is customary to design kitchens in a bright and fashionable style. Do not be afraid of saturated colors, combine contrasting colors - this will give a 15-meter room a kind of color.
  • Choosing a classic headset, you can be confident in the durability of structures. The basis of such a project is the heaviness of the interior.
  • Ethno-style suit hostesses who are not accustomed to stand at the stove for several hours a day. The project consists in minimalism, which is undoubtedly a very practical option for a small room.

How to increase the space

It is clear that the kitchen-living room requires the placement of a table, sofa, kitchen, cabinets, household appliances. But how to combine all these items in a compact 15-meter room? To increase the space you can find solutions.

  • When designing a kitchen set, create it straight. Then the kitchen cabinets will occupy a minimum of space.
  • It is better to decorate the walls with materials in pastel shades, glossy tiles in warm shades also visually increase the space.
  • If the design provides light furniture and kitchen sets without an abundance of upper cabinets, this will visually facilitate the interior, respectively, and the room will be perceived more spacious.
  • Another technique designed to create a feeling of lightness is the lighting of the cabinets.Such a trick will visually make light even bulky designs.
  • Usually, kitchen-living rooms have two windows. It is better not to close them with heavy curtains or tulle. It will look ugly in a compact room. In addition, the curtains will not pass the light, so necessary for the visual increase in space. It is better to put a buffet between the windows or hang a shelf. With a decorative purpose on top you can place a light curtain.


Special attention should be paid to such a visual separation of the kitchen and living room, as zoning. For this, a number of options are used.

  • You can separate the area of ​​the kitchen and room in color. For this, it is recommended to use contrasting tones, but at the same time harmonizing with each other shades. The rooms are divided into white and black, yellow and green, beige and purple zones.
  • Effective zoning reception - separation by light. For example, lighting devices can emphasize the area of ​​the table in the living room, it is recommended to use floor and wall lamps.
  • A popular lately reception is the creation of a podium. That is, the kitchen area can be slightly raised, it will look stylish and spectacular, but it is important to separate the areas of the kitchen and living space and the color floor scale. If both levels are performed in a single-color style, then the household and guests will constantly stumble on the “step” leading to the “kitchen”.
  • Another zoning technique is the separation of the ceiling space. One of the options: in the living room ceiling can be decorated with stucco, and in the kitchen to install suspended ceilings.
  • Wall trim can also serve as a zoning option. For example, the combination of kitchen tiles and wall panels looks stylish and modern.


In a separate item can be distinguished division of space through furniture.

  • A common option is to install a bar counter. It is modern, fashionable, and most importantly - it allows you to avoid buying a large table that would reduce the free space. You can choose a stationary or mobile design. The bar counter is not just a visual device, but also a very functional thing.
  • Separating the kitchen from the living room will allow a large sofa, but it is better to avoid using soft sofa upholstery, since in the case of a combination of kitchen and living room, this is impractical, the soft surface will constantly get dirty.
  • An interesting option is the device on the border of two zones of the dinner table. To emphasize the separation, you can use color reception and place chairs on a different color on each side of the table.
  • If the hostess still decided to use large curtains on both windows, then it is also recommended to select them in different colors.


So, the above were presented recommendations for practical and functional placement of interior in two areas of the room. Now, the owners of the combined spaces will be interested to learn about the possible design of a 15-meter kitchen-living room. But first you should get acquainted with the styles that can be used in the design of this room.

  • Classic. It is the use of white tones, natural materials, glass inserts, gilded hardware, crystal chandeliers.
  • Modern Provides for the use of furniture of circular shapes and the absence of corners throughout the style. The design uses bright juicy contrasting colors, but there should be no more than three of them.
  • High tech. When designing a kitchen, glass, plastic, metal furniture of cold gray and black shades is used.If this direction is chosen, then the owners will have to spend money on modern multifunctional household appliances.
  • Eco style. This option involves the use of green and natural materials. Kitchen furniture is made of natural wood or glass, all soft furnishings, such as upholstery of a sofa or curtains, are made of cotton or linen fabric.

As you can see, you can use almost any style to create a design for a 15-meter studio. The above directions will create a sense of increased space and emphasize the functionality and modernity of the combined space.

The most important role in the creation of design play and layout options.

  • Linear. The most common layout, which is characterized by placing the headset along one wall, and all other items - on the opposite. This is a fully functional option that is suitable for elongated spaces.
  • Corner. Suitable for a room in the form of a square. The working area is arranged in the shape of the letter “G”, leaving a large area to accommodate the living room area.
  • Island Another practical option for a square room.Kitchen furniture is placed in such a way that some surfaces such as stoves or drying can be carried out as a separate island. With this layout, the recreation area will be quite spacious.
  • C-shaped. It involves the use of semicircular furniture in the kitchen area at the junction of two walls, which avoids the formation of sharp corners.

The 15-meter kitchen-living room is a fairly compact room, but thanks to modern fashion trends, technical capabilities and the development of a new design for home interiors, this room can be made multifunctional, comfortable and comfortable for all family members and guests.

How to combine living room and kitchen in a small space, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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