Design kitchen-living room size of 19 square meters. m

 Design kitchen-living room size of 19 square meters. m

In the conditions of small apartments of standard planning it is difficult to equip a comfortable place for cooking and family dinners. In this case, the redevelopment comes to the rescue with the demolition of the walls between the two rooms. By removing the wall and combining the space with a common style concept, you can get a comfortable spacious kitchen-living room. There is enough space for any modern kitchen appliances, and for a full recreation area.


It is not easy to carry out a cardinal redevelopment, it is necessary to prepare documents, a project, coordinate them at the BTI, get permission to demolish walls, and make repairs. Before the start of repairs, it is important to draw up a plan for the future premises and think through every little thing so that later you don’t have to spend money and efforts to correct errors. The plan immediately denotes points of paramount importance.

  • Lighting. It is necessary to check the serviceability of the wiring, identify new points of electricity. If the apartment is an old building, you will have to completely replace the electrical wiring, otherwise the power grid may not be able to withstand the voltage of modern electrical appliances.
  • Ventilation. If earlier the small kitchen was separated from the living room by a door, behind which food smells accumulated, now the space will be common. There is no way to do the usual hood over the stove or open window. Cooking smells are very pleasant when fresh, but they tend to be absorbed in upholstered furniture and villi of carpets. This issue is solved by installing forced ventilation in the kitchen area.
  • Zoning Monumental constructions should be planned before starting repairs. These may be multi-level gypsum ceilings.
  • Changing geometric space. For example, the transformation of a rectangular room in a hemispherical, rounding corners.
  • Podiums to delimit a recreation area or kitchen.
  • Turning a part of a wall into archway or bar counter.
  • Box for hidden placement plumbing and ventilation pipes.


In parallel with the compilation of the plan, the purpose of the functional zones is determined. After all, the layout will depend on which elements need to be emphasized. If roomy kitchen space is a priority, then it is under it that most of the room is allocated. Swapping the kitchen and the room is too expensive, as the plumbing has already been done, and the gas equipment users of the gas equipment users have also tied it up.

To maximize the kitchen, you will need to completely remove the wall, "capturing" part of the next room. In this case, the dining area can be accentuated with a podium for the table and chairs, or separated by a sofa, with lightweight partitions. In the version of the “studio” where the kitchen only plays a supporting role, it is permissible to leave part of the wall, turning it into a beautiful arch or the like of a bar counter.

Council If you install a wide tabletop on a part of the wall in the form of an improvised rack, you will get a comfortable dining table. It will not take up extra space and will be convenient both from the kitchen for serving dishes and from the living room.In this case, it can be completely left under the soft corner and relaxation area.

Style decisions

The harmonious design of the kitchen-living room involves a smooth transition from zone to zone, without abrupt change of colors and textures. Decide on the choice of style will help the same functionality.

  • For the demanded kitchen space, it is desirable to focus on the convenience of cooking and storing dishes and products. Unnecessary parts and decorations will quickly become dirty, will require additional time for cleaning. Therefore, the closest thing for modern cuisine is the style of minimalism and those directions that can be successfully combined with it. For example, hi-tech, loft, Japanese classicism.
  • In the case of an emphasis on the living room area, the style is selected taking into account the convenience of receiving guests, evening relaxation, family watching movies. It can be a respectable classic, chic chalet or light Mediterranean country.

In order not to be mistaken in the choice, it is better to get acquainted in advance with the nuances of styles and the possibility of their combinations. It is simpler to select the style direction with a visual account of the space of 19 square meters. meters, the location on the cardinal points of the window openings and their own preferences.

Furniture placement

Regardless of the footage allocated for the kitchen area, The arrangement of the kitchen unit can have several configurations.

  • For a square kitchen, the arrangement of the letter G or the corner will be convenient. It involves the placement of furniture in one part of the room, forming a functional triangle - stove, sink, refrigerator. The kitchen square can be separated from the rest area by a light decorative partition, a screen, a shelving or stand.
  • The rectangular elongated room successfully accommodates a kitchen set with the letter P or parallel. In this case, kitchen cabinets and work surfaces are located along three walls - narrow and two parallel long. The completion of the headset will visually indicate the transition to another zone. Additionally, the kitchen area can be accentuated with a podium, that is, the kitchen will be higher than the rest of the space in terms of the floor level.
  • The dining or recreation area is equipped according to all the rules of a normal living room and depends on the preferences of the owners. Here you can have comfortable upholstered furniture - a sofa and armchairs, a tea table, video equipment. Or a spacious dining table for a family and guests, racks for services, a mini-bar.
  • If the kitchen-living room is planned to a greater extent as a room for cooking culinarymasterpieces, the dining area do less, giving space for kitchen appliances and cabinets for dishes. In this case, the living room can be limited to a corner sofa, table and hanging panel TV.


The decoration of the room and the color scheme will largely depend on the chosen style direction. Modern styles are dominated by materials from glass and plastic, and the classic to wooden and eco-friendly textures. The color palette is unlimited and leaves a wide scope for imagination. The main thing is to carefully combine colors in order not to disturb the harmony of the interior. Here are some recommendations for the decoration of the kitchen-living room 19 sq. M. m

  • It is desirable to maintain the room in one color scale. The division into zones occurs by increasing or decreasing the intensity of the primary color in one of the zones. So, from the kitchen to the living room can be a smooth transition from beige to coffee shades.
  • Monochrome room with the same bright accents, but different texture in the kitchen and living area looks stylish. For example, curtains on the sofa window and a chocolate-colored coffee table will harmonize with kitchen blinds and a suite of the same shade.Black and white chess set will be a continuation of the recreation area with elements of "zebra".
  • For the delimitation of zones ideal combination of finishing materials. The floor in the kitchen can be tiled, and in the living room - laminate. This not only visually separates the space, but also becomes a practical addition - it is convenient to wash the tiled floor in the kitchen, and the non-slip “warm” floor is more comfortable for the living room.
  • A special role in decorating the multifunctional space is played by the decoration of the walls. In the kitchen, it is desirable to use washable surfaces made of tile or plastic. A living room will make elegant wood panels or decorative plaster.
  • On a space of 19 square meters. meters can not do without high-quality lighting. The main light sources (chandeliers) are located in the center of each zone. Additionally, built-in spotlights are installed around the perimeter of the kitchen, and wall sconces are installed in the living room.

Overview of the kitchen-living room size of 19 square meters. see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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