Design kitchen-living room of 20 square meters. m

When there is not enough space in the dwelling for separate rooms that differ in purpose, it is necessary to resort to combination. One of these options is the kitchen-living room. However, in order for it to be not only functional, but also convenient, it is necessary to take into account a number of nuances. How to make it home-style, will be discussed further.

Combination Features

The kitchen and living room are housing corners that carry a different emotional coloring. Usually, kitchen space is associated with dynamics, while the living room is a place of rest or reception. In such a case, it is necessary to achieve internal harmony using different stylistic techniques. It will allow to distract from a different mood and to give integrity of the interior composition, consisting of their kitchen and guest spaces.

Since in most cases the layout of such rooms has one or a maximum of two windows, it is necessary to compensate for the lack of natural light. In addition, you need to think about the methods of zoning, so that instead of introducing an unobtrusive organization, you do not split the total space into corners-cells. Before you choose the best interior design project, you should look around: as a rule, rarely does a room have such design features as a niche or ledge. Others complicate the layout completely because they have sloping triangular walls with narrow doorways in inconvenient places.

These features can significantly harm the created comfort., making it difficult to install furniture and even highlight the desired areas. It is important to prevent the sensation of the tunnel, which can give a narrow shape of the room itself. In this case, the arrangement can only be linear, although this is not particularly convenient. They take into account the height of the walls and the peculiarities of the ceiling decoration, because in some cases it can stretch the lack of usable space, creating the illusion of space.

They even think over the location of accents on the wall lining, because this technique can divert attention from the shortcomings of the room.and sometimes even gives them the appearance of virtues.In addition, pay attention to the flooring, which allows to distinguish between different functional areas, without interrupting the general concept of style. The design should set itself the task of creating a bright and spacious air breathing room, because in a limited space a person feels uncomfortable. After the visual inspection is completed, they are determined with the material, the amount of work required. Based on the available space, estimates are made and a rough sketch of the future kitchen-living room is drawn.

Style selection

The style of the combined room of 20 square meters. m will not allow to embody luxurious palace directions in the existing space, no matter how much you would like. Therefore, the classics, classicism, English, Italian style is better not to take as a basis. These solutions need space, in a limited space they will create an atmosphere of gravity. In a small room it will not be possible to install luxurious furniture with gold, to decorate the ceiling with a massive hanging chandelier with candles and crystal, to place a large table with carved chairs.

The best style for limited space,designed to combine - modern design directions. For example, this is a good basis for the style of minimalism, which adheres to simplicity and functionality. The same space, but with more elegance can be created, taking the modern style as the basis for interior design. It is inherent in the demonstration of modern materials and original forms that can be used in the form of furniture parts.

You can choose for the design of the combined space of the kitchen and living room areas such as high-tech, art deco, art nouveau, bionics and the Scandinavian style. They are appropriate for the decoration of the home of a bachelor and a small family. This is a choice with an emphasis on functionality, which is especially important for modern interior trends. You should not create an Arabic, Greek interior or Provence in a limited space, because instead of feeling spacious, such interior compositions will visually reduce the already limited meters of usable space.

High tech
Art Deco
Scandinavian style

Layout options

The location of the interior elements largely depends on the shape of the available room. Based on this, the layout can be:

  • linear;
  • angular;
  • island;
  • U-shaped.

Each species has its own characteristics. For example, the linear version can not be called convenient, but it is used for the arrangement of narrow and long rooms. In another way to put the furniture does not work: nothing should interfere with the passage of the room. All zones will be located on one of the long sides; functional sliding blocks can be used for maximum convenience.

Corner layout is suitable for most of the combined rectangular rooms. He is considered conditionally universal when drawing up an interior composition of a combined room of 25 squares. As a rule, it allows you to use the two corners of the room as functionally as possible, due to which it is possible to save space for passage and create the illusion of spaciousness of the room.

The island version of the layout is designed for rectangular and square rooms. This combination is carried out by the reception of furniture in the most convenient places of the room on the basis of its design features. At the same time, the furniture is located by islands, which allows to clearly distinguish the available space into functional areas of different purposes.In order for such a layout to look harmoniously in a limited room by the meter, the interior details used must be compact. Otherwise, on a general background, the arrangement of the room will resemble more chaos than separate functional zones.

U-shaped layout of the kitchen-living room of 20 square meters. m suitable for wide rooms. With her, the main part of the furniture will be located along the three walls of the room. At the same time, it is possible to place a dining table in the middle, but this is possible if the distance between the table and furniture against the walls is at least 1.2 m. If there is not enough space, it is better to use sliding or folding furniture.

Zoning methods

Zoning is a tool for distinguishing individual functional areas of a room. It allows you to add organization to space, eliminating the creation of an atmosphere of disorder in a limited area of ​​the kitchen, combined with the hall. You can do this in different ways, for example:

  • using different light sources for the kitchen and guest areas;
  • dividing zones by furniture (rack, sofa, bar counter or pedestal);
  • choosing a different color of the floor covering or covering the living room area with a carpet;
  • selecting wall coverings that are different in texture or shade;
  • dividing the space into zones due to the design of the ceiling of the room;
  • using screens or narrow partitions.

    However, whatever zoning technique is chosen, it must take into account the particularities of the room. For example, the project should provide for the maximum alignment of light to the level of natural lighting. If the room is narrow and long, you need to fill the lack of sunlight in such a way as if the windows were in each functional area. Partitions are appropriate in square rooms, where, when dividing space, they will not create the illusion of space divided into cells.

    7 a photo

    Finishing features

    Finishing (material for facing walls, ceiling and floor) must be selected based on the characteristics of the room. Given the fact that 20 square meters. meters - not so much for the placement of kitchen and upholstered furniture (plus a TV with a small curbstone), you should exclude wallpaper with a large print from the list of priorities. Such a design will visually make the already small space smaller and less aesthetic.It is much better to look placed furniture, if the walls are solid or textured.

    The relief of the wallpaper looks more expensive than the colorful pattern, against which the kitchen-living room will turn into a tiny box, and this will create discomfort for the household. It is better to select colors of panels from a light color palette. If you don’t want to do without contrast on the walls, you should hang a small panel or a small picture on one of the walls. When combining wallpaper, you should give preference to companion canvas, highlighting one of the walls (or even a niche or vice versa, a ledge, kitchen apron) as wallpaper for brick, stone, cement or plaster.

    It is better to leave the ceiling white - from this the walls will appear higher, and the room itself will be lighter. You should not complicate it with multi-level tension or plasterboard structures. However, so that the ceiling design does not look too simple, you can make it duplex. Lamps should be chosen small: suitable point, spotlights or small light bulbs hanging down. Lighting devices are selected based on the style of the entire room.

    For the floor it is better to choose a reliable and durable coating.Since the room area of ​​the 20 squares does not give much room for zoning, it is better to separate the guest area from the kitchen space by means of a carpet. This will not disturb the balance of the room and unobtrusively mark the boundaries of different parts of the room. If the room is divided into two zones due to the ceiling design, you can combine wall cladding. For example, it is possible to lay out part of the floor (in the kitchen zone) with floor tiles.


    Furniture can be called one of the best methods of zoning combined in one room kitchen and living room. So that it does not look cumbersome, it is necessary to choose it thoroughly, selecting compact items with maximum functionality. Large sets are not needed: for a limited space in which you need to fit both the kitchen and the living room, a small sofa, a small coffee table, a miniature kitchen and a dining table are enough. Everything else is picked up if space remains.

    At the same time, it is important to pay attention to folding products and the convenience of operation of the mechanisms for their transformation. Save space can be different: for example, buying a bedside table instead of a coffee table.It differs from usual variants in height (above) and dimensions (less). At the same time, it can have a pair of compact shelves or a drawer, and if necessary, will allow guests to drink tea.

    Armchairs take up a lot of space. If you want the room to seem more, you can add a couple of poufs to the sofa. You can look at the modular furniture: it is convenient because you can buy individual modules, and this often saves space. Instead of the cabinet, you can purchase a rack with closed and open shelves, which is higher and narrower, but no less functional.

    Choosing furniture in a small room, it is worth considering that you need to take a narrow piece of furniture. Do not expect that on top of them you can fit something, it is not only ugly, but also spoil the aesthetics of the interior. The number of items worth dispensing: everything must be strictly functional. For example, it’s great if the sofa has a couple of spacious drawers in which you can remove some things for storage.

    Footstools can also have storage compartments on the inside that can be used to get rid of an abundance of unnecessary items.The less bude in the interior of small parts, the room will seem more spacious. Massive furniture in a small room does not look harmonious, so it is important to choose the optimal length and width of both the kitchen unit and the sofa. It is necessary to take into account the number of residents: for example, one person has a rather small dining table.

    Successful examples of the interior

    Combined kitchen and living room can look harmonious, which is proved by stylish ideas.

    • The optimal layout of the universal type. Separation of the space of two zones due to zoning of the floor.
    • The original design of the layout in a modern style, providing for the zoning of the floor, ceiling and the use of a high narrow table as a partition.
    • You can decorate a small space using a narrow dining table as a partition, marking the boundaries of the kitchen space with it.
    • An interesting solution for a room with a broken perspective. The protrusions are involved as boundaries of different functional areas.
    • A design option for a room with sloping walls. The original decision to install a dining table.
    • Another option for arranging a non-standard room.The presence of white partitions allows you to maintain a sense of the integrity of the room.
    • This interior creates the illusion of space and air. The room seems light, large and cozy.
    • The variant with the use of asymmetric partitions, delimiting space, looks interesting and fresh.

    Ideas kitchen-living room area of ​​20 square meters. See the video below.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

    Entrance hall

    Living room