Small kitchen-living room: how to create an ergonomic and stylish space?

 Small kitchen-living room: how to create an ergonomic and stylish space?

A small kitchen-living room can give the room a cozy and warm atmosphere. With the help of competent actions, you can create an ergonomic and stylish space that will be different functionality. To do this, you should explore all the methods of zoning and get acquainted with the beautiful examples of design.

How to achieve ergonomics?

There are several techniques by which you can combine kitchen and living space together. Proper ergonomics is achieved by thinking through all the details and competent use of each centimeter of free space. A small kitchen-living room can be equipped in many ways.

  • Many people make a combination by demolishing a wall between rooms. Alternatively, you can use the arch. Before work, be sure to obtain documentary evidence from the management company.
  • The use of curtains, which will act as a separator for two functional areas, is suitable.
  • You can use different floor coverings. Thus, the separation of different rooms will be noticeable.
  • The construction of false walls or its modification will give the room an unusual interior, as well as beautifully divide the space.
  • Beautifully looks combined kitchen with living room, which are separated by glass doors.

Ideas for different areas

If the apartment has a small living room, the area of ​​which is from 8 meters to 10-11 square meters. m, but the kitchen has a lot of space, you can combine the two zones, getting a room of ideal size. Even the addition to the kitchen of 4 m2 makes it possible to diversify the interior and increase the functionality of the rooms. Designers offer interesting ideas for working with such premises.

  • A small living room, the area of ​​which does not exceed 9 meters,along with a spacious kitchen, they can create an ideal interior, if zones are selected using materials for decoration and various decorative elements.
  • The area for rest, eating and cooking can be distinguished with original lamps or floor covering.
  • In the area where the living room will be located, you should put a large sofa on which households can spend their free time, waiting for dinner to be ready.
  • It is recommended to choose light shades of wallpaper. Vinyl types are in demand, as they are practical and not afraid of contact with detergents.
  • Due to the redevelopment becomes available installation of the fireplace. Such an element will add to the room coziness, warmth and will become the central link of the room.
  • When arranging a combined kitchen-living room you need to know that both zones should harmoniously combine and act as a complement to each other.
  • If zoning is done in an apartment where there are high ceilings, space can be divided using a split-level floor.

Such methods are suitable for working with a small room. However, the owners of larger roomsthe area of ​​which is 18 and even 28 square meters, used in similar ways. This is related to the issue of functionality, style and design.

In rooms with more quadrature, you can use additional options for zoning, adding new functional areas to the room. Often in such apartments you can find working places, a recreation area next to the fireplace, and even play areas for children.

Often zoning is done with the help of furniture and interior items. For example, if you want to visually divide the cooking zone and the hall, you can use a long sofa. After it will begin the territory for rest and reception of friends.

But also the rooms are separated by flooring. On the kitchen area you can equip tiles, which will be located on the floor and on part of the walls. In other areas should lay a laminate, carpet or parquet.

In order for the division of zones to be clearly marked, ceiling designs and decorations are often applied. For example, at the point of junction or transition from one zone to another, you can install a series of interesting lamps or create a multi-level ceiling.

Design projects in detail

Before you begin to combine the living room and kitchen, you should consider all the details. It is necessary to determine the style of the room, select the appropriate furniture and other interior details. All components must be harmoniously combined with each other.


In the apartment with a modern interior, you can install a kitchen set, a miniature table in the center of the room. Due to the modern kitchen, you can hide all accessories, thereby expanding the living room area.

If the kitchen itself looks compact and modern, the combined living room will look harmonious. The room, decorated in a motley and modern decoration, will be perceived as a studio room. The kitchen itself will hardly attract attention. A similar option provides for "Khrushchev". It is important to use furniture-transformer, items with a large number of shelves and drawers. Thus, you can hide all the extra items, and use every inch correctly.

Fusion style combines classic with modern details. The living room should be decorated in the style of a classic, and the kitchen should be equipped with modern and compact built-in furniture.The living area of ​​the living room can be extended to window openings.

In the high-tech style is often used design with a bar. Using this method, you can get two full functional zones. In the high-tech style are welcome strict lines, modern technology. The pattern between the table top and wall cabinets will also help to indicate the separation of the territory.

In the loft style provides an open area in which there are no partitions. Due to this, you can move freely in the kitchen-living room. With the help of artificially aged surfaces of the walls and ceiling, you can emphasize the style of the room.

Furniture and textiles

The selection of furniture should also be carefully considered. Often, apartment owners use a massive dining table as a zone separator. This method is suitable for large rooms, because the dining table with chairs takes up a lot of space compared to the bar. The second option is suitable for small rooms.

With a sofa you can also achieve high-quality separation zones. It is best to put such furniture back to the kitchen area. The disadvantage of such accommodation is the fact that guests who will be located on the couch, will sit with their backs to those who are in the kitchen.

Kitchen islands harmoniously fit into the kitchen-living room space. This piece of furniture is a stand-alone kitchen table with a built-in stove or sink. There are models in which there are both elements. If the dimensions of the island allow, the second side of the furniture is used as a bar counter.

U-shaped or L-shaped furniture is often in demand. Such kitchen furniture can be chosen if planning allows. Some people share the space with a kitchen set located in two rows.

Curtains can choose different. However, you need to ensure that they are combined with each other. Be sure to have the same prints, textures, color or style.

How to calculate everything?

To correctly plan a new space, you should think over all your actions in advance. To do this, draw a diagram of the future kitchen-living room, which will display all the details of the interior. To calculate the need to do the following:

  • measure the area of ​​both rooms;
  • choose the method by which the zoning of the space will be performed;
  • to clarify whether the wall to be demolished (if planned) is carrying;
  • obtain permission from relevant organizations;
  • consider the future style of the premises;
  • choose furniture that will be different in functionality and suitable for the chosen style.

Based on the data obtained, you can calculate the number of expenses and compare with their capabilities. Only after working out a detailed plan, you can proceed to action.

Beautiful examples in the interior

The combined kitchen-living room made in classic style will look beautiful. Such a design will always be in demand, despite its ancient Greek roots. Dining tables made of wood, and sets of natural materials are welcome. The use of plastic and other artificial components is not allowed. The color scheme should emphasize the aristocracy of the room.

Many designers offer their customers to arrange the room in the style of Provence. This is one of the directions of country music. The kitchen-living room will be different sunshine, lightness and romance. Both functional areas should be decorated in pastel colors.Bright contrast and intense hues are not allowed. As an exception, there are only flowers that should not be too colorful.

As a zoning for Provence, you can use a semi-partition. It is rare to find an arch in such rooms, since such a technique is more often used in classicism. When choosing a partition, you should pay attention to the height of the ceiling so that as a result of zoning, extra centimeters are not “eaten”.

Attention is drawn to the kitchen-living rooms in modern style. They tend to combine different materials. The most commonly used combination of wood with metal elements. Such rooms have simple forms. You can choose any color scheme, but it is desirable to use an interesting ornament on wall surfaces and pieces of furniture.

The kitchen should be dynamic and not be overloaded with unnecessary details. As zoning, you can use a large sofa or a bar. Modern equipment is welcome, which will be harmoniously combined with the overall concept of the interior.

Kitchen-living room, made in ecostyle, must have in its interior wicker or wooden furniture.The design should be dominated by stone, ceramic or wooden parts. Window openings need to be made large and use textiles for their decor. For these purposes, suitable flax or cotton.

If the ecostyle is chosen, then all the dishes should be ceramic. Closeness to nature due to green plants and plenty of free space. For this reason, it is not necessary to load a small room with extra furniture. As an addition, you can use painted vases, floor lamps and panels on the walls.

How to combine a small kitchen with a living room, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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