Features of the kitchen-living room planning in the country

Today, the concept of "cottage" has a completely new meaning. Its synonyms have long ceased to be a garden, work, unnecessary trash. An increasing number of modern families are buying houses in the countryside for a quiet, secluded vacation, hobbies, family holidays. The heart of each house is the living room, in which most people spend most of their free time. As a rule, country houses do not have a large living area. The highlight of small apartments and country houses today is the combined kitchen-living room. This solution allows you to create a free and fully functional interior.

It is worth talking about how best to equip the kitchen-living room in the country, what interior solutions will help save space, what furniture design to choose for a country house.

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Variants of planning in different styles

Traditionally, the Scandinavian style, which assumes an abundance of light shades, pieces of furniture made of natural wood, a maximum of natural lighting, will suit the arrangement of a dacha. To create a project for a kitchen-living room in the Scandinavian style, you can use the entire space of the first floor by zoning it with beams or partitions.

A bar counter, an elongated rectangular dining table or a sofa located in the center of the room will help to separate the working area from the seating area.

It is worth remembering that the Scandinavian style involves a minimum of congestion spaceHe is light, free, ascetic. It is necessary to get rid of grandmother's dressers and high dressing tables, massive cabinets, the presence of carpets on the walls. The kitchen itself can be made of wood or artificial materials (MDF), mostly light, natural shades.

Country style is more saturated and colorful, replete with fine decor. A distinctive feature of the style is textiles: floral-patterned curtains, kitchen towels, pot holders, tablecloths, lace napkins.Kitchen furniture can be made in vintage style, or it can be possible to assemble an old sideboard with glass doors, wall cabinets, wooden chairs with high backs in a single composition.

Upholstered furniture will help to divide such a kitchen-living room into zones - the armchairs and the sofa can be arranged in a P-shape, creating an island for relaxation.

Expert advice

Worth adhere to the following tips from professionals when planning a kitchen-living room in the country:

  • the color of the walls is mainly light: white, beige, milky, yellow, light gray, because these shades will help to visually increase the space;
  • the floor should be darker than walls; a harmonious combination of shades will contribute to the feeling of freedom and peace;
  • when choosing textiles should avoid thick curtains and carpets with high pile; transparent air curtain material will give more light, visually expanding the living room;
  • if the kitchen-living room project is created during the construction phase of a country house, it is worth taking care of large window openings so that natural daylight penetrates the room to the maximum; when it is impossible to doArtificial wall lights, namely wall ones, will help to achieve a bright space, as floor lamps and floor lamps hide space;
  • glass and mirror elements in the kitchen and living room furniture will also visually increase the area of ​​the room, and the glass coffee table will add functionality without taking up space at all;
  • refuse doors or issue doorways with arches;
  • if the room has an elongated shape, the kitchen should be placed against the far narrow wall, which will help to change the proportions of the room;
  • more wood - wooden beams on the ceiling, wall cladding, furniture - this will give the country house a mood of unity with nature;
  • if the dimensions of the room allow, you can build a stove along the central wall or lay out a fireplace, which will bring more warmth and comfort even in the off-season;
  • do not be afraid to experiment with the decor, add and change textiles and small items depending on the mood and time of year; sometimes even minor rearrangements create a sense of novelty;
  • a functional and at the same time light and non-cumbersome kitchen will help to make open shelves; give up the cabinets, they eat up the space, and the shelves and racks will allow you to have everything you need at hand;
  • if the cottage serves only for summer holidays, if possible, the dining area can be taken out onto the open terrace.
Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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