Design and interior design of kitchen-living room area of ​​12 square meters. m

The kitchen is an essential element of any home, requiring a special approach to planning. It must be functional: provide comfort in cooking, and also serve as a gathering place for families at the dinner table. Often the kitchen serves as a place for evening relaxation.

The floor space of 12 squares is a fairly roomy space., which can be divided into functional areas and create a comfortable kitchen-living room.

Where to begin?

First of all, you should decide on the priority of the zones. If you plan to cook a lot and often, then the kitchen space needs to be done more, giving square meters for cutting surfaces, appliances and spacious cabinets.

If, on the other hand, the priority is a comfortable pastime at dinner - the emphasis is on the dining area with a comfortable sofa and audio-video equipment.In this case, the kitchen area can be equipped with only the necessary minimum - a compact stove, refrigerator, sink and small cabinets.

Style selection

Having dealt with the appointment, we define the style. From this will depend on the future layout and choice of furniture.


Without exaggeration, we can say that this style is the most practical for the kitchen room. Compact furniture, built-in appliances, the absence of unnecessary hardware parts allows you not to overload the space, leaving it bright and filled with air. The kitchen, in which there is a minimum of objects on the surface, is easier to take care of, and, therefore, to keep the room clean. Minimalism combines well with modern styles such as high-tech and loft.


The interiors in the classical style cause a respectable environment, including objects made of noble wood, massive furniture, and decorative elements. Classic style is not very practical for daily culinary creativity. But where the emphasis is on the living room parts, the classics fit perfectly well.You can dilute the strict classics with elements of Baroque and Rococo styles.

High tech

Modern style with unlimited possibilities for kitchen space. By choosing it, you can equip the kitchen with the latest technology, leaving in sight all the electronic panels and shiny elements. Maximum illumination over the work surfaces, metallic luster, futuristic forms can create maximum comfort for cooking. However, it should be borne in mind that in the dining area, high-tech may not be too comfortable for the eye.


Urban style or its elements will suit both for the design of a modern kitchen, and for arranging a stylish recreation area. Loft assumes an interior styled as abandoned industrial premises or attics. Metal exhaust pipes, brickwork walls, wire lamps are harmoniously combined with stylish modern furniture and household appliances. To create such an interior requires a subtle taste, so often professional designers are invited to such projects.

Country music

Perhaps the most comfortable style for the design of the kitchen-living room.Country consists of many directions, but its main feature is the national village flavor. Here the abundance of textiles, coarse wood, natural notes is welcomed. So, Provence - the style of the French province with lavender fields, pastel tones in the interior, semi-antique wooden furniture. Mediterranean country style - light interior with a predominance of sea blue and white and sand colors. For Russian and American country are typical elements of a log hut or ranch. Leather jewelry, coarse log furniture.

Whatever style you choose, it is important to bear in mind that the kitchen-living room is primarily a functional place to cook and eat.


There are several options for planning space for a square and rectangular design of the room.

  • L-shaped, U-shaped. With this arrangement, the workspace is located along the wall, and the living area is located in the middle of the room. The option is convenient for a square kitchen where it is planned to use all cabinets and surfaces, and a dining table and chairs are installed in the center.
  • Linear, angular. The option is suitable for a rectangular elongated room, where a kitchen suite will be located along one long wall, and the other part will be completely allocated for a recreation area. There may be an opposite concept - the room is zoned diagonally, one corner part with a window is fitted under the kitchen space, and the other is a corner sofa and a table of a convenient height.
  • Island, peninsular. Type of layout is typical for America and Europe, and in our country has gained popularity with the advent of spacious kitchen facilities. The island is a rectangular pedestal table located in the middle of the kitchen. The bollard can be used both as a place for eating and as a cutting surface. Often serves as a bar, a space divider, a place for serving dishes from the stove to the table.

Lighting and decor

When planning a combined kitchen-living room, it must be borne in mind that this part of the dwelling will require the greatest number of lighting devices. It is necessary to check in advance the health of the wiring and calculate the point of electrical output.

Usually,for two functional zones, there are two main areas for large lamps and about a dozen small fixtures. Bright spot lighting is required over work surfaces. To solve this problem, mini-luminaires are embedded either in the suspended ceiling or in the lower surface of the suspended headset. In the living area, if it assumes the presence of a sofa and a TV, you can install sconces with cozy evening lighting.

In the square kitchen, where the dining table is located in the center, one large chandelier and spotlights around the kitchen set will suffice.

Planning and installing lighting fixtures is in itself itself serving as a decoration and zoning of space. But the finished look to the interior is given by the decor of the walls, the ceiling and the floor.

  • Bright range of shades increases the space and fills it with air. But dark colors make the seating area more comfortable.
  • Playing on color contrasts allows you to more clearly separate the functional areas. For example, a combination of white and black, milk and coffee.
  • Bright elements on a monophonic background emphasize the style and add a mood to the interior. The main thing - to prevent excess and color mixing.
  • For the kitchen area, ideal decor still lifes, macro images of fruits or flowers. In the living room, decorative plaster or panoramic panels will look great. However, in order to maintain harmony, only one of the zones should be decorated.


The presence of a particular furniture in the interior of the living room-kitchen will depend on the priority of the zones. In the modern world, the kitchen can be equipped with countless household appliances. All these items are easily hidden behind the kitchen unit, located along the walls.

However, one should not forget that the kitchen-living room also includes a place for lunch and dinner, and, perhaps, an evening rest with watching TV.

For the arrangement of soft furnishings combined kitchen-living room is to give preference to the sofa. In this case, it occupies the main place in the living area, and a table or a coffee table is selected at its height. Video equipment is attached to the wall to save space.

The sofa can be foldable, which will provide an extra bed in case of overnight guests. Or compact corner - this option is preferable for large families with children.It is possible to seat all households and free up some space for convenient serving of dishes on the table.

Despite the impressive dimensions, the sofa is the best option for furniture for the kitchen-living room of 12 square meters. m. It is convenient for rest and eating, occupies a certain place, it does not have to be rearranged and moved every time, like chairs.

Successful examples of the interior

Interesting design options for the kitchen-living room can be found in large numbers on specialized sites, as well as create your own interior using a computer program.

We offer several options for a successful planning of the kitchen-living room of 12 square meters. m

  1. A rectangular room divided by a peninsular floor set and a brick "apron". Clear zoning on the kitchen and living room with a corner sofa and a round table. The recreation area is located by the window, decorated with curtains, wall sconces and paintings. Coffee and pistachio gamma and dim lighting create an evening atmosphere. This option is suitable for those who spend the least time on cooking, and dinner prefers to spend in a relaxed atmosphere.
  2. The kitchen-living room in the Mediterranean style, made in blue and white colors. The kitchen area is highlighted by a tiled "apron" and white floor tiles, and dark blue textile blinds on the windows. Equipped with an L-shaped suite and complemented by a light metal set of table and chairs. The living area is separated by a white sofa and blue curtains, a low table for the convenience of tea drinking in front of the TV.
  3. The square room is rounded with drywall. In one hemisphere there is a linear set, including the necessary equipment, cooking surface and cabinets. Another hemisphere has a semicircular sofa and a round table. Calm colors do not hide the space, the table is lit with a volume chandelier. The kitchen part is equipped with built-in lights.

How to combine in one room the kitchen and living room, see the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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