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It is believed that the heart of any apartment is the living room - this is where you will spend most of your time talking with family and friends. Equally important in every home has a kitchen. Is it possible to combine these 2 rooms? What do designers advise on this? Read more about this in our material.

How to place everything you need?

In order to place in a small room furniture, kitchen appliances and other items necessary for guaranteed functional efficiency of both the kitchen and the living room, should use such a technique as zoning.

At its core, zoning is the division of space into regions. Zoning can be done in various ways.

With the help of floor finishing

So, in one of the areas (kitchen or living room) you can build some kind of elevation (podium).Even a slight elevation of the floor (for example, 7-10 centimeters) will create the illusion of separate rooms.

With wall decoration

Walls in different functional areas should be painted in different colors. Or in the living room area you can glue wallpaper, and in the kitchen area apply waterproof paint.

With ceiling trim

If your room has fairly high ceilings, then on their surface you can create multi-level suspended ceilings or suspended ceilings or stucco.

Decorative screens and partitions

Stylish and modern partitions can be a real highlight of the design.

Bar counter

One of the most popular and effective solutions that performs not only a decorative, but also a functional role.


The play of light is one of the most interesting and simple ways of zoning.

For example, in the living room you can install light bulbs with muted warm yellow light, and in the kitchen - with bright cold.

Competent planning examples

For a small kitchen-living room The following layouts work best:

  • linear single row;
  • L-shaped;
  • C-shaped.

Linear single-row version provides for the location of furniture and appliances along the walls: onethe walls are the kitchen, the other is the living room with a sofa. This method is the simplest and most economical in terms of space. In the case of an L-shaped layout, the placement of the kitchen set at the longitudinal and end walls is assumed. It is especially important to maintain the rule of the triangle between the refrigerator, stove and sink for washing. In order to equip the C-shaped layout, furniture and equipment need to have a semicircle.

We select the style and design

It should be noted that for the design of small rooms and rooms that combine several functional areas, you should choose minimalist styles, colors and design techniques. For example, the Scandinavian model (distinctive features: light walls, unobtrusive decor) will be an excellent option.

In addition, styles such as neoclassicism or eclecticism are perfect.

At the same time, remember that the kitchen-living room is only part of your apartment, which should fit into the overall concept and large-scale design ideas.

The use of minimalist styles will allow you to turn a room into a cleaner, more spacious and uncluttered space. Also, for the choice of style and design should be guided by other tips and professionals.

  • It should be understood and understood that fashion for certain styles and design elements, like fashion for clothes, is quite changeable. Therefore, you should not blindly follow fashion trends. Much better and more correct to listen to your individual taste. Remember that you will have to live in this apartment, not “fashion experts”.
  • Try to distinguish all things and furniture into really functional, necessary items and various trinkets and outdated decor. You will need only those things that are included in the first section.
  • Remember or find (for example, with the help of pictures on the Internet) the place that causes pleasant emotions and sensations in you. Look more closely at the interior elements (not only colors, but also forms, textures, etc.).
  • Release yourself and think about the dream interior. Allow yourself to stay focused for a while on the budget. If a ready-made picture appears in your imagination, then it will be a little easier to equip a room, you can always find inexpensive analogues of untwisted brands or make simple decorative elements with your own hands.

Generally speaking, interior designers and interior designers advise you to consider the style and design of the area of ​​the immediate kitchen, and only then proceed to the design of the living room.

Thus, initially all functional features will be taken into account, and only then the turn of the decor will come.


To use all the available space as efficiently as possible and to get a stylish designer room at the exit, follow some simple tips.

  • In order to expand the space, it is advised to use light colors in the design, as well as reflective or transparent surfaces (mirrors, glass).
  • The main color should be one color (it is best to choose shades from a light pastel palette), the other colors should play the role of accents.
  • In the kitchen area and in the living room area, use elements of the same or similar color that are different in shape, texture and texture. This will help to delimit the space while maintaining unity.
  • Avoid active color contrasts.
  • In the interior use compact, capable of transforming furniture.

Overview of the small kitchen-living room - in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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