Kitchen-living area of ​​25 square meters. m: subtleties of design and design options

 Kitchen-living area of ​​25 square meters. m: subtleties of design and design options

Making the project of the kitchen combined with a drawing room, it is necessary to pay attention to many factors. The layout of the room should be comfortable and functional regardless of the size of the specific room. About what the main nuances of the design of the kitchen-living room of 25 square meters. m and what you need to know for the harmonious drawing up of the interior of such a room, we will discuss below.

Special features

Designing a home is one of the key moments of the construction. It allows you to take into account the preferences of the customer, even with a small footage of a particular room. 25 square meters is not much for two separate rooms, but enough for one common room, which can become cozy and comfortable.

In any case, the task of the developer is to create the most comfortable conditions for use. If we talk about combining the two rooms in the repair, it is not always possible. The reason for this is the impossibility of demolishing the bearing walls, which is not consistent with state regulations, and also creates a tremendous burden on the carriers. Agree on such projects is not worth it. Free room planning is the best basis for its unobtrusive organization.

Such projects can be called the best, because they give a lot of opportunities to create different functional zones in a single space of a particular room. For example, if room footage allows, then in the kitchen-living room you can also fit a dining room, and sometimes a small seating area.

However, in order for the room to be cozy and not visually split into pieces, the design takes into account the following nuances:

  • the illumination of each functional angle;
  • interior filling corners;
  • the location of the protrusions and niches, so that they can be used without compromising the placement of furniture;
  • placement of lighting devices;
  • sufficient amount of natural light coming in different parts of the room.

We can not forget about the possibility of color solutions. Light tones can create the illusion of light by visually beating the lack of natural light. Gentle shades of wall cladding and curtains erase the hard edges of the room, making the space seem larger and more spacious, and the ceiling higher.

Lamps should be located in different areas so that they illuminate almost the entire functional area.

Types of layout

The layout of the kitchen-living room can be angular, island, linear and in the shape of the letter "P".

Each type has its own characteristics.

  • The corner kitchen-living room is considered a more versatile option, since it can be taken as a basis for designing rooms with a rectangular and square shape. As a rule, the principle of ergonomic space is always maintained here, which allows you to harmoniously combine the elements of furniture.
  • If in the corner layouts of a room of 25 square meters. m furniture is more familiar, the island options resemble separate inhabited corners, which differ in purpose.In the conditions of a lack of space, the division of zones by means of furniture is used here, or the corners of the room are filled as closely as possible. For example, the same bar counter can save space by leaving enough space to pass around the room. Often, in such layouts, multifunctional transformable blocks are used, which can serve, for example, as a work surface and a dining table.
  • The kitchen-living room in the shape of the letter “P” implies a variant with the arrangement of furniture along three walls. As a rule, such projects involve the emphasis of the work area. In order to avoid a visual reduction of space, one of the parts of the kitchen set is made shorter and decorated, for example, in the form of a bar counter. Furniture for the arrangement of the room is selected so that the distance between its elements is at least 1.2-1.5 m. Otherwise, the layout of the room will seem clumsy and inconvenient.
  • If the room is narrow and elongated, it has to be equipped in a linear way. Design combined kitchen-living room of 25 square meters. m of this type will include the placement of furniture along one of the long walls.Of course, it cannot be called convenient initially, since it does not maintain the “rule of the triangle”, in which the search for the desired items takes a minimum of time and expenses. There will be more movements here, and you will have to think further about how to compensate for the lack of light.


Zoning can be called one of the best methods of unobtrusive division of space into separate functional zones. Often, it allows you to properly equip the room, giving it a clear organization. This is a kind of method of introducing order into the interior of a room with different functional areas.

Do zoning in different ways:

  • selecting lighting devices for each functional area of ​​the room;
  • highlighting part of the wall or constructive protrusion (niche) with contrasting wall facing;
  • turning furniture at the right angle, as well as using racks and wardrobes;
  • creating plasterboard partitions using sliding walls and screens;
  • selecting floor lining of different color and design;
  • using carpeting;
  • differently making out ceiling space of various zones of the room.


Metric area of ​​25 square meters.m, where you need to fit two different functional areas, large can not be named. Because such areas as baroque, classic, classicism, English and Italian style are undesirable here. These branches of design need space and special, solemn elegance, which is difficult to do in a space limited by the meter.

In this case, palace paraphernalia will seem heavy, you can not install here either large furniture, or luxurious wooden chairs and a dining table. It is better to pay attention to the modern direction of the interior. They differ in functionality and, with seeming simplicity, are capable of hinting at the high status of the owners of the house.

Of course, one of these solutions will be modern, which seeks to demonstrate the synthetic component in furniture, as well as to manufacturability.

No less relevant are such styles as art deco, art nouveau, bionics, brutalism, and Scandinavian, which breathes air and allows you to create quite stylish interior compositions, even in small spaces.

You can decorate the room of the kitchen-living room in the style of minimalism. A small set of details of the arrangement will make the space feel light and airy. In this case, you can use compact furniture, pick up objects identical in color or design, which will emphasize the unity of the interior design.

You can choose styles such as loft or grunge. They just need an island layout, showing separately inhabited corners of the space, which can resemble an industrial object.


Perhaps one of the most interesting design options will be the use of several zoning techniques. For example, the space of an open-plan room can be divided into two zones due to the low partition. In addition, each functional area of ​​the room can have its own separate lighting.

Consider a few illustrative examples.

  • You can use the design features of the room. In this example, in addition to highlighting each functional area of ​​the room, zoning reception by means of floor cladding is used.
  • The separation of the room through a narrow and additional narrow partitions, leaving room for free movement around the room.
  • Use the bar to divide the room into the kitchen and guest areas. The original solution to the design of the ceiling space.
  • In this project there was a place even for a cozy hanging chair. The method of space zoning using different wall cladding is used.
  • The option of arranging the room using the partition of the original design.
  • The interior in white and brown tones is filled with the atmosphere of home comfort. Soft long pile carpet zoned guest space.
  • Compact placement of furniture with the creation in the room of the guest, kitchen space and dining room.

What else is important to consider?

Making the interior of the kitchen-living room, we must not forget about the correct choice of used parts, as well as facing materials. To design looked complete and modern, you need to pay attention to each accessory. For example, you can not underestimate the design of windows. Often, this is exactly what helps to connect two different areas of a room, giving it completeness and a homely atmosphere.

Do not forget about the color combinations selected for the design of kitchen, guest and dining space.Of course, tones can and should contrast. However, the contrast should be soft, the colors look more harmonious when they are related.

For example, a room in which a tone is repeated in zones of different purposes will look whole. For example, it may be the color of the curtains and the shade of the cushions, akin to the tone of the carpet and the color of the wall picture.

Choosing reception zoning by separate lighting of each functional areaIt is important to choose the right lighting devices and the type of light sources. Fluorescent light bulbs should be excluded from the list of priorities, because during operation they emit mercury vapors into the air. Ordinary incandescent bulbs are not suitable for lighting, as they heat up a lot, transforming into a small fraction of the electricity consumed.

Furniture design should be selected in the same style. Elements of kitchen and upholstered furniture should not compete with each other, their shape should be repeated, which will give harmony to the interior and create the effect of a single furniture ensemble. With regards to a set of upholstered furniture, you can consider buying a modular version.It is convenient to make different guest zones from individual modules, and if you like, you can change their design, rearranging otherwise.

In the next video, you are waiting for five tips on the arrangement of the kitchen-living room.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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