Design kitchen-living room of 30 square meters. m: options for planning and zoning

Recently, more and more people combine several rooms. The purpose of such manipulation is the desire to create a spacious room, rather than huddle in small rooms. The most popular option is to combine the kitchen and living room. But how to arrange this space so that it is comfortable and beautiful? We will answer this question today.

Room features

The main feature of this layout is the need to unite stylistically two completely different functional rooms. This is the main difficulty.

The area of ​​30 square meters allows you to place everything you need on it. You can easily equip a full kitchen, dining and recreation area. This is quite enough in most cases.You should not overload the kitchen-living room with additional functions (and furniture).

If you have a studio apartment and the hall serves as a bedroom, it is better to give preference to a convertible sofa or bed-transformer. There are a lot of modifications of the latter now. For example, it can rise and become part of a wall or turn into a closet.

At this particular layout does not end there. Trying to create coziness on an area of ​​30 squares, consider the following points.

  • Unity. Combining two completely different rooms into one, it is necessary to take into account the individuality of each, but at the same time create a single space with a common theme. Help in this can be finishing materials. Use different shades of the same color, or perform the selected tone in different textures. This will create a sense of unity, but will allow you to identify zones.
  • Functionality. Do not forget that in the first place, both the living room and the kitchen should retain their original purpose. Make sure that the hall was comfortable to rest after a difficult day at home, and in the kitchen it was pleasant to cook a delicious dinner for the whole family.
  • The number of people in the family. Will you install a large dining table or you will have enough bar counter, depending on the number of family members. For a bachelor apartment is quite suitable the second option. A family with three children can not do without a full dining area. This rule should also apply to the number of places in the recreation area, since in the evening everyone will want to relax while watching a movie, comfortably seated on a sofa.
  • For whom it is intended. In the design of the interior should take into account the individual characteristics of the tenants. Older couples are more comfortable with classic versions of furniture and finishes, while the young guy will be interested in experimenting and creating a real art object or high-tech complex.
  • Necessary equipment. Do not forget to equip the kitchen-living room with everything you need. A mandatory requirement is the presence of a good exhaust. Otherwise, all smells will soar around the room for a long time. But the TV can buy only one, but with a large screen. Place it in the living room, but so that people in the kitchen can see it too. So you save on the purchase of additional TV in the kitchen.

Style selection

Choosing the options for the stylistic design of the kitchen-living room, you must consider the acceptability of the chosen direction for both rooms.


Today it is at the peak of popularity. It seems so easy to leave a brick wall and do not handle it. But the difficulty lies in the fact that the interior should not look as if the builders had thrown it halfway through. If you are not sure that you can do it yourself, contact the designer for help. But do not leave the surface without any treatment at all (it will be unsightly), they should be treated with at least an elementary primer.

And if you chose this style, then support it even in small things.


If you think that the classics are boring and not for you, take a closer look at such an option as neoclassicism. This style distinguishes modernity while respecting traditions. This is one of the most practical methods to make your apartment stylish and unique.

It is pleasant to be in such an atmosphere, everything is clear, simple and concise.


Sophisticated young ladies will certainly like this refined French style. Delicate shades and smooth curved lines will create an atmosphere of lightness and chic.Create such an interior is not just from a financial point of view. Natural wood, expensive fabrics with floral or patterned prints - all this will cost you a lot of money.

If you want to save, you may not get that mysterious atmosphere and mood of flirtation. It will rather resemble a good fake.

Country music

Having gained wide popularity in the West, this style has long won the hearts of our fellow citizens. It has both home comfort, and functionality, and its own zest. Great importance is given to the tree. It finds its place in the decoration, and in pieces of furniture. Business card are wicker furniture and cabinets facades, made in the technique of crates.


Both complex and simple style at the same time. His task is to clutter up the space as little as possible (the benefit of 30 sq. M is enough for everything) and not to lose functionality. To this end, designers often offer furniture transformers, hidden items and the dual purpose of the same item. Think about how you can get rid of excess, while maintaining functionality and design.

For example, cabinets and racks throughout the apartment can be replaced by one dressing room.

High tech

When pronouncing this name, interiors with metallic elements, a smooth silver or black surface, appear in the image. But even this brutal style can be soft and comfortable. The main thing is to follow its basic rules - the absence of banal decorative elements (vases, frames, figurines, etc.). Try to create a high-tech space in your own home, do not be stingy with the latest development of engineers, and you will understand how convenient and practical it is.


It is not necessary to be a member of Green Peace to love this style. Natural materials, one-color finish in bright colors and intimacy with nature - these are the main criteria of this style. Add in the design of the walls or floor natural stone, do not forget about the plants.

Let it be great interesting or exotic specimens, and not geranium, which all my life stands with my grandmother on the windowsill.


Developing an interior project, designers pay great attention not only to the general and style and finishing materials, but also to the zoning of space. This allows you to turn the common room into a multifunctional space in which each object and zone has its place. For these purposes, they use the following techniques in their work.

  • Bar counter. Placing it on the border between the kitchen and living room, you clearly identify these areas. At the same time, unity will be maintained. It can fulfill the role of a work surface, a bar, and a dining table.
  • Decoration Materials. This is the easiest and most effective way to identify different areas. But the difficulty is to find the perfect combination of colors, textures and style of different ways of finishing. For example, you can use wallpaper in the hall, and paint the walls in the kitchen, or use identical material, but different textures and shades.
  • Floor covering. This technique will visually separate the kitchen area. The need to use different materials is also due to the practical component. In the hall more suitable laminate or parquet, and for the kitchen tile or ceramic tile.
  • Lighting. Designers work wonders using various lighting scenarios. Try when planning to provide options for evening, day or spot lighting. Interesting interiors are obtained by using spotlights and LED lighting. They highlight the necessary elements and bring an atmosphere of mystery and comfort.
  • Partitions. You should not build a massive structure, because you did not break the wall for that. If you want to zone the space in this way, give preference to lightweight structures. You can use glass or tracery elements.


Despite all the variety of pieces of furniture, for the kitchen-living room, the main elements are

  • Kitchen set. When choosing and planning it, remember that now it will always be visible. This is not just an office space where food is prepared, but a visiting card of the apartment, along with its continuation - the living room.
  • Cushioned furniture. For cozy family evenings you can not think of anything better than cozy sofas and armchairs. Depending on the number of people, provide a place for each family member.
  • Dinner Zone. A good wooden table and beautiful chairs will be the object of attention. And what could be more pleasant than getting together for a delicious hot dinner. So do not discard this item.
  • Work zone. You can provide in the living room area and a desk, if there is such a need and there is no place to place it anymore.But do not use dining for this purpose, as this will be inconvenient because of the abundance of office supplies on it (laptop, scanner, etc.).

Successful examples of the interior

    The kitchen-living area of ​​30 squares allows you to roam the imagination. Here you can embody the most daring and interesting ideas. But before you get down to business, draw a rough layout and follow the plan. Otherwise, individual elements may simply “not get along” together. We present photos of intelligent solutions that combine both functionality and aesthetics.

    Tips for improving the kitchen-living room - in the next video.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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