Design options for kitchen-living room with an island

The advantage of any kitchen-living room is that it can simultaneously provide the convenience of leisure and kitchen work. Due to the so-called island, the comfort of such a room is created. With this piece of furniture will be convenient and the one who is busy cooking, and all the rest.

Island in the interior

Many still believe that cooking is inseparable from the need to look at the wall in front of them, turning their backs on all those gathered. The island allows you to see the space in front of you. In addition, the functions of such a "structure" may vary depending on the needs of the hostess.

The kitchen island can be an additional work surface or act as a bar counter, a stove or sink is built into it.The island can also combine several economic functions.

Unlike a kitchen unit, this furniture allows you to approach it from all sides. Several people have the opportunity to work for him at the same time. To make it really convenient, you need to correctly choose the size of the island and provide sufficient distance for passage around it. The island is suitable for kitchens, living rooms of very different sizes. He will find a place in a small room, for example, 26 or 32, 33, 35 square meters. m. Here it will serve as a separator between the economic part of the room and the space for rest.

In rooms 40, 50 square meters. m or even 60 meters, its functions can remain exclusively kitchen.

Making a small studio

The convenience of the design of a small kitchen-living room with an island lies in the fact that it is convenient to adjust the size of each functional area within such a room. Although here you need to consider that the passage on each side of the island should not be less than 80 centimeters.

In addition, you need to be prepared for the fact that in this small room, fat and steam from the kitchen can penetrate into the interior in half of the living room.This should be considered when selecting finishing materials and furnishing materials.

Proper zoning is an essential part of creating a functional design within a small area., and 25-33 square meters. m - this is quite a bit. In addition to the need to correctly determine the place for the island, you should provide flooring that is most suitable for each of the zones. Tile or linoleum is more suitable for the kitchen part, and laminate for the living room.

High walls assume the device of false or multilevel ceilings. At low, you can apply stucco, art painting techniques, as well as window fixtures. When decorating the walls, you can use different wallpaper or other finishing materials. They distinguish the main zone on which the gaze stops.

In a small kitchen-living room is better to choose wallpaper pastel colors. They visually expand the space. The dynamics of the interior will give a pair of bright colors. Juicy colors can be divided into separate zones, for example, niches. Also emphasize the features of the interior will be able to textiles.

For kitchens, living rooms of this type is better to purchase transformable furniture. In addition to the such a room it may well need a bed for guests. Therefore, it is better to have a sliding sofa for two beds. Well, if the chair can turn into an extra bed.

Furniture, when it comes to small kitchens, living rooms, should also be made in a light version.

Kitchen-living room 35-40 squares

The area of ​​about 40 square meters. m, which combines the functions of the kitchen, dining room and living room, on the one hand, quite spacious, on the other, if it is a studio apartment, it should be made as comfortable as possible. Design techniques will help to achieve the desired result.

In addition to the kitchen and living room, in such a room you may need a library or a work area. This must be considered in advance. To divide the space in such rooms it is better to abandon the use of bulky structures. It is better to separate the territory with screens, curtains, and light partition walls made of drywall. Rescue can the podium. The possibility of using different materials in the decoration of the floor and walls is also relevant in this case.

When delimiting a space by means of dynamic lines, various methods of design of the ceiling or walls should not deviate fromrespect for unity in the style of different zones. Common elements should be traced in the design of furniture and in the whole setting. Small-sized and transformable furniture will be useful for such a medium-sized kitchen-living room. Gloss and light colors here just right.

Competent selection of light sources and properly built lighting system will also play a role in the overall perception of the whole room. In order not to overload the living room and kitchen with details, you can focus on minimalism or high-tech style.

Large kitchen-living room

Spacious room opens up a lot of room for creativity. In such a room it is already possible to give a decent “piece of territory” to the kitchen. The island can be of considerable size, endowed with various functions. A large kitchen allows you to make it an unusual shape, for example, not just square or rectangular, but in the shape of the letter P or U. The work area greatly benefits from this.

With large dimensions of the room and under the dining area can be distinguished enough quadrature. Color design is usually quite diverse, since the risk of making the space visually closer is not as great as in small kitchens and living rooms.

There is an opportunity to install dimensional furniture, although it is necessary to clearly relate it to the size of the existing site. Sofas, armchairs, closets and other necessary things should not be small and look lonely in a spacious room, and at the same time it should be understood that such a room is not meant to fill it with all sorts of items.

Any hostess would like her to have a comfortable place for cooking, and her guests did not feel constrained near the kitchen. At the site of 50-60 squares there are all possibilities for the implementation of such plans. Using a multi-level ceiling, podium, screens, various lighting fixtures and similar elements will help to achieve the desired effect.

Interesting examples

The 40-meter kitchen-living room, decorated in muted colors, with furniture of simple forms and soft lighting, turns out to be a very cozy place to rest and work. The space between the room and the kitchen can be distinguished by using parquet in the room and other, more practical material for the floor in the kitchen. The border between the two zones is emphasized with the help of the island and a special lighting line.

A large kitchen-living room allows you to place in it a full-fledged working area with an impressive island with various functions - from the ability to store the necessary utensils and use this place as a large kitchen table to the convenience of washing dishes during cooking. The room also has a dining room. A large number of windows and light colors in the finish allow you to keep a sense of spaciousness.

Convenient when the living room has large dimensions. There is plenty of space for a relaxing holiday, and the kitchen area, thanks to the multifunctional island, can serve as a bar. At the same time, the size of the kitchen itself remains optimal - when cooking, you do not need to run back and forth. Everything you need is at hand.

An overview of a small kitchen with an island in a studio apartment is provided in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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