Modern styles of kitchen-living room

Increasingly, in the usual apartments of our compatriots you can see the kitchen-living rooms. When planning new homes, architects immediately envisage such a composition, and in conventional panel houses, the owners combine the two rooms into one. This approach gives a lot of advantages. It is important to understand how to arrange such a complex large space.

Style features

Before proceeding to the transformation, it is necessary to determine the style. From this will hang the mood and the overall appearance of the future kitchen-living room. If this is not done at the initial stage, then in the end you will get not a stylish interior, but a “hodgepodge.”

    Survival in the same concept will help create a single space with a pronounced original character.


    Aged in this style, the room is more like a work of art. She wants to examine and study. But at the same time, it does not give the impression of a palace, in which it is terrible to sit on a Versailles chair or touch gilded frames. On the contrary, I want to be in it and live.

    The style is distinguished by smooth lines, unusual details, an abundance of expensive natural materials: fur, wood, leather and stone.


    Reserved and elegant, he, like a real gentleman, does not allow himself to be superfluous and pretentious, while he is dressed with a needle. A characteristic feature is the division of the wall into two unequal parts. The lower one is trimmed with wood or panels, and the upper one is decorated with wide striped wallpaper.

    Well, if in the living room you can manage to place a fireplace (let it be electric). This will create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.


    Have you ever been to a construction site? Imagine how to iron a building before its final decoration? Designers achieve this effect when creating the interior of the kitchen-living room in the loft style. Its main features are open spaces and seeming incompleteness of finishing. At the same time, everything looks stylish and concise.

    This interior is very practical. After all, the suddenly appeared graffiti from small artists can easily be thought of as a designer.


    For finishing use cool white color. It is softened by bright accents in green, red and violet tones. Textiles with an interesting volumetric texture give comfort. Wood - the main material of the floor and furniture. The latter can harmonize in color with the color of the walls or be of a contrasting color of wenge.


    Light and fresh style inspired by the interiors of Mediterranean villas. Imagine that you enter a spacious room, where on large windows to the floor (you can convert a balcony door) a white veil sways from the breeze slightly, and the walls have a milky shade. Such an idyll can be created even in a regular city apartment.

    Furniture should choose quality, no frills. In the decoration of a large role is given to the tree in all its manifestations.


    If you are close to the Japanese philosophy and their particular relationship to life, then you can create a certain mood in your own apartment. In this interior it is nice to relax and unwind from the bustle of the big city.To embody this design, use natural materials (wood, bamboo, straw). Give up decorative decorations.

    This style does not accept the abundance of vases, figurines and paintings on all walls. Furniture low regular rectangular shape (table, couches, shelves).


    The mysterious east attracts us with its secrets. If you do not want to turn your apartment into an eastern tent, then you can choose a more discreet and original Moorish style. It is characterized by arches and horseshoe-shaped niches, the presence of gold in the design.

    Here it is important to think about the lighting scenario. So, in the afternoon it can be filled with light, and in the evening create an intimate and mysterious atmosphere.


    Anyone who does not like excessive pretentiousness and an abundance of decorative elements, perfect style of minimalism. Creating it is not so easy. With all its routine, it must be functional. Here a lot of attention is paid to hidden items. For example, a bed can move out from under an existing podium (in case of unexpected guests) or be reclining.

    High tech

    Modern style, the dignity of which is undeniable.It is suitable even for modest rooms, so much attention is paid to the functionality of objects. The decoration is dominated by monochrome solutions. A distinctive feature is the use of metal and glass in the interior.

    This is an interior for a modern person and it is not only beautiful, but also convenient, since here you can find high-tech gadgets and electronics that make life easier.


    Lovers of all natural fit such a solution. Simple and concise forms. This interior seems to protest against all modern technologies and artificial materials. It is very comfortable and pleasant to be. Finishing in light sandy, beige and brown tones soothes the nerves and allows you to relax.

    Country music

    For the kitchen in this style will suit the color of alder or oak oak. The facade is better to choose in the technique of crates. The abundance of natural wood is especially characteristic of this style. No less important is textiles. It is better to use natural fabrics (cotton, flax) in light shades. On the ceiling, you can often see massive beams, while brick and stone are used to finish the walls.

    Space Zoning Rules

    When creating the interior of the kitchen-living room, great attention should be paid to the zoning of space. On the one hand, you will have two functionally different rooms, on the other hand, they should create a single picture.

    Designers use various techniques for this. A large role is given to lighting, but in the absence of accents in the decoration of the full picture does not create.


    Consider in advance whether you will have one or two zones will be divided. This can be done with beams, niches or baseboards. If you are planning a suspended ceiling, this does not limit you in the manifestation of fantasy and desires. Modern technologies allow to create multi-level structures. You can play with color and texture (matte, gloss, satin) in different zones.


    In the kitchen area it is more expedient to use ceramic or granite tiles. This material is easy to clean, is not afraid of grease stains and does not absorb odors. In the living room, you can use the classic solutions in the form of parquet, laminate or linoleum.

    To make such a large space look cozier, select the appropriate carpets or carpet.

    Wall decoration

    Separate or merge two rooms is easiest when decorating walls. This can serve as decorative beams and baseboards. If you do not want a contrasting combination, then pick up neutral shades, but use a different texture. For example, in the kitchen you can apply liquid wallpaper or decorative plaster, and in the hall to use classic wallpaper.

    In any case, make sure that they are ideally suited to each other in color and style.

    Bar counter

    A great way to separate the kitchen area from the living room. In addition, it can drop several functions at once:

    • working surface;
    • dinner table;
    • bar counter;
    • space divider.

    It will be necessary to issue it in accordance with the chosen style of the interior. Universal solutions are bar counters made of wood or stone.

    Partitions and arches

    A universal way that always works. That's just not everyone wants to build additional walls, because it was from them and got rid of to create a single space. You can consider options for transparent partitions. Light openwork designs will look great (if they fit the style).

    Arched structures can be of any shape and size. They do not have to be in the opening. If the living room and the room form a regular rectangle, then you can only mark the border with columns and a ledge on the ceiling. It'll be enough.


    They have truly magical powers. With the right placement in the interior, visually enlarge and expand it. If you add a play of light here, you can create complex geometry in a regular room. At first glance it will be impossible to understand the true size of the room.

    Today, there are particularly durable mirrors that will not break on the very first blow. This is especially valuable for families with small children.

    Choosing furniture and lighting

    Combined area requires special placement of furniture and lighting. Do not forget about the unity of style. If the kitchen set is made in the art deco style, then the upholstered furniture in the living room should correspond to it.

    Living room furniture

    The main characters here are upholstered furniture and a dining area. Each of them should be functional and stylish. The sizes completely depend on the number of family members. For a bachelor apartment is quite acceptable to use the bar as a dining table,but for a family with children, this option is unacceptable.

    It is better to install the TV in the living area, but only so that it can be seen from the kitchen. After all, at the same time turn on two TVs will not work (the sound will interrupt).

    Furniture for kitchen

    More and more families choose kitchens according to individual sizes to order. This allows you to choose not only the desired size, but also to set the style and color. Internal content will also satisfy all your desires and requests.

    In the kitchen-living room version, the dining area is often located in the hall. It helps to functionally combine these two rooms. At the same time, there is enough space in the kitchen itself to accommodate all household appliances and make a full-fledged work area.


    Designers pay special attention to this element. In the kitchen of the living room just need to provide several lighting scenarios. It is not necessary to include them together. During the day it will be enough daylight penetrating through the windows. Morning and evening can not do without artificial light sources.

    • Chandeliers. A source of bright light. It is used when the entire family is complete and it is necessary that all zones are lit evenly.
    • Spotlights. They can be installed above the cooking zone and above the bar. In the morning you do not have to turn on the big light (and wake up the household) to make a cup of coffee.
    • Sconce and floor lamps. Create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. It's nice to read a book under them, or just sit comfortably on a sofa and watch your favorite movie.
    • LED lights. In addition to its main function, it can play the role of a zoning element. Attractive and unusual look and illuminated shelves or paintings.
    • Stained glass lighting of the ceiling and walls. Creates soft diffused light. To build such a structure on the ceiling alone is quite difficult, so use the help of professionals. The main idea is to create the illusion of a luminous ceiling. Or the feeling that the sun's rays penetrate through the stained glass on the ceiling.

    Successful examples of the interior

    Each of us has our own preferences, priorities and tastes. Therefore, it is impossible to imagine an interior that would please and fit absolutely everyone. Successful examples are still there. Look at the photos of the interiors of kitchens-living rooms in different styles, and decide which one is more suitable for you.

    Equipping the kitchen-living room, you need to understand that this is a single space, although it is used for different purposes. By choosing one style, you are guaranteed to get a complete and stylish interior. Do not be afraid to experiment and implement your wildest ideas.

    Mediterranean style

    The subtleties of the technical design of the kitchen-living room are described in the video below.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

    Entrance hall

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