Features of the design of the kitchen-living room in the style of "loft"

Loft style originated in America in the 50s. Then, industrial spaces without any refining were used as living quarters. All rooms were combined. In order to reproduce the characteristic features of this style in your apartment, it is enough to connect two adjacent rooms - a kitchen and a living room.

Style features

To recreate the features of the loft direction, The following guidelines should be observed.

  • The walls of the kitchen-living room in the loft style should be concrete or brick without decorative design.
  • All technical elements: gas pipes, corrugations, water connections, ventilation in this design should not be hidden behind wall cabinets, but be displayed for show.
  • The ceiling in the room should be high. All overlapping should be well viewed.No stretch or plasterboard ceiling, this style does not accept.
  • Required large windows, preferably in the floor. An alternative to the usual curtains will be made of wood blinds and heavy shutters.
  • Furniture set in the kitchen and in the hall should differ sharply from the rest of the apartment design, but be in harmony with each other.

The design of the kitchen-living room in the loft style is preferred by young families with children and aged people who want to keep up with modern fashion trends.

Advantages and disadvantages of combined rooms

To the positive features of the combined kitchen-living room include the following points.

  • The lack of interior partitions allows you to increase the living area by several square meters. This means that the apartment seems more spacious and filled with air.
  • Convenience in everyday life. While cooking, you can safely watch the show and watch the children playing right there.

    Among the downsides of such a design:

    • the absence of a hood can lead to deformation of kitchen surfaces, if you use this room regularly
    • the same drawback affects the spread of kitchen odors to the whole house, well,if these are pleasant aromas, but it happens that fish are boiled in the kitchen or milk has run away, then the tenants and their guests can only sympathize;
    • not only the finish, but all kitchen accessories will have to be chosen in the same style: dishes, cutlery, tablecloth and others;
    • if the kitchen turns off the tap or something lights up, the living room can also suffer.

    Subtleties of planning

    The complexity of the design in the style of loft in the combined rooms is that they must be designed in the same style. This applies to everything: wallpaper, flooring, furniture, dishes, appliances.

    Regarding technology, a combination of antique and modern things is permissible. This combination looks very original. For example, a multifunctional coffee machine and a Soviet gas stove.

    The floor in the combined kitchen-living room should be monotonous, made of tile, porcelain stoneware or wood. Usually used laminate, stylized as natural wood. If tile masonry is chosen, then it should be of dark shades with the effect of aging. Alternatively, you can use a self-leveling coating or linoleum.

    In rooms of small size it is better to make light shades (white, gray) with a glossy finish. If you put parquet perpendicular to the window opening, the room will visually appear wider.

    The walls in the dwelling need not necessarily be made of natural concrete or brick, these materials can be imitated using vinyl wallpaper, decorative veneer, tiles and plastic panels.

    The original design solution is the treatment of the wall with slate paint. This gives tenants an additional functional surface on which to write chalk recipes or a list of products that need to be purchased. The surface is quickly cleaned with a damp sponge and does not spoil the use of chalk.

    If there are difficult corners, boxes, niches in the apartment, the loft will perfectly beat them. You can somewhat expand the scope of the style by installing a glass partition with metal parts, a screen made of various materials, or a bookcase in the honey rooms. In this case, small stylistic errors in the design of rooms (accessories in the wrong style) will not be so clearly visible.

    Studio apartment

    Modern housing market offers ideal opportunities for the design of the dwelling in the style of a loft. This option is a studio apartment. However, in the premises of this type there are some restrictions to recreate the desired style: low ceilings, standard windows. If you correctly approach the design of the home, these shortcomings can be minimized.

    Visually pull the walls will help wallpaper with vertical stripes or a narrow elongated mirror, posters or wooden beams.

    Visually “raise” the ceiling will help the game of color and volume. For example, paint the ceiling in a grayish-white color or cover with PVC film.

    Small room

    A small apartment is not a reason to abandon the realization of your dreams. Due to innovative materials and non-standard design solutions, any room can be visually expanded. It is important to follow a few basic recommendations.

    • The room can not be oversaturated with things and household items. All furniture should be a little less than standard standards: a miniature sink, a small kitchen table, not bulky wardrobes (wooden, plain).It is necessary to free up space as much as possible by hiding all the small accessories: pot holders, ladles, covers and other kitchen utensils.
    • The sofa is the centerpiece. It should be small, ideally leather, with the effect of aging. Large soft chairs with armrests must be replaced with compact poufs or chairs.
    • Interior items should be "light": with a glass base, thin legs, with a small number of decorative elements.

    Colors and decor

    Loft style does not mean that the rooms should be decorated in dark colors. Any colors can be chosen, and thanks to the spacious windows, even when decorated in dark color, the room will not seem gloomy.

    Often, designers prefer a white shade as the basic tone of furniture, and dark, choosing it for the decoration of the floor and walls.

    Bright, saturated colors are used only as accents, but never as dominant.

    Necessary style mood will help to create copper, brick and black shades.

          The originality of the combined kitchen-living room in the loft style will be added by the retro-mounted telephone, microwave or bar counter with collection alcohol and beautiful wine glasses.That is, all items that are on display must perform not only an aesthetic, but also a practical function.

          An overview of the loft-style kitchen-living room awaits you in the video below.

          Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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