Brick wall in the kitchen: features and interesting options

The brick wall in the kitchen is fashionable, stylish and popular. This solution looks quite interesting and original, makes the design of the room more unusual and modern. Many people believe that brick walls are used only for the “Loft” style, but this element is also able to decorate a romantic or gothic direction. Brick-built kitchens are a good solution for creative and creative people. Such an idea is good because it is implemented independently, quickly and inexpensively without any problems.

Special features

Brick is a material that will remarkably underline the industrial style. It looks extremely advantageous in the design of the kitchen, being the ideal solution for the decoration of this room. You can choose the most suitable and harmonious option that will become a real decoration.There are many different colors and shapes, so the owner of the kitchen is able to make the decoration red, white, gray or even black material. You need to choose a shade that will be in harmony with the rest of the room.

Brick elements are able to fit into absolutely any style., whether it is “Provence” or “Glam-rock”, you just need to choose the right material. This is an extremely easy and simple way to make kitchen design original and aesthetic.

It is quite easy to create such a decoration yourself, even if the kitchen owner has no experience.

Advantages and disadvantages

Such material has become popular and in demand, not only because it looks aesthetically pleasing, but also because of other positive qualities. There are several of them.

  • Many have loved brickwork for an adequate price.
  • For the kitchen, an important property is the moisture resistance of a brick.
  • It has high resistance to temperature extremes and good fire resistance. Because of these qualities, it is often used when making an apron (kitchen).
  • It is quite durable. Brickwork is extremely difficult to damage, but if this still happens, minor chips or scratches appear on it. On this brick, the damage will not be evident.
  • It is very simple to use, finishing can be done by a person without experience.
  • It is combined with appliances and accessories located in the room.
  • It is an ideal way to zoning.
  • Eco-friendly, safe for people.

It is worth noting the disadvantages that are still present in such a finish. The material is non-uniform, the surface is rough, so the brickwork is difficult to clean from dust and dirt. Such a quality feature should be fought with the help of special impregnations for surface treatment and seams, which make it possible to get rid of this drawback or reduce the inconvenience associated with it to a minimum.

Despite the harmonious combination of brickwork with a large number of interiors, it is rather difficult to dose it in such a way that it looks profitable. Be sure to listen to the recommendations of professionals who will help resolve this issue.

Usually customers compile a 3D project in a program to see the final result clearly. You can always change the solution!

It is important to remember that this material will not reflect the rays of light, and the brick of a dark shade is able to visually absorb them.It looks the most aesthetically pleasing in a room with good natural lighting. It will be better to use it indoors with large windows that do not overlap with a balcony and are facing the south. In this case, there will be no problems with the light. If there is little natural light, you can think of artificial lighting, so that in the evening the kitchen design would look beautiful and not gloomy.

General design rules

Before you create a beautiful brickwork with your own hands, It is worth considering some points.

  • Choose the right color material. Owners of small kitchens should use bricks of light colors, darker ones are suitable for very lit and large rooms. Color design will depend on the style in which the design of the kitchen. White and gray are ideal options for a Scandinavian or Norman interior, and a brown color scheme is the best choice for Loft or Pop Art styles.
  • Choosing the right wall - important and responsible process. You can make a brickwork only on the wall on which more light falls. This element will be an accent, so it should stand out favorably.If you make a laying on the dark side, the interior will seem bleak.
  • It is better to make only one wall., since even two brick walls in one room will not look very attractive. Sometimes there are decent options for interiors, in which there are two adjacent or opposite sides, but such ideas can be successful only for large, spacious rooms that are sufficiently lit and have panoramic windows.

In many apartments the square will not allow repeating this design, but it is possible to make an attractive and unusual accent on one of the walls in the small kitchen of a regular apartment.

Interesting ideas

    To choose a suitable and worthy option, you should familiarize yourself with some modern ideas. Considering the various design projects, you can find out for yourself what kind of solution will be well combined with the kitchen in the apartment or house.

    • Brickwork can make the room narrow. It will take a few centimeters. If the kitchen is small, it can play a significant role. In this case, a good alternative to bricks will be wallpaper.

    It must be remembered that ordinary wallpaper, which depicts a brick - do not fit, because for such a room need a more durable lining. Wallpaper can get dirty in the process of cooking, as well as soak up a variety of smells, which would entail a lot of difficulties. It is better not to save on material.

    • If the wallpaper and facing bricks are not suitable, it is acceptable to use tiles under the brick. There are many varieties of this material. The simplest is the monotonous tile, which is made according to the approximate size of the brick. No one will notice the difference, such a finish looks stylish and neat. The option is simple, with minimal effort. If you want to create the effect of broken old brick, you should purchase the appropriate tile. It has a high cost. It is necessary very carefully to form a picture out of it.
    • Some projects involve the use of white brick. Most often they are decorated with modern stylish kitchens, as it is a worthy “partner” for black technology, ideally combining with it. It is important to choose the effect of putty between the blocks more carefully, because it is he who sets the style of the brick wall in the room.
    • There are two options for the design of masonry in dark colors.In the first, the brick is covered with a colorless matte or glossy lacquer; in the second, it is painted in any color necessary for an attractive design.

    Dark brown design is a classic and is suitable for spacious and bright rooms. It looks extremely stylish and unusual.

    Examples in the interior

      Brickwork in the kitchen is practical, beautiful. You can choose a decent option for any interior.

      • Brick wall decoration is the most successful material for decoration in the style "Loft". Rough finish in combination with cozy accessories indoors will create a warm atmosphere.
      • For Scandinavian style White and gray color are suitable, as well as Ombre of light shades. The brickwork is not too rough, it looks natural, aesthetically pleasing and neat. If the kitchen is executed in this embodiment, the wall will not look too active and accentuating.
      • "Provence" or "Country" - romantic styles, but even here you can harmoniously enter the brickwork. It is important that the finish is natural. Use is often aged artificially brick. It looks good bright range, allowing the room to seem bright and spacious.
      • On the kitchen in gothic style it is necessary to perform the most natural brickwork. It is important the absence of any additional finishing. An interesting and unusual option with several ways of laying.
      • Style interior "Pop Art" quite bold, modern and unusual. Using a combination of various shades is what will help to make it even more interesting and brighter. Here, the brickwork is wonderfully combined with accessories that complement the design, making the interior cozy, but at the same time extraordinary.

      To learn how to make imitation brickwork in the kitchen, see the following video.

      Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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