Flowers and plants in the interior of the apartment

Today it is difficult to find housing in which there would be at least one plant. Potted flowers bring joy to only one of its kind, not to mention their usefulness. In this material we will tell you which representatives of the flora are suitable for urban housing, how to choose the best plants for a private house and how to choose the right flowers based on the interior of the apartment.

Flowers as part of the interior

A well-kept residential interior is distinguished not only by a competent combination of furniture and decor, but also by the presence of indoor plants. Domestic plants, compared to the rest of the room details are secondary, however, the use of indoor plants plays an important role in creating a cozy atmosphere in the house.

To emphasize the architecture of the room, to soften a strict design or, on the contrary, to make it more official, to create a microclimate in the house - this and much more can be done using the necessary colors.

Proper landscaping of the apartment due to the correct approach to the choice of plants. That is, when purchasing a flower for a house, it is important to take into account its need for sunlight, humidity, and also to know how big it can grow.

Beautifully decorate the green area will help a variety of decorative materials: pots, decorative lighting, decor of soil in pots, accessories. Houseplants perform not only a decorative function, but also saturate the house with oxygen and add natural aesthetics to the interior. Modern designers often use all kinds of indoor plants as a decorative element. Recently, it has become fashionable to divide large rooms into several zones, and flowers in large pots deal with this as “excellent.”

Flower shops offer a wide range of different floristic accessories. Placing flowers in the house, it is important to follow the basic rules of composition.

For each interior should be selected appropriate size plants - it can be single or group copies, green or flowering:

  • The interior, made in black and white,can be decorated with buds krupnomerov inflorescences. Ornamental leafy plants are especially popular, which over the years grow in breadth. Such flowers are often found in large houses with high ceilings. They also look great next to the bay windows, sucking in natural sunlight.
  • For the office is better to choose a more strict composition in the style of bonsai. These trees in miniature have long become a favorite decoration of reception rooms and offices.
  • Would you like to add bright colors to your interior? Tubs, painted in rich colors, with sansevieriya variegata will be a great addition to the living room. Such familiar home flowers will look great in the company of original lamps.
  • It is difficult to find a flower for home more popular than an orchid. This is a complex plant that requires proper attention and care. Therefore, buying a plant from the family of orchids, you should be prepared for their capricious nature.


There are many types of plants that are appropriate in any home interior. We will talk about the main types of natural and artificial flowers, which are very popular in our time.


The variety of living representatives of the flora can be divided into three groups:

  • The first one includes decorative leafy plants.which either do not bloom at all, or their flowers are not beautiful enough. But they are distinguished by an unusually beautiful leaf shape, which may also have an unusual color. These include ferns, ficus, tradescantia, palm trees, coleus and many other plants.
  • The second variety is decorative flowering specimens. Some of them have a long flowering period, others may take only a few days. Some flowers can give only one flowering shoots, while others delight the eye with lush and large buds. These include Saintpaulias, cyclamens, begonias, roses, gardenias.
  • The third type is a family of succulents. They accumulate water in the leaves and stems, and therefore differ in a rather strange shape. It is worth noting that many of them give beautiful flowers.


Nowadays, artificial flowers have taken pride of place in decorating residential and office interiors. Thanks to modern materials and the latest technology manufacturers can create a truly masterpiece copies, which at first glance is difficult to distinguish from the living.

Artificial plants are good because they do not require care, while they are always green and beautiful.

Of course, even the most delightful artificial flower cannot be replaced by a live plant. But this is a great alternative to landscaping a room for those who suffer from pollen allergies.

You can create a flower composition from artificial plants yourself. It is enough to show imagination, to have a couple of hours of free time, and your interior will be decorated with stylish decor.

One of the favorite materials for creating floral details is Foamiran. From it surprisingly naturalistic, bright flowers turn out. Moreover, the creation of a composition with your own hands will allow you to choose the optimal color for a particular interior. Foamiran flowers can be put in the room, the kitchen and even on the balcony and you shouldn’t worry at all about their conditions.

Foamiran is also good for being easy to color, it’s easy to work with it for both adults and children. And if you do not like the shade of the resulting flowers, you can safely repaint the petals in the desired color.

A fine analogue of artificial flowers in the interior are ornamental non-living trees. They are often found in city apartments, country houses, offices and even in various municipal institutions. And all because bonsai has an amazing ability to look organically in any interior and is fully consistent with natural counterparts.

Artificial trees enrich the interior, adding to its attractiveness and aesthetics. In addition, such decorative elements positively affect the emotional background of the person, the interior seems more well-groomed and alive.

By purchasing artificial bonsai for your interior, you do not have to follow the watering or cut the stems - it will always keep the shape.

Do not be afraid that bonsai will look bad in a particular room, decorative artificial trees are in perfect harmony with any interior. This is due to natural organicity and naturalism. Especially beautiful bonsai looks in the classic interior, as well as in the premises in the style of high-tech, country, modern.

Today, designers offer trendy solutions for interior room decoration - walls made of stabilized moss. Unlike inanimate trees, moss takes up a bit of space while greening the room, making it more comfortable and greener. Decorative moss is made of environmentally friendly material, and therefore can decorate even the walls of the nursery. Often it is used in studio apartments, offices, meeting rooms, shopping centers, galleries.

The interior of modern apartments are often decorated with artificial orchids.which at first glance is difficult to distinguish from the present. Such flowers will never fade, and will delight you with bright petals and an elegant stem for many years. In addition, the stores offer a wide range of artificial orchids of various colors and sizes. Therefore, everyone will be able to choose the best option for their home.

Dried flowers

Some indoor plants do not cease to amaze with the shape of the leaves and colors even after drying. They are most often used as a material for the manufacture of autumn and winter bouquets, various compositions for decoration. It can be dry flowers, berries, wheat stalks and just beautiful twigs.

To dry the copy you like, just put the flowers in a vase without water or hang from the ceiling in a dry place.

Helichrisum or, as it is also called, immortelle is very popular in the creation of dried flowers. But there are a large number of other annual and perennial flowers that will organically complement the dry bouquet: limonium, yarrow, gypsum. Extravagance of the composition can be added with the help of inflorescences and seed pods, for example, decorative onions.

The plants of the family of cereals look amazing: a shaker, a hawktail, a deadly barley and many others. However, despite all their beauty, there is no dried flower more beautiful than amaranth, hydrangea, yarrow, rose.

You can add a bouquet of originality with the help of various elements: stones, beads, floristic ribbons, costume jewelry. According to astrologers, all dried flowers are natural accumulators of nature's energy, which contributes to filling the house with feelings and love.

Dried flowers are an excellent solution for interior decoration, especially for those who do not have the ability to care for fresh flowers. A bouquet of dried herbs and stems will look great in the living room or kitchen, in a cozy cafe, homemade food restaurant and even in office rooms.

Remember that dried flowers can not replace live plants, so you need to use them only in a bouquet, alone, the appearance of dried flowers clearly loses to green specimens.

Popular indoor plants

There are many indoor plants that are often used in the design of houses and apartments. We will talk about the most popular and beautiful colors that look win-win in any interior.


Orchid - the most favorite indoor flower in most women. It is almost always appropriate in the interior, so many designers do not miss the opportunity to decorate a building with delicate orchids buds.

Orchid will be the highlight of any interior. It is best to place a pot of orchids in the living room on a table, nightstand, dresser or coffee table. Using decorative candles, figurines, beautiful bowls or cinnamon sticks, you can create a whole composition.

In order not to disturb the visual balance, remember that the decor around the flower should be secondary.

Especially original orchid will look in the bathroom, although in the rest of the room it will certainly bring a special charm and charm.It is best to put a pot with an orchid in the center of the room, where there will be enough space for it and fresh air.

Decorative rose

The next flower in popularity in the interior is decorative rose bushes. Roses have been and remain in demand for many centuries. Today, a lively rose in a pot can be a great alternative to a traditional bouquet, which, moreover, will never wither.

Spathiphyllum (Anthurium)

To create a relaxed atmosphere in the bedroom, experts recommend buying a flower spathiphyllum or anthurium. It is best to buy two plants at once - for a spouse and spouse. It is believed that this flower has magical properties: wherever it is placed, love and understanding will reign.

Scientific facts indicate the usefulness of this flower - it absorbs harmful trace elements, cleans the air, saturates the room with oxygen. In addition, Spathiphyllum is able to stabilize extreme fluctuations, which is why it is advised to put it in bedrooms for a healthy and restful sleep.


One of the leading places is the dracaena, known as the "lucky bamboo".She is a success not only among ordinary flower growers, but also among followers of the Feng Shui teaching. Dracaena grows well in water, so instead of the usual pot you can use a fountain.

In order for the plant to grow quite actively, it is necessary to firmly fix the roots and stems of the flower, and fill the bottom with pebbles.

Decorative leafy

Choosing one or several plants for a house, we recommend to prefer decorative foliage flowers. Such architectural plants have a rather attractive shape and often help to place accents in the room.

Large-leaved specimens, or simply large plants, are used to zoning space or to fill an empty space in a room. In the spacious halls, plants with an unusual leaf shape or interesting color look good.


But to visually combine space using climbers. To achieve this effect, you can mark the same flowers in different parts of the room.


Making out the interior, most designers offer to decorate the room with giant tropical palm trees, lianas, ficuses.However, it is important to know that plants of this type will be appropriate only in spacious rooms. Moreover, all of them are distinguished by their great height - about half a meter in height, some specimens grow to the ceiling.

Such plants have long become an integral part of the office interior. Placing a palm tree or a ficus in a recreation area, you can create coziness and comfort even at work.

We select for interior style

Classic interior requires special attention. When you make a room in this style, it is important to consider any, even the smallest details. Therefore, pick flowers should be carefully. Experts recommend choosing traditional home flowers with lush foliage and beautiful flowering. It can be decorative ficuses, hibiscus, oleander, monstera.

For lovers of bright colors, we suggest to pay attention to such representatives of green flora as camellias, azaleas, begonias, cyclamens.

The interior in the Scandinavian style requires a minimalist approach. Most designers prefer not to decorate rooms with colors in this style. But for those who think otherwise, we offer charming orchids, arrowroot, Zamiokulkas.Of course, it is worth observing the style and not overloading the space with an excess amount of greenery, it is better to restrict to one or two copies.

The premises, designed in Japanese style, require restraint and subtlety. Landscaping the room, most importantly, do not overdo it, so as not to disturb the elegant style of the East. Japanese prefer to ordinary bouquets of graceful single flowers, therefore large, curly and dense thickets will be inappropriate here. But the orchid, indoor chrysanthemum and even azalea emphasize the oriental style, giving it elegance and charm.

Bonsai - the perfect solution for the Japanese interior. This does not necessarily have to be classic miniature trees, for example, an excellent bonsai can come from cheflers, euonymus, bokarnei, gardenias.

For lovers of exquisite solutions, we offer low-key, but charming succulents: agave, lithops, crassula, aeonium, nolin.

Posting ideas

Decorating the room with flowers, it is important to follow the main rules of plant maintenance. Fresh flowers require timely watering and sunlight, the dead trees "are afraid" of moisture and collect dust. Every flower loves certain placesknowing that it is easy to create the necessary conditions for their care.

Originally selected flowers are able to bring a fresh touch to any room. For example, in a kitchen interior it is possible to use both live plants, and bouquets from dried flowers.

Thermophilic plants are best suited: ferns, dieffenbachia, chlorophytum. Small pots with violets, miniature roses, lithops, Kalanchoe or sweetie decorate the window sill, giving the kitchen affection and home comfort.

Owners of small city apartments like to decorate the balconies with climbing and flowering plants. Flowers on the balcony need frequent spraying and watering, especially if they are on the sunny side. Optimal for open balconies are almost all ampelous varieties of plants, as well as calendula, purslane, petunia, phlox, dahlia, cacti, phlox. As the balcony pots, you can use wooden tubs, various flowerpots, wicker baskets - all this will make your balcony more original.

Many designers think over the methods of placing flowers in the interior at the design stage of the project. For bulky plants use floor pots,but small flowers in the original pots can be hung on the wall.

Tips for placing flowers in the interior are given in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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