Cabinet design: ideas for organizing the working space at home

The idea of ​​arranging a separate room for work came up with the ancient Greeks. At first it was just a small corner of the room where there was a desk and a stool. And only with the appearance of the first universities in Europe, the offices were widely used.

Special features

Now the cabinet is a necessity. Almost every second person wants to work at home in a calm, cozy atmosphere. Therefore, making up the design of the home office, it is necessary to take into account all the details: from furniture to the color of book roots on the shelves. It must be multifunctional so that you can work efficiently and relax with comfort.

The office can be arranged as in a private house, where there is a large room of 12-10 square meters.m, and in a small apartmentwhere even a room at 8 meters is already a luxury. Many people are surprised that even a mini-office can be equipped so that it will be convenient not only to work in it, but also to be creative. But experienced designers can do it.

Having at least a small office allows you to retire even if you live with your family. If desired, you can make the walls soundproof and put locks on the door.

In any office, the most important thing is to make you comfortable in it. After all, this is the place where you get creative inspiration. It is necessary to think over all the details of the interior, dividing it into several functional areas. Even a small balcony, equipped as an office, can become a secluded place.

Kinds and appointments

When planning a study, it is necessary to think carefully about everything. Indeed, both mood and work success depend on it. However, it is worth considering who will own it: a man or a woman.

Male office

Already standing on the threshold of the office, you can determine who is the boss. In the home office for men dominated by dark, cold colors: black, gray, green.They prefer to issue it in a classic style. Upholstery should be combined with wallpaper and floor and ceiling decoration. In the men's office should not be all sorts of decorative trinkets, because the representatives of the stronger sex relate to them completely indifferent. It is installed there only everything you need: a computer, work records, books and the necessary equipment.

Female office

Modern women are in equal rights with men. Therefore, female office is the same rate as male. However, he is his complete opposite. It is dominated by light, light colors, curtains with ruffles, various accessories, many colors. Women are very scrupulous in choosing the interior. If they work as a teacher or translator, then in the office you can see shelves with books for learning English, as well as a lot of fiction.

Current finishes

The modern design of the study in many ways different from the old. Designers can choose the finish in accordance with the decor. In the design of cabinets often use wallpapers that are still popular.This solution is best suited for different styles.

The best way to finish a floor is carpet, which has sound insulation properties. You can also put wooden tiles or parquet. To create comfort - a beautiful carpet. There are several options for decorating rooms.


This type of finish requires a lot of money and effort, but it's worth it. Wooden ceiling perfectly fit into the interior of the working home office. However, it will be expensive. This will require expensive woods, installation of which can be done only by experienced craftsmen. For harmony in the interior walls and the floor must be combined with the ceiling. The tree has too dark colors, so the interior can be diluted with wallpaper in pastel colors.


In contrast to the classic modern interior does not require a lot of money if you use stretch ceilings and low-cost parquet. Ceilings have different colors and texture. They are now very popular. Despite the abundance of different proposals, for the office should choose a matte surface.

Perfect lighting

Lighting, both natural and artificial, plays a big role in shaping the furnishings of the home office. Windows should be large and bright so that the light evenly illuminates the entire room during the day. But no less important is artificial lighting. First of all, it should correspond to the size of the room, and therefore evenly illuminate all zones.

A great addition will be spotlights, which not only visually enlarge the room, but also visually raise the ceilings. They can be combined with chandeliers of various shapes and sizes. Do not forget about sconces and floor lamps, which can be used in the evenings, both for reading and for work.

Choosing functional furniture

Furniture is the main element in the design of the working room. Placing it, be sure to consider the design of the home office. You can not clutter the room with a large number of cabinets and shelves, so as not to distract from work.

It is important to know the principles for dividing a room into zones. Knowing a few simple rules, much can be done: to separate the work area, the recreation area, and also the area for the library. Each of them need to furnish the appropriate furniture.The most common shades today are coffee, sand and ivory.

The central object in the working room is the table. It should be strong enough and roomy. On its surface, as a rule, is located only what is needed directly in the process of work. If the cabinet will be used for working at a computer, then a small table is enough. And if this is a room for creativity, you should choose furniture with a wide tabletop, on which you can put both baskets, and sets for scrapbooking, and other necessary things.

Also in the office can not do without cabinets in which books, boxes with things for creativity and different appliances are stored. They can be both open and closed. It all depends on the style of the room.

If there is a lot of space in the room, you can also allocate a relaxation area. There is a corner for a comfortable chair or sofa. For a classic style fit a luxurious sofa with curved legs and upholstered. But in a modern office you can do with a stylish leather sofa.

The rest of the furniture is selected at the discretion of the owner of the cabinet.It all depends on how the room is used. But this necessary minimum is enough to feel comfortable in your work space.

Project Ideas

Working at home, a person gets many benefits. Therefore, a study in an apartment or private house gives you the opportunity to go about your business in a relaxed atmosphere.

In the apartment

In small apartments it is difficult to equip an office. Most often it is placed on the balcony. After all, this is not only a well-lit, but also an isolated place where no one can interfere with your work. Here you can place a small table, a chair or a small wicker chair, attach shelves for the necessary books or documents.

If you managed to allocate a separate room in the apartment, you need to carefully consider the design of the study. Most often it is divided into two zones: working and leisure. They can be divided by partitions or closets, as well as with the help of contrasting floor and ceiling finishes. For example, in the working area you can make a parquet floor, and in the recreation area lay a soft carpet.

The main thing - do not overdo it with furniture, do not turn the office into a furniture warehouse.It will be enough to have a small sofa or a soft corner. You can put a fireplace or an aquarium with fish for relaxation and distraction from everyday affairs. In the working area, you can put wooden racks, place a computer.

In a private house

The best place for arranging a study in a private house is the attic. She is away from other rooms. It is very quiet, no disturbing sounds are heard from the lower floors, which allows you to work in a calm atmosphere without being distracted by anything.

However, when you make a room under the roof, you will need a lot of imagination to beat the irregular shape of the room. Modern designers are developing many beautiful interior options in the attic. For example - a small office.

Sill can be converted to the desktop. You will always have excellent lighting, and such a stylistic decision will save space. Here you can put a small bookcase for documents and documents, as well as a sofa-transformer. Shelves or wall cabinets can be placed on the sloping surface of the wall.

If the attic ceiling props up the column - this is also not a problem. You can beat her.The column will divide the room into two zones: work and rest. In the recreation area there will be a sofa with beautiful pillows, and in the work area - a telescope, which will make you feel in the observatory.

For the design of the attic fit design in the style of a loft. In this case, you do not need a lot of money. You can save and primary masonry, and wooden beams, adding only some decorative elements.

Combined options

If the apartment or private house is small, then allocate a separate room for the office is almost impossible. In such cases, it is settled in every corner of the room. Like any other occupation, cabinet design begins with a layout. There are many combined options. The study can be organized in the living room and in the bedroom, and even in the kitchen.

With bedroom

The most common option is to equip a workplace in a bedroom that does not make much work. In this case, it is better to place the table near the window or make it instead of a window sill. This will allow to work in natural light. In the corner, place the corner cabinet or shelves where you can store everything you need.

Recreation area can be separated by a screen or partition, as well as with the help of sliding doors. Perfectly suitable wardrobe with a folding bed.

From the living room

Making a study in the living room is a great idea. This will not only allow you to go about your business, but at the same time relax with your family in the same room. Such an office will easily fit in the hall with a staircase decorated with forging or carving on a wooden railing.

For such a living room furniture is selected multifunctional: transforming sofas or soft corners. The table can be placed in the middle of the room or by the window. In this embodiment, the secretary will look great, the lid of which can serve as a table top. With the arrival of guests, you can hide the workplace.

With kitchen

The kitchen is always associated with cooking and eating. But modern women who work a lot with computers use it also as a study. After all, it is very convenient.

In small kitchens, you can use the bar where the laptop is located. In more spacious premises - to make wall cabinets or racks, where after work you can hide everything.You can decorate the workplace with the help of various kitchen utensils: mugs - for storing pens, painted plates - for various trifles.

With library

Almost every reader dreams of an office library, because e-books will not replace paper ones. The number of books determines how many cabinets will be in the library. Such a room in the modern world is not only a storage room for books, but also a place that can be used to advantage.

To turn it into a study, it is enough to put a massive wooden table and a comfortable chair among the shelves. In this area, you can safely work. In such a room, the working area should not even be separated using partitions. After all, a space filled with books will only inspire you.

Beautiful interior solutions

In an office for great achievements, even the atmosphere should inspire. Arrange a cozy and beautiful space is not so difficult. The main thing - to be able to withstand one style. For those who know absolutely nothing about the features of interior design, ready-made examples will help.

Classic style cabinet

Doing a study in a large country house, is to arrange it in a classic style. You can attach a wall cabinet, fill it with your favorite books. Dark curtains to match the furniture will make the interior contrast. The flooring corresponds to the interior of the room.

The workplace must be placed in the opposite corner of the room so as not to be distracted from work. Leather chair will be very comfortable and practical. And when the time comes to rest, you can lie down on the light sofa, which perfectly combines with the tone of the walls and ceiling, or read your favorite book by turning on a floor lamp standing near the sofa to match him.

In modern style

Making a modern cabinet does not take much time and money. After all, this is minimalism in everything: both in the setting and in the decoration of the study. For example, here you can put a table of unusual design. It will look good on a modern laptop and lamp. Above the shelf you can place paintings in the style of abstract art. Addition will serve as a chest of drawers without patterns and legs. All this should be arranged in bright colors, which will help to concentrate on work, without being distracted by the bright colors of the wallpaper.

Men's style

A study for men accommodates only a little. The table can be placed opposite the window for good lighting. A small comfortable chair on wheels will allow you to move around the room, taking the necessary items. On the shelves in the corner you can place the necessary documents or books.

For the rest fit a compact leather chair, allowing you to relax in the breaks. The cabinet can be decorated in light and dark colors to make the room look stylish.

A study in a house or apartment is not a distant dream. Implementing your plans and making the most courageous creative ideas a reality is very simple. Especially those who already know all the rules of working with the style and features of the selection of furniture and decor.

An example of the organization of the workplace can be viewed in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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