Design of a two-room "Khrushchev" with an area of ​​43 sq. M: interior design ideas

"Khrushchev" - is the first mass building houses with small apartments, low ceilings and poor sound insulation. They were actively built from the 60s to the 90s of the last century throughout the country, and many Russian families at the time acquired their own housing for the first time.

Those who today live in these small apartments, for example, an area of ​​43 square meters. m, are increasingly asking: how to make a design project of a two-room "Khrushchev"? And what ideas of interior design exist?

Features of planning

“Khrushchev” is easy to recognize among the rest of the apartments by its characteristic features, for example, wide double-wing square-shaped windows. Or through the small windows on the edge of the end panel in the kitchen.

What else distinguishes this type of apartments from the same “Stalinok” and other options:

  • The presence of a passage room.
  • Small kitchen - from 4-5 to 6 square meters. m
The presence of a passage
  • Combined bathroom: toilet and bathroom are in the same room. The bathroom "Khrushchev" is usually so small that it does not accommodate a standard bathroom with a length of 150-180 cm.
  • In "Khrushchev's" kitchens, the hostesses are cooked on gas stoves.
  • Many apartments have a balcony and a storage room, the latter in size does not differ from an ordinary room in houses of this type. There is no balcony only in the apartments, which are located on the first floor of the building.

If we talk about the house in general terms, then it has centralized heating, there is no garbage line and an elevator. Such buildings usually have 5 or 7 floors, less often - 9 or 3-4. By planning all the apartments in the "Khrushchev" overlook one side, except for the corner ones - their windows are facing the opposite direction overlooking the courtyard.

"Khrushchev", in terms of planning, has advantages and disadvantages, but it is objectively impossible to judge them.

Among the advantages of such apartments note:

  • The presence of a balcony and pantry.
  • Typical layout: small corridor and kitchen, two approximately identical rooms.
  • A walk-through room, which often borders the kitchen and leads to the second room.
  • Combined bathroom - another plus.He saves space in the apartment.

The disadvantages of the “Khrushchev” apartment include:

  • low noise insulation or too thin walls;
  • low ceilings - just 2.55 meters (some buildings have ceilings 2.70 meters);
  • close hallway or its literal absence;
  • a small area of ​​the apartment as a whole: the standard two-room apartment in the “Khrushchev” has an area of ​​no more than 43, 44, 46 square meters;
  • a small area of ​​the room - bedroom or nursery;
  • the absence of a balcony on the first floor - there are practically no “Khrushchevs” with a loggia on the first floor;
  • a walk-through kitchen that is combined with a living room and so small that a gas stove and a short worktop can be placed on it from the equipment.

"Khrushchev" may be located in a brick or large-panel house.

"Two" can vary slightly in size and layout:

  • "Book" called Khrushchev with successive rooms following each other - a kitchen, living room, bedroom and a total area of ​​42-43 square meters. m
  • "Tramway" - two-room apartment with an area of ​​almost 47 square meters. m and adjacent rooms, one of which - the corner.
  • "Improved" - planning without a walk-through room, a separate bathroom and a tiny kitchen. The total area of ​​such an apartment is usually 43-45 square meters. meters
  • "Butterfly" - apartment with a kitchen in the middle and two rooms on its edges. The area of ​​this "Khrushchev" is usually 46 square meters. meters She has a separate bathroom practically in the kitchen.

Layout "book" is good because it has adjoining rooms that are easy to combine into one or the whole apartment - into a full-fledged studio. However, the disadvantage of this layout is that whatever the redevelopment, one of the rooms will remain a passage. Only if you do not put up a partition and create a corridor leading to the next room.

Regardless of the "native" layout, "Khrushchev" can be changed and made functional - to combine rooms or increase the space of one of them.

Redevelopment options

The big advantage of the “Khrushchev” apartment is that it is easy to reschedule it: “move” the walls or combine rooms to create more space. At least visually. The internal walls or partitions in the “Khrushchev” are not carriers, which means that they can be removed and the space of the room can be changed in consultation with government agencies.

Redevelopment of "Khrushchev" begins not only with the desire of the owner to remake it, but also with obtaining permission for this procedure from the state.It is easy to get it, provided that the living rooms and the kitchen remain in place, only the location of the walls themselves will change. After the state gives the go-ahead to change the configuration of the space, you can begin.

Option number 1

In all "Khrushchev" small kitchens and bathrooms. One of the solutions that redevelopment can give is to increase the kitchen area. Owners often clean the wall between the kitchen and the next room (usually it is a walk-through) and create modern kitchens and living rooms.

Classic "Khrushchev" kitchen 5 square. m becomes a spacious living room with a cooking area with a total area of ​​up to 23 squares, if the walk-through room is completely under the hall.

This apartment can be called the euro- "odnushku": housing with an isolated full bedroom and a spacious kitchen-living room. The resulting “odnushka” is attractive because it becomes more spacious - the “extra” wall disappears, additional space for furniture is freed up.

Option number 2

A modest "dvushku" can be turned into a full-fledged studio, if you completely remove the internal partitions. With the exception of the bathroom - bathroom and toilet, these two rooms need insulation.

Modern studio can be zoned - divided into functional areas using partitions or redecoration. Owners often use these two combinations: they create artificial thin walls between the sleeping area and the sitting area - the living room. They “play” with a touch of walls and floor material: tiles are laid in the corridor and the kitchen, and laminate in the living room and the bedroom. This technique not only divides the space, but also visually expands it.

A studio apartment is suitable for a young family without children or a couple who prefer one large area together with small but isolated rooms. However, such redevelopment will not work for a family with at least one child.

Option number 3

The next version of the redevelopment of "Khrushchev" implies the transfer of walls and the preservation of 2 isolated rooms. For example, you can expand the kitchen area from 5 squares to 15 squares (more or less, depending on the area of ​​the apartment and the location of the rooms). To do this, it is necessary to demolish the existing wall and build a new one in a new place, sliding its borders.

Option number 4

The “improved” layout of the 2-room “Khrushchev” can be made even more functional if you combine the kitchen with the walk-through room and divide the larger area in half.Such redevelopment is suitable for a family with one child who loves receiving guests. And so will be where to stay - in a spacious hall with a dining table.


Regardless of how large-scale redevelopment was in the "Khrushchev", you can and should use zoning techniques.

Zoning the kitchen-living room

If the entrance room and the kitchen become a single space, it's time to divide it visually. In the cooking zone, equip a classic kitchen. If the width of the wall along which the cooking zone will be located is not enough, extend it to the perpendicular wall and bring it to the rack.

Thus, the rack will divide the two functional areas both visually and real.

If the area of ​​the kitchen-living room even after planning remains small, the table top can be replaced with a full-fledged dining table. You can separate the cooking zone from the living room with a sofa, if you install it back to the wall along which the table top with oven and stove stretches. Or arrange between them a thin partition of metal, glass, wood. Install shelving with shelves to the ceiling.And you can leave this venture altogether, and visually divide the kitchen-living room with the color and texture of finishing materials.

A good solution is to put floor tiles in the cooking the living room - laminate or parquet. The texture of the floor will already divide the two combined rooms, even if the color of the walls in them is no different.

Living room zoning

If at the redevelopment of the “Khrushchev” the number of rooms remained the same, and one of them was decided to be given to the living room-bedroom, then zoning is necessary. Suppose a family with children lives in such an apartment; the children were given a bigger room, and their parents settled in the living room.

One solution is to divide the room with a thin partition., "Hide" a double bed from prying eyes in the depths of the room, by the window. In the area closer to the door to place a small sofa and dressing table, TV and storage elements hang on the wall, thereby maintaining free space to move.

To get even more space in the "Khrushchev", instead of the bed, you can choose a folding sofa and leave the room unchanged. By day she will be living room and receive guests, at night she will become a full-fledged bedroom with a disassembled sofa instead of a bed.

If parents are not willing to sacrifice a full bed in order to save space, they will especially like the next decision. In the small-sized bedroom-living room, you can install a folding bed, which in the afternoon "cleans up" in the wall, and in the evening "leans", and forms a full-fledged sleeping place.

Popular styles

The choice of interior design for small-sized "Khrushchev" - another "headache" pain for the owner.

High tech

Modern interior solution, based on technological innovations, high functionality and prestige in the current interpretation. High-tech is characterized by plastic, glass and metal - in the material of furniture and decoration. If we talk about colors, then they are quiet, muffled and monophonic - white, black, all shades of beige and gray.

The hinged ceiling is used in this interior style, but in the “Khrushchev” it may be inappropriate - the ceilings in the apartment are already low, and such a construction will make them even lower.

Particular attention is better paid to the walls. Turn one of them into an accent one: trim it with plastic, wood, stone or other panels.The accent will create a contrasting wallpaper, but not motley - in the hi-tech they do not need anything.


Remember the Ikea store with rational and, at first glance, simple furnishing options. This is the Scandinavian style. It differs in environmental friendliness - materials of furniture and finishing, practicality - a set of hinged and multifunctional structures for storage.

In the Scandinavian interior is dominated by light shades - white and beige, gray and brown. The emphasis is often in the details - textiles and accessories.


Luxurious style in the interior, which is characterized by large areas of both rooms and windows, doors, high ceilings. The Empire style is hardly suitable for the decoration of the “Khrushchev”, but some of its elements can be brought into the decoration of your home. For example, ornaments: in the upholstery of furniture or on the facades of the kitchen, in textiles or on the wall, but only one. Accent wall with patterns in royal style will be appropriate in a classic interior, which we will discuss later.


The classic is appropriate for the “Khrushchev” - laconic wooden furniture with elements of natural stone, restrained shades and textiles in a single scale.The classic interior is not only beautiful, but also practical.

In the small bedroom or corridor "Khrushchev" you can install high cabinets - to the ceiling, with facades in the color of the walls. They will not overload the already cramped space and will accommodate the maximum possible. If we talk about the color of the fronts of the furniture, give preference to light shades - beige, white, light brown, gray, and olive. Save dark colors for details - frames, armchairs and a small bookcase or shelving, if there is room for it.

This classic interior is characterized by stucco. But in the "Khrushchev" it is unlikely to be appropriate. Maximum - ceiling plinth and provided that the ceiling in the house is not less than 2.70 m.

Country music

It is dominated by natural shades - brown, green, olive, yellow.

This may be a kind of French Provence with aged furniture or the American direction - comfortable furniture, an abundance of natural materials in the decoration.

Room decoration

The standard design of the rooms in the “Khrushchev” is a European renovation with functional cabinet furniture. Regardlesswhether it will be an economy class renovation or an expensive designer one, it’s easy to make a small apartment stylish - it’s enough to choose a single style for all the rooms in the house.

  • Kitchen. In the standard "Khrushchev's" kitchen of 5-6 squares, only a kitchen unit will fit. To make it even more functional, choose wall-mounted cabinets up to the ceiling - they will fit more dishes and kitchen utensils.
  • If the kitchen and living room occupy the same roomthen this is a great opportunity to make the interior even more stylish. The first rule is a single style and a single color scheme of a room. Light shades of walls and furniture will visually make it more spacious and lighter, and will be especially useful if the ceilings in the house are low - 2.55 m.

For a modest kitchen-living room, Provence is especially suitable - rustic style with an abundance of wooden elements. The bright wooden facades of the kitchen can be combined with a dining table in shade and material. The contrast will create a total luxurious chandelier, masonry in the cooking zone and checkered textiles.

  • Bedroom. The square of the usual "Khrushchev's" bedroom can vary - from 8-9 to 19 square meters. m. If the room is small, but isolated, it is necessary to arrange a full bed.Full sleep is more important than any interior madness, so give preference to a bed instead of a sofa.

Storage space can be arranged along one of the walls or in a room niche - install a wardrobe up to the ceiling. Even in the modest bedroom of 9 squares there is a place for a double bed and a wardrobe in the whole wall. The dressing table can be replaced with a functional headboard-curbstone or hinged shelves above the head or on the sides.

  • Children's Under it usually take the largest room. To save free space of the nursery, do not neglect the wall cabinets - it is convenient to store in them those things that are used infrequently.

Obligatory element of the nursery - bed: full, design bed or ottoman. And a wardrobe, better a wardrobe, so that the child can independently find his own things. For the nursery, choose calm colors, leave it bright for accents - interior parts or toys.

If there are two children in one room, then choose a bunk bed: it will save space for games and activities, and maybe other furniture - a desk, a rack for books and toys.

Tips and tricks

Often repair and redevelopment in the "Khrushchev" unfold at the moment when it becomes impossible to live in an apartment: communications, floor and walls are worn out. The latter can not move redecoration, and the idea of ​​redevelopment.

  • Do not be afraid of redevelopment. It will increase the space of the corridor or bathroom, if you donate 2-3 squares of another part of the apartment - one of the living rooms or kitchen. With the help of redevelopment is easy to increase the kitchen, if you combine it with a pass room. Or keep two separate rooms, but reduce the area of ​​one of them for the kitchen.
  • Be careful with heating equipment and sewage. Having started a major overhaul in the “Khrushchev”, keep in mind that pipes with heating may be located inside the wall. And before you demolish the wall, make sure that there are no communications in it. As for the sewage system, then changing the riser or pipes yourself is risky. If they are not damaged and they work properly, leave them a replacement for the management company.
  • If you are leveling the floor, use lightweight materials. The floor level in different rooms "Khrushchev" may vary. And that's fine.If you decide to make the floor single-level, choose light materials, such as drywall.
  • Change wiring to more powerful. "Khrushchev" wiring may not be able to withstand modern electrical voltage. This is dangerous - there may be a fire. Replace wiring throughout the apartment. The wiring can be closed if there is a place to hide it or open - and create the desired accent.
  • Use noise insulation - insulation. Even inside the apartment and especially on the walls that border the neighbor. It is also possible to warm external “street” walls, but it will be more difficult and more expensive.
  • Do not take suspended ceilings. In the classic "Khrushchev" ceiling height does not exceed 2.77 meters, often there are ceilings 2.55 meters. Suspended ceilings are absolutely not appropriate in such an apartment because of the small space of the room: they will “push” on the space and overload it.

And it is better to spend these funds on wall insulation or wiring replacement, bathroom repair.

  • If we talk about saving space, then choose paint instead of tile in the bathroom or kitchen - it will save 1-2 cm thickness from each wall of this room.
  • Choose functional furniture. If this is a wardrobe, then in the entire ceiling and compartment by the type of opening (no need for space for opening the doors of the wardrobe). If it is a kitchen wall cabinets, then up to the ceiling. They fit more utensils. To save the kitchen space will help the tabletop, which continues from the kitchen.

Interior Design Ideas

For decoration rooms in the "Khrushchev" choose light shades. If the bedroom or room is located on the south side, the walls can be painted in cold shades - gray, blue or white. To visually raise the low ceiling, project the walls onto it: put the ceiling plinth in the color of the walls on the ceiling.

The white color in the interior of the “Khrushchev's” apartment is especially appropriate - it unites the space and visually increases its area. Quite modest in area "Khrushchev" can be turned into a studio and get space free from useless walls.

An interesting project for real people was created by one of the Russian designers. He shifted one of the walls in the “Khrushchev”, turning the room into a spacious living room with an accent wall and bright details. The space has become not only stylish,but also functional: in one of its corners there was a wardrobe up to the ceiling, in the center there was a spacious sofa, in front of it was a TV with a narrow rack for storing small things.

An interesting interior in the coffee range: walls, textiles, furniture - all in beige and brown shades. The designer used a competent decision - he did not paint all 4 walls in one tone: one of the walls became snow-white. And on its background is placed the main emphasis - turquoise dining furniture. This interior looks good in the picture and is perfect for a real embodiment.

The advantage of the "Khrushchev's" apartment is that it is easy to reschedule it - thin walls allow you to do this without risking the building. However, a big minus of redevelopment is that new thin walls can badly isolate noise, like the previous ones. An excellent way out for a major overhaul is to insulate walls and install noise insulation panels.

How to make the redevelopment of two-room "Khrushchev", see below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

Entrance hall

Living room