Creative storage ideas

Sometimes it seems that things materialize in our homes by themselves and begin to absorb space, displacing the owners of the home. Cluttered balconies, dusty mezzanines, cabinets that do not fit clothing. To somehow fix the situation, you can use the advice of designers on the unusual storage of things. Or just do the cleaning. And the best is both.

Rules of accommodation in a small apartment

Optimizing the space of a small apartment is just two simple steps:

  • get rid of unnecessary items;
  • For the right ones, select the most suitable place.

Fighting internal Plyushkin is a serious matter. Not one treatise was written about getting rid of unnecessary things. One of the most effective advice: the subject should bring or benefit, or joy, and ideally - the one and the other, otherwise you need to get rid of it.It is unlikely that the case will be limited to one total cleaning - the trash is perfectly able to mimic the “neediness”. First, notice the following categories:

  • Empty container. Even the housewives who are not engaged in home-made, accumulate whole batteries of glass jars. And also bottles, plastic containers, boxes and so on.
  • Non-working equipment and spare parts from it. If during the year you did not take the old printer into repair, do not be fooled - in the near future you will not carry it there, and if you have found the strength to part with the broken mixer, there is no need to keep the rims.
  • Morally obsolete gadgetseg cassette player and more.
  • Printed products. Books, magazines, newspapers. What you read once and are not going to reread.
  • Defeated, out of fashion items and accessories. Fashion, of course, sometimes returns, but think about this: true vintage things look good only on young girls, and they will give older women older ones.

After cleaning, you should critically evaluate the potential of the available storage space. It is possible that they will have to expand, but this does not mean that it is time to get ready for new furniture.There are much more budgetary ways - sometimes it’s enough to revise your attitude towards storage, and the original idea will help save space.

For example, a favorite bike may not gather dust on the balcony, but take a worthy place on the living room wall.

Remember: the fewer things in sight, the neater the space looks. Therefore, we must consider a list of things that you would like to remove. Start with dimensional items or those that are many.

A sample list might look like this:

  • clothes;
  • footwear;
  • linens;
  • home textiles (bedspreads, tablecloths, curtains, and so on);
  • dishes. Here you should think about the storage locations of daily used items and “holiday sets”;
  • books. No matter what they say, Russians are in the top three most-read nations, and there are many books in our homes;
  • and we also live in one of the most sporting countries. Think about where the sports equipment will be stored (dumbbells, skipping rope, stepper, skis, skate, etc.);
  • your hobby. If you are fond of drawing - you need to decide where you will hold the easel, paints, brushes, paper, canvas;
  • dimensional children's items (strollers, sleds, ice-boats, and so on);
  • household appliances (vacuum cleaner, iron, steamer, other);
  • tools (drill, hammer, screwdrivers, etc.);
  • items for cleaning (pots, mop, broom).

Now we need to find a place for each category of things. It is better if it is one, that is, all shoe boxes, for example, will be stored in one of the sections of the closet, and not hidden in secluded corners throughout the apartment. This approach to storing things allows, on the one hand, to avoid cluttering up - after all, a thing that has become unnecessary, will immediately be in sight. On the other hand, it will save you from unnecessary expenses: after all, we often buy some “duplicate” item, because we cannot find what we need.

How to organize the space?

Whatever the area of ​​your home - you can make it more spacious. You will be helped by a clear understanding of what you would like to receive as a result, and the phased organization of space.

The idea behind the surface is transformable furniture. Nobody will be surprised by folding sofas, folding tables, cabinets with built-in workstations. One of the most popular transformers is the chair-bed. Sometimes designers come up with fantastic things.

For example, a modular bookcase, where, in addition to books, can accommodate two dining tables and four chairs.

Immediate replacement of furniture for more functional models is not economical, however, if the time comes to change something in the interior, promise yourself to choose the most rational option.

A great way to optimize space is the podium. This design not only helps to save space, but also allows you to zone the room. There are many options for creating a podium in an apartment, while the simplest ones are fully capable of implementing the “home master”.

Often the area of ​​a small apartment is zoned using shelving. In this case, it is better if the model is high - from the floor to the ceiling, otherwise there is a chance that the rack will “cut” the space, reducing the room. And the capacity of the high rack more.

All shelves are needed, all shelves are important. Unlike cabinets, they, as a rule, do not make the space heavier. Thanks to modern solutions, the shelves can be adapted to store almost any item, and they look completely boring.

Hang on the wall can not only shelf.And not only the bike - other dimensional items related to your hobby, may well fit into the interior. For athletes - this is skateboards, snowboards, surfboards. For musicians - tools. In the inventory of hunters and fishermen, too, there are items that can become a decoration of the interior, but do not forget about safety.

Pay attention to the space at the windows. Modern designers offer solutions that turn ordinary window sills into a work area, into a bookcase, into a small chest of drawers. Of course, you should consider the position of radiators.

Empty corners are a luxury that the owner of a small apartment cannot afford. Remember that most corner furniture models are more ergonomic. In the corner you can place a working area by placing a corner computer desk, or a seating area by placing a corner sofa.

Corner cabinets seem more compact.

As a rule, the space above the doorway remains empty. And this, too, is a waste of space. The simplest option is an ordinary shelf, which can be used to store books, documents, albums - any items that you do not use every day.

You can approach the issue more creatively - to create an open cabinet with the letter “P”by engaging the space above the door. In the hallway, a similar model can be used to store accessories, and in the kitchen - for dishes.

Above the interior door aperture can be placed mezzanine compartments "cabinet in the whole wall."

And sometimes the place above the doorway can accommodate a wardrobe.

Yes, and the door itself can perform the functions not only of the space divider.

And, perhaps, behind the door, too, there is a place for storage.

In small apartments, as a rule, there are no such rooms as a pantry or dressing room, and most things are stored in cabinets. Of course, the larger and taller the cabinet, the better, but much depends on how rationally the space inside is organized.

Do not forget that in the closet can be stored not only clothes. The mezzanine compartments can be adapted for storing blankets, home textiles, seasonal sports equipment, interior decorations for all kinds of holidays. If there is no mezzanine compartment - well, you can create their similarity by placing beautiful interior boxes on the cabinet. And in one of the sections there may be a place for a vacuum cleaner and an ironing board.

Another storage space that cannot be left unattended - under the bed or under the sofa. Of course, not under each bed you can arrange a small warehouse, it all depends on the model in your apartment. Often the beds and sofas are equipped with special drawers or compartments for linen. If there are no such boxes, and there is free space, look for suitable boxes or cases in hardware stores.

Great if the balcony could be turned into an additional room., and it was transformed into a winter garden, a study, a recreation area. But the reality is that in most small apartments, deprived of storerooms, balconies become a place of chaotic storage of things: homework, baby carriages, badminton rackets, dumbbells, idle household appliances and a workable vacuum cleaner, which has no place in the main rooms, and so on . A well-thought-out storage system will help to cope with this pile-up - it can be a rack, a closet, a chest of drawers, a chest, it all depends on the needs of the owners. And who knows, maybe after restoring order there will be a place for a small sports simulator.

Storage ideas

For different rooms are possible and different storage options.

On the kitchen

First of all, a place in the kitchen will help to keep ergonomic furniture. The space of sets is used to the maximum - the corner “dead zones” of kitchen cabinets have disappeared.

  • Under the cabinet can be equipped with built-in compartment for household appliances.
  • An interesting solution is a bread box built into the tabletop.
  • The vertical drawer for storing trays can provide significant space savings. Other baking dishes can be stored there.
  • Mobile kitchen table - a godsend for all small-sized kitchens.

The most optimal height of kitchen furniture - from the floor to the ceiling, but this option is usually done only to order. At the very top there can be a place for something you rarely use, for example, for any low-impact household appliances or utensils. And below, under the kitchen suite, there can also be a place for storage.

In containers or boxes there you can hide from prying eyes, for example, cereals.

Open shelves are good when perfect order reigns there, and items stored for practical use also serve as interior decoration.But often you want to put more on the shelf - the result is a sloppy look.

Baskets or nice containers will help to solve the problem, one of which can be taken for storage of medicines:

  • Many necessary items for the home can be stored in hanging baskets. They are suitable for the storage of fruits and vegetables.
  • If rails are installed in the kitchen, then their functionality should be used to the maximum.
  • By means of crossbeams the place for storage of covers is organized. And it is not necessary that they be kept in plain sight.
  • Another way to unload boxes is a perforated panel with built-in hooks. It can be mounted on a wall or on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door.
  • There is a stand for cutting boards - great. No - it can easily be replaced by a narrow basket of moisture-resistant material, and if the boards are small, they can be stored in a plastic container for papers.
  • The same container can be used to store foil, parchment paper, and food film. It can be attached to any vertical surface.
  • An empty napkin jar will find a second life as a place for storing garbage bags.

In the bathroom

Bathrooms are perhaps the most limited in size premises of our dwellings, and you always want to place a lot there. It is desirable that the washing machine was there, and a supply of towels, and a dryer, and detergent-cleaning products, and cosmetics. Each centimeter of usable area will be involved in the lockers, and any niche will become an improvised open cabinet with hanging shelves.

  • It is inappropriate to leave empty space under the bathroom.
  • The space above the toilet can also be used.
  • The bathroom has a doorway, which means you can hang a shelf above it. And on the door itself attach a pair of hooks.
  • Railing can save space in the bathroom. If you do not want to drill additional holes in your favorite tile, use curtain rails for curtains.
  • Items that are used every day can fit in neat organizers.
  • A common staircase can be a towel rail.
  • A stepladder turn into a neat bookcase.
  • For many, the actual issue of drying clothes. Even in the smallest bathroom there is a place for a ceiling dryer. You can consider options with mounting on the wall.
  • For curling and hair dryer is better to buy a special stand, mounted on the wall. A more budget option is to hang on hooks attached to the side wall or inside of the door of the bedside table under the sink.
  • A little bit to unload the space will help wall-mounted toothbrush holders and an unusual shelf above the tap.

In the bedroom

The most obvious storage space in the bedroom is the under-bed space. Try to use it as efficiently as possible. Often this is the place where seasonal clothes and shoes are put.

A simple and effective solution is to use the space above the headboard. and around it. It all depends on your decision and the availability of free space. This can be either a single shelf or an entire storage system with the “P”.

  • If the size of the bedroom does not allow to install side tables or shelves by the bed, consider the idea of ​​a sliding section.
  • A narrow bedside shelf will not take up much space, and on its shelves there will be enough space for an alarm clock, a phone, an interesting book, and a favorite perfumery.
  • A very minimalist solution is a corner bedside shelf.
  • In the hidden compartments of the head of the bed you can keep bed linen, pillows, blankets.

Clothes on the chairs look sloppy, and the wardrobe does not fit into the room, or you just do not like it. Consider the option of an open wardrobe. Mobile clothes rack does not clutter up the space, and if you decide to create a complete storage system for clothes, you can hide it from prying eyes behind a light partition or curtain.

  • Many can not give up the habit of falling asleep under the dimensional murmuring of the TV. But it is not necessary that it hangs on the wall.
  • A similar idea can be realized by placing the TV in the chest, which can be not only an interesting element of the interior, but also serve as a bedside table or bedside table. It is not necessary that the chest was made of wood and look old-fashioned.
  • You can't hide a TV in a pouf, but there may be useful space there too.
  • And an ordinary mirror can become magical - after all, you can keep your “treasures” behind it.

In the room

The wall “maid in Yugoslavia” was a dream of Soviet citizens. Bulky furniture walls are a thing of the past, but the idea of ​​maximizing the use of wall space remains. Modern storage systems combine open and closed modules, and this technique allows you to visually lighten the space.

  • The center of such a storage system can be a TV or a fireplace.
  • The wall on which the window is located is not “lost” space.
  • As a rule, in the living room can not do without upholstered furniture. Now a huge selection of sofas, poufs, chairs with drawers for storage.
  • A non-standard idea for storing books - a chair-bookcase.
  • Books can also be stored on shelves located high around the perimeter of the room.
  • Coffee and coffee tables can combine the functions of bedside tables or bookshelves, or they can be simply invisible.

In the nursery

When arranging a child's room, one must take into account the general rules for creating free space. Furniture should be as functional as possible, more light and clean, bright colors.

However, if in other rooms help high shelves, shelves, then in the nursery the use of such furniture is problematic. Bail out can stool - stairs.

The main problem is the storage of toys. It is not in the absence of storage systems, but in the selection of the appropriate one. It can be a dresser or a small locker.

  • It is convenient to store soft toys in the textile floor basket.
  • And you can install a hanging basket.
  • But plastic toys are best kept in boxes on wheels, containers.Or in the whole tower of containers.
  • Buckets can also come in handy.
  • With a bag-carpet order will be more.
  • Small toys will find their place in baskets or containers on the shelves.
  • Or in wall pockets, baskets.
  • You can also place hooks on the walls that are suitable not only for clothes, but also for backpacks, bags with toys, and so on.
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How to make yourself?

Many things that save us space, you can create your own hands. Even complex, at first glance, the designs are not so difficult to perform.

If you do not live in the most frosty region, in the presence of boards, plywood, foam, or polystyrene foam, you can build a thermal box for storing vegetables on the balcony. If it is cold in the room in winter, then the thermal box will also need a heating system.

Fabric, foam rubber, furniture stapler - and the thermo box turns into a nice resting place. And your balcony is getting cozier.

Summer option of storing vegetables on the balcony - a rack of drawers, it can be made mobile. Such a locker would be appropriate to look in the kitchen.

A light, space-free storage system for the living room. And in its basis - all the same ordinary wooden boxes.

From the pallets get neat shelves and racks. And so you determine their intended purpose.

Another look at the usual thing from an unusual angle. Chairs puffs from tires. Try to use bright colors for their design. Inside the product can be equipped with a storage compartment.

And, by the way, old tires will be useful not only to create seats.

  • Any box with a lid easily turns into a pouf, if you sew a cover.
  • The cardboard box will be the storage place for toys.
  • Cover for pouf and you can tie.
  • And if knitting is your hobby, you will not have a lack of organizer baskets.
  • Tin cans - a godsend for a hand-made fan. After all, one can make a huge amount of useful things out of them and store kitchen utensils, stationery and even shoes there.
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  • Glass jars are also good for creativity.
  • Not only clothes are hanged on hangers.
  • And it is not necessary to take suitcases with you on a trip. Perhaps, as lockers and banquettes from them will be more useful.
  • Hinged pockets for storing small items will be useful in the nursery, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, and in the hallway.
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Beautiful examples in the interior

Your home is your personal space.There is a fashion for the interior and design items, however surrounding things should bring joy and give a feeling of comfort to you. Someone lamp from the bus will lead to indescribable delight, but someone is horrified.

  • Asymmetrical shelves are a nightmare for the perfectionist and an interesting interior solution.
  • Bedside lamp will find its place on the updated chest of drawers.
  • Do not be afraid of bright accents. Perhaps the decoration of the living room will be a cozy multi-color pouf.
  • Wall mirror framed in plastic spoons. Unusually and budget.
  • Coffee table in country style. Also not expensive.
  • Pockets can be located not only on the walls.
  • Usually there is little light in the hallways. Add colors to help such a custom "mat" in front of the door.
  • And in the hallway you can put a hanger-tree.
  • Here with the help of tree trunks zoning of the space is performed.
  • And finally, a few photo examples of the design of small spaces.
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How to organize the storage of things in the closet, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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