Apartment design: design ideas

 Apartment design: design ideas

In recent years, housing construction is actively developing. And the main feature of modern apartments is a non-standard layout or a small square. Each apartment owner wants to create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere, even despite how many square meters are available. It is very pleasant to think over the interior and make the project of your house. And no matter how many rooms there are in the apartment, there are a lot of design options.

Special features

Planning design and renovation of an apartment is a fascinating occupation, interesting, but difficult. This is absolute freedom for the owner of the property.The creative process should occur without gray, everyday and ordinary monotony. It is impossible to achieve comfort, warmth and comfort without a combination of rich colors and bold decisions.

Another important factor influencing the style and mood of the apartment is lighting.

The better the lighting in the apartment is thought out, the cozier and more comfortable it seems.

There should be no dark corners in the room, otherwise the room will appear smaller and more dreary. Even if we are talking about a spacious 3-room apartment, you should not neglect the lighting.

If a baby is growing up in a house, then it is important to allocate a separate room for it. But if the planning of the apartment does not allow this, it is necessary to allocate a separate zone, preferably near the window. As the child grows up, his interests and needs will change.

There are three options for arranging an apartment in which parents share a room with a child:

  • At the age of 5 years, the baby is most of the time with his mother, and for his safety and peace of mind, parents should not use partitions or plasterboard constructions. For the zoning of the room are perfect wallpaper, harmoniously selected furniture and different floor coverings.For example, in the parents' area on the floor you can leave a laminate, and in the children's area to place a bright carpet.
  • When the child is 5 years old, you can think about purchasing functional furniture. For example, a two-level bed with a wardrobe or desk. Such furniture will surely please the child, because the bunk bed has its own charm. In addition, the room will significantly make room for outdoor games.
  • An older child needs more free space, and it is very important to be able to retreat, and to have your own personal corner. For this it is better to use drywall partitions. They are easy to install, and although they are thin, they provide excellent sound insulation.

You can equip an apartment harmoniously and reasonably even with your own hands, for this you only need to have some knowledge, be able to combine colors and not be afraid of bold decisions.


The interior of the apartment can be harmonious and holistic, and can be ridiculous. And it all depends on your taste and sense of proportion in the design of the apartment. But it is important to choose such an option that the tenants will like, and which will be easy to maintain in order.

For a male apartment is perfect high-tech style or loft.The interior of the apartment for a bachelor should be concise, simple and discreet. An industrial or high-tech interior perfectly complements not only a modern apartment, but an apartment in an old house after redevelopment.

Exquisite Art Deco style combines the classics in the author's performance with elements of chic and sophistication. A peculiar bold and balanced glamor. A distinctive feature of the style - natural materials, the predominance of emerald and sapphire. Luxurious frames of paintings and mirrors, unusual-shaped chandeliers, sofas with charming pillows and glossy shine are the art deco style card.

Modern style suggests a simple laconic furniture., inconspicuous design of the walls and a small number of decorative elements. You can also dilute the interior with bright colors in the form of turned accents. This style is suitable for both studios and spacious apartments.

Scandinavian style is great for small apartments. The design of the walls is always the same - white and the absence of paintings and mirrors in three-dimensional frames. Scandinavian notes are suitable for economical decoration of the apartment of a young man or girl.

Art Deco Style
Modern style
Scandinavian style

Classic style is considered universal and suitable for any apartment. In this case, the focus is on furniture, wallpaper and chandelier - all items should be not just attractive, but elegant and stylish. Acceptable use of wood, stucco and stone in the interior.

Modern fusion and modern styles are perfect for decorating an apartment creative people. In these styles, you can allow anything. The line between the variety of styles that can be combined in one interior is very blurred here. But surely all the furniture, decor and textiles should be combined in color, shape and texture. Or not combined at all. This is the whole paradox and charm of these styles.


We make a design project

The apartment must meet the requirements, meet the lifestyle and interests of the household.

In drawing up the plan it is important to consider several points:

  • The number of people who will live in the apartment. The lifestyle and daily routine of a bachelor, a young couple, or a family with a child is very different.
  • The architectural features of the apartment - metric area, size and shape of rooms.Non-standard layouts, though they look more interesting, but working with them is problematic and difficult.
  • The interests of family members - it is necessary to determine which needs to be met first of all for each household, and which functions in the house can be put on the background. What is more important: quiet family gatherings with relatives, noisy parties with friends or games with the child - the next steps depend on the choice of the design of the apartment.
  • When designing a bedroom or bedroom area, it is important to carefully consider each detail. The bedroom should be cozy and comfortable, it is in this room that we restore strength and get ready for the beginning of the next day. And here it is important not to lose the choice of bed and mattress. First decide on the size. And when buying a bed, choose the largest model that can accommodate a room. Well, if the design of the bed will have a built-in box for storing things and textiles. And choosing a mattress, remember the basic rule - the length of a berth should be at least 15 cm longer than a person's height. Therefore, if you choose a bed for a couple, then be guided by the growth of the tallest person. And do not be stingy with the purchase, a good mattress will last about 25 years.
  • Replace regular cabinets with wardrobes.They fit better into a modern interior and contain more things. In addition, in large embedded storage systems, you can allocate space for storing household appliances and other accessories, such as a vacuum cleaner or ironing board.

But still, when drawing up a plan, the main role is played by the flat area.

Based on the size of rooms, kitchen and hallway, you can create the perfect interior.

We take into account the dimensions

Owners of apartments more than 80 square meters. m space for the realization of all fantasies and plans abound. The main problem can only be in the sense of proportion. In a small apartment of 20 square meters. m and 30 square meters. m complexity lies in the realization of all desires in a small area.

If the total area of ​​the apartment is only 32 square meters. m, 34 square meters. m, 35 square meters. m or 38 square meters. m, the size of the kitchen is definitely not spacious.

It is possible to equip even the smallest kitchen conveniently, functionally and stylishly:

  • Discard the large built-in refrigerator. Although in appearance it is not out of the general style of the kitchen, the useful area inside is very small. Therefore it is better to choose compact but roomy cameras.
  • Instead of a large hob, choose a cooker with two burners.
  • Do not give up the oven, cooking in the oven at times makes life easier. But give up the microwave oven, instead, reheat the food in the oven.

The apartments of 43 square meters. m and 45 square meters. m already have where to roam. In this area you can accommodate all the necessary functional areas for the family. This is a living room, a dining room, a bedroom, a children's room, and possibly a study. Isolate a large room can be using drywall. But in this case it will be difficult to dismantle the false wall, therefore, if zoning is necessary only for a short time, then it is better to choose screens or shelves with through shelves.

On an area of ​​60 square meters. m and 70 square meters. m can accommodate three full rooms and plus a kitchen-living room. The apartment is 50 square meters. This is also quite possible, only all zones will be smaller. But in this case it is necessary to abandon the standard techniques and come up with original solutions.

Features of design

One of the key points in the arrangement of the apartment - the choice of the leading color. The interior in the whole apartment should be harmonious, and all zones and rooms should be combined with each other.

There are a few basic rules when designing an apartment:

  • Combine multiple shades.If you use one color, the interior will be boring and uninteresting. But the colors chosen should complement each other perfectly. And do not use more than three colors in the same room.
  • Painting the walls is considered a budget option for decorating an apartment, but it looks simple and tasteful. You can choose one neutral color, and as a decorative element to place beautiful family photos or paintings.
  • The interior mono use only one contrasting saturated color, while it should be used locally and as an accent. An abundance of bright colors will strain and stop you from relaxing. In addition, such shades as red, orange, black, burgundy and other bright colors will quickly tire and get bored. But if, after all, there is a desire to make the interior original and daring, it is better to use bright accents in the furniture, textiles, pictures and decor.
  • A small apartment is better to issue in bright colors. Shades of gray, beige and white will visually expand the space. And choose a lighter shade for the ceiling: as you know, the white ceiling creates the effect of a spacious room.

You can add contrast and dynamism with a combination of different colors. With black and white decoration, the apartment does not look overloaded, but takes on a free and spacious look.

  • The corridor is worth not only beautiful, but also practical. Dirty street shoes can accidentally dirty expensive beautiful wallpaper. If you still want to use light shades in the interior, then nothing better than an artificial brick or stone is impossible to imagine. This, of course, is not a very cheap option for wall decoration, but unusual. And besides the fact that the stone looks in a modern interior is very stylish and appropriate, it is also easy to clean and is not afraid of moisture.

But the rules for the design of the studio and a spacious three-room apartment are different.


The owners of one-room apartments, as a rule, are married couples with children. And the whole difficulty lies in fitting functional areas for each family member on a small square. It is necessary to allocate a place for work, rest, games and sleep.

There are two options for decorating a one-room apartment in a panel house:

  • combine living room and bedroom in one room;
  • use the kitchen as a dining-living room.

However, some layouts allowed the increase in living space at the expense of the loggia. This way you can expand the space. This is a very profitable option.

If you combine a balcony with a room, you can allocate free space for a study or a recreation area, while leaving room for a spacious storage system. And if you combine the balcony with the kitchen, then the dining area can be taken out of the kitchen and set a large table for family dinners and reception.

What to look for when repairing a one-room apartment:

  • It is necessary to conduct apartment zoning and determine where the common zone will be, and where it will be intimate. For dividing a room, racks, stacked shelves, screens or furniture are perfect.
  • Compact and transforming furniture - a necessary attribute for each family, which is forced to huddle in a small apartment. Built-in wardrobe, sofa bed, console table - this is a real must have.
  • Designers recommend to abandon bulky angular furniture in favor of furniture of rounded shapes in monochrome tones with a minimum amount of decor. And it is better to abandon the chairs, they take up a lot of space and look very cumbersome and hard in the interior. Instead, it is better to use soft chairs and poufs.
  • And you should not have furniture along the walls, it is better to use the center of the room, thereby dividing the space into several zones.
  • Also, a podium will help to divide the room - for this you can lift one of the zones onto the steps, and use the reinforced structure with a lifting floor or drawers as a storage system.
  • Lighting in a small area should be carefully thought out. It is better to choose spotlights built-in lamps on the ceiling for general lighting, and floor lamps and wall lamps for the individual.
  • The most important task in a one-room apartment is to hide the sleeping area from prying eyes. It is necessary to allocate in advance a place for a double bed, because it is more convenient to relax and get enough sleep on an orthopedic mattress, and not on a folding sofa. Isolate the sleeping area will help light, but thick curtains or sliding doors.

Studio Apartments

Modern studio apartments in new buildings are great for single people and energetic couples. There is no division into the hallway, kitchen and room - the whole apartment is a single open space. But even an economy class apartment can be made cozy, comfortable and stylish.

Some believe that due to the lack of walls and partitions, it is difficult to create a perfect interior, but it is easier to make a free and comfortable space for a more suitable lifestyle.

Properly selected interior allows you to equip an apartment not only comfortably, but also attractively:

  • The main rule is minimalism. The smaller pieces of furniture will be in the apartment - the more free space. The main task is not to clutter up and overload the room.
  • The less decorative elements, paintings - the more attractive the apartment looks. Still, bright spots are necessary in the interior, as a decor, you can choose the author's lamp of unusual shape or bright furniture.
  • Wallpaper without a picture and the mirror surface of the built-in wardrobe will visually add a few square meters.
  • If the apartment has a balcony, its potential should be used to the maximum. For example, it is possible to equip a study, a tea zone or a rest room. And it is also possible to equip a large loggia with a spacious storage system.
  • A large role on the visual expansion of the space has a window: if you abandon the usual fabric curtains in favor of roller blinds or light curtains, you can significantly change the room.
  • Separate functional areas can be selected using wallpaper, furniture, screens or floors and ceilings of different levels.
  • The furniture in the studio should be compact and roomy. Discard the dressers and cabinets in favor of high built-in wardrobes with mirrored doors. A hinged drawers of kitchen set increase by 20 centimeters and lift straight to the ceiling. In this way, you can get rid of clutter on the top tier of cabinets, as well as use additional centimeters with benefit.
  • Low ceilings should not be overloaded with complex multi-level structures. It is better to whitewash the ceiling in white or install stretch glossy ceilings. They will create the effect of spaciousness and the illusion of height, and even hide irregularities.
  • Studio apartment does not tolerate a mess, any item left out of place, dirty dishes in the sink or clothes on the chair immediately catch the eye. Therefore, to maintain order in a small apartment is necessary daily.


Three-room apartments, as a rule, acquire large families with average incomes. The owners of such apartments are more fortunate - there are two more rooms to implement their ideas.In this case, it is important to take into account the interests of all family members. It may be necessary to equip a separate children's room, a study, a comfortable bedroom for parents and a place for receiving guests.

  • In the living room you can show imagination, give free rein to feelings. Decorate the wall in bright colors, or put a large color sofa.
  • An excellent solution, if the layout of the apartment allows, to combine the living room and kitchen, so you can get one large spacious room. At the same time, different zones can be arranged differently in a combination of contrasting colors.
  • Nursery should not make out in bright and variegated colors. It is important to remember that a child in this room will not only play, but also learn and rest. And saturated colors can strain and interfere with concentration. Therefore, it is better to choose calm, but not dull shades: pale lilac, blue, violet, pale yellow and so on. Color accents can be dotted: lay a motley carpet on the floor, place a bright ottoman.
  • Do not clutter up the windows with large curtains of the volume, except that the interior is not decorated in the Baroque style. They make the room heavier and less attractive.And even with panoramic windows you should be careful.

It is better to choose thick and concise drapes and light transparent tulle. So you can at any time create a dark atmosphere in the room, and at night close the apartment review to curious neighbors or passersby.

Beautiful ideas in the interior

Before drawing up a design project and the start of repair, ready-made examples of apartment decoration should be considered.

In a small room should not be darkened corners.so think about the lighting in the apartment in advance at the planning stage of the apartment. For a small room, it is better to choose ceiling built-in single lamps or panels, to complete with a floor lamp, sconce or table lamp. And for a large room, you can choose a ceiling chandelier, which can also be successfully combined with individual sources of lighting.

To achieve the effect of the visual expansion of the space, you should change the usual doors to sliding doors, like a wardrobe, and where you can, remove them altogether. Doors can always be kept open and closed when it is necessary to create a secluded intimate atmosphere.

Instead of the usual wallpaper, you can use decorative plaster, with it you can create unusual and unique patterns and drawings. And besides, such walls can be cleaned from dust and dirt with a damp cloth.

Wall mural with the prospect can deceive our minds and hit the guests. Such a wall will not go unnoticed and will always be eye-catching.

In the living room there must be a roomy large sofa. And if the size of the room allows, you can add a soft area with a chair or a pouf. Also needed coffee table.

If the room is small, then you can choose a transforming table, which easily turns into a large dining table.

Hidden pipes and other communications in the bathroom look very stylish and modern. Also in the toilet you can install a toilet without a cistern with a button in the wall.

To make the kitchen almost invisible in a small studio apartment, choose a suite to match the color of the floor and walls. And if possible, eliminate the handles on the outside of the drawers and doors, or choose very small and inconspicuous accessories.

In more detail about how to make an interesting and competent design of the apartment, you will learn from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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