How to equip the workplace?

The modern world is designed so that many people have the opportunity to earn money without leaving home. Beginning businessmen at first often equip the office of their company at home, so as not to spend money on rent. Many companies encourage the desire of employees to work remotely, and someone just has to finish unfinished reports in the evenings. But for productive work at home you need to create the right atmosphere without distractions.

Special features

For a rational expenditure of time and increase the efficiency of the work of their employees, company managers pay a lot of attention to the organization of their workplace. For those who work at home, the opportunity and desire to equip a comfortable working area is also important.

Equipped in a private apartment, the working area should meet the following characteristics:

  • In the area to work should not be unnecessary, distracting items. The table should be freed from various statuettes and irrelevant documents. This will allow you to direct your thoughts in the right direction, without switching to all sorts of little things. And the rule to clean the table at the end of each working day will not only allow you to keep your place in order, but will also become a kind of ritual that separates the time for work and rest.
  • If the house has a separate room, you should explain to your family that you should not enter it for nothing during the day. It is also necessary to restrict access to pets. When a computer corner is located in the common room, you can put on headphones and listen to the sounds of nature, heartbeat, so as not to be distracted by extraneous noises.
  • The workplace in the apartment must be arranged so that it is functional. A large number of drawers or shelves with everything you need at arm's length will allow you not to get up from the table every time and not be distracted from work.It is important to note that for right-handers, everything you need to the maximum must be located on the right side of the table, and for left-handers it is more convenient to reach into the left drawer. You can also put on the work surface an organizer for papers, so that the documents you need in your work are not stacked on the table, but neatly stood in the corner.
  • Another important detail is the availability of outlets. The most successful will be the close proximity of the table to the source of electricity, but if necessary, you can use an extension cord. Only all the wires need to be carefully twisted and hidden, so as not to disturb the order and not take up extra space.
  • Good lighting is one of the most important factors of productive activity. The best option would be the location of the working area in the immediate vicinity of the window. This rule can be guided in the arrangement of the individual corner of the student. This area in the house should have an intense and at the same time uniform, non-blinding eye lighting. A prerequisite is the availability, in addition to the general source of illumination, local, intended only for the working area.
  • Good ventilation and inaccessibility in the room of foreign odors will make any work more productive. During short breaks, you should leave the office and air it in order to breathe easily and freely when you return.
  • The color scheme of the territory of the domestic worker should consist of neutral light shades - gray, white, peach or beige. This will not only tune in to a calm and focused pace of work, but also allow the interior to be supplemented with small bright details - with favorite pictures or photos - without prejudice to the overall picture of the room.
  • Motivation and inspiration help to complete the most important things faster and more pleasantly. To accommodate propaganda materials, you can select a part of the wall at eye level by placing a magnetic or slate board, a fabric flap, or simply attaching leaves on the buttons directly to the wall. Here you can write down your daily plan and to-do list.

Where to place?

When it became clear what requirements should meet the home workplace, you can proceed to the choice of its location.

The best option among all existing is the ability to organize a study in a separate room. Well, if this room is equipped with a door.This will once again resist the temptation to look into the kitchen or on the TV, as well as protect from extraneous sounds in the apartment. .

Care should be taken to ensure that the cabinet contains all the necessary accessories for the job. It will save time and will not distract from the process.

Sometimes the workspace needs to be organized in a one-room apartment of free planning. In this case, the area with a table can be positioned in the corner and fence off with a bookcase or rack, install a screen or hang curtains. Allocating space with the help of a color scheme will also allow distinguishing between places for work and rest, which, in essence, are in the same room. If someone else works remotely at home, or there are children of school age, then it will be wiser to divide the space behind the screen into two jobs. Then everyone can go about their business without distracting each other.

In a small apartment there is not always a place for a table with a computer and drawers. Salvation in this case will be the presence of a balcony. First you need to restore order on the balcony and free it from the trash. After that, it is necessary to warm the balcony, in the case of a loggia, this is not necessary. You should also take care of proper lighting and access to outlets.To organize a working space on a loggia, you will need at least a small table, cabinet or shelves for storing documents.

Another space that is suitable for organizing a mini-office is a pantry. If it is not stored outerwear or boxes with seasonal shoes, and accumulating unnecessary trash, then you can safely arrange there a compact workplace. This space is characterized by a vertical arrangement of functional furniture, since there is hardly any other room in the lower part besides the table with a chair. Since there are no windows nearby, you need to carefully consider the lighting. An excellent option would be to install a wall lamp directly above the table. Light tones of furniture and walls will visually increase the pantry area.

In an apartment with wide window-sills, you can easily organize a space for doing business by the window. With this option, you do not need to additionally purchase a table, it is enough to pick up a comfortable chair and arrange shelves with shelves for documents on the sides of the window. If the window sills are not wide enough, and there are no other options for organizing the working area, you can lengthen the window seat using the table top.Working at the window, you can get as much natural light as possible, and in breaks to enjoy what is happening on the street.

Some housewives show imagination and make their own corner to practice right in the kitchen. This allows you to save space in the rest of the apartment and engage in on-the-job cooking. But in this case, you need to be able to quickly switch from work moments to household chores. In the kitchen space, you can arrange a full-fledged workplace, choosing furniture to match the color of the kitchen unit. To save space, you can equip a retractable tabletop and built-in seat along the wall in a free corner.

And the most economical option is to simply use the dining table as a worker, secluded behind it with a laptop.

Ideas for design

After choosing a place for arranging the working area, you can proceed to the design of the space. In this matter, you should rely on your preferences, to equip a place for yourself.

If the working area needs to be arranged in another room, then its style should harmoniously fit into the already existing interior of the room. Usually a place to work is settled in the living room, and often a bedroom is also used for this.When combined with a room with another room, you need to choose only the most necessary furniture - a table, a comfortable chair or an office chair, and storage space. To save space as much as possible, you can use a transforming table.

If there is a separate space in the apartment for important affairs - an office or a balcony - then this allows you to show greater freedom in choosing the style. A sufficiently large area must be zoned into place for work and relax zone.

For interior design, you can choose any of the existing styles.

The most popular can be called:

  • Classic style It is universal and often occurs when you make a cabinet. Such an arrangement will appeal to status people, adherents of all traditional. From the furniture in this style stand out luxurious leather sofas with wide armrests, bulky chairs with wooden inserts, impressive size tables from an array of expensive rocks, gilded ornate decor elements. Such furniture requires a lot of space.
  • Modern style unpretentious and accessible, for which so loved by many young people.Strict and practical interior items of this style allow you to focus on solving problems. The furniture in the style of minimalism of monochrome shades may seem boring, therefore it is recommended to add details to the interior in modern style. Among materials, preference is given to metal, wood and glass. Furniture according to the style should be built, and the maximum lighting.
  • Vintage style with its aged furniture is suitable for organizing a working area in the bedroom of light colors. A wicker chair and a small, shabby table with high legs can be a valuable place to complete cases before bedtime.
  • Creative individuals will like the design of the cabinet hi-tech style. Transparent plastic and glass are presented in unusual forms. However, not everyone is close to the metal cold of this style.
  • For country style The presence of cozy armchairs and an abundance of wooden furniture is characteristic. A large number of homemade decor in the form of pillows, blankets and cute accessories will add to the area for comfort.

To beat the space, you can use the stylish design accessories.For a full-fledged cabinet you should not choose small details, it is better to choose a floor vase in ethnic style or a large classic pendulum clock.

In a confined space, you can put pots with flowers on the shelves, favorite photos or paintings, an expensive and memorable souvenir.

Examples of spectacular design in the interior

The original and bold design of the workspace reflects the character and sense of taste of its owner. Some successful examples are presented below.

Angular panoramic window is an excellent reason for arranging business space. The top of the noble brown color, which is a logical continuation of the window sill, plays the first violin in the whole interior. Storage space is represented by two spacious drawers under the table top, and the ergonomic chair on wheels fits perfectly into the minimalist design of the corner.

If an equipped place is needed only to check e-mail, put signatures in documents or make a short-term call via video link, then this option will be just right. A small shelf replacing the table occupies a very small space near the doorway leading to the living room.In order to save space, a comfortable chair replaces a high stool, and you can decorate a wall to lift your mood with cute children's drawings.

Modern computer equipment and shelves with folders can be cleverly masked in a corner cabinet. It is necessary to open the door, move the chair - and you can begin to perform their duties. During off-hours, no one will even be able to think what is hidden in this stylish wardrobe.

An unusual idea would be to arrange a computer corner in a metal suitcase on wheels. A portable place to work can be easily moved around the entire space of the apartment, and if desired, slide into the most secluded corner.

The balcony is almost an ideal place to set up a working space. For a roomy loggia it will be a good idea to split into its area not only a zone for work, but also a place to rest. Located along the glazed part of the cozy sofa with soft pillows and a round tea table attached to it, have a comfortable rest. By the way, it can be used for receptions, mini-seminars and trainings right at home.The relaxed atmosphere will complement the abundance of green plants in the interior space.

Any nook or pantry that seemed useless can easily be turned into a comfortable office. It is enough to place a table with drawers in a niche, hang a lamp and several shelves - and a comfortable corner is organized. If the door is not provided in the pantry, after hours the secret room can be easily hidden behind a romantic turquoise curtain.

Tips on the arrangement of the workplace, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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