Apartments with panoramic windows: housing of the 21st century

A house with huge windows through which you can look at the world and feel part of it is considered the privilege of successful people. After all, such housing can not be found in dull sleeping areas. Apartments with such an architectural solution are usually located in elite houses, picturesque country villages or on the central city streets.

Special features

Panoramic windows - evidence of well-being, high status. The apartment may have one such window, but it will decorate the home. Most of it is glazed, and the width is much greater than the height or a huge window protrudes outside the bay window. Very nice and spectacular.

If you delve into the history, you can remember that for the first time such windows were made in Provence.

This southern region is famous for its lavender fields and a quiet, serene atmosphere. The French are able to receive little joy from life. Housewives, getting up on a summer morning, look out into their garden through a large window. Therefore, panoramic windows are also called French.

Modern designers sensitively catch the desire of a city dweller to be closer to nature and create design projects with large window openings. But the successful implementation of these projects depends largely on the infrastructure around the house. The apartment must be located with a view of a beautiful object. In addition, it is important to choose and put all the significant design elements inside the house.

For example, a large mirror should be placed in an area with good natural light - not far from the panoramic window. To confidently choose furniture, accessories, decor items, you need to seek advice from a professional interior designer. Customer reviews suggest that professional assistance is invaluable. It will help to create an atmosphere of special style and comfort.

You can attract a designer even if the owner wants to make changes in the arrangement of his typical apartment and make panoramic windows.But first you need to submit an application for redevelopment to the regulatory authorities. This is due to the fact that it is not always possible to demolish the bearing wall. Not every type of change fits into the established regulations.


The undoubted advantage of this type of windows is the ability to let in daylight into the house. In the middle lane, protracted cold and cloudy weather make it impossible to walk and get a portion of vitamin D. But if the house has a window from the floor to the ceiling, you can sunbathe at every opportunity. The feeling that a person is trapped in a city apartment trap disappears when a huge beautiful world opens up.

Here are the other practical advantages of panoramic windows:

  • they let in more sunlight;
  • give housing an exclusive look;
  • differ from the boring typical analogues;
  • open more opportunities for the design of the room;
  • fit into different design directions.

High-quality glass allows you to isolate the home from noise.


Each medal has a reverse side. The ability to see the world around us means that the owner of the apartment is visible to everyone.Whatever he does, attentive neighbors' eyes can watch him. You can, of course, hang thick curtains, but this will ruin the whole design plan in the bud.

If we are talking about a private one-story cottage, around it will have to put a high fence.

In addition, the climate in the middle lane is not warm. A large window is not energy efficient. Even under conditions of perfect tightness in winter, it gives off room heat (that is, the owner heats the street), and in summer it takes in too much heat from the atmosphere.

Putting such a feature of the interior into the project, you need to think about additional autonomous heating and the “warm floor” system. Rays of the sun spoil interior items (textiles, upholstered furniture), prone to fading. When cleaning there are additional difficulties. Washing windows outside requires the involvement of specialists.

It is necessary to think over the ventilation system so that condensate does not fall out. Independent installation of windows-panoramas in the finished housing entails high costs and is not always possible from a technical point of view. In addition, you need a good security system. It is necessary to protect the home from intruders.


Large windows differ in appearance and installation. Depending on the conditions of the premises, one or another window can be arranged at home.

  • Ordinary windows of wide width, exceeding 2-3 times the height. If the facade allows, they can be made even in a one-room apartment of a high-rise building.
  • Corner (occupying the space of neighboring walls). They have a great view of the landscape outside the window. These are ideal options for a country house in the midst of the forest or near a beautiful lake. In high-rise buildings, they cannot be supplied, since regulations do not permit changes to the bearing walls.
  • False windows. This new idea is for those who desperately want a beautiful view, but do not have the opportunity to rebuild the apartment, and the landscape outside the window is industrial. This often happens in new buildings, when houses are not built around. Glass panels come to the rescue - they can be decorated with a beautiful drawing or photo with views of nature. Panels are illuminated from the inside and create the illusion of real windows. The disadvantage of this option is additional electricity costs.


There is another way to classify.By the way of opening panoramic windows are divided into several types.

  • Swing. Opened on the classic tilt-and-turn mechanism.
  • Sliding. In them opening occurs due to the fact that one leaf goes to the side. This option is convenient when it comes to a balcony, loggia or terrace.
  • Portal. In them, one part opens and then shifts to the side.

It is convenient in a small room (in the kitchen, bedroom or in a small studio apartment).

How to make safe?

To the window in the whole wall does not pose a danger to the owners, use special rails (fencing). They consist of support pillars and 2-3 horizontal strips. They can also be mounted in the wall. Fences are made of stainless steel. They are often used for loggias with full glazing or near bay windows. Structural strength is increased if extremely durable anti-vandal welding is used.


Glazing a balcony or a loggia is the simplest thing you can do to fulfill your dream. If you spend there heating and connect the balcony with the adjacent room, you get a great place to relax, where you can put a tea table and break a winter garden.A good housewife, who is not lazy to once again remove the dust, wash the windows and take care of a harmonious interior, will be able to arrange a reception in such a space.

The decision to combine the room with a loggia is good, and the fact that the wall will not have to be demolished, and new square meters will be added to the housing. The parapet of the loggia does not belong to the supporting structure, and at the same time the concrete box will be a reliable base for an array of glass. Getting permission for such a conversion is usually not difficult.

In which houses you can arrange?

If your home does not have a balcony or loggia, difficulties may arise. Installing the most common "panorama", in terms of housing, is redevelopment. To get permission, you need to bypass a lot of authorities. If at least one refuses, a ban will be imposed on the redevelopment. Permission is unlikely to receive residents of old houses. One of two things: either the building is planned to be demolished, or it simply cannot bear the weight of a large window block.

In buildings of cultural and historical value, it is forbidden to remove old windows and generally change the appearance of the facade.But strong brick houses can undergo such redevelopment, especially if they have a large wall thickness. The probability of getting permission for a resident of a panel house built in the 90s using improved technologies is also quite high.

But brezhnevki and Khrushchev are considered unreliable buildings, so it is unlikely that permission will be obtained.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Interior design only wins if the room offers a beautiful view of nature. In such a room do not need heavy heavy curtains, so as not to lose the feeling of lightness and freedom. You can use flying tulle, organza, install blinds (vertical or horizontal). Modern Roman blinds are opened from the control panel, this know-how will emphasize the modern style of the home.

Fans of the starry sky can put a telescope to get acquainted with the stars at night. Arrangement of furniture should be aimed at the view from the window. You can put the sofas in the shape of the letter "P". And in a small room it is recommended to put a chair near the glass, which can be turned in different directions. But overloading the room with furniture is not worth it.The philosophy of panoramic windows is that a person is free from frames and restrictions. This is exactly what is worth striving for in the 21st century.

For more information on panoramic windows, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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