The subtleties of the design of a small living room of 17 squares

The main room in any apartment, in the interior design of which the tastes and interests of its owners are manifested, of course, the living room. If you do not pay enough attention to her, she can turn from a place of family unification into a source of contention and tension.

This question becomes a problem if our living room is a standard 17 square room in many houses.

Special features

In the panel houses of the old building, the living room is a place where space limitations require a comprehensive solution of all functional and design tasks:

  • room in 17 square meters. m is difficult to reschedule due to the kitchen, which is also small;
  • the “brezhnevka” project, although it has become more modern, but the typical layouts have practically remained the same as those of the “Khrushchev”;
  • designers and designers have to look for different solutions in order to give such a living room a design of various styles. I must say that very often they succeed.


The search for techniques that allow turning 17 square meters into a living room in a modern style or even in a classic one sometimes leads to the decision to manipulate the walls, completely or partially removing them from the apartment, leaving only the bedroom fences.

At the same time, developing real projects combining a living room with a kitchen, we must remember that it is not always possible to obtain permission from the supervisory authorities to partially or completely demolish the wall separating these two rooms.

But even during the demolition of the wall separating the kitchen and living room, the resulting new zone will not allow the installation of a dinner table sufficient for a large family size, if the kitchen is small. You can divide these areas by the bar counter. and put bar stools or stools on them, but then you will have to abandon the dining table and create some difficulties for younger family members.

The rectangular room-living room can be combined with a hallway or corridor., deciding in such a zoning the problem of installing a large dining table, for which you can seat the whole family or a large group of guests.

Combining the living room with a hallway (even a small one) will give its effect of visual and real expansion of the room space.

With the hallway have a little work. Leave a place for pereobuvaniya, replace large wardrobes with other functional items, shelves, hangers and get additional square meters for the living room.

You can increase the area of ​​the living room at the expense of a balcony or loggia, having solved a problem with a balcony door and a partition.

Loggia can turn into a small bedroom. Then it will be possible to place both the old and additionally acquired furniture in accordance with the style of the renewed and expanded living room adopted together with the designer, which will become more spacious and lighter.

Having solved the problem with zoning the living room of 17 squares, together with the designer it is necessary to choose the style of the modern interior, adhering to some basic principles:

    • reduce the amount of furniture to the minimum reasonable limits, leaving only that without which the living room loses its purpose;
    • If possible, use transformers more actively: a sliding sofa, a transforming bed, books or sliding-type tables;
    • the middle of the room should be as free as possible, the furniture is placed along the wall;
    • modern style of small living rooms does not imply a large variety of colors, 3-4 options are enough;
    • modern furniture in the European style, strict geometric shapes;
    • remove all carved and gilded elements;
    • sound, television and other entertainment equipment should be of a modern appearance;
    • for walls, floor, ceiling use plain materials;
    • actively apply design techniques to expand the visual boundaries of the room: landscape wall murals, sea and sky scenes painted on the walls with a transition to the ceiling, and much more, which increases the space.

    If the modern style strictly regulates the implementation of certain design elements, then in the classic there is more freedom of action, but there are features. Of course, the classic style of the interior presupposes significant dimensions of the living room, lush furnishings, and solid furniture made from expensive materials.

    But thanks to the efforts of designers, the classic style can be transferred to our living rooms of 17 squares:

    • choose furniture with gold leaf, armchairs should be richly upholstered, armrests are massive, rounded;
    • along the long wall is the main element of the interior - a sofa for relaxing and meeting guests;
    • there should be two chairs on the sides of the sofa, a table in front of the sofa. If the living room area is separated from the kitchen table or bar, the table may already be superfluous;
    • if the zones are not divided, then an electric fireplace should be installed opposite the sofa on the wall and the TV should be hung;
    • a mantelpiece is decorated with caskets, bronze and porcelain figurines; candlesticks are put;
    • medium-sized paintings on the walls, stucco on the ceiling and sparkling crystal chandelier;
    • in the corners there is a floor clock and a vase.

    Important: in a classic interior, modern technology looks like a violation of harmony. Therefore, the TV will need a beautiful frame or have to hide it behind the picture.

    It will be necessary to disguise all sockets, wires and other elements associated with the technique.

    The classic style of the interior of the living room of 17 squares creates an atmospheresoft comfort, unhurried thoughts and actions, contributes to a calm relaxed state, has a pleasant, unhurried conversation with friends.

    The decor, the color scheme of all the details of the room, which was chosen as a living room, helps to create a common background in both modern and classical design.


    Before embarking on the interior design of a small living room, it is necessary to carefully and harmoniously prepare the room for both modern and classical style, choosing the appropriate design. It forms the inner harmony of the color of the elements of the hall, the atmosphere of warmth, light and comfort, creates the background for selected pieces of furniture and other components of the interior.

    The task of the design is to create a visual lightness, free volume, which give a sense of ease, unity with the color scheme of their homes.

    The right combination of colors increases the space, deepens the visual perspective. The design experience has led to the conclusion that colors that are more suitable than others for decorating a small living room, should be light pastel colors.

    They can act positively on the human condition and are able to create a benevolent environment. These colors include combinations: light gray, beige, olive, light blue. These colors are chosen as the main ones in the decoration of the room, and the overall perception of the indoor space depends on this choice. Additional shades are chosen close to the main colors so that the overall perception of the volume does not deteriorate due to unnecessary contrasts.

    To make the living room design of 17 squares become stylish and simple at the same time, painting walls, ceilings and floors is made monotonous, without unnecessary patterns and unnecessary ornaments.

    When performing transitions in shades, you need to leave the darkest one below, and make the upper part light. This scheme makes it possible to make the living room close for perception and logically complete.

    Various combinations of these colors are used to create contrasts, which has a good effect on the harmony of color in the room.

    When walls need to be decorated with wallpaper with specific textures, you need to choose them with a minimum number of drawings and details, it is better to choose with geometric shapes and without saturated colors.

    Variants of wallpaper with vertical stripes will make the living room visually higher, if you choose with horizontal stripes, the living room will increase in length. Such techniques are used to close some blunders of builders and repairmen.

    To assess the possibility of using different wallpapers, conduct experiments using 3D modeling.

    Making the living room is quite difficult due to the fact that this room must perform several different functions. It is also a place for receiving guests, a family gathers here in the evenings and on holidays, it is also a place for common games and watching TV programs. So, there is a need for a large table and a few seats. In such a living room will be warm and comfortable for everyone.

    Some features

    Floors in the living room are usually laminate or parquet. Such floors are durable, durable and have a beautiful texture. In order to diversify the general appearance of the floor, the parquet is laid out in various ways, including mosaic, and the laminate can be covered with matting matched to the subject.

    It is better to leave the ceiling without color shades and transitions., then all the guests' attention will be focused on other design elements: furniture, decorations, paintings.

    The best option for painting still remain shades of white.Conciseness and simplicity give the design of a small living room more light and attractiveness.

    Beautiful examples in the interior

    Create your own unique design in the living room of 17 squares - not a very difficult task. We buy compact, light in design furniture, we use neutral and light colors and their shades. We work with the design of the window space, using lightweight and textured fabrics. We select accessories in the tone and theme of the main furniture, we use various sources of light and lighting.

    Avoid standard mistakes: do not use wallpaper with large patterns and ornaments in a small living room, do not try to fit massive furniture in such a living room, and do not place impressive dining tables in the center of the room.

    Everything should be beautiful and at the same time functional. There are a lot of beautiful examples in the interior of the living room of 17 squares. Some of them are presented in the photo.

    A variety of beautiful interiors, their huge choice can put those who want to change the design and interior of their small apartment in a difficult position. Call the designer for help, evaluate several options, calculate your financial capabilities and feel free to start working.

    The cost of higher quality materials and household items guarantee the preservation of a beautiful interior for many years. The converted living room in a small apartment will add joy to the life and life of its owners.

    More modern ideas for a small living room, see the following video.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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